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[Eiji's nowhere to be found on the ship, but he's left behind a video message. In it, he appears sad and regretful.]

I'm sorry, everyone. I've been working hard on trying to control this combo, but I can't put everyone in danger like that. I'm leaving to find Dr. Maki...and Ankh...on my own. Maybe I'll find out why he left.

There's a lot I need to think about. Mr. Gatsby thinks that the key to keeping control is finding my desire. So I guess I'll do that.

[He forces himself to smile.]

I'll be okay, though. See? [He holds up a pair of purple tie-dye boxers.] I've got a brand new pair of underwear, and that will get me through anything. Also, I left behind the Birth Buster and some Candroids, so hopefully they can help in my place.

[A serious look crosses his face.]

I won't become the destroyer that Dr. Maki wants me to be, though. So don't worry about me.

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[Castellan, intrigued by you and/or your background approaches you.]

Mind sharing tales of your exploits, what its like where you're from and the like? I'm interested in broadening my horizons as I spent most my life underground.

[You see him in a shady corner of the bar mumbling to himself.]

Need to pay for more repairs... Must not enter reds...

[Its obvious at this point that he entered the Chalice as if he started with zero credits despite having a healthy bank account, regardless he's overreacting about the petty cash needed to get his expendable junk repaired.]
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[Eiji made sure there was plenty of space between him and the Chalice and...well, anything that could possibly get hurt if he lost control again. He put on the OOO Driver, and three Medals left his body.]

All right. Time to give this a shot.

Ptera! Tricera! Tyranno! PuToTyrannosaurus!

[Was there anyone brave enough to hit him if he lost control?]
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This is it! White Chalice vs a gigantic army of Invaders, on Earth's orbit. This is the battle for humanity's survival! The enemies are numerous and vicious, so fight to the best of your ability and determination against the shapeshifting monsters!

You are not alone in this fight, however. Almost every faction on Earth and in the colonies has put aside its differences just for a little while, in order to defend the planet against this common foe. If you're a member of any organization, feel free to use NPCs from it in this battle!
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Tsukasa was quiet, keeping to himself. The usually louder person had been keeping to himself, eschewing any of the self-appointed duties. Instead, he was lost in thought. Ren was gone, perma-retired, Shinji was barely around, Eiji, well he had only brief interaction with OOO anyhow. Gentarou and Kaitou were here, but after a month of being gone, things felt, well, different.

Maybe it was the way he looked at the inactive cards on his list, or maybe it was how he often found himself watching the backdrop, daring it to change. In all, he was a quieter, more subdued Tsukasa.

'You are a shadow of who you used to be, Decade.'

"Geist knew who I was. Who I am." With that, he sipped his coffee, favoring his side which still burned with a little pain.
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Eiji was unconscious when they brought him back, completely exhausted from the power of the PuToTyra combo. Oddly enough, that seemed to be his only physical problem...well, that and the fact that he had five Core Medals in his body right now.

But finally, he begins to stir, and suddenly, he sits up in bed, shouting, "ANKH!"

He might need a little explanation of what just happened.
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The White Chalice was passing by an old town abandoned since Second Impact, and Hayato was putting it to some good. He had the few soldiers who had stayed with him since the battle against Shin Getter Dragon running through urban combat simulations in the ruins, both on foot and in mechs.

At the moment, Some of his men are doing mech sparring, but Hayato himself had his men practicing breaching maneuvers in an old hotel. They were filing out afterward a particularly clumsy attempt and Hayato was holding a stopwatch. He looked unhappy.

"Sixteen seconds. Sloppy. If you were really trying, you should be able to do it in nine. Try again, from the top."

Have comments? Want to get in on the practice yourself? Perhaps the sound of gunfire interrupting your Me Time.
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[1. What I got! ]

Wiseman went missing momentarily.

Bernie hasn't seen battle in a while. He kept up wuth his Gaza's maintenance, and made sure no know treated the Zaku units like mannequins or the like. This time, when he was off duty, he left the ship and came back with a couple of interesting things. He wandered towards the deck, his favorite spot.

Looks like Bernie was on board with the comics and the gaming.

[2. Around the halls... ]

If anyone was walking through the Chalice halls, and turned a corner, they would meet up with this.

"BOOOO!" Then, there was a laugh, and Bernie pulled off the mask. What in the cosmos did he buy?
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[A motorcycle goes across the land, finally coming to a stop at the Chalice. The Rider gets off, removes his helmet, and it's Eiji! However, if anyone met Eiji when they first picked up Shoutaro and Philip, they'll notice he seems oddly serious, and the ever-present Ankh is nowhere in sight.]