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The sword of Isaac Sinclair, a family blade that was carried into battle for many centuries, lies on a black sheet of cloth, shattered into several fragments.

Is there any who will attempt to reforge it?


The fortunes of the Sinclair family are secured, their future assured:

But who will seek to carry the one of them who made it possible home?
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[Pre "Operation Avenger]

[1] [Locked to Traitors Only]

Even from within the tunnels carved deep into the mesa, Isaac can still hear the wind howling outside.

Walking alongside his fellow traitor, he stares straight ahead without flinching, only stepping to the side as gas-masked soldiers and...other things pass by.

"Who are you taking me to?" He asks his superior quietly.
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...I'm going after Isaac.

[Richard makes his intent pretty clear and simple as he starts packing some of his stuff, food and supplies already stuffed into a backpack. At his workbench, he briefly hesitates as he picks up his sword... but straps it to his side anyway.]

I've got some idea of where he might go, and I've things to check on anyway.

[Richard seems pretty determined, anything you might have to say?]


For a place being fortified, wasn't that hard to get in...

[Richard muses as he steps towards the Sinclair household, though admittedly even Britannian special forces did not typically have the might of magic at their command.

He stares up at the aged building for a bit, wondering if the people inside had ever really met a - as they would call him - 'Norman' before...

Well, as he knocked on the door, time to find out.]
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Isaac Sinclair is up on the Chalice deck in the wee hours of the morning, performing sword drills as rosy fingers of dawn stretch out over the horizon.

His strokes are large, brutal and scything, meant to cleave enemies in half. And yet, as he performs this ruthless form of combat...he seems to be calm, collected and at peace.

"By heavenly Jove, Jehovah, and Andraste..." He says quietly, winding down and starring at the rising sun. "Let my blade strike true, and let her hold her living son in her arms again..."



Isaac is calling his mother in one of the Chalice's comm booths, hopping up and down on the balls of his beat as he listens to the dial tone. Finally, someone picks up on the other end.

"Mother Sinclair!" He calls out. "Oh, so many marvelous thing have happened last we talked! I know not where to start, but I think that at last, after so long, good fortune's c–!"

A sharp, muffled voice cuts him off. Isaac winces, then listens. And from the outside you can see his face turn pale.

"Oh Gods."



Isaac sends a general comm transmission to everyone aboard the White Chalice...with the exception of Cora.

He looks really wild-eyed...and a bit gaunt.

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[Locked to all but one]

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Well. That's the end of that, I suppose.

For those who weren't present, I am no longer in line for the throne of Ruba. Really, when it comes down to it, the nation will be in much better hands with Magdalena than me. And don't worry, Isaac, I made sure that she'll take care of your family in my place.

I feel... relieved, I suppose. I don't have to worry about the succession contest anymore. I can just do what I want to do for once in my life. And, well, as it so happens, that's staying here with all of you.

That's not a problem, is it? I'll basically be doing what I was before, but instead of helping out as some sort of advance payment for future political gain, I'd just be doing it because it's the right thing to do.
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[ 1 ] Action - Open to Anyone Except ALICE (for now)

Hey, um... [ Someone looks frustrated. He's been running around all day, and unlike usual for someone raised eyeballs deep in sheltered privilege he hasn't brushed his hair year this morning, and his clothing isn't quite as neatly pressed as it usually is. In his arms are a stack of brochures from various Earth Sphere nations, all holiday advertisements for gifts of all kinds; romantic gifts, electronics, jewelry, weapons and mech parts, even fancy clothing from everywhere from Neo France to Brittania to even Zeon. His bespectacled eyes just barely peek over the top of the stack. ]

I, um... I have a question... what kind of gift do you buy for an AI?

[ Not that he can't afford it. This is someone who is sitting on an inheritance that would ensure his family doesn't have to a work a day in their lives for the next six generations, and soaks up dividends from his inherited stocks and has almost nothing to spend it besides helping to fund the White Chalice's endeavors under-the-table. He just really is that clueless. ]

[b] Locked to ALICE - Coming Soon


Nov. 26th, 2013 04:00 pm
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[So after finally taking down the Great Leader and blowing his rocky form to smithereens, Yusuke has decided to take over the kitchen for a bit and make some Curry and other foods from around the world. His phones even buzzing with texts from his uncle giving out recipes from his restaurant- said texts are also telling him to make sure people know where it comes from- haha, business. Seems like he's really busy. And whatever he's making smells damn fine too.]

[Yusuke's basically up for celebrating the demise of Susanoo. Although he kind of looks less dapper than you'd think, after all is said and done, frowning as he stares into the food he's preparing. One of the biggest threats to humanity, at least on a human scaled level, was out of the picture...and yet...]


[That or the soup needs more salt, hard to tell with Yusuke what he's thinking about sometimes.]
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[[Simon leave the very tip top of the Gurren Lagann, which I still think is amusing that the cockpit is up in the tip of thehead, rather than more central to... anything.

That aside, he stretches, works his arm, and descends via jumping. Despite that yet another battle for the Earth just took place, he's pretty content, smiling with himself at the group's success. However he did say something curious back there: about Anti-Spiral. Maybe you missed it from earlier and might want to ask.]]

[[It's later on that something in regards to the aforementioned Anti-Spiral has him a bit down, sitting about in the atrium, fiddling with a ring on his finger.]]

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[In addition to the return of the Paladin, there's also one other return. There's a brand new MS - albeit rather highly roughed up from the battle in the Hangar. Its Cornea scorching pink paintjob was more or less ruined, and the offensive emblem on its shoulder was more or less removed by several impacts with volcanic rock. Either way though when the cockpit opens...]

Guten Tag!

[Was Luger, pretty bruised and a little worse for wear - but looking downright cheerful! But that's not what's odd. He's wearing an oversized sombrero to boot, and had a poncho that reached to his feet and both were stained with all sorts of things you would rather not guess about.]

I see nothing's changed at all~

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[Maybe you were there. Maybe you heard the comms chatter. Maybe, you caught glimpse of the great white giant paladin, standing in the hangar bay once more.

Whatever it is, there stands that familiar face, if a bit differently dressed than last you'd have seen him. He's wearing an old yet somewhat elaborate robe, and slung over his shoulder is a bag that seems to carry a large book. He seems to spot you as well, and he turns...]

Uh... hi.

[Richard Chevalier is back on White Chalice.]
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[Post "Operation Shatter Mountain"]


After the latest battle against Exvortium Fillios...Isaac looks wrung out like a dirty dish cloth.

Having not bothered to change out of his of battle fatigues for a few days, he slouches on one of the lounge chairs, the Sinclair family sword sheathed across his lap.

As Cora related, he's been moping about for most of the day, and if people are in the room with him and visibly watching, all he seems to do is stare at the floor.

The more stealthy or quiet, however, will notice Isaac take out a slim red book, and open it up, turning thin fragile pages over with a slow gentleness, occasionally stopping and reading passages aloud, as he does now:

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[To come later]
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[1] Locked to those from The Greatest Plague. Giant mingle post is preferable.

[Fast as the Flutter was to get itself down to the mountains where Ideigi fell, its been some time since Richard last made contact. He's made no seeming effort to call after the crash, which certainly does not bode well...

And neither does the sight of the broken woodland on the side of the mountain. Starting from the largest area of damage, one can see several smaller trails diverge into the woods...

The broken pieces of Ideigi being the apparent cause. It would appear the Paladin was shattered by the impact, with several fracture points being where a certain Great Old One had damaged it previously...]


[...So the victory is bittersweet, in the end. The Aurum were defeated, and the already terrible situation the Earth Sphere faces has been put on hold from getting any worse...

But as the wreckage of Ideigi are placed within the hangar, opposite the remains of its counterpart Kygunei, the cost victory came at is clear. Sitting upon stumps where legs once were, Ideigi's torso is shattered and shows clearly the cockpit where Richard had once sat...

And what do you think of this sight, as it now sits plain for all to see?]
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[Locked to Richard Chevalier]

Isaac has been in a bitter mood, ever since he realized that Leopold was not the actually heir to the throne of Ruba.

He's been in a downright brooding mood ever since Richard stole his sword for the 3rd consecutive time.

Sitting on a chair in a lounge, fist tucked under his chin, he spend some time thinking dark thoughts.

Finally, he nods to himself, reaching a conclusion. He gets up, walks over to where a certain Paladin is chilling out, and grasps him by the shirt collar.

"Come." He commands, and starts dragging him to the hanger bay.


[Open to all]

So! Those who are walking through the Hanger Bay this afternoon may stumble across a very strange sight.

Isaac Sinclair from the Dullahan squad and that paladin guy Richard Chevalier are forging a sword together...using the exhaust of a spare mobile suit's rocket motor!

Observe? Marvel? Interject? Interfere? How shall ye respond?
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Isaac suddenly pops up on the comms of all the members of the Dullahan squad...and a few others he clicks on by accident. He looks...extremely serious and concerned.

"All members of the Dullahan Squad! Report to the aft Hanger Bay immediately! A moment of vital crisis has come upon us!"


(Open to all)

Once you show up to the aft hanger bay, you discover...nothing but Isaac Sinclair, standing next to the ready Dullahan armor units...which have been decked out with hastily sown sashes of green-grey cloth.

This paragon of Brittanian peerage...rubs the back of his head sheepishly, a very nervous smile on his face.

"You may all be wondering why I summoned you all here under the pretense of an emergency...Ho, Ho!


(To be revealed after second prompt)
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[Maybe it was because you were passing by the infirmary and noticed he wasn't there. Maybe you had hoped to check in on him, and found he wasn't there. Or maybe you just really want your sword back, and he wasn't there.

But Richard Chevalier should have his ass lying down in a bed recovering, and he's not there.

Instead, when you do find him, the weary Frenchman is hacking away at a large sheet of metal, propped against the wall near his workbench. With Isaac's blade in hand, he just tries and tries, with no real result, to carve into the metal...]
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Isaac has been dressing in darker colors these past few days, in mourning for the deaths of his comrades, Dozer and Chips.

As you walk by the cafeteria, you notice him sitting at a table, writing something in elegant cursive on some sheets of paper with a fountain pen.

Take a closer look?


He's managed to get his sword back from Richard, and is in the garden area, practicing forms, over and over again. They're mainly brutal chops and log-splitting slashes, moves designed to win battles in the first few seconds. His body is quivering with exhaustion.


For some reason, he's dressed in brighter clothes this particular day, with only a black arm-band around his sleeve. You notice him heading to the computer room and reserving a comm booth for himself.

If you decide to get sneaky, you can peak in and see him talking to an old, matriarchal figure, dressed in a high-necked blouse. You hear scattered words from Isaac's conversation: "Betrothal", "land deeds", "finances", "Lord Althelstane", "court appeals", "hand in..." and other such things. You see Isaac's expression grow more and more brittle.


Isaac finally exits the booth. He trembles, and then lashes out with a cry of rage, shattering a nearby glass panel into tiny fragments with a clenched fist.


⌨ five

Jul. 10th, 2013 05:28 pm
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[ Something's obviously bothering Caulder. Open in his lap is, shockingly enough, an encyclopedia, and he's turned to a page about Shockers. ]

Didn't one of these things escape the IDS Research Facility where you guys saved me?

[ He asks to whoever approaches him. ]

I heard someone say he was really good, way better than any other Shocker we've encountered. I wonder why? Was he upgraded somehow? Is that possible?


[ It's passed midnight. And anyone who enters the main simulation room will find Caulder still awake, along with a large pile of empty energy drink cans. He's leaning forward, his face inches from the screen, his fingers moving a mile a minute. ]

Come on... come on... I've got you this time...

[ Aaanddd.... GAME OVER. Sudden Knightmare Frame from behind, sniping his Gelgoog High-Mobility Type in the back of the head. ]

Damn it! Ugh, I'm not never gonna beat Gainer's score!
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[Its some time after the continuation of the festival, a long while after Cora and Richard continued their drinking spree - she's back on the Chalice and overseeing a few things...]

[1] [Cora Interaction]

[Cora's got a few bandages on her and looked a little red from the heat she had to deal with from almost getting set on fire. She's currently looking over the repairs to her armor with a most stern look. Its surprising how well she's keeping herself steady despite how much she drank.]


[She's rubbing the side of her head, brushing a piece of armor that was removed for replacement... it had warped a little from the heat - it wasn't severe, if it was she'd have been broiled inside her suit - but still...]

[2] [Oxide Interaction]

[The Cyborg member of the Dullahan unit was still getting patched up more or less after having to make several risky manuevers on the field - one mostly due to the berserking EVA 04. Still, he seems to take it in stride as he carefully tends to his now detatched left arm - meticulously replacing bits and pieces like a man reassembles firearm. What is interesting is that despite any interaction (or lack of thereof) he has had with you, he's requested your presence in the infirmary - not looking up from his limb tending as he speaks to you.]

I'll just get to the point, I need to ask this from someone out of the team. I need help getting Major Anderson's head straight.

[As he slides the final piece into place he reattaches his arm - notably wince crosses his face as a hydraulic hiss rings through the air and he carefully tests the movements of his recently maintained limb.]

She's got a rough job. Our team's not exactly the kind that'd keep a Commanding Officer stable, and she's got a lot of other things on her plate to deal with too. But between her drinking habit and a tendency to fly off the handle whenever Lynn Idris gets involved... she needs help. Think you can offer it?

[3] [Cora Intervention]

[Cora's just looking around at everyone, clearly unamused at the goings on before her.]


[It was a very flat what to say the least.]

[Begin her intervention?]
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[Backdated to Pre-Inspector Raid]


This morning, as people walk into the White Chalice Mess Hall for some grubs, they discover a strange sight.

Isaac Sinclair, the most aristocratic of the Dullahan commando team, with blood so blue you could paint a picture of the sky with in a chef's apron, squeezing out fresh oranges with a wooden press that looks centuries old, and filtering the juice into some pitchers.

"What ho!" He declares to you if you approach. "Does your heart crave nutrition this fine dawn?"


Later, he can be seen in the Gym, trying to wrestle with 'his fellow practitioners in the arts of Powered Armor'–i.e. the Elementals.

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[Its bleeding early in the morning - the sun is but  short while away from rising. And where is Sam at this time? Training intensely! But not with his sword surprisingly - though it lies close by. Sam's on the deck of the ship - letting loose with a series of punches and kicks. What kind of style is he using? Its difficult to place - there's plenty of capoeira and judo peppered in - especially with how he's tossing around the dummies he's set up pretty darned hard. As in more than one. It seems he likes to practice on multiple targets at once.]

Mmmh... nothing like a good morning warm up...

[He rolls his neck in a relaxed manner as he flicks his sheathed sword up from the ground with his foot and snatches it out of the air as it dropped - resting it along his shoulders as he watched the sun rise. He pauses to look over at you with a raised eyebrow.]

I didn't think anyone else would bother waking up this early.