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The portals close few weeks later - and as they do, a general sense of closure seems to have fallen upon the Earth Sphere. It is as if the crazy last years are really, finally over.

The life in post-Second Impact reality does not become easier. Daily struggles to rebuild are a norm. Bandits, space pirate attacks and even larger incidents are not out of question. And yet... the everyday existence somehow seems safer. Humanity can focus on reaching back towards its former glory, rather than fighting tooth and nail to prevent death by alien invaders or thwarting some maniac's plan to take over or brainwash the whole world. Also, humans are not alone. Earth Sphere made some friends, and they are there to help and assist.

The future looks bright.

Smith Weston decided to stay behind with the remains of White Chalice. A memorial park was established around them, and he found happiness as its keeper/self-appointed captain.

Dan became something of an AI genius loci of the park. He shared stories of White Chalice, its travels and sacrifices to anyone who was willing to listen.

Ayame Jin - or rather, Anna Alkaev, decided to keep a low profile. She became a wanderer, traveling around the world, visiting places that White Chalice had an impact on. She always observed much, but spoke little.

Other crew members of White Chalice and survivors of Kairos Aspida went their own seperate ways, to rebuild their lives in the new reality with various degrees of success. But most did not forget the bonds forged during those special days.

What happened to Maxene Trendie is a mystery. Even though she willingly stayed with Demonbane in the distant past, there were rumors of a mysterious woman similar to her resurfacing here and there. None of them were ever confirmed.

Yet one question remains - what fate awaits you, the pilots and combatant crew members of White Chalice? What have you done with your lives once the adventure is over?

[In this post, feel free to describe what happened to your characters in the months or even years following the game's conclusion. Please don't powergame or step on other canons' toes - keeping that in mind, share your characters' fate with others.

Players and characters who are no longer in the game are welcome to post anyway.

This is the last post of the game. Thank you, everyone!

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It's been a hell of a ride. [Kamille's sitting in the Striker Zeta's cockpit, somewhat disheartened that the adventure is over.] I've been through a lot these years with you all, and I feel like I've come out of it a better man. [He sighs lightly as he finally gets his point across.] Thank you. All of you. For everything you've done. I wouldn't be who I am now if it wasn't for the Chalice and the people who lived on it. For that, I thank you. ['Actually... there's still one person to thank.' Kamille smiles.] If you're ever in trouble and need some help, or you just happen to be in the area, look me up at Side 7, in Green Noa. I'll be more than willing to show you around. Hell, if you need a job, I'm going to be setting up a restaurant in the colony. I'm not going to let me kitchen skills go to waste!

[Action, Months Later, locked to ???]

[Kamille's nursing a drink in a bar in Granada. Everything that's happened to him, from joining the Chalice to taking on the mantle of Zeon, then subsequently casting it off to stop Char, none of it would have been possible if it weren't for an encounter at Rauha with a certain pilot.]

I'm surprised you actually decided to show.
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[[Simon doesn't make a huge whoop out of the matter, but for certain something happens long before he and the rest of the Dai-Gurren Brigade take off for their home dimension; another wedding amongst the Chalice crew! While it's not a huge affair, it's certainly meaningful to those who attend. Simon and Nia are finally to be wed!

And what's better... the whole thing goes off without a hitch! Though their understanding, and time, for a wedding isn't as vast as most, Simon and Nia stick around for a good while, the reception more or less a gathering of friends afterward. There's no risk of little Nia disappearing either!]]

[[Days after their wedding, Simon and crew finally take their leave, so now is a time for goodbyes.

However, their departure is easily watched, as they take the Cathedral Terra along with them. And with a ship the size of the moon, the right places in the world can watch it move along and slowly vanish into it's home dimension where it belongs, where it will be used to advance their space travel technology and expand their civilization. ]]
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[The hubbub from the wedding's finally dying down, people going their separate ways... and even a particular pair is finally going to be going its separate ways.]

This is still a risk.

[So says the AI, bidding its copilot farewell.]

But, as Werter put it, I've made friends here at the very least.  You included.  And there's people who'll never know justice as long as I keep running and finding asylum.

[So says the Icarus Bomber, ready to board a Britannian military police transport back to London.]

Help the others out in the meantime, R.  You've done more than enough for me in the time we've been together.

[The machine just nods, and as Lynn turns to leave they both wave farewell.  Sciencey-people who Lynn trusts, you might find spare Fragarachs, Ascalons, or Durandals to study or make use of.]

(People can tag during or afterwards, just specify which in the subject line)


Feb. 27th, 2014 05:42 pm
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[Well, time for another goodbye. Pit is there, grabbing everything they're going to be taking with them, trying very hard to keep a stuff upper lip and smile for everyone - and failing. His goddess floats around, noticeably more calm, with a pleasant smile. All's end that ends well, after all.]

It has been a pleasure. You all are the kind of humans you only find once every few millenia.
Well, guys... [Pit's voice fails for a moment] it-it's time for goodbye. Lady Palutena says she doesn't know how long it... it will be until she can open another portal. So it's goodbye for a long time. [Pit clearly has prepared this beforehand. That's not how he usually speaks] It's, it's been really fun, and... I'll miss you all. Please take care, okay?
Oh boo hoo. [And here's Viridi for the mood breaker] It's not like they're all going to die or anything. This is your stupid happy ending you fought so hard for, Pit! At least have the decency to look happy!
Shut up, Viridi! Don't you have any feelings?!
What, for leaving this pack of losers? No way.
Is that why you spent almost all your remaining power to help their planet before we went? It's going to take you centuries to be back in full shape after all those stunts, you know.

[Pit manages to laugh a bit through the tears. Still, he probably could do with a goodbye hug or twelve. Want to help?]
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[Dated to several months after the closings of the portals.]


*Donk* *Donk* *Donk* *Donk*.

That's the first thing you hear as you walk up the pebble-bed pathway of the Twin Birds Dojo, passing by two thin streams of water that run downhill and drive the see-saw motion of several dozen deer-scarers.

Past a wooden gateway–

(With the Mandarin characters "鹘 拳 鸦 拳", and the english title "Dojo of the Twin Birds Styles" below it)

–there lies a strange set of landmarks. A small courtyard temple next to the the totem of a Raven to the left. A small courtyard temple with the hanging banner of a Falcon to the right...

...and a large, tarnished hanger bay and airfield smack-dab in-between them. On which a group of dented Zakus, GMs, and Knightmare frames are doing push-ups. And parrying exercises. All while two familiar mech pilots are urging them on from a watchtower gantry:

"Redouble your efforts, you indolent pupils! Only when your mechs become extensions of your very bodies will you begin to attain true mastery!"

Ryou: "If you're going to learn, you need to know how far you can reach. Your limits and those of your machines. You keep going until one or the other fails or until I say otherwise."

"Yes, Sensei Kimura! Yes, Master Helmar!" The indolent pupils reply from their mech intercoms.

Just...they...what the heck?


Later on in the day, both secluded in their own temples, the two mecha-martial artists instruct their disciples, who've come far and wide from mercenary groups, Federation armies, and Britannian battalions to learn the ways of fist and robot.

Read more... )
Do you seek to learn from these two masters?


A special occasion has arisen!

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 [Well, it is time to go. This has been a more pleasant mission than most, but time is over, and the Defender of the Galaxy is needed elsewhere, as she always is.

However, while normally she would just zoom off without a word, this time she sends some messages and waits near her ship.

This time, this one time, there are goodbyes to be said]
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[...and while all this partying and such is going on, Viridi is nowhere to be seen nearby else. The reason is that she's a good distance away, in a quickly sprouting forest. All around, the plants looks like a video put in fast forward. She, however, is focused in a person nearby, even smaller than herself. She seems... unusually satisfied.]

Very good, Lucas. Very good! You're getting it pretty quickly. Now try helping that flower grow. She already wants to. You just have to give her a push.

[Indeed, there is a little kid there, with her, looking as focused as only a little kid can be he tries to do it, purple glow around his hands. He's clearly doing magic.]

[Want to happen around to comment, cheer... or if you're Cora, probably fume?]
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[[Unlike many who hang around to say goodbyes, to Hiiro, his 'hanging around was to let others come talk to him, rather than simply having taken off once things were settled. That, and he hadn't quite decided on where he would go.

But now that he has, having kept to himself anyway, Hiiro finally climbs into his Gundam and sets it walking off, leaving an open broadcast channel for people to contact the slowly departing colonial Gundam.]]
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[All backdated to before the Wedding!]


Surprisingly enough, both Matthew and his Nova Messenger came through this mess intact. As he finally gets to climb out of his mech after a few hours of being towed to a ship with a pressurized hanger, he strips off his Neurohelmet, and rest a hand on the cool metal of his battered war machine.

"You were more stubborn than I thought." He says softly. "...thank you."


[Back on earth, Clan Jade Falcon staging grounds]

Even though this Earth is technically not the one they've been brought up to revere, the warriors of Jade Falcon have still elected to hold a set of Trials of Bloodright on the surface of 'Sacred Terra' before returning to their home reality.

Thus amidst the packing up, there are fields and arena spaces set aside, where young members of the warrior caste are gathered around a table with a funnel and a bidding tokens, eager fight each other to win the last names of their recently slain comrades.

Suddenly, the crowd of young bloods is disturbed as a young man pushes their way through and walks to the front.

"I am Mechwarrior Matthew, born of Clan Jade Falcon!" He declares to the crowd, thrusting a finger to the heavens. "Dig the wax out of your ears and listen well!"

Read more... )

He clenches his raised hand into a fist.

"I would compete in this trial for the bloodname of Helmar! Will any who bear it's name sponsor me?"


(To be revealed)
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"We did it."

The Universe was saved; from wear, battle and heat damage, the Zaku 2000 Kai looked pretty beaten up. How was the pilot?

At this point, Bernard Wiseman wanted to do many things. He could not believe that he was alive, and felt like he just accomplished something no one else has. He was about to depart himself, asking his roommate about what the life of a mechanic and "junkers boy" was like. However, he still questioned a few things -- like the future of Zeon for example.

Also, there was this: Will he ever see the rest of his Chalice friends again?

Who wants to talk to Bernie before he leaves?

Who knows. With a little faith, he'll meet everyone again in the sky one day. (いつか空に届いて)

6- World

Feb. 24th, 2014 09:21 am
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[Yusuke's long since been ready to pack it up and go, so with Gouram flying off into the distance of who knows where he turns to everyone]

It's been fun.
I'm glad I got to see your journey to the end.

There's some unfinished business I need to take care of but then I'm off back to travelling the world as I usually do.
Probably going to stop by this cool place I heard about being built up before I joined: Zawame City.

If anyone feels like it, you're free to come along.
And if I don't see you all again, remember to take care of yourselves.

[Yusuke gives a thumbs up.]
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I'm tagging along with Lowe and company. Just as long as they're getting close to Jupiter. Better to journey with other people than alone!

See ya later, folks. Remember, you'll always have friends in me and the rest of Crossbone Vanguard! So if you ever need help and happen to be around the colonies, you know who to call.

This is it

Feb. 24th, 2014 03:07 pm
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Well guys.

I've never been good at long good-byes and such, so...

[ReHome is already preparing for take off. Lowe and friends are leaving just as they arrived, years ago - though this time they possibly have more people on board!]

See you around. This isn't the last time we meet, I'm sure!
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*Not far from the site of Laura's and Lily's wedding, lies a pile of random junks. You might notice them as the junks from Herb's store and the clubroom. And there's a piece of paper stuck there. Just then you realize that Herb and Epimetheus had snuck out of the party unnoticed early.*

"It's been fun. But it's time to continue my journey.

I want to write something more, but curses, I did this once before, and I've written all of my cool sayings back then. So many roads to travel, so little time, yadda yadda. So I can only say this now.

Goodbye, and may we meet again.

PS: Feel free to take a pick at my collections. The rest of it I leave for my Rival to take care of. He's a smart guy, he should know what to do with them.

And give my apology to Kei."

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So...what's everyone going to be up from here on out?

I ask, because Eibon and I have a bit of work lined up for the Hadou Princess-Demonbane's gone, but since Innsmouth and Arkham are still here, evil gods and mad sorcerers are going to be a problem going forward. It's not going to be easy work, and there's going to be some horrible, insane stuff, but...I think it's safe to that after fighting Therion and Primeval Force and the Anticross, you're all more than capable of doing it. That, and It'd be nice to have some old friends along. Gonna see if I can't get the TSAB to help out some too, they could use Miskatonic's expertise and Miskatonic could use their resources...

[He smiles.]

But hey, that's just the boring stuff. We did good today.

Indeed. I am pleased to have been acquainted with the crew of the White Chalice. And...should you wish to tell me the story of your life, that it may be recorded forever in my memory, I shall be glad to listen. You are noteworthy people. [It's said with her usual deadpan, but yes, she did just compliment everyone-without qualifiers, even!]

2. [Locked to ???]
Later on, Roads is at a bar-the white chalice's is gone now-celebrating with a drink.
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[The world has been saved, hopefully for the last time in a long time. The celebrations - and the mourning - have started, and in a lot of places are still continuing. But the victory isn't the only thing to celebrate - and with a lot of help, and a lot of favours, Laura and Lily have extended an invitation to the Chalice crew, past and present, to join them. If you were nearby, chances are the invitation was hand-delivered by a dutiful Servbot.]

1. The setup
[With the looming deadline of the closing portals, things move quickly! Invitations are sent, travel is arranged, a venue is prepared. What had been the White Chalice's Arboretum - now an open-air grove in what's set to become a lush forest - is the site of the ceremony itself, while the celebrations afterwards will take place in Gucun. There's a lot to be done to make ready. Are you helping, or seeking out one of the brides beforehand?]

2. The ceremony
[It's only fitting that Captain Smith should officiate. He's waiting at an arch set up by the flowerbeds of the Arboretum, where the happy couple met, where Laura's tended her memorial to her friends from before the Chalice and to those who've passed on since. Between the Kwan daughters, Epimetheus, and a brace of Servbots you shouldn't have any trouble finding your seat, even if Xue Yi is a little preoccupied ensuring Prometheus behaves. There's some time before the wedding party arrive, to talk amongst yourselves - or with some of the other guests present, who include Laura's overwhelmed-looking parents!]

3. The reception
[Of course, the real point of a wedding is the party afterwards! There's food, drink, and music - Miki pulled some strings, and Pit's showing how Skyworld does catering. After the recent battle, perhaps this is a chance to see some long-absent faces in more peaceful circumstances, or to say goodbye. Or are you just here for the embarrassing speeches?]

[This is a joint mingle post, open to dropped and retired characters as well! For all prompts, please specify whether it's Laura/Lily you want to talk reply, or others!]
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[What is this ruckus? Lily is being thrown into the air repeatedly by a group of other robots! Familiar ones, to many of you.]

Hip hip hooray! Hip hip hooray!


Ahh... Thanks, but come on, guys! Don't you think this is enough?

Nope. Suddenly you announce you're getting married, and you beat up the big final boss while we handle the mooks? Talk about stealing the thunder! We'll keep doing this forever!

A ha ha... Help?
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I wonder... If there is an over-encompassing, universal force from which every other force is born, then what would be its opposite? Wouldn't it be the personal force that's unique to you and you alone?

[Prometheus shrugs in response to Werter's musing.]

Or maybe I'm just waxing pseudo-philosophically. In the end, Primeval Force was no universal power; it was a parasite born from the paradox of a stable time loop. And it is no more.

Now then. I think I'm done being a hero for now. Time for something even more challenging; I still have that degree in biochemistry to get! I used my strength to protect the world in times of war; now it's time to make it a better place to live in times of peace.
With science.
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[After being rescued from Rushbird Ichitaka can be found...smiling. Despite the burns, heat exhaustion, and all the radiation that he probably took in he's smiling. Of course, Rushbird was now a complete mess and he actually had to think about what he wanted to do with his life.  For now though he's just taking in their victory.]

For once everything just...went well.
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Yuu looks out to the stars, to the many dimensional portals that have formed in the wake of the cosmic superbeing's defeat.  He turns back to Earth, a calm, serene planet, now peaceful with its threats dealt with.

He thinks of all he's been through...of all he's seen and heard of the worlds of visitors.

He realizes that his producer has called, telling him that the show is over, there's no more threats and the re-runs won't be airing.  That the woman he loves is locked up in jail, madly in love with his unknown rival. That his dad in in hiding from the law.

"I think my work is done here. Beyond those portals lie other worlds in need of a guardian, a Hero of Justice. Perhaps I should try my luck in a random portal...unless anyone would rather I go with them?"


Feb. 23rd, 2014 06:35 am
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[Feel free to write your own posts related to any of these prompts. No need to tag these if you don't want to.]
"We've won! Take that, ye oversized lobsterman! Now I'll show you how a captain parties!"

The Primeval Force has been defeated, and now is the time to celebrate. The White Chalice is gone except for a smoking wreck - remains of the bridge, but at least Captain Smith and Dan are alive! Enjoy yourselves, who knows what tomorrow will bring, but today you are champions of the whole Earth Sphere... no. The universe.

Also Dan is there, his holographic projection looking around in an equal mix of elation and wild confusion. Was he even programmed to experience such extreme emotions?


But not everyone likes lively revelry. For some, quiet contemplation is more appropriate. Especially since the victory was not without sacrifice - were it not for Bismuth paying the price of his life, Primeval Force would still be free to wreck havoc and destruction. And he's far from the only one who lost his life during the final battle.

One of those who prefer to be alone right now is Ayame... or Anna Alkaev, if you prefer.

"So it's finally over."

She looks at the wall of rememberance, saved from White Chalice.



One more thing to consider. After Primeval Force was destroyed, portals opened around Earth Sphere. Those portals lead to universes some of you came from - now you can come back. There is just one thing though... they are one-way only. Once you go, you cannot return to this version of the Earth Sphere. It is a bittersweet decision of returning home or staying with your allies whom you helped save the world.

You have at least a week or two before the portals close, and then they will stay closed - possibly forever. What kind of decision do you make?

Clan Jade Falcon is already making preparations to return for example.
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You know... somehow, I always suspected it would end like this.

Primeval Force was destroyed. The heart of it was cast into the sun by the White Chalice's teleportation system, and even then, Ichitaka managed to rescue the Captain and Dan. In the end, Primeval Force... was trapped inside Bismuth's body, where it was destroyed.

He wouldn't want me to grieve at his passing. A death like that is something that every Valhallan strives for. Dying to save the Earth Sphere... was his decision, and in the end, I believe he was happy. He was a warrior, a hero, and my friend.

I promised to tell his story, so I will. I'm going to write a book, about all my experiences from the last year. If any of you have the time, I'd like to talk to you to get the stories from before I joined, as well. An oral history of the White Chalice.

...If there's anything you'd prefer I leave out, then tell me that, as well.
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[Frontdated to when the mission starts. This is an action post, directed at characters who are NOT in the final mission of the game.]

The White Chalice took off in its last voyage - it is escorted by your friends as you speak, to reach Primeval Force avatar's incredibly massive body and (hopefully) contain it. In the meantime, your mission is to create a distraction. Face off against the legion of Primeval Force copy units, make it easier for the rest to form a breach!

There is only one problem though. Your enemies number in thousands, tens of thousands even. But you are not alone.

All forces of Earth Sphere have united, and what little remains of their mecha and space fleets - they're all here to assist you. The Federation, Orb, Britannia, Clan Wolf, OZ's remains under Treize's command, Gucun's weirdly designed ships that look like several older vessels slapped together, they're all here. And the list doesn't end there - you see units of Neo Zeon, Clan Jade Wolf, even a rare remnant of the Titans' and A-Laws' force. All of them are ready to make a push, wager their lives in a nigh suicidal charge just to buy White Chalice a few seconds more.

Yet, all of these forces combined, even with anti-Primeval Force barriers... all of this is still not enough. The Primeval Force's titanic body stares in your direction expresionlessly as its hordes of minions fly forward, start to push back the humanity's final stand. Warships start to explode around you...

And that's when it comes.

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[It's not just the Chalice that is moving stuff over to Gucun.  In particular, a certain shuttle had to make a cross-ocean trip here after that whole Primeval Force assault thing.  But once it's docked and cleared and everything... a familiar face makes her return.]

The White Chalice... everyone... Been almost a year, hasn't it?

Hope you guys didn't forget about me or my-


[Yeah, she's spotted the Montgomery Construction vehicles and stuff.]


[And off, inside of the shuttle, you can also see... it.  The successor of Shin Getter and Shin Dragon... Getter Robo Hien.]
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Well, this is it. Two years, eight months. Such a long time, but I guess my journey with the Chalice is finally over. Heh, I've been talking about it all the time, but I never expected it to actually happen like this. One chapter in life ends, another starts.

I'll be leaving soon. All my stuff was packed already, re-packing it didn't take much time. I have places to visit before the final battle; need to introduce Miki to my parents, and vice versa. If anyone wants a drop off at Berlin or Fuso, or somewhere on the way, I guess you can tag along.

It won't take long, we'll be back before the battle with Primeval Force. Both Prometheus and Nebula can be disgustingly fast when they want to. Don't do anything stupid while I'm gone, okay? I'll see you again soon. And then, we'll finish this.

[Prometheus just waves. Though in his free hand he's holding a sign that says YOU PROVIDED ME WITH ENDLESS AMUSEMENT.]


Feb. 18th, 2014 03:46 pm
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[Late night. White Chalice's deck is unusually peaceful and quiet. Lily is here, standing next to her ship - all her stuff is already inside, packed, ready to go. She's watching the starry sky.]

It won't take long anymore... They will be here soon. Not just a small group of my friends, but a whole Cosmic Ark expedition. This will be the first time most of them will see Earth. The first time they fight together with humans against a common enemy.

Primeval Force... For the sake of my future, for the sake of everyone's futures, you will be destoyed. You ruined enough lives already. No more.
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[So.  Back in Gucun once more... and with one last battle to fight and comparatively little to do until it except wait and help everyone else move out.  But Julia's still taken the time to go and visit what's... left of a nearby local: the smoldering crater where Herrera Futuristics' Earthside HQ used to be.]

Well, that's...

... I knew the Inspectors hit this area pretty hard too.  I just didn't think... exactly here...

[The place where Bertrand died almost two whole years ago on that terrible painful day for so many people, Cheng included.]

... One more battle for this soldier to fight, Mr. Herrera.  One more battle to protect our dream.

(Julia can be tagged either here or after she returns)

The Firm

Feb. 18th, 2014 09:09 pm
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1. *In the middle of the hustle-bustle of White Chalice's abrupt remodelling, suddenly a huge airship approaches and docks. But rather than a warship, it's a construction ship, bristling with cranes and mechanical arms.

As the ship closes in, Herb looks VERY panicked. He throws random things from his room to his bindle, before tying it up.*

Oh crap. The Firm. It finally caught on my location! If anyone's asking, I'm not here! I'm...  eaten by the primeval force!

2. From the ship, a swarm of grim-looking men in black suits and sunglasses descends.

The leader of the grim-looking gang is a young man in business suit and ponytail. He walks forward and opens his sunglasses and grins.*

"So this is White Chalice..." He politely greets you. "Excuse me sir/madam. Can you kindly direct me to Mr. Herbert Montgomery?"

3*. ...and the ship's cargo door opens. From it descends a horde of workers and construction robots bringing supplies, ammunitions, and whatnot. The ponytailed young man points with his hand and yell.*

"Spare nothing! Supply every mechs and ships you can see here. And after that, help with the reconstruction of White Chalice. Use every available workers and mechs we have! Show the pride of Montgomery Construction!"

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It seemed very serious; Zaku Kai was wrecked badly and now Bernie had to leave. He had his bags.

"What should I take?" Bernie's body felt heavy. It felt like a permanent parting from a diverse group of companions who didn't mind that he was a Zeon, and he also felt that he couldn't have a chance like this again.

"Thank you, White Chalice. Hm?" In his room, Bernie noticed something from the drawer -- those two interesting things that he bought way back.

"Yep, can't leave that." Then there's also a photo. Looked like a collector's item or something from a magazine.

Bernie was hesitant to pick it up. He took a moment to think, and then he nodded his head.

"I'll make it right," Bernie said, taking the photo. "Oh yeah!" Also another picture of a reliable friend.
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Man, I'm so excited! We have almost beat all the bad guys already, Lady Palutena! Just a bit more, and then celebration party!

[Well, someone is in high spirits even though he's packing]

Indeed. Make sure you don't forget anything, though. Did you get your toothbrush? Spare crown? Feather polish?

Geez, Lady Palutena, I'm not a cherub anymore, you know. I can pack on my own.

[Pit and Palutena chat merrily while packing stuff. It should be noted that Pit seems to be "requisitioning" a bunch of the kitchen supplies, tossing all sorts of into a huge green bag bigger than himself]

Hmmmmm... think anyone would mind if we took the oven? It's so much handier than the cookery at Skyworld, I kinda wanna bring it when I leave.

They were just going to dump this module, so far a I'm concerned, knock yourself out.

Point. Alle-hop! [And he pulls the large overn out of its socket and tosses it into the bag as well. Angelic scrounging in progress, please mind your head]


[And while everyone is packing, what is Viridi doing? Well, she walks into the Arboretum with a grumpy face, smacking one of the automated systems taking care of preparing the Arboretum for offload into the wall while she's doing so.]

Scram, pests. You'd just ruin half of it. Good thing I'm here. Sending robots to do this. Pft.

[She then stands at the very center of the Arboretum, she slams her staff against the ground, which trembles in sympathy. The alarms go off on principle, but she doesn't seem to care. Instead, she breathes, and raises her hands, filling the entire area with amber-colored light]

Earth, RISE!

[And with a huge shake and a deafening CRACK sound, the entirety of the dirt and ground in the arboretum breaks loose and begins floating, a small flying island full of trees. It then begins to maneuver outward, with the chibi goddess at the helm.

Marvel, go WTF, point out that Viridi is kind of making off with our Arboretum, panic because you were caught on the Arboretum as this happened?]


Feb. 17th, 2014 01:01 pm
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[Yusuke's not got much to pack up besides whatever mess remained of the G1 and the weapons it provided. Which he is sending back along with BeatChaser- it served him well but it's not going to be of much more use. Now it was just him and Gouram, although the beetle shaped ancient ally had flown off somewhere to stay out of the way of everyone moving about.]

You know at the end of this I hadn't really expected this.
Although if it's successful it'd be a way better than most alternatives.

[The Rider looked at the emptying vessel with a sunken heart. He'd seen...way too much death here. And he'd probably be seeing the death of the Chalice itself. Shame really.]


Feb. 17th, 2014 04:59 pm
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[Tobia doesn't have much stuff to pack, so he has a lot of time to give a hand with working on the Chalice, and help others. Maybe he's even helping you!

Either way, now his work brought him to the memorial wall.]

This thing...

We can't just leave it here, can we?
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1. Medbay (shortly after The Shield of Time's Last Stand)


[Famous first words. Laura's waking up and, Shifter healing factor or no, feeling the effects of trying to go all Getter 1 on a battleship that still has its point defense intact.]

...What happened? Is everyone okay?

2. Hangar (after Dan's announcement)

[Laura's looking over the distressingly warped and dented shape of Penny, the custom Knightpolice having been recovered from the field after Primeval Force's departure. Hanging from the outside meant the Xihpos' destruction didn't harm it too badly, but the subsequent fall to Earth did it no favours.]

Sorry. With everything that's going on, I won't be able to repair you for a while. Most I can do is reserve a bay for you so you don't get parted out while the ship's being evacuated...

[Beside her, Goldie warks confidently. He'll watch over the KMF for her during the Chalice's last hurrah.]

3. Announcement to all [video]

Hello everyone. This is, um, compared to everything else that's going on, it's less urgent, but I wanted you to know...

Once Primeval Force is defeated [of course she says "once"], Lily and I are getting married. Well, not right away. Her family still have to RSVP. But.

You're all invited, of course. Even if we won't have the Chalice by then, we still have each other.
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[Post "The Shield of Time's Last Stand". Locked to Jade Falcons]

Since the war between Clan Jade Falcon and Wolf has finally ended, and especially what with the blue robot simulacrums wrecking stuff all over the Earth, Matthew decides to call up his old sibko pal Lola with the long-distance comm.

"Star Captain Helmar? This is Matthew. Could I talk with you for a moment?"

Hopefully he hasn't interrupted something.


[Open to all.]

Those who find themselves in the hanger bay, whether helping with the evacuation or giving their mechs one last tune up, might overhear Matthew talking with a group of techs who are reattaching his Nova's arm with gantry cables, frantically trying to restore the squat, birdlike OmniMech to fighting condition.

"What?" Matthew says, eyes widening. "Are you sure?"

"We did an x-ray and everything." the lead tech says, holding up a datapad with false negative images. "The endo-skeletal frame's studded with hairline fractures. Battle scars from lots of fights and rush repair jobs. And from age too. Didn't you once say this mech was built 130 years ago, in your dimension?"

He shakes his head and clucks his tongue. "Tough old bird you've got. I'd say she'd last for a year more, if you stuck to patrols and recon missions. But another battle like the last one...we'll do what we can, Matt."

He pats Matthew on the shoulder, then returns to his work. Matthew stares into space at his customized Nova, looking stunned.

Talk to him?
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[The battle for Gucun didn't end too long ago, and White Chalice is already being refitted for its last desperate mission. There's only one small problem though... well, except for the whole "a giant avatar of a force of nature will destroy us all" thing. The problem being - where will you go if Captain Smith is kicking everyone off the Chalice?

How about taking advantage of an invitation?]

Come. The State of Gucun is your ally, and that will not change. More importantly - I am your friend, and will be so forever. The Chairman General's... no. My and Cheng's home is your own.

Rest. Recuperate. Regain your strength. You are going to need it.

We are launching a counterstrike. No matter what, I assure you: humanity will prevail.
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(1) [[Immediately returning from battle.]]

Damn... I wish we had more time to refine that fucking thing! [[But MarKus ditches the Technica in the hangar and makes his way to the nearest thing he can watch the battle from, a monitor, a window, WHATev! It's a few minutes after he remembers to take off his old helmet.

(2) [[After sheet goes down!]]

Wait wait... we just have to leave... Like that? You know... I kind of felt like... there's be a more, you know... sentimental end to it. Just get off the fucking ship?

[[MarKus doesn't seem pissed, just... oddly disappointed.]]

Well fuck... Let's get packed, then... back to one last shift of fixing everyone's shit.

(3) [[During the final move-out/preparation.]]

[[MarKus is ready to go but, he's using the rest of his time to fix up everything he can and help sure up the ship.]] You know... what the hell am I doing to do after this?

[[He just hasn't consulted anyone about any post-battle careers or residency.]]
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Well. It's official now - Magdalena has been selected as the heir to Ruba's throne. Technically she's still just a princess, but our father isn't really in good enough health to function as a leader, so she's already taking over a lot of his day-to-day responsibilities, and no doubt putting the early phases of her grand master plan into motion.

I feel... relieved, mostly. The details of succession have been worked out, I got all the paperwork in order, now I can put it out of my mind for now. No worrying about getting the upper hand on my siblings, no worrying about having to produce an heir, no more bloody space genies. I can focus one hundred percent on the Primeval Force situation - and as desperate as said situation is, I'm feeling rather good about it. Bismuth and I have been practicing together, so we should easily be able to produce the Negaforce Saber again for the upcoming battle.

A year ago, I wouldn't have imagined myself as a warrior fighting to save humanity, but in all honesty, I think I'm much more suited to this than I was for the life of a king.

A Return

Feb. 16th, 2014 12:34 pm
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[With everything that's been happening, especially in the aftermath of Primeval Force's appearance. The last thing anyone would expect is a black blur tearing through the sky towards the Chalice. Nineball. It was a Black Nineball. As if things weren't problematic enough-]

Sorry I'm late. Took me a while to dig my way out and get myself sorted out...

[Wait... Was that... Ryou? In any event the Nineball lands and its pilot exits.]

... I heard about what was happening on the way back... If I knew I would have worked faster.
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[1, possibly battle log]

Various places all around the world came under attack by Primeval Force clones. These units are copies of all kinds of machines used by humanity, all made from Primeval Force energy - they can be destroyed, but they take a lot of punishment and have more destructive power than the things they copied!

Once the initial attacks are over - some of them repelled, for others the units retreated on their own as if toying with humans, uneasy silence falls upon Earth Sphere. How much more time will pass until another such attack? How long can humanity survive such an ordeal?

How do you react to this? All the while, the titanic avatar of Primeval Force itself watches from space, surrounded by legions of lesser mooks that annihilate anyone that tries to come close.

[2, frontdated a day or two]
"It was a pleasure having you on board."

"Now git off! Off me ship, I tell you! I'm giving you 24 hours to get your stuff away from White Chalice!"

"Umm. What the captain is trying to say is that he and the XO came up with a plan. It's unlikely that Primeval Force can be defeated in conventional combat, but it can be contained."

"White Chalice itself will serve as containment. Ayame already left to retrieve the Primeval Force generator which we will use as a trap. In the meantime, we are removing non-essential parts of the ship such as the arboretum or living quarters, and reinforcing the rest."

"So... this is good-bye. But I hope we can count on your assistance one last time, to break through Primeval Force's copies and reach the main avatar. Then we will either contain it in White Chalice for good, or if that's not enough, destroy it while it's contained within."

"Hey! Who told you to get rid of the minigolf course? I'm the captain, I'm not moving from the bridge!"


You managed to pick up survivors from Kairos Aspida. There aren't many... but even a few is better than nothing. Surprisingly for absolutely no one, they are devastated and not really in a talkative mood. But if you insist you can have a short conversation with them.

"Why did it have to... Wate, Henrika? Fuck!"


Also look who is among the survivors - isn't it Shinra himself! Though it turns out Shinra is not his name, just a nick he insisted everyone used. Evan Cooper, his eyes no longer shining blue, for the first time in many years is no longer a puppet of Primeval Force. Now he is truly free. And he is fully aware of everything he has done while Primeval Force's slave.

So when you see him, he is like this.
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"So it's come to this. Pushed to the brink, Kairos Aspida reveals its true colors and resorts to taking hostages. If it's really as they say, that this is supposed to be the last battle - then you can expect every single combatant to be present at the arranged point. Don't be surprised if there's an ambush."

"But we won't go there empty handed. Look at this."

Ayame's broadcast changes to show the inside of the hangar - where one of the Zakus now sports a weird bulky backpack, with long rods that can extend and retract.

"Using my Primeval Force knowledge and the plans Hixar Fermi acquired, we managed to reverse-engineer the Primeval Force generator containment system into an anti-Primeval Force barrier. It cannot be maintained for long, but it should be able to deflect beams and even energy melee weapons, while not using Primeval Force itself."

"The theory behind the barrier's operation is not wrong, but of course there is no way to test this until we're already in battle. Mass production is already underway."

"And if this doesn't give us an upper hand... God help us."
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[Backdated to between the Demonbane mission and the KA broadcast]
[Locked to Lily]

[It's kind of an incongruous time for a picnic, but then, the whole Chalice has plenty to celebrate right now. Laura's joined in those celebrations, stealing a brief window from the frenzied work on anti-Primeval Force gear, but now she has something more reserved in mind - dinner with Lily, in the evening in the Arboretum by the tree where they first met, on a blanket with a bottle of wine and another of high-grade machine oil under the setting sun. The actual food even decent, since she's picked up both the knowledge and materials to make real Cosmic Ark snacks.

Laura holds up her glass for a toast.]

To us.
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[Everyone. Kairos Aspida has made its move, a transmission soon hijacks as many frequencies on the Chalice as it can. A message that is inescapable, one that will be heard no matter what. In a way there was a sense of Deja Vu with this moment, for when Kairos Aspida first appeared, a transmission such as this had been heard. A declaration of intent. Their mission made clear. This would be no different. Once more the familiar sight of the bridge of the Bastion of Insolence is on screen. There was an air of tension in the bridge,Orbrey was shaking in his seat, looking anxiously between his fellows and the Captain. Maura gave Zyvan a nod before the grizzled Captain finally spoke.]

To those aboard the White Chalice, to all who are receiving this broadcast. I am Alessio Hieronymus Zyvan, Captain of the Kairos Aspida warship Bastion of Insolence. I pray that you are all listening to what I have to say... for the blood of many will be on your hands if you are not.

[Zyvan took in a harsh and ragged breath, downright glaring towards the screen. Disappointment, anger, sadness, resignation. There were many things that could be felt from the man's gaze.]

I am not Petar nor Biff... I do not have their gift for words... but my meaning will be clear regardless.

[He motions to Maura and soon smaller image appears on the broadcast. A fleet of Kairos Aspida ships and airborne troops. Right. Over. Gucun.]

It has become clear that there can be no compromise anymore between our two causes. My communications officer is transferring a set of coordinates which you will bring the White Chalice to, as well as the date we expect you to arrive. I know that you value your friends as well as the lives of innocent people... but it goes without saying what will happen to them should you not appear.

[The captain lowers his head and adjusts his hat, solemn in his posture and expression. Regret hanging from every word.]

I am sorry it had to come to this... but what happened to Petar can never be forgiven. One way or another, whether you fight us to the end or it becomes our last stand, the conflict between our two sides will end.

I will see you at the battlefield.

[The transmission ends. Any attempts to contact both Gucun and Kairos Aspida have been completely jammed.]

(OoC: The above is a Mingle/general reaction Post.)


[Zyvan had adjourned to the officer's lounge on his ship. Admittedly he had long allowed all members of his crew access so long as it was left in order. It seemed less and less people had come to relax in this now lonely room. Tatianna was undergoing several checks with the doctors and technicians, his bridge crew thus could not leave their posts, and the pilots under his command were all preparing for the battle ahead.]

And so it begins. Our last battle with the Chalice... This is not how at all I imagined it to be...

Can we really say we are ready for this?

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[The team's resident grandma can be found watching the sea drift by from the deck.]


...Once again, I am the one left behind.

[She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes, listening to the waves below in silence. Evil still threatens the world. Even now, someone, somewhere, is being tempted by the Other that lurks outside reality. Dictators still stand to wage their petty wars under the eyes of of an uncaring universe. The malevolent Primeval Force plots and lurks even as she stands here, listening to the ocean.


Mankind has friends in high places, too. And right here, right now, the world is at peace. So Eibon does something she does very rarely-she smiles.]
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[1] It was good to see all those familiar faces again. And some of those strange, unfamiliar ones.

Kurou, Al... I hope one day, we will meet again.

[Werter and Prometheus are busy unloading stuff back into their room. There's a note on the door, which reads:


Fortunately the note was completely unnecessary in the end, because they were away only for a minute in this universe's time!]

[2] [There is one more matter that needs to be taken care of...]

Wait! Change of plans! You don't need to deliver that letter anymore! Stop!

"Uwah! It's been only 10 minutes! I'm so confused!"

[Werter is chasing a Servbot. The Servbot has a letter in his hand. The envelope reads TO MIKI.]

[3] [Watching the video footage Werter took from the mission. It's not what he expected.]

What the hell is Candle Cove...?
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 [Whatever happened on the other side of the gate, a few things are known. Roads was injured; he's got orders to take it easy for a while and quite a few stitches in his side, along with a truly impressive medication regime.  The Zweilicht was lost, replaced now with a massive blue Deus Machina. And...Kurou and Al did not return.]

I can't believe I'm seriously considering doing this...

[He's in front of that memorial wall, sitting down. He takes out a bottle of pills and downs one, rubbing his temples.]

Stupid headache...urgh, I should have brought a heavier suit...
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[Alessandra wipes her eyes. She's crying, and not bothering to hide it. But those are the tears of joy.]

You were there.

At the very moment, when the enemy felt most overwhelming, we received incredible help in the form of everyone who has the power and determination to fight against wrongdoing. Our allies and friends... are infinite.

And you were there, among them. Sir Azrad, the Magician.

I have been so incredibly joyful to see you once again, one last time.

[She looks down, at a certain trophy left behind by the Demonbane Army. It's a genetic sample of pandas, now secured in a big glass tube. Just in case.]

Now then. I wonder what should we do with this.

[She shakes it a little. It sloshes.]
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[After opting to stay behind instead of going on the mission, Neptune is just as shocked and saddened to hear that Kurou didn't make it back. She got mad and refused to accept it, she bawwed. At first, there's no difference from how she reacted to the loss of others she knew...she just can't help it after all. On top of everything else, Kurou was the very first person she met here...

...But on the deck of the Chalice some hours later, she stands, transformed.]

...I did tell you that I am no good with goodbyes.

However, I believe the time has come for me to make up for that...

[And surprise, she actually starts to sing.]

((OOC: With the last canon other than KA over, consider this Neptune's IC tribute to Chalice people we won't get to see again for one reason or another. No replies are really required.

English translation for the song here in the info part.))
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"I am so surprised that I'm alive...what did I just see? All of it?"

It took a while; at first, Bernie looked like he's been through Hell, a journey. he looked so surprised or his mind was gone.

Then, he dropped onto his knees. His eyes and cheeks were soaked.