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Thirteenth Get

[It's not just the Chalice that is moving stuff over to Gucun.  In particular, a certain shuttle had to make a cross-ocean trip here after that whole Primeval Force assault thing.  But once it's docked and cleared and everything... a familiar face makes her return.]

The White Chalice... everyone... Been almost a year, hasn't it?

Hope you guys didn't forget about me or my-


[Yeah, she's spotted the Montgomery Construction vehicles and stuff.]


[And off, inside of the shuttle, you can also see... it.  The successor of Shin Getter and Shin Dragon... Getter Robo Hien.]
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Matthew walks up, and his eyes widen.

"Is that–?"
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"I can imagine!" Matthew says simply, grinning. "It is about time we had a Getter Robo fighting with the White Chalice again!"

The smile slips away. "You are aware of what the Primeval Force entity claims to be, quiaff?"
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"Aff. Whatever it's origins, we will show Primeval Force that our sources of energy have evolved far beyond it's base form!" Matthew agrees, pumping a fist.

He strokes his chin in thought.

" an expert in Getter Rays, could I run a theory by you?"

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"When the Primeval Avatar manifested during the final battle with Kairos Aspida, it had us, as the saying goes, 'on the ropes'." Matthew says, beginning to pace back and forth.

"We were damaged and in disarray: so why did it not simply wipe us out and eliminate the focal point of earth's resistance to it? Why did it then retreat into space, and send it's simulacrums to distract and disorient the factions of this world?"

He slams a fist into a palm. "I think it retreated into space so it could build up it's power, recharge itself so to speak. Space, so I have heard, is saturated with a larger amount of Getter Rays than on earth. Do you think it is somehow transmuting Getter Rays and other forms of cosmic radiation into more Primeval Force?"
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Apparently, he's the heir of Montgomery Construction.
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Kei! You're back!

And I assume Primeval Force didn't manage to take over your Getter reactors, or anything like that!
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I hope it didn't take too many test pilots to get right.
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So did you wrangle together some copilots? Or is this a one-woman job, like Black Getter?
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I think this might be a situation where we can't afford to be complacent about how much ass needs kicking. I'd be honoured to be your copilot, Kei.

How big's the drill on this one?
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Kei! You're back!
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Let's elope right now.
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Oh yeah, that's a good idea. Let's take off and go kill that Primeval Force avatar right now, with the two of us!
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Can you at least kidnap and shanghai me into piloting the getter after all this? That's how getter pilots are made, right?
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Even now we're getting people from before my joining?

...That's a neat robot.
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I heard about Getter, it's an amazing machine. And this looks just as amazing as I would think something called "Getter" would be.

The styling on it is very eastern too, gives it an exotic feeling.
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You accomplished that then.

Isn't that usually the tank tread bulky one?
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Can't wait to see it in action then.