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[Kyoku is simply tuning up her guitar when the call comes from her manager.] Kyoku, the bus is repaired. We should continue on our journey.

... very well. [Setting her guitar aside, she caused it to return to its compact form as she gets up. There really wasn't much she could do right now, so she's leaving.

After all, it was only some light damage on the Bus this time. So she could get to her concert in time.]
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[1] - Audio

Mayday, mayday. Civilian transport Diva-1 requesting assistance. We've been shot down by hostiles on the boarder of Mongolia. Can anyone assist us? I repeat, this is the Civilian Transport Diva-1.

[2] - Action

[Kyoku rubbed her head, ducking it a little in apology, the girl wrapped up in a blue and green winter jacket.] Sorry for barging in like this guys. I didn't think we'd meet again like this! And under similar circumstances.

So I heard those creeps who shot us down for passing by on our way to Corinth via Gucun are operating in this area or something?
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[1. Audio]

[Over the open communications if you're close by, there's a crackling sound. It sounds like a distress beacon.]

If you hear this... ship downed by bandits at coordinates 44-33-21. We have injured... if anyone can respond, our only defender is getting tired... no help, enemy using Godozzos. Two, three KMF MPs...

Please hurry, this is a civilian transport... losing ground and sleep...

[2. Action - Open]

[There is a firefight as a downed transport ship is buried up against a large rock face. There seems to be a distortion around the area, like a shimmering wall of silver energy. Those who have seen Decade's worldhopping powers recognize it as a similar phenomenon but your mecha passes through it easily. Inside, the area is buffered by music, and a girl singing through the airwaves as a small form is running around, literally kicking and blasting Dogozzos around as a silver mecha is following her obediently, slamming its fists into the taller mecha. There's a lot of them, and it seems she's the defender of the transport.

It seems however that these are not Siberian Railroad, since the mismash of assorted fire both friendly and non seemed to be in retrospect not a combined force but a group of ragtag toughs who wanted an easy civilian mark.]

[3. Action - Open]

[A young girl with long pink hair is sitting in the infirmary, having been rescued. She's sipping from a cup with a straw as the medics make sure her companions are okay. Looking up at you, she may or may not recognize you from the rescue.]

Thanks for saving us. We had difficulty getting away from those goons when you guys showed up. Any longer and we might have lost the manager.

[Said manager was a thin man, of non-descript features. German by the look of him, and he was resting peacefully with bandages around his chest. She turns to smile at you.]

I'm Kyoku Hayashibara. On behalf of Hyoshi Island, I thank you all for saving me. And if it isn't too much trouble, can we ask for an escort? You will be amply rewarded too.

[4. Action - Hangar - Open]

Hey Sonata, how're you doing?

[The blue and silver car seemed to idle as she ran a hand over it's frame.] You're all scarred up. I guess Murphy hasn't gotten to you yet. Not too surprised since he's working on the bus.

[Picking up a couple of tools, she started to work, scraping off the charred paint and buffing out dents. It was laborious but she was smiling as she worked on her friend.]

Okay Sonata, I need you in robot mode. Can you help me out?

[Sonata then stood up, a fairly tall robot now standing in the middle of the hangar before it sat down cross-legged. Kyoku hopped up onto her legs and started to work on her more delicate systems.] There you go. You're just a little banged up and all that ice and snow really caused some trouble huh?

(ooc: open combat log and pre-flight discussion. Action 3 happens much later for those who are patching up their mecha. This is a route a mission and your opponents for the fight log is these guys.)