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[The world has been saved, hopefully for the last time in a long time. The celebrations - and the mourning - have started, and in a lot of places are still continuing. But the victory isn't the only thing to celebrate - and with a lot of help, and a lot of favours, Laura and Lily have extended an invitation to the Chalice crew, past and present, to join them. If you were nearby, chances are the invitation was hand-delivered by a dutiful Servbot.]

1. The setup
[With the looming deadline of the closing portals, things move quickly! Invitations are sent, travel is arranged, a venue is prepared. What had been the White Chalice's Arboretum - now an open-air grove in what's set to become a lush forest - is the site of the ceremony itself, while the celebrations afterwards will take place in Gucun. There's a lot to be done to make ready. Are you helping, or seeking out one of the brides beforehand?]

2. The ceremony
[It's only fitting that Captain Smith should officiate. He's waiting at an arch set up by the flowerbeds of the Arboretum, where the happy couple met, where Laura's tended her memorial to her friends from before the Chalice and to those who've passed on since. Between the Kwan daughters, Epimetheus, and a brace of Servbots you shouldn't have any trouble finding your seat, even if Xue Yi is a little preoccupied ensuring Prometheus behaves. There's some time before the wedding party arrive, to talk amongst yourselves - or with some of the other guests present, who include Laura's overwhelmed-looking parents!]

3. The reception
[Of course, the real point of a wedding is the party afterwards! There's food, drink, and music - Miki pulled some strings, and Pit's showing how Skyworld does catering. After the recent battle, perhaps this is a chance to see some long-absent faces in more peaceful circumstances, or to say goodbye. Or are you just here for the embarrassing speeches?]

[This is a joint mingle post, open to dropped and retired characters as well! For all prompts, please specify whether it's Laura/Lily you want to talk reply, or others!]
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1. Medbay (shortly after The Shield of Time's Last Stand)


[Famous first words. Laura's waking up and, Shifter healing factor or no, feeling the effects of trying to go all Getter 1 on a battleship that still has its point defense intact.]

...What happened? Is everyone okay?

2. Hangar (after Dan's announcement)

[Laura's looking over the distressingly warped and dented shape of Penny, the custom Knightpolice having been recovered from the field after Primeval Force's departure. Hanging from the outside meant the Xihpos' destruction didn't harm it too badly, but the subsequent fall to Earth did it no favours.]

Sorry. With everything that's going on, I won't be able to repair you for a while. Most I can do is reserve a bay for you so you don't get parted out while the ship's being evacuated...

[Beside her, Goldie warks confidently. He'll watch over the KMF for her during the Chalice's last hurrah.]

3. Announcement to all [video]

Hello everyone. This is, um, compared to everything else that's going on, it's less urgent, but I wanted you to know...

Once Primeval Force is defeated [of course she says "once"], Lily and I are getting married. Well, not right away. Her family still have to RSVP. But.

You're all invited, of course. Even if we won't have the Chalice by then, we still have each other.
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The sword of Isaac Sinclair, a family blade that was carried into battle for many centuries, lies on a black sheet of cloth, shattered into several fragments.

Is there any who will attempt to reforge it?


The fortunes of the Sinclair family are secured, their future assured:

But who will seek to carry the one of them who made it possible home?
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...I'm going after Isaac.

[Richard makes his intent pretty clear and simple as he starts packing some of his stuff, food and supplies already stuffed into a backpack. At his workbench, he briefly hesitates as he picks up his sword... but straps it to his side anyway.]

I've got some idea of where he might go, and I've things to check on anyway.

[Richard seems pretty determined, anything you might have to say?]


For a place being fortified, wasn't that hard to get in...

[Richard muses as he steps towards the Sinclair household, though admittedly even Britannian special forces did not typically have the might of magic at their command.

He stares up at the aged building for a bit, wondering if the people inside had ever really met a - as they would call him - 'Norman' before...

Well, as he knocked on the door, time to find out.]
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[There's a familiar ship back in the hangar, arrived quietly and without fanfare - under the circumstances, it's not good to draw attention to advanced alien technology. And on the comms, one of the passengers -]

Hello, everyone. We're back. With some good news, which I should probably let Lily deliver.

But whatever about our news, I imagine a lot must have happened here while we were away. I'm relieved to see the planet's still in one piece, to be honest...

What have we missed?

[If you're quick on the draw, you might intercept Laura while she's still in the hangar, but the likeliest place to find her is in the mess - she's wasted no time in brewing some tea and getting a taste of home. The look on her face is somewhere between bliss and the verge of tears. It looks like Cosmic Ark had an effect on her, too, as she's still wearing what looks like an Angel Force-style outfit - though without the bulky metal armour, except for a small headpiece.]
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[Maybe you were there. Maybe you heard the comms chatter. Maybe, you caught glimpse of the great white giant paladin, standing in the hangar bay once more.

Whatever it is, there stands that familiar face, if a bit differently dressed than last you'd have seen him. He's wearing an old yet somewhat elaborate robe, and slung over his shoulder is a bag that seems to carry a large book. He seems to spot you as well, and he turns...]

Uh... hi.

[Richard Chevalier is back on White Chalice.]
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[Richard is standing before the White Chalice's wall of remembrance, having just finished the task of adding one more name to the list.]


[He clenches his fist, before punching the opposite wall - not wishing to damage the monument after all.]


[His head is hunched low, and he takes in small breathes that break up the swelling emotions both inside him, and upon his face. You can already hear small drips hit the floor.]


[Later he can be found in Raynor's dorm, looking over all the stuff the man left behind. Music and books everywhere... and Richard adds one back to the pile. A fantasy novel he had borrowed some time ago.]

What do we do about all this stuff...?
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[Locked to Richard Chevalier]

Isaac has been in a bitter mood, ever since he realized that Leopold was not the actually heir to the throne of Ruba.

He's been in a downright brooding mood ever since Richard stole his sword for the 3rd consecutive time.

Sitting on a chair in a lounge, fist tucked under his chin, he spend some time thinking dark thoughts.

Finally, he nods to himself, reaching a conclusion. He gets up, walks over to where a certain Paladin is chilling out, and grasps him by the shirt collar.

"Come." He commands, and starts dragging him to the hanger bay.


[Open to all]

So! Those who are walking through the Hanger Bay this afternoon may stumble across a very strange sight.

Isaac Sinclair from the Dullahan squad and that paladin guy Richard Chevalier are forging a sword together...using the exhaust of a spare mobile suit's rocket motor!

Observe? Marvel? Interject? Interfere? How shall ye respond?
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[For those out and about in the Chalice, they might notice someone else similarly active, if a bit seemingly lost. Its none other than Richard, who with a small bag in hand, seems to be wandering the corridors of the ship, both with purpose and yet lacking in direction.]

Where...? Where...?

[Help him out, or watch from afar? Perhaps a third option?]


(Closed to Jockey)

Hmmm... Ah, there you are!

[Finally, after ages of searching, the frenchman manages to track down just who he's been looking for... Scythe. Waving slightly, he approaches with a smile on his face, and a bag in hand.]

What's up?

[Oh, ignorance is bliss, isn't it?]
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[If you arrive at the hangar, you'll find standing there are the remains of a large, purple robot, roughly put in place to stand up, though it clearly slouches against the wall, as if it were dead.

Before it stands Richard, staring up with curious eyes at the machine, scrunching up his brow slightly.]

Now how am I meant to get rid of you, Kygunei...?
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[Maybe it was because you were passing by the infirmary and noticed he wasn't there. Maybe you had hoped to check in on him, and found he wasn't there. Or maybe you just really want your sword back, and he wasn't there.

But Richard Chevalier should have his ass lying down in a bed recovering, and he's not there.

Instead, when you do find him, the weary Frenchman is hacking away at a large sheet of metal, propped against the wall near his workbench. With Isaac's blade in hand, he just tries and tries, with no real result, to carve into the metal...]
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Isaac has been dressing in darker colors these past few days, in mourning for the deaths of his comrades, Dozer and Chips.

As you walk by the cafeteria, you notice him sitting at a table, writing something in elegant cursive on some sheets of paper with a fountain pen.

Take a closer look?


He's managed to get his sword back from Richard, and is in the garden area, practicing forms, over and over again. They're mainly brutal chops and log-splitting slashes, moves designed to win battles in the first few seconds. His body is quivering with exhaustion.


For some reason, he's dressed in brighter clothes this particular day, with only a black arm-band around his sleeve. You notice him heading to the computer room and reserving a comm booth for himself.

If you decide to get sneaky, you can peak in and see him talking to an old, matriarchal figure, dressed in a high-necked blouse. You hear scattered words from Isaac's conversation: "Betrothal", "land deeds", "finances", "Lord Althelstane", "court appeals", "hand in..." and other such things. You see Isaac's expression grow more and more brittle.


Isaac finally exits the booth. He trembles, and then lashes out with a cry of rage, shattering a nearby glass panel into tiny fragments with a clenched fist.

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I've found an unused storage room and fixed it up to be...I suppose you'd call it a place of reflection. I installed sound insulation on the walls and soft carpeting [Though the Stalkers carried it there, but not actually into the room.] There's a small window that can be opened or shut, with heavy curtains. The overall atmosphere is quite peaceful, I think.

I suppose you could call it a place for reflection, or meditation, or praying. Use it as you like.


Later, Oenone can be found exactly there, with the curtains open to the midday sun. The light through the glass doors gives it a church-like atmosphere.

She prays there, not for forgiveness (it's either infinite and thus asking is unneccesary, or finite and thus impossible for her) but perhaps for two things: one that the consequences of the action she's taken don't hurt Kensuke, two for the peace of the dead man's soul, and three for guidance on what is right to do next.

Answers don't seem to come though. Perhaps the voice of God has been silenced by the wicked works of man again. Perhaps she contributed a bit to that herself in the past week.

[3/Private to Kamille]

After asking him up to Shortening Of The Way, she rounds on him with an expression of exasperation the gentle doctor rarely shows.

"Kamille...I can't believe someone who grew up under the Titans would show that level of...of stupid machismo!"

Meaning: he should have learned the lessons of how to be discreet, as it seems everyone who grew up under a dictatorship but him has.

[4/Private to Raynor]

Hello Mister Joz. I'm Surgeon-Mechanic Oenone Zero, of the Green Storm's Ressurection Corps. I have something for you, when you have some time.

[5/Private to Richard]

I'm almost finished. I'll be inviting him up to fit it today.
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(OOC: Feel free to tag both)


I finally did it!

[Richard is grinning his ass off, happy and truly amazed with himself for once.]

I can actually use magic!

[And in celebration, he's invited whoever's available from the Chalice crew to come along and join him at a bar in the town they just saved. Things started with a small eulogy for those potentially lost in the attack, but soon after Richard tried to get smiles going again.

His own is actually rather fuelled by the... oh, two or three pints of beer he's had so far? Barely a sip before he was giggling his ass off anyway. How about you? Are you handling your drink any better? Or just watching a drunken fool?]


[Some time after the party is done and dusted... Richard is out cold on the floor in front of his workbench in the hangar. It seems he just dropped in the midst of reaching for screwdriver or something, as his arm rests on the scattered contents of his toolbox, and his chair is a few feet away having slipped out from under him when he fell. On the workbench itself is some kind of frame, clearly a work in progress and with loose wiring everywhere... but to those who know it, it looks vaguely like what you'd see on a Knightmare Frame, and the nearby blueprints certainly suggest such.

So... what do about the unconscious guy?]
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[Richard's... muttered the name a few time as he's drifted in and out of consciousness the last few days, but now was the first time he'd done so with his eyes actually beginning to open.]

Everyone... okay...?

[He's... struggling to move actually, with a shaking hand only weakly able to clutch at the side of the bed in the infirmary.]
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[...It was almost strange how this sort of thing had come about, and the reasons it was being carried out. Richard had initially needed simply another opponent with a large sword in their arsenal, as a means to bring his training under Sam to the scale at which he normally worked. But now, he also needed it as a way of testing that the blow to the head dealt by him by Baron Ashura - damned sneak attack - hadn't affected his skills too greatly. And for the crew themselves... they could potentially use as a distraction from how things had gone lately.

This wouldn't be a face off that carried the fate of the world, or would be forced to tragedy. It was simply a contest of skill, and a potential source of fun.

That was why, on the 'battlefield', temporary stands had been set up for the potential audience, and an invitation to watch sent out across the ship. The match would begin in the afternoon, giving everyone a chance to eat lunch before setting out to watch.]

[1] [Are you amongst the audience then? The sun may be a little bright, but there's shelter overhead to provide some cover. Here is the place to talk and respond to the battle once it gets going, maybe make a bet or two.]

[2] [Closed to Lowe.]

Alright then...

[Richard's standing at the far end of the battlefield, several hundred metres away - if not close to a kilometre - from where Lowe himself should be. Dressed less for battle and more for the weather it would seem, the young man holds up a small device in his hands...]

Oi, you ready over there?

[Asking his opponent if they're ready to get this under way.]
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How the hell do you fly this thing?!

[...Oh yeah, Richard had been left on the Bomber, hadn't he?

Well, someone his own fault, somewhat circumstances. He couldn't fly, so divebombing after the others was a risky idea at best. And, well, whilst they stopped the big boom going off, he could at least try to make sure this didn't land on anyone's house or something.

Easier said than done when the engines were failing, one had next to no experience with an aircraft like this, and the only thing protecting you was a Normal suit because haha, cockpits weren't big enough to support giant robots.


Moe Tank

May. 27th, 2013 11:39 am
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 1-[Driver recruitment]

Good morning everyone! I need some help testing out Clementine, now that it's complete. I'll need sample human drivers to copy the movements of, and also take over if I make any mistakes.

2-[Later in the day, ALICE took the tank out for a spin on her own. And it's not too long before she sends out an emergency distress call...]

Um, please come quickly! I need help!

[And indeed she does need help. Clementine has landed in a city pool, the tank's back half under water in the shallow end, while the front half sticks out of the water, propped up by the edge of the pool.]

Aah! Don't climb on that!

[Alice's plaintive cries do nothing to stop the local children from climbing all over the bright orange tank.]

3-[Well, Caulder had to pay a fine for the damage to the pool. It was reduced a bit by agreeing to have Alice perform 50 hours of community service, which she is now carrying out. You can find her and the tank working in a quarry blasting rock, pulling loads of junk at the landfill, or working in town as part of the special transit service-that is to say, impromptu public transit for the elderly and disabled.]

I wasn't made for this at all...
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[1] They're back! I'm sensing a Shadow Knight, not so far away from here! There's only a single one, but it feels weird...

[Raynor is already getting into Paragon, preparing the mech's giant motorbike as well.]

I'm moving out to meet it. If anyone wants to come with me, let me know. Please hurry.

[2 - log, single thread please]
[Soon, Raynor and company can see an unusual scene in the wilderness...

Two giant creatures are fighting. First one of them is a shark with legs, made entirely from water, ice and some rocks floating in it as a core. The other is a shadowy creature like the Knights, but instead of a humanoid, it's a quadraped, very similar to a horse. Rocky and watery remains are strewn around, suggesting there were a few more of the shark-like monsters...

The forms of both of the creatures are damaged already. And just when the party arrives, the shadow horse headbutts the water shark, shattering it! And then it just stares at the newcomers, with glowing eyes...]
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Solar... Punch!

[For those wandering through the hangar, you might pick out a familiar cry. One that should normally bring with it power and a great big glow... but doesn't this time. Hell, if you follow it to the source, all you'll see is Richard, throwing his fist in the direction of a painted target, over and over, achieving... nothing. Yep.]


[By now he's moved to another part of the ship, and he's... reading a book? Yep, he's hanging out in the Arboretum, amongst the alien plants, reading a book. Dare to ask what he might be reading?]
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[Richard's finally awake, and staring down at various pictures and artifacts that depict Ideigi - or a rough image of the machine - facing off against the stony giant from a few days ago. Despite being awake, the young man seems tired and weaker than usual in his recoveries, and if you see him in the infirmary, you might see the slight struggle to actually sit up straight.]

That... thing...

[He turns his head, spotting you in the door way.]

...What do... you want...?
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[...Maybe you're here deliberately, perhaps by chance, or whatever reason you would like to give. But here you are, in the residential area of the ship, and on a particular door, is a sign that reads quite clearly:


Should you decide you're curious enough to open the unlocked door, you'll see that Richard is just shuffling some cards around a round table, and waves to you.]

Ah, excellent, I was wondering when someone would show up. Take a seat.


(OOC: If you want to start a new game, just put a number with the comment so we can identify them. If you want to play in a particular game with particularly characters, reply to the same line of comments. Conversations can branch out as needed.)
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[Richard had been out for days again, just like the previous times he'd use Ideigi so much. His mind was far from at ease however, and when he did finally wake up, it was with a shout...]


[Hard to tell what he was screaming about, but he frantically looks around, realising he's in the medical ward of the White Chalice.]

W-We got away from the attack... please, tell me, is Lily okay?! We saved her, right?!

[He... looks pretty desperate for a good answer.]
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[Richard had no idea how long he had been out, or where he'd been in that span of time. All he knew, was that when he awoke, he was not staring up at the ceiling of some hastily enough Britannian medical facility. Architectural differences for one, actual quality however also being a clear indicator... he wasn't sure if he could even spot any grime here.]

Where... Am...?

[The young man looks around, trying to discern his location, or see if anyone might be around to help.]