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[Dated to several months after the closings of the portals.]


*Donk* *Donk* *Donk* *Donk*.

That's the first thing you hear as you walk up the pebble-bed pathway of the Twin Birds Dojo, passing by two thin streams of water that run downhill and drive the see-saw motion of several dozen deer-scarers.

Past a wooden gateway–

(With the Mandarin characters "鹘 拳 鸦 拳", and the english title "Dojo of the Twin Birds Styles" below it)

–there lies a strange set of landmarks. A small courtyard temple next to the the totem of a Raven to the left. A small courtyard temple with the hanging banner of a Falcon to the right...

...and a large, tarnished hanger bay and airfield smack-dab in-between them. On which a group of dented Zakus, GMs, and Knightmare frames are doing push-ups. And parrying exercises. All while two familiar mech pilots are urging them on from a watchtower gantry:

"Redouble your efforts, you indolent pupils! Only when your mechs become extensions of your very bodies will you begin to attain true mastery!"

Ryou: "If you're going to learn, you need to know how far you can reach. Your limits and those of your machines. You keep going until one or the other fails or until I say otherwise."

"Yes, Sensei Kimura! Yes, Master Helmar!" The indolent pupils reply from their mech intercoms.

Just...they...what the heck?


Later on in the day, both secluded in their own temples, the two mecha-martial artists instruct their disciples, who've come far and wide from mercenary groups, Federation armies, and Britannian battalions to learn the ways of fist and robot.

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Do you seek to learn from these two masters?


A special occasion has arisen!

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[All backdated to before the Wedding!]


Surprisingly enough, both Matthew and his Nova Messenger came through this mess intact. As he finally gets to climb out of his mech after a few hours of being towed to a ship with a pressurized hanger, he strips off his Neurohelmet, and rest a hand on the cool metal of his battered war machine.

"You were more stubborn than I thought." He says softly. "...thank you."


[Back on earth, Clan Jade Falcon staging grounds]

Even though this Earth is technically not the one they've been brought up to revere, the warriors of Jade Falcon have still elected to hold a set of Trials of Bloodright on the surface of 'Sacred Terra' before returning to their home reality.

Thus amidst the packing up, there are fields and arena spaces set aside, where young members of the warrior caste are gathered around a table with a funnel and a bidding tokens, eager fight each other to win the last names of their recently slain comrades.

Suddenly, the crowd of young bloods is disturbed as a young man pushes their way through and walks to the front.

"I am Mechwarrior Matthew, born of Clan Jade Falcon!" He declares to the crowd, thrusting a finger to the heavens. "Dig the wax out of your ears and listen well!"

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He clenches his raised hand into a fist.

"I would compete in this trial for the bloodname of Helmar! Will any who bear it's name sponsor me?"


(To be revealed)
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[The world has been saved, hopefully for the last time in a long time. The celebrations - and the mourning - have started, and in a lot of places are still continuing. But the victory isn't the only thing to celebrate - and with a lot of help, and a lot of favours, Laura and Lily have extended an invitation to the Chalice crew, past and present, to join them. If you were nearby, chances are the invitation was hand-delivered by a dutiful Servbot.]

1. The setup
[With the looming deadline of the closing portals, things move quickly! Invitations are sent, travel is arranged, a venue is prepared. What had been the White Chalice's Arboretum - now an open-air grove in what's set to become a lush forest - is the site of the ceremony itself, while the celebrations afterwards will take place in Gucun. There's a lot to be done to make ready. Are you helping, or seeking out one of the brides beforehand?]

2. The ceremony
[It's only fitting that Captain Smith should officiate. He's waiting at an arch set up by the flowerbeds of the Arboretum, where the happy couple met, where Laura's tended her memorial to her friends from before the Chalice and to those who've passed on since. Between the Kwan daughters, Epimetheus, and a brace of Servbots you shouldn't have any trouble finding your seat, even if Xue Yi is a little preoccupied ensuring Prometheus behaves. There's some time before the wedding party arrive, to talk amongst yourselves - or with some of the other guests present, who include Laura's overwhelmed-looking parents!]

3. The reception
[Of course, the real point of a wedding is the party afterwards! There's food, drink, and music - Miki pulled some strings, and Pit's showing how Skyworld does catering. After the recent battle, perhaps this is a chance to see some long-absent faces in more peaceful circumstances, or to say goodbye. Or are you just here for the embarrassing speeches?]

[This is a joint mingle post, open to dropped and retired characters as well! For all prompts, please specify whether it's Laura/Lily you want to talk reply, or others!]
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[Post "The Shield of Time's Last Stand". Locked to Jade Falcons]

Since the war between Clan Jade Falcon and Wolf has finally ended, and especially what with the blue robot simulacrums wrecking stuff all over the Earth, Matthew decides to call up his old sibko pal Lola with the long-distance comm.

"Star Captain Helmar? This is Matthew. Could I talk with you for a moment?"

Hopefully he hasn't interrupted something.


[Open to all.]

Those who find themselves in the hanger bay, whether helping with the evacuation or giving their mechs one last tune up, might overhear Matthew talking with a group of techs who are reattaching his Nova's arm with gantry cables, frantically trying to restore the squat, birdlike OmniMech to fighting condition.

"What?" Matthew says, eyes widening. "Are you sure?"

"We did an x-ray and everything." the lead tech says, holding up a datapad with false negative images. "The endo-skeletal frame's studded with hairline fractures. Battle scars from lots of fights and rush repair jobs. And from age too. Didn't you once say this mech was built 130 years ago, in your dimension?"

He shakes his head and clucks his tongue. "Tough old bird you've got. I'd say she'd last for a year more, if you stuck to patrols and recon missions. But another battle like the last one...we'll do what we can, Matt."

He pats Matthew on the shoulder, then returns to his work. Matthew stares into space at his customized Nova, looking stunned.

Talk to him?
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[Pre "Last Falcon, Last Raven"]


A comm message comes in on the datapads of two particular people, sent by their fellow brigadier!

"Simon the Digger! Commander Rossiu! Could me with something?"

[2] [Open to All]

Matthew has dragged a whiteboard out into the middle of the hanger, underneath his personal Battlemech, and has been frantically scrawling things onto it in an attempt at brainstorming.

The main caption of the doodle, written above in huge, block letters, is "War Leader Matthew's Passionate Jade Falcon War Ending Stratagem!"

Below are lots of illegible scrawls, notes, diagrams, military statistics, and doodles of tiny robots and gigantic drills.

Matthew is standing before this 'diagram' and frowning. Severely so. Dare to interject or comment?

All In

Feb. 5th, 2014 08:38 am
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Recently, you may have heard increased frequency in news or reports on the skirmishes in Siberia between the Wolves and the Jade Falcon. The clanners onboard have been restless, even if many of them had been rotating back to Wolf City for periods of time. Ranna will send a vid-message to those onboard.

"We believe that the Falcons cannot maintain this level of intensity without escalating soon. The Clan is consolidating our Touman in Wolf City in preparation for that escalation. My Trinary has been recalled as well, for the duration of this conflict - the 4th Wolf Guards are expeceted to be in the thick of things. However, with the Verfolger, I am still able to join the Chalice on deployments if necessary."

This time, when the typical Clan Wolf dropship arrives for its scheduled supply drop-off, it did not come alone - escorting it are ten aerospace fighters. Furthermore, all the clanners are loading their mechs on the dropship, and even some of the Wolf Technicians are boarding it.

Ranna is there overseeing the transfer, disturb/talk to her?

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The final enemy has revealed itself...

The end of our struggle for peace is near, I can feel it. But...

How the heck are we supposed to find some sort of omnipotent primal energy source that seems to be the forefather of all exotic energy sources? For that matter, I'm not even sure we'd be able to hurt it!

Short of something genocidal as shutting down and destroying all the sources it would have for interacting with our world, I can't think of any permanent solution here. We no longer have LordGenome's Bio-Computer to help locate it. Absorbing it and containing it seems to make things explode. And if this is truly an omnipotent energy we're dealing with, there's a heavy probability that conventional weapons won't phase it, and exotic weapons will simply fuel it! Even if we did destroy it, wouldn't it have a similar effect to killing Artifex?

It seems lately we've been dealing with nothing but madmen and self-proclaimed gods lately...does anyone have any ideas for moving forward at this point?
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So... we have monsters from another reality on one hand, a manipulative energy being that wants genocide in the other, and in between all of this we have all kinds of maniacs and machines trying to murder everyone for their own selfish reasons or programming or something.

[Ryou's in the infirmary, maybe Petar was shooting to disable, but the explosions after and his hard landing injured him a bit.]

Well when all this is over and done with the world's going to be a much quieter place.

[Well, that's a surprising amount of optimism.]

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 [Eibon is not a particularly "social" person, so it's a bit surprising to see something of an announcement from her.]

Everyone, I...

...I am sorry. I have failed you, and all mankind.

Those of you with weaker minds should consider suicide. What comes after Yog-Sothoth heralds the rest of his kin from outside time into this world will...not be something you want to stick around for.

[That's it for her extremely glum announcement. Later, Eibon can be seen in the arboretum, tending to some plants.]
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(Post TTGL Finale)

Matthew had spent much of the battle with the Anti-Spiral hidden away in Gurren's cockpit, mustering his determination quietly and silently, a source of Spiral Energy that the Anti-Spiral wouldn't notice or take into account.

But then...during that final clash, that Final Drill Break, an inner barrier, a limiter of some kind had broken down, and Matthew had truly felt the Spiral flow through him.

Post mission, as he disembarks from the Gurren aboard White Chalice, he looks stunned, short of breath, with his heart racing.

"Simon, that how you feel all the time?" He asks softly.


(To be added later)

First Riot

Jan. 5th, 2014 01:36 pm
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[Clear the deck - on an unoccupied part of the Chalice's hangar, a magic circle appears with a ringing, ticking sound. It remains just long enough to let anyone in the area get out of its radius, then vanishes quietly - and in its place is a figure in a white cloak, one who might look familiar, and yet not, to some of the crew. She looks around briefly before summoning a screen in the air before her, connecting to the ship's network.]

Everyone - I am Agent Fate Testarossa Harlaown, representing the Time-Space Administration Bureau. I'm here to lend assistance and support Captain Takamachi. I hope together we can overcome the troubles this planet faces.

And to those I've met before, I'm glad to be back.
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[Finally, White Chalice arrived in Orb. We will be here for a while, so make yourselves comfortable! Fortunately the oceanic country is a peaceful and prosperous one, so you can spend this time in comfort. Not to mention the high class hotel that was booked specifically for us to reside in - covering a lot of ground, with many facilities and easy access to nearby malls, what luxury! There's a giant Christmas tree in the lobby to put everyone in festive mood, and even though the climate is not exactly what you'd call winter-like, Orb mobile suits are flying around the place and showering it with snow a few times every day. Talk about dedication. Or wastefulness.]

[1 - general Christmas thread, mingling encouraged]

[The Christmas party will be a large and opulent one, with delicious food and plenty of important-looking people in fine clothing. Feel free to join in - or experience the holiday on your own pace, especially since there is so many things to do! The whole shebang will last for more than just the Christmas days, so feel free to spread responses around time-wise rather than making everything happen at once.

Enjoy the festivities! Also Kairos Aspida is there, so if you want to talk to particular people, see below.]

[2 - talk to the Leader?]
Read more... )

[3 - talk to the Second in Command?]
Read more... )

[4 - talk to the Jerk?]
Read more... )

[5 - talk to the Troll Information Gathering Specialist?]
Read more... )

[6 - talk to the Grizzled Captain?]
Read more... )

[7 - talk to the Crew?]

[Scattered through the very same mall were the Crew - both pilots and members of the ship itself - of the Bastion of Insolence (Plus one - the Captain of the Brachos Class Cruiser which had been present on the ambush). Whether you encounter them eating, shopping or just otherwise messing around at an arcade or skating rink or something. You'll bump into them. Despite being clad in full uniform they're acting like ordinary people rather being ruthless or cold or cruel or vicious. They interacted with each other with the warmth and ease of camaraderie and friendship - light shoves, noogies, jokes and boasts with grins all around - or in one case just looking grumpily out of place as everyone's all cheery around them.]

[Sub-prompt 7a: Indra Constatious, Wate Nimec, Henrika Abrahamsson]
Read more... )

[Sub-prompt 7b: Ernest Zapatero, Aglaea Glockner]
Read more... )

[Sub-prompt 7c: Rando Tujip, Farron Halsey]
Read more... )

[Sub-prompt 7d: Orbrey Keller, Maura Dyson, Frans Cremona]
Read more... )

[8 - talk to the Wife?]
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[There's a familiar ship back in the hangar, arrived quietly and without fanfare - under the circumstances, it's not good to draw attention to advanced alien technology. And on the comms, one of the passengers -]

Hello, everyone. We're back. With some good news, which I should probably let Lily deliver.

But whatever about our news, I imagine a lot must have happened here while we were away. I'm relieved to see the planet's still in one piece, to be honest...

What have we missed?

[If you're quick on the draw, you might intercept Laura while she's still in the hangar, but the likeliest place to find her is in the mess - she's wasted no time in brewing some tea and getting a taste of home. The look on her face is somewhere between bliss and the verge of tears. It looks like Cosmic Ark had an effect on her, too, as she's still wearing what looks like an Angel Force-style outfit - though without the bulky metal armour, except for a small headpiece.]
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[Pandora's Box]

After the encounter with Wayne Waco and his mercenary company in Seattle, and the whole 'Alice gone crazy' disaster, Matthew can be found, slightly in that most classic of haunts for tormented souls–

–The Gentleman's Defensive Theology Club Lodge. Leaning against the swollen (thankfully unbroken) head of one of Herb's idols Matthew is swallowing a measuring beaker's worth of a truly noxious cocktail, while staring at a worn Jade Falcon patch in his other hand.

"What now?" You can hear him mumbling to himself. "What the stravag now?"


Later on, a more determined, if still gently swaying Matthew can be found wandering the halls of the White Chalice, up and down it's many levels, hangers, bridges, lounges, and greenhouses. To anyone he runs into, he takes care not to slur his words and asks:

"What do you think love is?"
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[The day was saved and the Earth's been unsealed by the Ruina.  That was plenty of reason to celebrate.  But a good man had lost his life in all of that, and quite a few things had been spelled out for Josh that turned his perception of his dad full upside-down.]


[Yeah, he's putting Bian up on the Memorial Wall.  He spent a short while onboard the Chalice as a passenger once after the fight at Adventus's headquarters, that would shut up anyone complaining that he didn't qualify.]

You might've been the leader of the DC, but you never hesitated to take the plunge and lead the charge yourself.  We'll do you proud.


[A short while later though..]

Oh crap.  How're you going to get out of this one?  Use the-

Aaaaahahahahaha.  The flame thrower's not working properly!  Classic callback!

... Wait, callforward.  This is a prequel, after all.

[Josh is nomming on some popcorn and watching an old Hollywood film about some thing.  The prequel actually... which he seems to actually be enjoying for once.  What can I say?  He left Antarctica hating two things with a fiery passion that would rival MacReady's hatred of chess computers that cheated.  He's learned to make peace with one of them, and he didn't feel right without giving the other one another shot.]
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[The Earth has been more or less locked down by the Ruina. However Ryou seems to be under stress from other matters as he's drinking down a bottle of wine with more haste than it deserves for something of that prize vintage.]

Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope.

[He's repeating the word more forcefully each time. Palutena? Matthew? Congratulations, you may have cause the Merc to lose it.]

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[[Simon leave the very tip top of the Gurren Lagann, which I still think is amusing that the cockpit is up in the tip of thehead, rather than more central to... anything.

That aside, he stretches, works his arm, and descends via jumping. Despite that yet another battle for the Earth just took place, he's pretty content, smiling with himself at the group's success. However he did say something curious back there: about Anti-Spiral. Maybe you missed it from earlier and might want to ask.]]

[[It's later on that something in regards to the aforementioned Anti-Spiral has him a bit down, sitting about in the atrium, fiddling with a ring on his finger.]]

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1. [Oh look, there's an announcement from Roads.]

Heya! It's approaching the...fourth, fifth thursday in november, and we're not all dead, so I figure we should have a small little thanksgiving party! Small being the operative word-we still gotta keep all the state of the art death machines running-but a bit of a larger meal than normal would be nice. There's plenty to be thankful for, after all!

Anyways, I call making the mashed potatoes. Eibon said she'd make...something weird and ancient, I'm sure.

2. [Much later, the actual party comes! Roads has indeed made mashed potatoes, with the help of some industrial equipment-the end result is a pile of warm pulverized potatoes larger than some people. It's meant for everyone on the ship, but still...

Eibon, for her part, has made some sort of stew and a thick, brown drink. Dare ye try the cooking of the ancients??]


Nov. 17th, 2013 05:58 pm
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[During Sanc Kingdom's defense, everyone fought and defeated two Over Being. Once again Texotic was the one to deal the killing blow on both (because that's the only way to kill them for real rather than just make them return home, remember), including literally choking the life out of one of them.

What kind of trauma and denial will the alien project this time?]

Celtic and Tlapalli are dead. I think that leaves only one Over Being left on Earth - other than me. Memories that Coztic left me tell me that Nextic is the strongest one, the last games' victor.

But if we work together, we can destroy Nextic too, I'm sure. When I, I mean we do that, well...

Earth is still threatened by so many, Over Being almost seem insignificant. I don't want those other threats to succeed either.

I want to be humanity's defender. A hero.
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Matthew is sitting on a bench in the hanger bay, bandaged here and there, sucking down a juice box full of antioxidants, watching glumly as the techs frantically swarm over the damaged mechs brought back from their encounter with Kairos Aspida.

Finally, he sighs and rubs his forehead. "Ayame Jin....neg, Anna Alkaev. We never realized how much you sacrificed for your convictions..."

He suddenly tosses the juice box away violently. "Stravag! Why must this keep happening?"



[Comm message to Simon and Nikolai Djerassi.]

Matthew's image pops up on your comms, his face looking very grave and serious...but also nervous.

"My comrades...there is something I need to do. Will you help me do it?"


(Dated a few days after post [2])

Matthew is in the middle of a daring operation: to sneak behind enemy lines! To penetrate deep into Clan Jade Falcon's territory–!

-so that he can talk to a friend of his.

Currently, he is sneaking about one of the Clan Jade Falcon's instant-fab compounds near the Siberian border, trying to find a computer terminal where you can check the base roster and find out where his ex-comrade, Star Captain Lola Helmar, is.

Surely no one will notice his super-secret stealthy actions whatsoever, especially in this flurry of snow...!

"Stravag, is it cold." Matthew mutters.
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You're kidding, right?

[Lowe looks at the pile of wrecked units post-Kairos Aspida mission. Some of the parts are still smoking. He rubs his eyes in disbelief.]

I'm asleep and this is a nightmare, right?


Alright you Kairos Aspida jerks. Show me what you got.

[What's Lowe up to now? He reviews the battle footage! He already took several notes, and more are coming.]

How can you have a "stealth ship" that friggin' big? Don't tell me it's because of their Primeval Force thing.

Anyway, all designs have a weakness. And I'm gonna find out one in each of their units. Watch me.

[Feel like sharing battle experience, maybe?]
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[[After nearly a month of being "home", the Gurren Lagan lands in the hangar once more, having mysteriously returned from dimensions unknown. From the Lagan at the head, out steps not a boy, but a suave young man!

For a moment he just stands up there looking around at things being mostly the same!]]

After 5 years, its all the same...?
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After retaking the Nicholas Kerensky...

Ranna lies in the infirmary, heavily bandaged. A stack of books is by the bedside table, presumably for her when she is awake. She has been declared to be stable by the infirmary staff and cleared for visitation. At times her Trinary members can be seen visiting her.

Visit her?


The Wolf warriors on-board the Chalice are in a good mood, that is certain. They go about their duties with a smile, and even those has been known to be...quiet are a little bit more chatty. It seems not even the news of all the landing forces making it to Siberia could stop the buoyancy of reclaiming the Nicholas Kerensky.

A dropship arrive soon-after, not the routine supply drop from those who are aware of the schedule, but it unloads much supply for the Chalice itself - food, materials and medicine. Furthermore, several secured containers are unloaded as well - marked for the Goliath Scorpions.

With Ranna currently in the infirmary, Star Commander Alexia Ward has taken over Charlie Trinary in the interim.

Speak with the clanners/check out the new supplies/claim your containers?

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[1] (Locked to everyone who tried to rescue Matthew during "Different Faces of Warfare". And Ryou.)

You get a video message from Matthew soon after returning to the White Chalice. He's still wearing his armored cooling vest, stained at the front with green fluid, the hilt of the knife he used to fake stab himself still poking out of it. He looks cross.

Read more... )


You see Matthew lounging in one of the White Chalice's portside lodges, gazing up at the sky. Very soon, the Jade Falcon invasion fleet will be braking into orbit, and the Chalice will go to war to protect the Earth against his former Clan.

He sighs. "Simon...where are you now? And what would you do in my shoes?"

He pauses. "Actually, I can guess exactly what you would do."


You stumble upon Matthew, in the simulator room, training his butt off! He's putting his modified Nova through a set of scenarios in space, inside a ship's hanger bay, and on land, fighting against a variety of Clanner Mechs. It looks like he's...trying to disable them? He's concentrating laser fire at their arms and legs, blowing them off at their joints.

Join in? Interject? Comment? Observe?
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[The reason for Ryou's hurried return was becoming more and more apparent as he brought his link back to the Raven's Ark online. Everyone and everything back at the Ark was being thrown into chaos. Apparently Mirage's little backstab had caused quite a stir back home. The Execs were willing to be leave and let live with the situation - especially since it was Ryou who got caught in the crossfire. Jack-O, an influential Raven within the Ark on the other hand thought otherwise and the Execs soon found themselves expelled from the Ark - from the top floor of the building.]

...Heh... So its time then...

[Revolution. That was the word being thrown around the Ark. Everyone Jack saw as a corrupting influence to the now independent and strongly Anti-Corporation force was being cast out - every Corporate Bootlicker, everyone who benefited from bending the rules to get more money and cutting out the middleman. As it turns out Evangel was one of those who was thrown out as well - and not just the Layered Corps either... it seems that the League of Ruling Corporations, Collared and whatever subsidiaries were on 'the List' as well. Jack-O was making it clear. The Ravens are calling the Corporations out and sooner or later they'll be taking the fight to them. An independent army of elite and highly lethal mercenaries.]

[Ryou raises a glass of wine in silent approval as the information on the holographic screens continuously relayed more and more information.]

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[Dated to after 'Char's Counterattack]


Afflicted with heatstroke during the fight with Kairos Aspida, then nearly crushed to death during the Axis Drop, Matthew has been bedridden for several days.

Finally on the mend, he's been taking brisk walks around the Chalice, exercising his muscles with an elastic rope, and staring out at the view of both space and the earth, recalling the bright green glow that encircled it only a week ago...

"All the miracles I've seen in the Earth Sphere...and I never realized what a simple feeling could do..." He whispers.



Jogging through the main mech bay, he notices the White Chalice's junk pile, filled with the components of incomplete/destroyed mobile suits. Strapped down on a block is the battered torso of a Doven Wolf, it's Quasi-Psycommu and parts of it's guidance wires still intact.

Matthew jogs in place, and considers the piece of salvage, remembering the deadliness of Zeon prototypes and their funnel attacks.

"Hmmmm." He vocalizes. Ask him more about the idea he just had?


Later on, both Matthew and the White Chalice techs are working on his Nova Messenger, adding a new wrinkle to it's design.

They've slid out the cockpit nose, and are modifying it's computer block, adding in circuits and processors from the Doven Wolf. Motor-driven reels of wire are being bolted onto the Nova's arms and back shoulders, and hooked into it's control system.

Matthew himself is working with some people at the base of his Mech's foot, welding a set of satellite-grade plasma thrusters to one of the Nova's arm radiators, lying flat on a trolley bed at the moment.

Inquire? Assist? Maybe call him out for doing manual labor after getting injured?
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[Post-dated to 'Teopan' mission.]


On the general comm channel, Matthew suddenly pops up on live video, standing in front of a bulkhead, hands clasped behind his back like some kind of statesmen.

"My fellow comrades of the White Chalice! We have persevered through toil, loss, and danger, fighting bitter, powerful foes to both life and the earth itself. And we have triumphed over them!"

He fixes the hypothetical viewer with a Serious Glance!™

"However! All the evidence we have–including a few prophetic visions–hints at far greater battles to come, struggles that shall test the limits of our minds, bodies, and spirits! Therefore, to strengthen ourselves for the future, I propose we gather together in the spirit of camaraderie–"

He swivels the camera about to reveal the gym he's standing in: weights, practice weapons, and a table with snacks and water bottles are arranged around each other. A simple red banner with no adornments (or inspirational platitudes) hangs from the ceiling.

"–for a Group Training Festival!" He declares, clenching a fist.

[2] (Open to Everything)

Matthew stands by to greet all attendees to his half-baked 'Training Festival', hands resting on a bokken cane-style, grinning eerily.

"Welcome comrades, to this gathering of training! Do you wish to hone your body, your mind, or your aptitude at teamwork?"


[Do you have a nice montage scene in your head? Then put it here, along with any snazzy music you like!]
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Ever since the defeat of the Shadow Knights and Professor Tesla, Yuu's been oddly silent. Thinking. Musing. Replaying a certain event in his head, over and over.

------cut scene-----
An origin...a memory...a backstory episode. )
--------------cut scene--------------

" beloved...why...?"

[Yuu'll be open to questions post mission, as he hops down from the X-Buster's cockpit. Now would be a good time to ask.]


[And once again, Yuu's managed to sneak into kitchen duty. He's fervently making bowl after bowl of ramen, tasting each mixture once, then tossing it. It looks as if he's gone through a number of bowls and utensils, his frantic pace overwhelming the stress limits of metal pots and stirring wisks, as well as chopping knives and serving bowls. He can be heard muttering to himself.]! This is nothing like ours....

Level 15

Aug. 15th, 2013 05:16 am
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[After the last fight with Shadow Knights and a certain mad scientist, Raynor looks up at Paragon, currently stationed on the deck. The robot has new colors now (not to mention the dual blades it wields), showing its new form.]

Ranger and Shepherd... I did it. I mastered all the Virtues, and saved myself. And if I can do that, I should be able to save the Shadow Knights too.

Level 14

Aug. 4th, 2013 06:39 pm
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[Strange sounds can be heard in parts of White Chalice. Following them reveals Raynor, sitting behind a (borrowed) electronic keyboard, and practicing music... If it can be called that. He's trying to play Amazing Grace, but is a complete amateur about it... Or rather, amateur would be a big step up. At best the music is awkward and stiffled, with half of the notes missing or wrong, at worst it's a horrible, ear-rending cacophony. And he seems to be completely aware of that.]

Damnit... Is it because of my robotic arm? No, I wasn't any good at it before either...

I must try to honor their memory! Again!

[Horrible sounds from the tortured instrument continue.]
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1) Move! Move! We need to be ready, you hear me?!

[...Boss seems rather fired up as he bosses (ha) Nuke and Mucha around, the poor goons and their leader wearing work helmets as they clamber on and around the Boss Borot. Looks like they're making some heavy modifications in advance... There's a cobbled together jetpack - and it hardly looks stable - whilst they seem to replacing the hands. What they're being replaced with has rather a great deal of spikes on it, and for some reason, looks like it really shouldn't be here.

...Dare to approach?]

2) Alright boys! After a hard day's work, its time to show the world what we've got!

[Boss declares proudly! ...Whilst in the midst of a city where he doesn't have a clue what's being spoken by the natives. If he could keep his eyes off the ladies for a few minutes, he might take a better look at his map and realise he's not in America.

Still, don't need to speak a language to check out the people or the wares in the stores. Somebody want to help out, or save some poor soul from his attempts at 'flirting'?]
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Cut for Hilarious Contractually Related Suffering )

[2] [Minor Frontdating] [Mingle Post. Keep it to the Tag posted for everyone's benefit.]


[3] [Arena Aftermath]

[Ryou's just got the Nevermore loaded back onto the Chalice and just kicked back on the Chalice, nursing a glass of wine in his hands. He sighs tiredly as he sinks into the chair.]

[Comment on his performance.. or lack of thereof?]
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*You see an announcement posted in front of Herb's Clubroom*

"Open for Public.

This Friday is Gentlemen Adventurer's Club's Boardgame Night! We'll be playing Castles and Cockatrices 13.5th edition game mastered by yours truly, the president. Bring a sixth level character that you're not attached too much!

Feel free to take a copy of a character sheet inside and a rulebook copy in case you need to refresh your memory about the rules!"

*Of course you know that Castles and Cockatrices is a popular fantasy pen-and-paper rpg.  The way this game still exists now in the age of virtual reality and giant robot shows how ubiquitous and popular the game is. If you read the rulebook, it's simple enough, with standard fantasy classes and races and all that jazz.*

1. Discuss about his plan?

2.The game night. It's a mingle thread. Feel free to join anytime, comment about the game, introduce your fantasy characters, and talk both uh... in character and out of character.... with your character...

Feel free to jump into the thread and comment at any time. Or act even if your fantasy character haven't been introduced.
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[Post "The Four Generals"]

[1] [Open to All]

In the aftermath of the great battle against the Beastmen and their Four Generals (which wound up being really good for Earthrace/Moonrace relations), the wreckage of Do Ten Kai Zen fell to earth, save for a single intact piece of machinery, a gleaming sphere that rose from the wreckage of the infuriating Cytomander's component flagship...and caught by the grasping arms of Dai-Gurren.

After a bit of analysis, headscratching, and desperate guess-work, Dai-Gurren has been powered down... so that a team of technicians and assistants can attach the Levisphere to Dai-Gurren's frame and grant it the power of flight!

A day or so into the process, Matthew takes a break to escort a small gaggle of guests (most notably, some Naval Officers from Clan Goliath Scorpion) through the hallways of Dai-Gurren, showing off both the ship and the installation process.

"...there are many facets to this Beastmen-built ship, particularly the small tunnels, that still elude comprehension. Nevertheless, Dai-Gurren, today and tomorrow, shall continue to be a fearsome weapons for justice and life on earth..."

But what are Simon, Rossiu, and the rest of the Gurren Brigade doing while Matthew waves the tourist flag about? Who else has decided to check things out with the tour group, or even help out with the Levisphere installation process?

[2] [Closed to Gurren Brigade/people with CR to Gurren Brigade Members.]

After a lot of sweat, the installation is complete. All that remains is to see if the darn thing works.

On the bridge, Matthew, looking exhausted, takes a step back and to the right, standing at military attention as his seniors enter.

"Commander Simon, Vice Commander Rossiu...the Dai-Gurren is ready for liftoff."

[Music for flavor: ]
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After the attack by the Jovians, it takes Ranna a while to fly her newly acquired mech - the Verfolger - back to White Chalice's hangars.

Most likely due to the missing left arm and left leg, and missing half of its right leg. The 65-tons heavy mech hovers in the hangars with the thrusters flaring faintly as Ranna moves it steadily towards its slot. There is a certain jankiness to its movements that indicates the Star Captain's inexperience with handling a flight-capable mech. At the same time though, the jankiness appears to be smoothing out rather fast.

The Clan Wolf technicians attaches support to the damaged mech, holding it in a upright position before giving Ranna an all clear signal. She turns off the thrusters and powers down the mech before exiting.

"That was an... memorable maiden flight," the clanner comments.


Later, she can be found at the mess hall, eating while studying a bunch of reports, books and touchpads.

"This newtype phenomenon is quite interesting. And the man was so obsessed with it."

(3 - Vid/Network)

"I would like to take this opportunity to thank Lowe Gear for his immense aid in designing the Verfolger. Although it is still in the combat trial phase, I believe it will be a success and eventually marked for general production by our facilities.

Having seen the effectiveness of joint Clan-Earth Sphere technology, I would like to announce that we have also been looking into creating a new Aerospace Fighter. Any collaboration to help would be greatly appreciated and repaid in kind.

Clan Wolf does not forget its debts, however. If any of you wish our help in aiding you with designs or making modifications with Clan technology, we would be more than happy to do so."
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[Post X-Buster Mission]


Matthew supervises the repair work and drainage being done on his Nova in the wake of the assault of both E.V.I.L. and a surly Demon King upon the coastal city.

And by supervise, I mean he's staring with disbelief at the rainbow colors coating his Nova, a veritable tie-die worthy of the Summer of Love. And pondering washing them off with capital-ship grade laser weapons.


In one of the lounges, he's perusing a water-logged manga trade paperback recovered from that building he crashed into.

He snaps it shut with one hand. "Of course!"


Later, he can be found in the Brig, starring down the two P.O.W.s from the SMILE brigade.

"What is E.V.I.L. getting up to? Talk! Or I will use your only weakness against you!" Matthew roars, pointing at a covered tray of Italian food he ordered from the canteen.
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After the recent sortie to the Himalayas...

(1 - via network/vid)

"Most of the data we obtained are still being decrypted, but we managed to obtain technical data on the unidentified Word of Blake OmniMechs. It appears that they were of a recent design and construction. The Blakists named them the Celestial series. We fought the Malak, Preta, Grigori and the Archangel. There were data for two more that we did not encounter yet - Deva and Seraph.

They are OmniMechs, so their weapon loadouts are very flexible, but we notice that all the designs contain mech-sized retractable blades - a rare weapon in the Inner Sphere."

The mech data are appended to the vid.

"On an logistical matter, due to reorganization within our touman, my Trinary has been reassigned to the 4th Wolf Guards. We will still remain as the liaison on-board the White Chalice from our Clan."


Throughout the day afterwards, she will be at the viewing deck... painting. With a pack of painting supplies and some food, she finishes paintings at a decent pace.

Perhaps most surprisingly - she is rather good at it. Disturb/talk to her? The painting she is working on will change depending on the time.
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Damn it all.

[Despite the choice of icon, Devon is not in her Sophium armor. And that's the only reason the corridor wall she keeps punching is not dented yet - or worse. Instead, her fists look badly battered and at this rate she's going to break something.]

The worst scenario turned out to be true. In the end Han Zhi played everyone like fools... everyone. I had no business running a country! I am a warrior. That was a huge mistake.


[Devon is composed, but she looks tired and depressed as shit when she gives this announcement.]

Han Zhi's rise to power was not legitimate - he usurped it through force. The official State of Gucun government does not recognize him as a leader and will continue to operate from aboard the White Chalice.

[She sighs and adds something privately. The following is locked only to close friends.]

Also, my daughters have been moved to ReHome. This is for safety, in case White Chalice - or my family, becomes the target of an attack. Lowe Gear's crew made sure they are treated well so if you want to visit them, you know where to go.
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[1]  [Read this before proceeding to any of the others]
Cut For Length )

[2] [First Section]

Cut For Length )

[3] [Second Section]
Cut For Length )

[4] [After Prompts 1, 2 and 3 - Prelude to the mission: "The Insanity of Contazola"]
Cut For Length )

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(Backdated to Before Grand Unified Theory Mission, and Open to All.)


Some time has passed since the Gurren Brigade Tryouts. You haven't heard much about that whole business, despite the big Land Battleship with stump feet that follows the Chalice about.

But then, communiques are sent to all those who expressed interest in taking part in the grand activities of the Gender-Neutral Brotherhood of Manly Souls at the meeting: invites, to be precise! Invites inviting all honorary members of the Gurren Brigade to a military exercise, in which there will be tactical drills, maneuvering practice, a mock battle, and–for those who prefer other such things–free snacks, drinks, and pastries at the end of it!

Those who show up to the Dai-Gurren will find it's own hanger filled with some mechs– a Dorbek and Dogozzo IIC, Matthew's own Nova Messenger, the Juaggu...and a Dom Tropen, stumbling about the relatively cramped hanger like a drunken loon as three familiar people attempt to dodge out of it's way.

"Don't overcompensate!" Matthew shouts up to the Dom's open cockpit, backing away from it with Chandra and Eilena. "Let the mech move itself! Work in harmony with it's Earth Sphere self-balancing software!"

"Stop throwing Nova Cat claptrap at me!" Tynall shouts. "Why does this stravag junk-heap not have a neuro-helmet like actual, proper mechs?"

Help out?


It's tactical drill time! Want to practice anti-mech tactics? Want to practice anti-mech tactics without a mech of your own? Learn how to to dodge things? Show off?


It's mock battle time! Two equally balanced forces, advancing through, a hilly, forested region with a huge lake, asserting supremacy over each other with paint-rounds and dialed down lasers! Who shall prove superior?

Also, a certain individual onboard the nearby Dai-Gurren may randomly decide to bombard you all. With paint shells. We think.


It's snack time! A table of refreshments is nearby! Hor-devores, tiny, sugary pastries, and various beverages! It also happens to be on the prow of the Dai-Gurren, a three-barrel battleship cannon right above your head.

At one point in this quasi-party, Matthew, tapping a fork against a glass for attention, will ask you all:

"Friends, Comrades, Trothkin. If there is one thing we have gained in our time aboard the White Chalice, during great battles and fierce conflicts, in our many travels and constant is stories. Stories of others, and stories of our own. And among these stories of ours, the most prevalent story, I have heard, is that of rivalry. Of personal conflicts against other individuals, set against each other by differing ideals and beliefs.

For those who feel comfortable speaking of such things, I ask: what nemeses have you fought against in your time here? What rivals and adversaries have you encountered, and what is or was the mettle of their character?"
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[1] [Hangar]

[A familiar Black and Red machine has returne to the Chalice. Its everyone's unfavorite morally questionable Mercenary. The moment he steps out of his cockpit he's stretching quite a bit as he goes over the costs of repairs and ammo - in comparison to the pay he's been getting. He grimaces.]

I guess I'm probably going to be short on money again...

[He turns around to give you a rather resigned look.]

What? You surprised I came back?

[2] [Lounge]

[Ryou seems to be kicking it back on a sofa with a pile of rather aged books next to him. After dealing with the Festum, suffering an orbital drop and losing plenty of pay, relaxing with a glass of fine wine and some good books felt like the right thing to do... which begs the question, if he's so tight on money, how can he afford that wine and those books?]

[He glances in your direction for a moment, but doesn't say anything, going back to his reading and his gentle sipping from thee glass.]

[CLASSY SWAG- I mean... are you going to talk to him?]

[Locked to Zeon Personnel + anyone with Colony based contacts/info networks]

[To anyone who has access to any Zeon related military networks... or has contacts in the Colonies, one would pick up on some news of a black and red machine taken to liberally reducing various Zeon patrols nearby neutral colonies to scrap and corpses.]

[The attacks were intensely vicious and seemed to be unprovoked at first glance. Then when one considers a notice Char had put up not too long ago... maybe the Colonies got nervous and needed something to keep the Zeons away as much as possible.]

[In this case, as much as possible happens to be large amounts of agression, carving messages to keep away from the colonies and leaving them where any other patrols to find. If anything this would probably put Axis on edge.]

[Also, that particular machine from the few recordings of the attacks and the absolutely miniscule accounts of what few survivors were left of the unfortunate patrols happens to be in the hangar, and the pilot is merely looking over some data for it.]

[Confront him?]

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[1] They're back! I'm sensing a Shadow Knight, not so far away from here! There's only a single one, but it feels weird...

[Raynor is already getting into Paragon, preparing the mech's giant motorbike as well.]

I'm moving out to meet it. If anyone wants to come with me, let me know. Please hurry.

[2 - log, single thread please]
[Soon, Raynor and company can see an unusual scene in the wilderness...

Two giant creatures are fighting. First one of them is a shark with legs, made entirely from water, ice and some rocks floating in it as a core. The other is a shadowy creature like the Knights, but instead of a humanoid, it's a quadraped, very similar to a horse. Rocky and watery remains are strewn around, suggesting there were a few more of the shark-like monsters...

The forms of both of the creatures are damaged already. And just when the party arrives, the shadow horse headbutts the water shark, shattering it! And then it just stares at the newcomers, with glowing eyes...]
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A dreary day in the not very creatively named Wolf City. The bloodhouse chapel was still starkly unpainted, reflecting the neccessity for more pressing construction, though pyramidal and grandiose in structure. Sprinkling rain drummed against the metal of the walls outside.

In hundreds of cubbies, there were small pyramidal glass things, each containing the ashes of a Warrior. Their name (given and bloodname) were displayed, and if one pushed a button, a holoprojection would appear detailing a brief biography and their accomplishments. There were also small alcoves next to each one where mourners could leave flowers and things like that, a concession to Spheroid tradition.

Resnick's ashes were carried in by Loremaster Daphne Vickers, who had his strong jaw and choppy blond curls, followed by Khan Phelan Kell, a man who, though not of impressive build, clearly commanded the respect of all the Wolf clansmen in the room. Both wore ceremonial fur-trimmed leathers.

"Today we are gathered to honor a fallen comrade. The honor of the Warden way guided him here and he became the first of our Clan to set foot here since the Exodus. He fought hard for his new home and represented us well to the Earth Sphere. As Khan, I found his regular reports invaluable. He earned his bloodname and carried it proudly, earning him a place here. And now he has earned his rest as well.

It is good and natural to mourn when one has lost a good friend and trothkin. However, know that there are two ways we will honor his legacy so that he is not forgotten. First we will redouble our commitment to stop the Word of Blake from bringing the Terra he worked so hard to protect under their heel. Secondly, his genes will be used to make the next sibko of trueborn Warriors. He will live on in them, as he will in your memories and hearts. Seyla."

'Seyla.' echoed all the clanners there. Phelan looked over at Ranna and resisted the urge to wet his lips. Writing a speech to honor someone who was, by all reports, a fervent admirer of his most hated rival and until recently a Crusader was not the easiest public speaking he'd ever done, though it beat facing down a hostile Council chamber. '

"I invite anyone who wishes to speak of the dead to do so before I formally inter him here." Said Loremaster Vickers.
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 photo 2063-Haman_Karngundam.jpg

Haman stirred slowly, she couldn't remember what had happened. The trip back to Axis, and the return journey to the Chalice had all happened while she was slept, her body desperately healing the damage battle had caused. She had no idea how long she had been here, and what dastardly political moves had been made during her down time.
Her hands gripped the starched sheets, confused. Her first thought was only This is not my bed. quickly followed by. Where is Mineva? She sat up quickly, cried out and fell back down into her pillow, biting her bottom lip to stifle. Looking up at the ceiling, she found she did not recognize it, but the smell and sounds the Chalice's Medical section where known enough to her from her many trips visiting Char, and that alone was the only thing that settled the sick fear in her stomach. Closing her eyes tightly, straining to remember, but finding little to answer her questions.
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[A public message, posted over the comms.]

"Mechwarrriors of the White Chalice! Champions, Heroes! Those whose hearts yearn to defy all odds to enact Justice!

The Brotherhood of Manly Souls, the greatest of Clans known as the Gurren Brigade, is looking for new recruits! The only requirement for membership is that you strive to do the impossible and kick reason to the curb in the fight for a future you believe in!

To evaluate the qualities of your blazing souls in person, I shall be holding an event tomorrow in the main recreation deck of the Dai-Gurren; what the people of the Earth Sphere call 'Try Outs'.

There will be refreshments!"


There are indeed refreshments at the tryout. They are tasty.

There is also a large Gurren Brigade flag mounted on a flagpole, like the colors of a boy scout troop. There is a also a table and chair with a sign reading 'Try out here'. The chair is currently unused as Matthew stands on top of the table, gesticulating to a small group of onlookers, among which there seem to be a few Clanners.

"The chief ethos of the Gurren Brigade is to always fight on regardless of the odds against you, to cast aside the whispers of doubt that declare something to to be impossible, and drill through all obstacles in your path, piercing the heavens to create the future that you believe in! This is what the Demon Leader Kamina called 'being a man among men!' Those who–"

One of the Clanners coughs and raises her hand, a twinkle in her eye.

Matthew pauses. "Ah. Mechwarrior Eilena–"

"You keep referring to drills. Why drills? They seem inefficient weapons for a Mech, quiaff?"

Matthew stumbles. "Theoretically, aff. Yet in the hands of–"

"Does your 'Gurren Brigade' have any Getter Machines available for use? I swore an oath to Master Ryouma that I would master all his fighting techniques."

Matthew blinks. "Mechwarrior Chandra! When did you get back?"

"I am glad to see you are achieving your ambitions, Matthew. But why are you talking like someone from a freeborn children's show? And why do you keep referring to this brigade of yours as a 'brotherhood of manly souls'? You have not been contaminated with Spheroid prejudices, quineg?"

"I have not, Tynall! It is simply, well–"

Interject? Apply for a position? Talk to some of the people there?


Apr. 4th, 2013 06:16 am
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[After the battle at Orsini Industries, a medical team quickly extracts Deva's pilot from her cockpit - a sickly-looking young girl, currently unconscious after pushing herself way too hard.]

"It's a myocardial infarction! Nitroglycerin, stat!"

[Even though her body is covered by a hospital gown, you can still notice some sort of Ghost in the Shell/Matrix style entry ports located on her limbs and other strategic locations. The medics are busy giving an injection straight into one of these ports as the whole team moves past and towards the Orsini Industries facilities.]

Cut for tl;dr )

[The above are general reaction/mingle posts. I'll assume tags are responding to #3 unless stated otherwise.]

[Later - Deva's pilot is finally conscious, and transferred to White Chalice, accompanied by her heavily damaged unit and a lot of paperwork that describes specific instructions for maintaining both the machine and its pilot.
Felicita Arlotti - some of you probably have questions for the bed-bound girl. For now she is sitting in an unfamiliar bed in the medical ward, looking uneasy and disoriented.]
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Following the grand melee, the Trial of Bloodname begins over a period of several weeks. Khan Phelan Kell has continued to provide free transportation for those onboard the Chalice for those who would like to pop by time to time or to view specific matches.

Ranna is in the observation room, watching another sort of ritual going on. Two of the warriors are in a room with a bowl like implement, and they both input a coin at opposite end at the top - the mechanism is released, as both coins spin downwards towards the bottom, which is coin-sized.

One coin lands on top of another, and the warrior whose coin is at the top announced "I choose for us to fight in our mechs" and the other said in response "Our location shall be in the outskirts of the city at the north-eastern clearing".

As the next few pairings occur, it seems that not only mechwarriors are involved - Elementals and aerospace pilots too, going by the type of combat that was chosen.

For a day or two each week for the next few weeks, the observation room would be open for viewing of individual matches. It seems the nominees are given some time to prepare themselves after terms have been dictated in the 'ritual'.

Ranna will be on the Chalice between each of her own match, standing-by for any sorties as usual. But you may find her in the gym or in the simulators practicing more than what was typical of her before.

Disturb/join in?

Ranna's matches through the Trial has been rather eventful. Then again, those who watch 'live' or recorded replays of all the matches will notice that they have all been eventful - it seems that all those nominated for the Kerensky bloodname were there for very good reasons. Not only were many of them good warriors in their chosen vehicles, they were excellent strategists as well.

Her own highlight is a second round match against an Aerospace pilot, him in his fighter and her in a mech. She had chosen a custom configuration with 4 lasers, and sheared off one wing of his fighter in a single pass - no fault of his, for he had attempted to juke around on his approach. Unfortunately, lasers travel at the speed of light, and she is an accurate shot.

Her final match is slightly different, as those from the White Chalice are invited to the site of battle itself, sitting behind a transparent screen a 'safe' distance away, with supplementary holo-displays. They are not the only one though, as there are a sizable amount of spectators too.

Sandra Pryde is there as well, watching her former foe engage in the Trial.

Ranna's Warhawk exchanges fire against a Direwolf, and for many minutes the two mechs hunt each other in the wooded terrain. Ranna keeps her distance to avoid the heavier mech's autocannons, and in the end her marksmanship proves to be decisive as a salvo of particle bolts cuts cleanly through the Direwolf's weakened left leg, collapsing it front first into the snow.

She pilots the Warhawk back towards the hangar as her victory is confirmed.

Wach the Trial with Sandra and/or meet Ranna in the hangar?

((Sorry for such a late follow up! Work has been busy.))
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In the period of time since the Battle of Beastman Mount, the land battleship Dai-Gunzan has been quiet, following the White Chalice around on a combination of autopilot and skeleton crew, a piece of Isorla bringing forth memories of a sad loss.

But Now!!! With a fresh coat of paint, some maintenance, and the recruitment of some more helping hands, the Gurren Brigade's mightiest (well, only) warship stands tall, read to cut through destiny, defeat evil, and claim glory!

Land Battleship: Dai-Gurren-Dan!

Matthew stands on the prow, inspecting with narrowed eyes the Gurren Brigade banner fluttering in the breeze, arms folded as the whistling wind blows down the open deck.

"...I should have brought a coat." He says finally. Anyone there to agree with him?


At long last, Matthew, head ensconced in Neurohelmet, leans back in his Battlemech's cockpit again.

He keys in the activation sequence, and his restored...nay, his upgraded Nova comes to life around him!

"PIK Authorization Code: A real man fights with his fists!."

"[Code Accepted. Reactor Online. Sensors Online. Weapons Online. All Systems Nominal.]"

A hatch on the main deck of Dai-Gurren opens up, and those who watch or are standing by in mechs see a strange version of the venerable Clan OmniMech come trotting out!

"Nova Messenger, moving out!"

Help him test it out? Comment?


Stealthy people on the White Chalice! You espy Matthew in a lounge in front of a terminal, chuckling as he talks to someone on the future equivalent of Skype!

"So you would be willing to come in and bolster the ranks of the Brigade, quiaff?"

Take a closer peek?


"Simon?" Matthew calls out cautiously as he walks down a set of halls. "Simon the Digger? We should talk, quiaff? About the legacy–"

He cracks open the door to a large supply room. He blinks as his eyes adjust. Then his eyes widen.

"The stravag has he been doing?" He blurts out. He pulls out his comm pad.

[Public Channel.]

"Fellow members of the White Chalice. I have a...question to ask. It is a normal freeborn funerary practice to make stone sculptures of the deceased in large quantities, quiaff?"
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[Out of nowhere, a mass of shadows solidified on White Chalice, and is now walking down the ship in humanoid form. 2 meters tall, menacing black armor with pseudo-wings, horned helmet, gigantic sword, evil glowing eyes... That's a bad guy if you ever saw one! And to make it all worse, he doesn't seem fully material...]

Where are you hiding...? Paragon!

[Stop him? Talk to him? Wait until he finds Raynor and join that thread?]
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1. Laura's room

[Visitors or passers by the day after Lily's departure will find her engaged in a strange-looking mix of tidying the place up and packing for a trip. It shouldn't be all that time-consuming a task, but it seems to be taking her a while - unsurprisingly, if you witness one of the times she stops on finding one or another item to put away or add to the packing pile, having to sit and turn it over in her hands, looking a million miles away.]

2. Network (filtered)

[Doctors, spacers, aliens - a number of people aboard find Laura getting in touch over the next few days. She doesn't waste much time on pleasantries.]

What do we have aboard for long-distance, long-term travel? What would you need?

3. Hangar

[The rest of the time, she's in the hangar.

A lot. Working in and around Lily's ship, she's there so much it's not unlikely she's sleeping there, too. The ship itself doesn't show much sign of change, but its surroundings do - computer workstations multiplying around it, cables snaking out and to and between them. The captive Pepen's cage, too, soon moves to beside the ship, its own set of cables wiring the angry golden creature in to the whole shebang. Having called amnesty on her hangar duties for a while, Laura's returning the favour by staying out from under the feet of the other techs, but that doesn't mean the buzz of activity, or the occasional stream of profanity that erupts from the ship, or the obvious frustration in her body language when she taps away at the workstation the Pepen's wired in to, don't draw attention.

Sessions with the Pepen seem to be the most frequent. Other times, she's working at the ship's controls, or waist-deep in a maintenance duct somewhere. At least one evening, she can be found dozing in the pilot's seat with a blanket wrapped around her, lit by the glow of the screens.]