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(Emmy left the ship for a little while to dispose of the body of Gigan. She returns soon with a worried expression on her face. She rubs her head as she thinks aloud.)

It wasn't enough that Gigan appeared but...G-Cells? I hope I was able to get all the samples. Who knows what they could do here.


(Emmy is at her computer typing out the details of the battle with Gigan. She couldn't wait to see the faces of the GDF when she returned with the news.)

Gigan. One of the archenemies of Godzilla himself. Dead. I can hardly believe it.
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[[King Gainer managed to drag in another Overman... However, it's not...

Well, it's empty. Very empty. Setting down the black Overman, he eventually dismounts King Gainer to go over and investigate it himself.]]

Wow... what in the world is this thing...

[[And as Gainer climbs into the cockpit, it closes up around him. XAN boots up with Gainer at the controls! This... cannot be good! Gainer's in a mysterious Overman that just ate him inside!

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(You go into the hangar to find a whole terminal surrounded by history books and documents. Upon closer inspection, you find Emmy working on two timelines inside of the fort of research. The timelines seem to have several deviations from each other but there are several key similarities as well. You can also see that the timeline representing Emmy's world is far longer than ours. What could that mean?)

Amazing. It seems that in this world nuclear experimentation was more successful and no Kaiju were generated from it. That's good to know, though that doesn't mean Kaiju don't exist naturally in this world. It just means there aren't any like Godzilla.

(Emmy notices you behind her and turns to face you.)

Oh, I'm sorry. I hope I haven't taken up too much space. If you want, I can move my research somewhere else.
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(You are in the hangar minding your own business when you see something new flying towards the Chalice. A giant, three headed, mechanized monster that stands at 100 meters and has a wingspan of 150 meters. It lands in the Chalice hangar, barely fitting at all. You then see a woman descend on a cable to the floor. She turns to looks at you and nods.)

My name is Emmy Kano. I am a member of the Global Defense Forces and pilot of Mecha King Ghidorah. I will be staying here for the time being as I...seem to have fallen through a dimensional rift when I was fighting Hedorah.


(Emmy is deep in thought and looking over large piles of history books.)

This is amazing. A whole other dimension. I think I will need to make a comparative timeline of my timeline and this dimension's timeline. It would be wise to read up on as much as I can.