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[The Goodbye]

Well... I guess this is it.

Everyone. It's been.... I really learned a lot while I was here, and I found a lot as well. Take care of yourselves alright?

After being nailed to a tree for a week I've had quite enough excitement...Good luck. Do try to make this truce last, there's little reason for us to fight Kairos Aspida.

[Mad and Yui are about to leave the Chalice, thus bringing a close to their adventures with everyone here. Do you have anything to say before they leave?]

[The Exit.]

[As to how they were going to leave interestingly enough... Mad didn't load the Lambda onto a shuttle... Rather she loaded up all her belongings as well as Yui's into her mecha and... well...]

[Remember how Raynor had a giant motorcycle for Paragon? The sound of its massive engine was rumbling through the Hangar as the Lambda revved it up and rode it right out and off into the sunset. Was she wearing sunglasses as well when she did it? Who can say? Either way she figured if they were gonna leave, it may as well be showy.]

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[Finally, White Chalice arrived in Orb. We will be here for a while, so make yourselves comfortable! Fortunately the oceanic country is a peaceful and prosperous one, so you can spend this time in comfort. Not to mention the high class hotel that was booked specifically for us to reside in - covering a lot of ground, with many facilities and easy access to nearby malls, what luxury! There's a giant Christmas tree in the lobby to put everyone in festive mood, and even though the climate is not exactly what you'd call winter-like, Orb mobile suits are flying around the place and showering it with snow a few times every day. Talk about dedication. Or wastefulness.]

[1 - general Christmas thread, mingling encouraged]

[The Christmas party will be a large and opulent one, with delicious food and plenty of important-looking people in fine clothing. Feel free to join in - or experience the holiday on your own pace, especially since there is so many things to do! The whole shebang will last for more than just the Christmas days, so feel free to spread responses around time-wise rather than making everything happen at once.

Enjoy the festivities! Also Kairos Aspida is there, so if you want to talk to particular people, see below.]

[2 - talk to the Leader?]
Read more... )

[3 - talk to the Second in Command?]
Read more... )

[4 - talk to the Jerk?]
Read more... )

[5 - talk to the Troll Information Gathering Specialist?]
Read more... )

[6 - talk to the Grizzled Captain?]
Read more... )

[7 - talk to the Crew?]

[Scattered through the very same mall were the Crew - both pilots and members of the ship itself - of the Bastion of Insolence (Plus one - the Captain of the Brachos Class Cruiser which had been present on the ambush). Whether you encounter them eating, shopping or just otherwise messing around at an arcade or skating rink or something. You'll bump into them. Despite being clad in full uniform they're acting like ordinary people rather being ruthless or cold or cruel or vicious. They interacted with each other with the warmth and ease of camaraderie and friendship - light shoves, noogies, jokes and boasts with grins all around - or in one case just looking grumpily out of place as everyone's all cheery around them.]

[Sub-prompt 7a: Indra Constatious, Wate Nimec, Henrika Abrahamsson]
Read more... )

[Sub-prompt 7b: Ernest Zapatero, Aglaea Glockner]
Read more... )

[Sub-prompt 7c: Rando Tujip, Farron Halsey]
Read more... )

[Sub-prompt 7d: Orbrey Keller, Maura Dyson, Frans Cremona]
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[8 - talk to the Wife?]
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[There's a familiar ship back in the hangar, arrived quietly and without fanfare - under the circumstances, it's not good to draw attention to advanced alien technology. And on the comms, one of the passengers -]

Hello, everyone. We're back. With some good news, which I should probably let Lily deliver.

But whatever about our news, I imagine a lot must have happened here while we were away. I'm relieved to see the planet's still in one piece, to be honest...

What have we missed?

[If you're quick on the draw, you might intercept Laura while she's still in the hangar, but the likeliest place to find her is in the mess - she's wasted no time in brewing some tea and getting a taste of home. The look on her face is somewhere between bliss and the verge of tears. It looks like Cosmic Ark had an effect on her, too, as she's still wearing what looks like an Angel Force-style outfit - though without the bulky metal armour, except for a small headpiece.]
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 [After being nailed to a tree in several places and having her wrists, throat, and ankles cut up with razor wire, Yui's been confined to the sickbay. That said, the injuries have been healing incredibly fast-despite having five or so arteries shredded, including her jugular, Yui's expected to be good to go in a day or so.

So she's lying down on a bed, bandages wrapped around her right shoulder, left forearm, and neck. And for the sole person who has tried to betray the White Chalice to Kairos Aspada, things are...calm.]
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[Today, if you're looking for Yui, you'll slowly find that she's...gone. Not in the library, not in the cafeteria, not brooding on the observation decks or the outside of the ship-she's just gone.

Her room has been torn apart, her furniture destroyed-with an obviously offending crowbar lying on the wrecked bed.

The table in the center of the room has ben left untouched, and has on it a small notecard, with writing in Yui's hand. It reads as follows.]

Going to join Kairos Aspada. Don't follow me.

Madeline-I'll miss you.
Signed, Yui Sendou.

[The Shard recovered from her mother-it's gone missing, as well. Investigate? Discuss it amongst yourselves?] 
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[Yui was...not the best at being nice during the whole Kairos Aspada thing, what with her "I love killing people" and trying to hold one of the enemy soldiers hostage thing. And right now, she's sitting in the lounge, just flipping a coin back and forth.]

Well...That was something, alright.

2 [For Mad.]

Late at night, Yui's in bed with Mad, like they usually do-the bunks on the white chalice are kind of small, but with winter coming they're quite cozy. And besides, they like each other.

Still, Yui's just lying on her back, staring up at the ceiling well into the night.
"Madeline...I'm thinking about joining Kairos Aspada."


Nov. 5th, 2013 01:51 am
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[White Chalice passed several settlements and other places with people recently, such as Nino Island, right? Sounds like an opportunity for Texotic to remove her debt by working part time.

And look, she was really trying this time. No giving up before even trying it out. But, well... people who needed a nurse or a store clerk soon enough saw her misplace everything or trip and drop ALL THE THINGS, and whomever needed a cook had the misfortune of experiencing terrible, terrible things done to the kitchen.

So needless to say, whatever job the alien tried out, she didn't keep it for long. Now Texotic is tired and despirited, sitting on the regenerating Pilhua and doing not much at all.]


Humanity is hard.

[General question to everyone on board!]
What will you do when this is over? If you survive, defeat all enemies and don't die.

I cannot go anywhere. My own race cast me out as a traitor, for sins committed against its most sacred law. But I don't think that's the case for everyone else.
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 [Mad and Yui are off having dinner together tonight, away from everyone else. They've found a small, quiet hallway, off on the edges of the vast underground Hadou complex.

What with the evacuations and all, dinner's nothing complex; just some heated up prepacked food, in this case spaghetti and meatballs.]

Mmm...You know, I don't think I've been really worried about dying before.
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[1] Locked to those from The Greatest Plague. Giant mingle post is preferable.

[Fast as the Flutter was to get itself down to the mountains where Ideigi fell, its been some time since Richard last made contact. He's made no seeming effort to call after the crash, which certainly does not bode well...

And neither does the sight of the broken woodland on the side of the mountain. Starting from the largest area of damage, one can see several smaller trails diverge into the woods...

The broken pieces of Ideigi being the apparent cause. It would appear the Paladin was shattered by the impact, with several fracture points being where a certain Great Old One had damaged it previously...]


[...So the victory is bittersweet, in the end. The Aurum were defeated, and the already terrible situation the Earth Sphere faces has been put on hold from getting any worse...

But as the wreckage of Ideigi are placed within the hangar, opposite the remains of its counterpart Kygunei, the cost victory came at is clear. Sitting upon stumps where legs once were, Ideigi's torso is shattered and shows clearly the cockpit where Richard had once sat...

And what do you think of this sight, as it now sits plain for all to see?]
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[Richard is standing before the White Chalice's wall of remembrance, having just finished the task of adding one more name to the list.]


[He clenches his fist, before punching the opposite wall - not wishing to damage the monument after all.]


[His head is hunched low, and he takes in small breathes that break up the swelling emotions both inside him, and upon his face. You can already hear small drips hit the floor.]


[Later he can be found in Raynor's dorm, looking over all the stuff the man left behind. Music and books everywhere... and Richard adds one back to the pile. A fantasy novel he had borrowed some time ago.]

What do we do about all this stuff...?
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[For those out and about in the Chalice, they might notice someone else similarly active, if a bit seemingly lost. Its none other than Richard, who with a small bag in hand, seems to be wandering the corridors of the ship, both with purpose and yet lacking in direction.]

Where...? Where...?

[Help him out, or watch from afar? Perhaps a third option?]


(Closed to Jockey)

Hmmm... Ah, there you are!

[Finally, after ages of searching, the frenchman manages to track down just who he's been looking for... Scythe. Waving slightly, he approaches with a smile on his face, and a bag in hand.]

What's up?

[Oh, ignorance is bliss, isn't it?]
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[The White Chalice's resident sociopath has been always been distant, but perhaps especially so recently; Yui's been spending a lot of time looking at that shard they recovered from her mother, and generally keeping to herself. Right now, she's where the Shard is, just...watching it.]
Hm. We still don't know how this works...Or any of this stuff.
...I wonder if Kairos Aspada's familiar with it. Or if they're hiring...

2. [Later, Yui can be found coming back from some shopping in Kamogawa, carrying a huge pile of clothes-including some dresses, pants, and like three identical coats. Not just any coat, too-Awesome Coats.]
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 1-[Yui's resting and recovering from that last mission, watching where the Shard of God, or whatever you want to call it, is being stored.]

Well...she's dead now. By my hand. But in self defence, not murder.

I could have killed her earlier. We were in town for a few days, she's just a normal person, I have a giant death robot...

And I stayed at that dinner even though I knew she had nothing left for me...


[More to come with time/me being less lazy.]
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[There's something beeping somewhere. Its an emergency beacon interestingly enough. And its close. VERY close. Somewhere in civilization close. Anyone who goes to investigate this mysterious signal will find themselves walking to an alley. A possible ambush? Probably. Looking into said back alley you'd find a few bodies, abandoned pipes and chains - looking like a brawl may have taken place here... but why was there a beacon-]


[A rasping and desperate breath. Off to the side and...]

F...fuck.... what took you guys so long...?

[Its Mad. And from the looks of it she's pretty badly messed up. Nothing fatal... but damn if she wasn't one hell of a mess. From the looks of it she could barely move. She, of course tries to now that you're here.]

A...ahgh...s...shit that hurts...


[Mad's now in the infirmary, unconcious though. Halfway back to the Chalice she passed out. She's off the active roster for a good long time from the looks of her injuries, a month, maybe more... telling her this may be a bit of a problem though.]

[It might be a while before she wakes up. Do you wish to speak to others present and try to figure out just what the blonde got into?]

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"In today's news, a shuttle carrying several colonist pacifists was shot down.

A peace talk taking place at New Edwards base was disrupted when a firefight broke up amongst the guards, resulting in dozens of casualties.

While it seemed officials were to safely depart, an unidentified mobile suit appeared and destroyed it without a word or warning.

The mobile suit quickly fled the scene after destroying several more of the guards, operating under a faction named OZ, hosting the talks.

In other news..."

[[This broadcast is on most major news networks and feeds... yanno, those that at least try to make international broadcasts. But even local bandwidths pick it up so, it'd take effort to not hear about it.

However, while this news is blowing up, a familiar Gundam returns to the hangar. The pilot descends from the cockpit and makes no effort to confront anyone or even explain himself.]]
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[So, Yui's finally meeting up with her mother again. And you're invited to come along-Ms. Sendou's very enthusiastic to have people from the White Chalice at her house. After all, they've saved the world time and time again! So she and Yui are going to be fixing a great big dinner for everyone who wants to come.

Cut for Length, Child Abuse, Awkward Family Reunions )
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 [So Yui's not on chore rotation today, and is in the library, pouring over stacks and stacks of books. Romance novels, to be specific. Piles and piles of them, from famous titles like The Sun Also Rises and Lolita to books with titles like Love's Secret Sniper and Eight Arms to Hold You.]

Ugh. You'd think there'd be an accredited manual for this sort of thing...

[The processes is simple. She takes a book from a massive stack next to her chair, skims it quickly, then places it into one of a few separate stacks on the far side of the room. Then it's back to the chair, where she selects another book from the massive piles of books yet to be sorted. There's at least ten books in each of the "done" stacks, and another thirty or so in the one next to her chair.]

Should have done this ages ago...
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[Mad put herself through a lot during the battle at Kamogawa. Between the sheer force she exerted on herself through overuse of the ARCHIMEDES system, raging throughout the entire battle to the point she was all but running on an adrenaline rush to keep her going through the figh and to top it off - almost getting killed trying to get to Madoka through a very stupid move. She didn't need time out in the infirmary thankfully, but plenty of rest time was a must for her.]


[She's pretty damn quiet though. You'd expect her to be a bit more boisterous about a fight she was a part of that became a victory. She did well enough herself. Contrary to what Villagiulio had said during the fight, Mad had come a long way since she was that No-Skill loudmouth she was when the bastard carved Ares Gear in half. What it was she was deep in thought about though...]

Is... everyone gonna leave...?

[A lot of people she was close to seemed to just part ways, Sora she understood - red had to do what she had to do, Gregory was something of a shock - but she accepted his death, her big sister figure Hoshi leaving without a word? That one hurt a little. And now Madoka's staying in Kamogawa. Add to that her Adopted Father's death, her own abandonment of her friends (though that one was more her fault than theirs) and you have a blonde that's a little scared.]

[At some point Pit's gonna have to go back to wherever he came from, Resnick would rush off to an honorable death in some huge ass battle, Jeremy would go do HISTORY stuff all over the world, Lynn's a wanted criminal, that dorkface Kamille would do something stupid that would get his ass kicked hard, Lowe'd have Junk Guild stuff to do....]

[And Yui... she was scared of what would make the one person she cared about most of all leave her.]
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[Shortly after the battle Midori is brought back to Novumundus instead of the Chalice. The Voxes were sort of their property after all. It doesn't take them long to get Madoka out. She didn't look that sad, though she didn't seem particularly happy either. Her mind was still trying to process everything that happened.  Muginami leaving, Lan's big brother showing up, Midori suddenly just stopping., Youko almost dying. Oh and the fact that she caused the deaths of hundreds of people and very nearly killed Mad and Pit. That realization just got her down a tiny bit.

She's currently just chugging down bottle after bottle of energy. Talk to her? Stop her from imploding her heart?]

2. [Dated to sometime after Lan leaves but sometime before the Chalice leaves Kamogawa]

Sooo I've been thinking some things over and...I've decided that I'm going to stay here with Kamogawa and Novumundus.


Apr. 4th, 2013 06:16 am
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[After the battle at Orsini Industries, a medical team quickly extracts Deva's pilot from her cockpit - a sickly-looking young girl, currently unconscious after pushing herself way too hard.]

"It's a myocardial infarction! Nitroglycerin, stat!"

[Even though her body is covered by a hospital gown, you can still notice some sort of Ghost in the Shell/Matrix style entry ports located on her limbs and other strategic locations. The medics are busy giving an injection straight into one of these ports as the whole team moves past and towards the Orsini Industries facilities.]

Cut for tl;dr )

[The above are general reaction/mingle posts. I'll assume tags are responding to #3 unless stated otherwise.]

[Later - Deva's pilot is finally conscious, and transferred to White Chalice, accompanied by her heavily damaged unit and a lot of paperwork that describes specific instructions for maintaining both the machine and its pilot.
Felicita Arlotti - some of you probably have questions for the bed-bound girl. For now she is sitting in an unfamiliar bed in the medical ward, looking uneasy and disoriented.]
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[...Maybe you're here deliberately, perhaps by chance, or whatever reason you would like to give. But here you are, in the residential area of the ship, and on a particular door, is a sign that reads quite clearly:


Should you decide you're curious enough to open the unlocked door, you'll see that Richard is just shuffling some cards around a round table, and waves to you.]

Ah, excellent, I was wondering when someone would show up. Take a seat.


(OOC: If you want to start a new game, just put a number with the comment so we can identify them. If you want to play in a particular game with particularly characters, reply to the same line of comments. Conversations can branch out as needed.)
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[What's this? An announcement from a girl in gothic lolita attire? With a maid at her side, though you can't see the maid's face.]

My name is Asteria Lizamarie De Roschefall. I'm putting Vox Aura under lockdown, not to be used under any circumstances. Consider this an official Novomundus order.

Have a pleasant day.
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 [Yui's in the gym...working out! She's going through those Kendo drills Madoka showed her, and even has her own set of lighter workout clothes. To those of you familiar with her financial situation, this has to be big news. The cut she got on her face has been bandaged up. It looks like she's been hitting the practice dummy for a while.]

Cut for length )[Yui stops for now, and goes and sits down on the bench nearby to rest.]

So, what can we gather from this...either they weren't being safe, or they were trying to kill anyone from the Chalice...or they really were trying to kill me, specifically. Maybe someone with the kirin unit's on to me...

[She takes a drink of water, then leans back.]

That shrapnel shouldn't have hurt in the first place, that thing failing? And then there's that woman...she's definitely better at using it than me...
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[And at some point of the day, Pit appears back in the hangar, in his Aether Ring. He looks kind of terrible, his tunic disheveled and himself seemingly having a variety of burns and scratches, his laurel wreath somewhat bent. Overall, he looks like a cat just out of a cat fight. ]

Man, that sucked. And I think I'm late anyway...

[As he steps out of the strange golden orrery, you might notice a kind of torn up and burned piece of... something, looks like there were flowers on it at some point, but now it's mostly brown and black.

Clearly, wherever it is he's been, today hasn't been Pit's day.]

What the-

Feb. 25th, 2013 11:20 am
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[People have been wondering why random bits of clothing have been going missing, bits of non-essential machinery vanished and meat supplies from the kitchen have absconded.]

[It may also tie into the mystery of why Elena may have been coated with blood too.]

[One may wonder if Luger has anything to do with it because he seems to be VERY happy for some reason.]


[Its some isolated part of the Chalice... and you smell cooking meat.]

[When you investigate, you'll find a hideous person shaped thing made up of sewn up steaks, sausages, mincemeat and other such things, shoved into badly sewn together clothes. Electricity is arcing off of several electrodes randomly jammed throughout its body. When you notice the disproportionately large and sack-like protrusion between the Meat-Man's legs, you honest to god only have one person in mind when you try to figure out who did this.]

[You would also notice that 'Meat Man' also has a dyed yellow mop on its head and a pair of retro sunglasses over where its eyes would roughly be. There's also a sign on its neck that reads...]

[Oh you can't be serious.]

BWAHAHAHAHAHA! Live! Live my creation! LIVE! DICK PENTAGON! Mein Child!


[Everyone. Luger seems to have packed up his possessions and is getting his Leo onto a shuttle. Something is up. very up.]

I'm leaving. I had a conversation with someone on board and I'm thinking maybe its time I did something to deal with the infection.

I'll be meeting up with some of Herr Doktor Zoldark's people and giving them everything I know.

Maybe we'll meet again Ja?

[Luger is leaving.... Party time?]
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[Mad's got the Lambda back to the Chalice in relatively one piece. There were damages all around but despite that Mad was grinning like a loon. Why? For one thing the Lambda had clutched in its hand, a very familiar looking Axe to those people who were in that domed city in the Ruin.]

Guys! GUYS! We went out there and KICKED some serious ass! It. Was. AWESOME!

[She lets out a whoop as she punches both hands into the air, if she was any more excited she'd be pulling a victory lap.]


[Mad's at the Bar, enjoying a good solid drink after a good day. The pleasing burn the alcohol sent helped relax her a bit from her adrenaline high. She grins as she looks into the glass, watching the liquid move as she lightly swirled her drink.

Life is good....

[She bet her pop would be pleased as punch. She'd have to bring by another bottle when she visits home again.]


[She's later reviewing every bit of footage of the fight she could get her hands on as well. A highlights reel of sorts. She pauses and rewinds, watching as she shot Finch in the knee as he tried to haul his scumbag arse out of there and was soon subject to an angry Fuso Mob.]


[She laughs... and the plays the scene again, clearly pleased with herself at the look of utter 'FUUUUU-' that appeared on the guy's face when he went down. Schadenfreude at its finest people.

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[Mad's at the Hangar, doing some prepwork with the Lambda. It wasn't too hard to guess that she was planning on heading out and taking on those Bandits that were raiding Fuso.]

Everything's in the green so far...

[But will it be good enough?... Damnit, why's she worrying like the whole world was gonna collapse on her, she's not Hana for christsakes.]

God I need a drink...



[And Mad hits the mat again, wiping at her face as she got back to her feet.]

Again. I'm not done yet.

[She cracks her knuckles and gets into a stance. Working off her tension with a good spar was helping her a bit.]


[She's in the Arboretum after a long day's workout. And as usual she didn't bother with a shirt. Seriously. Someone needs to talk to this girl.]

[Still, she's just relaxing, deep in her thoughts. Disturb her?]

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Every time the Invaders have poked their noses into human business, Hayato has responded with a flurry of activity and energy, frantically organizing everyone around him and doing everything he can to prepare for the encounter.

This time, he has no ship of his own. His army has shrunk down to its core of most loyal and skilled troops, all of whom know what to do. Zoldark has already mobilized the armies of Earth, probably with far more proficiency than Hayato himself could. Shin Getter Robo is in top condition. Hayato himself has given command of his army over to his most trusted (if NPC) lieutenant. This time he will be going as a simple warrior.

There's nothing left to do.

Hayato Jin, commander, murderer, terrorist, pilot, and hero, stands on the deck of the White Chalice, stares at the tiny point of light in the sky that is Saturn, and waits.
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1) [Action]

[Ryou's sitting somewhere, flipping through what appears to be a holographic interface of the Raven's Ark 'Job Search'. He ceases his page turning before pressing his finger on one of the open jobs available.]

Requester: Kisaragi Corporation

Operation Area: Sector D25 Causeway

Enemy Forces: Transport Trucks, Escorts (Unknown Number)

Objective: Destruction of all Transport vehicles.

Reward: 25,000C, Bonus for Disabled Transports (500C each)

[Ryou scratches at his chin interestedly. This looked pretty promising. He plays the briefing.]

"Raven. According to information we had recieved, one of the surface factions is sending a convoy filled with humanitarian aid to one of the outlying settlements close to our settlements."

"We feel as this area is so close to our own territories that we cannot allow any sort of influence lest our own population be influenced."

"Your objective is to assault the convoy and stop it in its tracks by whatever means necessary."

"We have no information on what sort of escorts the convoy may have, so its best to expect the worst."

"Additionally we are offering a bonus for every transport stopped, but left with its contents intact... and any relatively undamaged surface combat machinery that may be defending the transports."

[Accept Mission? Yes/No]


[What..... the FUCK.]

(OoC: Due to happening Ryou is just glaring at the mission offer like it was mocking him with its big fat payout and easiness for any reply to this prompt)


[It seems Ryou was finally lucky enough to get a mission that didn't involve killing/threatening/ruining innocent lives! He still however has gotten a job of killing a bunch of rioters. And before anyone can argue he'll point out they have poison gas and are holding several people hostage unless their demands are met.]

[Anyone who is either accompanying him or seeing him go can say something.]


[Its one of the Corporations Surface Factories. As the corporation in question - Crest - was opting to automate the factory fully, the workers rioted, took control of the weapons and dug up some poison gas canisters in deep storage in the factory to hold the people around the factory sector hostage. They however, have not prepared for a rapid response and are now fighting for their lives.]


A Construction Type, not really meant for combat. It still can do some damage though. (

 CR-MT77M: A combat model of the above. Armed with a built in laser rifle on each arm and back mounted missile launchers. (

CR-MT85M: A well armored machine armed with a machinegun, pulse rifle and a laser blade. A little on the slow side though. (

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1. (video)
[Laura's cleared space in the hangar, gym, and on the deck, and set up tables in the mess hall before posting the announcements around the ship and on the comm network. It took a lot of behind the scenes work to get everything in place, but she's ready to tackle the concerns Matthew raised in her.]

Hello everyone! I know we have a lot of new people aboard lately, from a lot of different backgrounds all over Earth and elsewhere. And I know a lot of us have reasons to be wary of one another... but while we're aboard, it's important that we be able to work together effectively. So a lot of people have helped set up some activities to help us all get to know and trust one another better! There are games, and sports, and combat drills, and simulator challenges... the important thing is that they're all team activities, and teams have to be made up of people who don't normally work together! Let's mix it up a little, and have some fun!

Maid for no reason
2. (action/mingle)
[Anyone who actually decides to participate... go nuts! This is a mingle post. Be the one organizing some ill-advised activity, or be the poor sap(s) sheepishly trudging through it. I've put up a planning post to help people coordinate.]

Laura blushing
3. (locked to Lilly, easily interrupted)
Okay, I'm ready! Just... promise not to laugh, okay?

[Laura's taking Lilly up on her offer of cheerleading lessons! Not that you could necessarily tell that was the plan, if you happened to stumble upon the two in the out-of-the-way training room Laura found for them to use. Instead of anything suggesting a cheerleading uniform she's wearing her ordinary tracksuit, looking not far different to when she started training with the 501st, in fact - which, given that Lilly presumably will not be introducing either simulated or live fire in to the exercise, probably says something about how comfortable she is with the whole idea...]

[[Backdated to before Clan Wolf's festivities and that whole impending doom thing.

Feel free to have participated in the planning or setup, or to be running one of the events! Enthusiasm counted for more than qualifications in the selection process, so some ideas may well be a little... half baked.]]
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[Despite the recent failure at Lawdas, the Chalice still managed to gain a trio of new pilots. One of them was looking over the sheer amount of damage done to his machine.]

Well... damn...

[He's just running his hand through his hair with a grimace as he runs through the expenses. Repairs, ammunition, repainting, replacement parts... With the factory blasted to bits, it was written off as a failure and practically devoured his funds. He was going to have to work the everloving hell out of his ass to make up for this mess. He sighs roughly as he watches the numbers fall.]

Bloody Silent Line... Bloody League...


[The new arrival is at the bar... despite slowly closing into impoverishment he slapped money on the table, collapsed on a barstool and proceeded to make the following demand as he dropped his head to the bar-top.]

Give me the most expensive thing you've got. No. Actually. Give me two of that.

[Clearly his solution to dealing with having his money whittled down... is to waste more of it on coping mechanisms! BRILLIANT!]

[3] - Video/Action

Right... because of this contract I've got... I'm obligated to introduce myself.

[He's rubbing the bridge of his nose. His drinking binge may have gotten the better of him.]

My name's Ryou Kimura, I go by 'Onyx Zero' on the field. I'm a Mercenary of the Raven's Ark. We deal with dispute resolution. So I negotiate with people... violently. There's a lot of explosions and shooting involved.

[He takes a lazy swig straight from a bottle.]

I'll be working with you all... and probably be doing some Merc work on the side.. ..

[He seems to look off to the side, grumbling as he looks through a digital copy of the contract.]

RIght... and APPARENTLY... you get 40% of the pay whenever I go do my job. What is this shit...

So assuming you don't feel morally obligated to bitch at me, you're welcome to help me line your pockets.

Any questions?

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[Oh hey, there's a video message waiting for everyone.]

…Alright, alright, I'm doing it. Ahem.

So, everyone…We might end up near Fuso soon, and when that happens I'm going to want to stop by my mother's house and pick up some things. It might be a day or so out of our way, probably nothing too extreme…the thing is, my mother and I have had a bit of a…falling out, so she might try to kill me when that happens.

[She glances behind herself for a moment, then turns back.]

…and, even if it doesn't come to that, she'll probably say I'm the spawn of satan or something. So don't believe that.

[The transmission cuts out. Later, you can find Yui at her usual hangouts, reading.]

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[After everything that happened out in the field, Mad was... for all intents and purposes... quite murderous. Between Ayame, the Chalice Crew and Section 2 there was no way for Mad to get to close enough to Gendo to make the man swallow his own teeth. She felt regret, the wicked sting of despair at failing as a hero yet again... but she turned all that into anger. Anger she was attempting to use constructively as she repeatedly shot targets downrange. The kick of her pistol and the solid crack of gunfire growing more and more accurate each time she fired, and every time she imagined NERV personnel in her sights.]

Those. -BLAM- Motherfucking. -BLAM- savashri -BLAM- ASSHOLES!!!


[The Target snaps into pieces from the last shot. Mad's taking deep breaths before she coldly reloads and brings up another.]

[2] [Locked to Mad's Roommates.]

[Mad seems to be looking over several schematics in addition to her notes. Papers litter the room as she continues to hammer out her plans for the Lambda's complete form. A few days ago she sent a pair of letters to Fuso. Hopefully the one that involved the Lambda would be sorted out in due time-]

Step on my notes and I'll step on your face. Move it.

[She motions to you without even looking. React to her?]

[3] [CR Only]

[Mad's at one of her usual spots, kicking her legs and singing softly. Like before, it was a sad, melancholy little ditty. Her expression wasn't anything sad though, it just looked tired... like she needed some sleep.]

[Talk to her?]

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[To the shock of absolutely no one Madoka is full of Christmas Spirit. In fact she has somehow obtained a Santa outfit and is parading around the ship humming Christmas carols while completing her usual Jersey Club duties. Following Kincaid's example she was now trying to decorate the entire ship. Not leaving a single inch untouched.]

[Help her out? Ask where she found a Santa outfit in the middle of the Mediterranean?]
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[Mad's back to work on the Lambda again after a round of math. She was scowling at a set of calculations as she looked back and forth between readouts and her papers before letting out an almighty sigh.]

Goddamnit... what the hell am I missing here?

[Clearly whatever she's trying to find, she just can't find it. The Archimedes system was sound.. but something keeps going wrong. A few more dry runs and the same 'blowouts' occur... more or less. Nothing explosive thankfully. A few more combat tests wouldn't hurt but she's honestly stumped.]


[Mad's at the bar, slumping over the counter slightly, her lips drawn into a grimace of annoyance. Her body was aching like heck between her exercise routine and her training with the Clanners. She looked the part too given her literally half-naked appearance - all that was protecting the modesty of her top half was a towel - and to be honest it didn't hide much.... though Mad would be the first to say she didn't have much to hide.]

Honest to god... the day's been damn freaking balls...

[A day of stubborn machinery, brain-cramping math, tripping in the hallway and getting tossed around by genetically engineered super-warriors. At least things weren't worse. Thankfully she had a strong drink in hand... wait. Isn't she only fifteen?]


[Gentlemen, Mad has managed to cobble herself a makeshift stage and has liberated a mic stand somewhere.]

Heeeey every-guysh! Its me ... Maddy! I'mma gonna sing awhile if dat'sh okay... and if it ishn't...well fuck you with a socket wrench!

[...Uh oh... this might be problematic. Given how badly she failed at several other things... the kitchen incidents coming to mind... she may possibly sing worse than Alessandra! Mad's taking a deep breath before she starts up and....]

[... She's... actually not bad... scratch that. She's good. Really good. She's leaning into the Mic stand a little... whether she's drunk, or she's actually getting into the song is up for debate given how smashed she was. The song was a slow, soft and surprisingly sad number. The sort of song you wouldn't expect someone like Mad to know... but here she is, putting as much feeling as she can into the words..]

[Your reaction?]

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[Luger had been preparing something. Tables. Cameras. Cards. Cashews. Alcohol. Something was going on. Something very odd. Given his tendency to do absolutely ridiculous and borderline offensive acts... One has to wonder what he was planning.]

[Dare you ask?]


[There is a banner above a room.]

['First ever Chalice Grand Strip Poker Tourney!']

[There was a roughly built stand next to the door displaying a set of rules...]

[Minimum 3 pieces of clothing required. No one under the age of 15 allowed. No lizards allowed. Get lost you dummkompf toaster.]

[Mingle post/ interact with Luger to sign up]


[Ladies and gentlemen, the game is on!]

[How are you faring?]

[Also a 'mingle' post]
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1) [Action]

[A while after Mad was discharged from the infirmary, a few people may have spotted her where Ares Gear had been put aside. It seems she had carved a metal panel out from it for reasons unknown and was carving something onto it with surprising care despite the faint aches her recently recovered injuries were giving her.]

[Ask what she's doing?]


Hey guys... listen... I need to get going for a few days... I looked at a few maps and I found we're close by somewhere....

[Mad's taking a soft breath here as she runs her fingers through her hair.]

It's my hometown. I... need to go there to sort things out. If anyone wants to come along, I don't mind. Just... don't cause any trouble.
Cut for size )Cut for Size )

Bloody Rose

Nov. 3rd, 2012 11:46 pm
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Yui was rather beat up after the last fight, what with Shemhazai's cockpit crushing in on her and all. And while she didn't make much fuss about it, she is hurt enough to be forced into a bed for a while, with a few shots of painkillers to go around as well.

One of the chairs next to her bed is manned round-the clock by Madeline, once she recieved her basic care. And while occasionally late into the night Mad may drift off into sleep, or get up to use the bathroom, she is there the vast majority of the time.

Those roses that Graf used now decorate a small vase next to Yui's bed.

(So yeah, Mad/Yui post! Responses may come from both characters. Specify if you want to wait for Mad to leave, though she may of course come back later. This'll probably be the first time most people hear of their relationship.)
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[Released from the Brig, Mad's first action is to seek out several people on the ship and gather several odds and ends. But what was the purpose behind them?

1) [Action OR Video] [Locked to Mechanics and 'Science' Types]
Brains for Brawn )

2) [Action] [Locked to Gregory, MarKus and/or any Riders that are NOT Gentarou.]
Knowledge for the Ignorant )

2a) [Action] [AFTER PROMPTS 1 & 2]

Test Run - Part 1 )

3) [Action] [Locked to Yui]

How to live like you're normal - by Anonymous Sociopath )


Oct. 17th, 2012 11:50 pm
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[Private to Mad]

[Ayame walked up to Mad, arms folded as she was flanked by three of the ships strongest SS classes; Scott, Jo and Tsukasa. She had a very displeased look on her face as she approached the girl.]

Mad Caine, you need to come with us. You've threatened and assaulted members of our crew unprovoked. You're going to have to spend some time in the brig. Will you come quietly?


In the future, please remember again, to report things to us. We were lucky enough to get forewarning of certain people's actions in the last two days from Eri Kurumu and several other concerned parties. In the future, if you see someone attempting to take their life, inform security immediately. This is not a contained issue as it affects the whole crew.

Mad Caine has been brigged for a period of time until she is ready to rejoin the crew. She is allowed visitors but only for an hour a day.
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[The Chalice is still moving west across the Pacific when a few familiar faces arrive in the hangar, hot on the heels of a familiar ship heaving in to range over the horizon. The Nirvana's back to supplement the Chalice's mini-fleet again, and it doesn't take long for a shuttle to bring the three tourists back aboard, along with the supplies and souvenirs they've brought with them. The three are as refreshed as you might expect after a couple of weeks' vacation in a place like Meijire, but Laura's also looking concerned at what she could see of the ship on the way across, and what she sees in the hangar.]

So - what happened while we were gone? We didn't get much news after leaving London... and it looks like the Chalice has been through a lot...

((OOC: Laura, Lily and Dita have arrived back on the returned Nirvana! This thread is for people wanting responses from Laura alone, or for more than one of the trio. Dita and Lily will both have individual posts up shortly.))
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[1 - Log]
Cut for length and delusions of horror. )

[2 | Locked to Hana, Eri, Momo, and Ciel]

[Sora's been moaning for the last minute or two while she sleeps; now there are tears streaming out of her eyes and she's curled into a ball, soaked in a cold sweat. What the hell is she dreaming about...? Might want to snap her out of it sooner rather than later, as she's not looking so hot. If not, she'll wake up a minute or two later with a scream, bolting upright and practically leaping out of her bed, her whole body shaking in terror.]

No... nonono... it can't... she can't... why...

[And she's clearly too disoriented to remember where she is or notice who's in the room with her.]


[Sora is headed somewhere via the ship's biggest, most well-lit hallways. She's very jittery, and her eyes are darting between the shadows. What is she so afraid of...? She'll stop to talk to people if hailed, though.]

[4 | Locked to Mad]

[Mad, there's a tap at your door. It's slow and weak, but insistent.] Mad? It's Sora. Can we talk...?


[For whatever reason, Sora can be found searching all of Clan Wolf's usual haunts, with an expression only a little uncertain. If questioned:]

I'm searching for Star Captain Resnick. Do you know where he is...?

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(This post will have additional parts added to it after a certain level of comments... or a specific kind turn up during the course of it. Recommended to keep an eye on this.)


[Mad was near catatonic when she was brought back to the Chalice. Whatever wounds she had were relatively minor - the fact that she managed to get away from the level of damage the Longhorn Train attack caused unscathed was nothing short of a miracle... Maria on the other hand was so much scrap - there was barely anything left to save - aside from a few internal components that would amount to nothing more than keepsakes... the Ruin had devastated her.]

[When the news was broken to Mad she didn't yell, she didn't rage... she just cried quietly.]

Warning, Cut for possibly problematic content )
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[In a rare moment Madoka can be found in the gym of the Chalice practicing some kendo with a serious expression on her face. Not surprisingly Madoka seemed to be decently skilled, although her footwork was a bit off.

Care to join/face/watch her?]
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[In a rare moment Madoka can be found in the gym of the Chalice practicing some kendo with a serious expression on her face. Not surprisingly Madoka seemed to be decently skilled, although her footwork was a bit off.

Care to join/face/watch her?]
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1. [If you're chilling out in the women's section of the showers at some point, you might see Yui examining herself. Her back, in particular.]

They're gone...? I suppose I have been here a while...


[Unlike some loafers, Yui is at least keeping up with studies while on board the chalice. And today, she's reading a history book.]
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1. [If you're chilling out in the women's section of the showers at some point, you might see Yui examining herself. Her back, in particular.]

They're gone...? I suppose I have been here a while...


[Unlike some loafers, Yui is at least keeping up with studies while on board the chalice. And today, she's reading a history book.]
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[After the events at the DC base have unfolded Mad just rushed to her room as quickly as possible. She was clutching herself tightly, she was curled up into a ball. But she was doing her best not to cry. She was failing badly of course. The tears were still there and she was choking back sobs.. but whenever she did noticed she would just rub her eyes and shut them tightly and try to force herself to stop.]

Fuck...fuck... those...what the fuck were those... goddamn...

[She's struggling to get her emotions into check, but it was near impossible with how hysterical a state she's worked herself into.]
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[After the events at the DC base have unfolded Mad just rushed to her room as quickly as possible. She was clutching herself tightly, she was curled up into a ball. But she was doing her best not to cry. She was failing badly of course. The tears were still there and she was choking back sobs.. but whenever she did noticed she would just rub her eyes and shut them tightly and try to force herself to stop.]

Fuck...fuck... those...what the fuck were those... goddamn...

[She's struggling to get her emotions into check, but it was near impossible with how hysterical a state she's worked herself into.]