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19: Choosing his ending, and earning his name

[All backdated to before the Wedding!]


Surprisingly enough, both Matthew and his Nova Messenger came through this mess intact. As he finally gets to climb out of his mech after a few hours of being towed to a ship with a pressurized hanger, he strips off his Neurohelmet, and rest a hand on the cool metal of his battered war machine.

"You were more stubborn than I thought." He says softly. "...thank you."


[Back on earth, Clan Jade Falcon staging grounds]

Even though this Earth is technically not the one they've been brought up to revere, the warriors of Jade Falcon have still elected to hold a set of Trials of Bloodright on the surface of 'Sacred Terra' before returning to their home reality.

Thus amidst the packing up, there are fields and arena spaces set aside, where young members of the warrior caste are gathered around a table with a funnel and a bidding tokens, eager fight each other to win the last names of their recently slain comrades.

Suddenly, the crowd of young bloods is disturbed as a young man pushes their way through and walks to the front.

"I am Mechwarrior Matthew, born of Clan Jade Falcon!" He declares to the crowd, thrusting a finger to the heavens. "Dig the wax out of your ears and listen well!"

He draws in a breath.

"As a warrior of Jade Falcon I fought bravely against the Lyrans in our home universe! As a war leader of the invincible Dai-Gurren Brigade I protected this world from it's enemies, smiting the Invaders, the Beastmen, the corruption of the Shadow Knights, and the forces of Kairos Aspida! I drilled through the heart of the Anti-Spiral itself, and cleaved the limbs of the Avatar of Primeval Force! I have known the company of noble heroes, and the regard of worthy opponents!"

He clenches his raised hand into a fist.

"I would compete in this trial for the bloodname of Helmar! Will any who bear it's name sponsor me?"


(To be revealed)
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Everything went better than expected!
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I wish we could've saved him... But he died like he wanted. Saving the world.
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For now! Some warmonger will probably start another conflict at some point... But not anywhere in the near future.
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Hell, especially for you! Weren't you fighting all your life or something?
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A certain individual steps forward. An individual whom you fought against - and fought with, saved each other's lives. More than once.

"I, Star Captain Lola Helmar, will sponsor you."
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Simon may not have any place really being there, but he's there to support and cheer Matthew on in the trail of Manliness and Punching Faces for Names. Hell, even he lacks a surname.
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[[For a second, just one, Simon is worried... but no, Matthew Helmar is a member of the Great Gurren Brigade. He won't let this end him.

Hell no, he's too great to let one single problem like this be the end of him!]]
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[[Now where has he seen that done before? He can only grin in confidence and satisfaction.]]