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[Locked to Felicita.]

White Chalice is close to the Orsini Industries lab. There's a call just for you, on the live video feed - and guess what, it's your mother!


White Chalice received a huge data packet, sent over a secure line.

Contents )

Moments later, all communication with the Orsini Industries science facility is lost. It turns out there has been an explosion. Its causes - unknown, since the facility was not supposed to be operative at that moment.

There are few confirmed casualties. Colomba Arlotti, Felicita Arlotti's mother, is among them.


Confront Felicita about this? Needless to say, the girl is very distressed at the moment. Crying her heart out... the pretense of staying strong in the face of all hardships she had to endure, all gone.
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[Post-mission - it was a partial success. But partial is good enough for Felicita, especially since the Leviathan can be handled later, seperately. For now she patiently waits inside Deva for the Putri System to cool down and its effects to kick in. It's unpleasant, but bearable knowing she did a good job.]

Thank you, everyo... huh?

[She lifts a hand to her face and then looks at it. Blood. This is not supposed to happen.]

N... no. This is wrong. Something is really, really...

[Suddenly, interrupted by a terrible pain that clenches her insides.]

[It seems entering Overdrive Mode with the mobile suit being damaged was a bad idea, as the Putri System did not work as intended. Or maybe it did, and the side effects are just really severe this time.

Anyway, Felicita needed immediate medical attention and even some surgery. Internal bleeding, the cardiovascular system being all messed up in general... it looked bad. Possibly the worst part, though? Felicita remained fully conscious during the operation. Even now, several hours later, she is conscious and responsive while in the ward bed.]

... Mother...

[Message from the drone's AI.]
With Felicita Arlotti's last sortie, the Deva Project gathered enough combat data to satisfy Orsini Industries' requirements. Combat data will be sent at the first opportune moment.

Of course, you are welcome and encouraged to continue sending Felicita Arlotti into combat, to gather more data. The contract is still in effect as long as she remains with White Chalice.

Oh man...

Jun. 22nd, 2013 10:05 pm
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Bernie, in his green Zeon flight suit, was pacing up and down the corridors of the Chalice. If there was one thing he was good at, it was not looking like he was in high spirits. His head hung long, his arms behind his back. Maybe he was in a lot of thought.

"Tch, I can't believe it. What would they think of this?" Then he thought, why do they have to leave?

[2] - Post-inspector attack -

Bernie is in the hangar, cleaning his Gaza D. He was alive; however, he looked a little thoughtful. Second thought, while he was doing work, Bernie didn't seem to be earnest about it. In fact, he was sitting inside the lift, cross-legged and reaching out to scrub the mobile armor in circles.

"Small fry?!" He muttered, biting his lip.
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1. (Mainly for CR)
[Mission over! But a new purple-haired lady returns with the group that departed for the operation earlier, while Neptune is nowhere in sight...what.

She's now standing on the deck of the damaged Chalice, looking thoughtful.]

...So, that's what I'd forgotten. A type of faith stronger than what followers can place in a goddess - faith born from companionship. I only wish I realized it sooner.

Regardless, I owe you my thanks.


2. (Open)
[The same person is now walking (and occasionally floating) through the halls of the ship, generally inspecting the same spots Neptune did, like the Clubroom, but keeping herself moving as much as she can.]

It's been a while since I've taken this form. Even with the damage done here, seeing all this from a different perspective is strangely refreshing...
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What is the meaning of this?

[Suddenly, you are accosted by Felicita's flying drone. But it sounds different though - like a mature woman, and its audio is obviously made from various voice clips pre-recorded and chopped together as needed.]

Felicita Arlotti has not participated in a serious operation for a long time. This is against the terms of the contract. It must change - she has to pilot, and soon.

[This prompt is obviously only for those who have a say in the roster, can do something about it, or otherwise care about this strange situation on hand.]

... So there is no need for you to worry about it.

Yes, Mother. I understand. Umm... one more thing - about the belt.

You do not have to concern yourself with it either. It is not the same as Deva and will not give us results. You should not use it anymore.

[If you come to visit Felicita, you interrupt a discussion between her and her own drone. And by discussion I mean the latter is lecturing the former.]
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[1] [Hey look, someone (read: Prometheus) left messages all over the White Chalice comms! What could they say?]

Did you know that June 6th is apparently the birthday of one certain Werter Wolf? He will be 22 this year. He's a pretty big celebrity, so make sure to bother him as much as possible!

[2, also default]
[What is Werter doing on his birthday? Kicking back and relaxing at Herb's adventurer/anti-evil god club, drinking soda and playing video games.]

No work at the lab today. If there's one day when I can afford to slack off, it's this.

[The scene is peaceful. Too peaceful.]

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[A short time after the final, decisive battle against the Festum on the North Pole, a transport's being prepped for Kazuki to return to Tatsumiya Island.  He's not in very good condition, currently needing crutches to stand and shades over his eyes to reduce strain on them from bright light.  Said battles were not easy for him, with his body pushed even further to the brink, and with Soushi -the person he'd set out to save in the first place- gone at least for now.  But still...]

So my eyes are nearly gone and the rest of my body isn't well-off either, though I've heard that they can take care of all of that back home.  But I don't even know if the treatments will treat more than just the "symptoms", so piloting the Mark Sein more might still be out of the question even when I'm better.  And I know we didn't "save" Soushi... but he said he's still out there, that he would return.  It's easier to feel I won't be going home empty-handed than I was afraid of.

I guess that means that this might be "goodbye".

But everyone, I couldn't have done this without you.  You were the ones who helped with the L-Boat operation, got the Mobile Doll System from the Titans, helped Ryo and Shouko and everyone else on the island time and time again.  You helped in this final push, when I tried to rescue Soushi even.  Without you, I never would've gotten far at all.  Canon, you especially...  I'll never repay you for what you did out there.

And no matter what, Tatsumiya Island will always be welcome to any of you.
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A ha ha ha! It works! What's over there? I want to see!

[A Kamen Rider is walking around the White Chalice, looking around every corner with excitement and curiosity. But something is unusual about that Rider... the armored figure is much shorter than usual, and the high-pitched voice betrays the user as Felicita - who somehow got her hands on MarKus's Leangle Belt.]

[But, even as a Rider she eventually gets tired. Less than an hour later, Felicita is already de-henshined and resting on a wheelchair. She looks exhausted, but very happy.]

That was great. Thank you... it's almost as great as piloting Deva itself.
I don't know how to pay back for this...

[Speaking of Deva, it's time for the weekly training. Felicita got into her mobile suit's cockpit - with help, probably yours. The cockpit is tiny, cramped and dark. There are no monitor screens or standard controls, just a chair in the middle and a visor hanging from the low ceiling. And cables. Lots and lots of cables.]

Thanks. I'll be fine from now on.

[Felicita picks up the hanging cables one by one and starts inserting them into access ports on her body - arms and legs mostly, but there are also some on her back. Good thing her hospital gown comes with convenient holes, or else she'd be naked.]

I did this dozens of times before.


Apr. 23rd, 2013 08:21 pm
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1) Wow, um... y'know, I hate to say this so soon after Julia said this, buuuut... I'm going to be leaving the ship, too. I-It's not what you think - Lowe isn't going to kill me over my Astray, really! Just, well... Julia's leaving and, well... I wanna see what's out there, too. See just how much her dream's gotten her.

So, when she comes back, I'll be back right with her! And hopefully, things'll be much better!

2) [After revealing she's leaving the Chalice temporarily, Christine's busy looking over her ravaged Zero Astray. She can't help but letting out a small sigh.]

...I wonder if things could have been a bit different with Valentine and Victor. Victor was so dead set on trying to bring me back and Valentine... geh... no, I think she's a lost cause...
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1) [Mingle Prompt]

[Well that was it, it was over. The infection was destroyed. Luger himself had to be sealed off and quarantined for a while due to various extenuating circumstances - those specifically being getting highly irradiated AND being his usual highly infectious self. He interestingly enough had made plans for if he should die (Which at the time was very highly likely). These plans being Maximus Erectus. Josh would remember the Meat Man with the obscenely large bratwurst. Him and his potato sarcophagus filled with outrageously lewd imagery.]

[Well that has been deep fried and served up as a victory feast/memorial to the fallen and additionally there is a bucket of Luger's hellbrew waiting for any brave souls daring enough to try it.]

[Celebrate before dealing with Axis the next day?]

2) [Infirmary]

[Luger's bandaged, being flushed of radiation and is generally safe enough to approach.... maybe.]

Guten tag... I'm told I'll be able to leave the bed soon! Good news ja?

[He's....happier. Without that huge monster screaming in his head he's more upbeat and at ease... and he's also started smoking again.]

[Now that his hands are steadier he has no problems using matches.]

3) [Infirmary] [Hours later after prompt 2]

[There's a skittering noise from the infirmary. Remember the gerbil infestation that happened on Luger's return? He seems to be painting one for himself now, looking pretty amused. The Gerbil in his hand was a sickly looking thing to boot. The off green paint didn't help at all. Still. It was calm as he finished it off - holding it in front of his face with a smile.]

Well you look like you can kill monsters don't you?

[He chuckles as he lies back on his bed. His eyepatch was.... not present. But there was enough hair over it to cover up the horror.]

Hm.... I wonder... how would it have turned out if we did it the other way...

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[Felicita feels better now, so it's time to explore the Chalice! ... Not that she is going to suddenly leave the ward bed. Let's be realistic. Instead, she holds one of the precious few physical items she may call as her own - a tiny robotic probe.]

Go, drone!

[And, it flies away from her hands, controlled by a tablet also in her possession. Later, you may find the small thing exploring and being curious all over the White Chalice. You may or may not know already that it belongs to Felicita, and that she can talk through it.]

[Late at night - Felicita is fast asleep, snoring loudly and looking much happier than usual. But look, the drone is still active! Who might be controlling it?]

This is Colomba Arlotti.
DISCLAIMER: You are talking to a basic AI with a pre-recorded database and limited ability to learn. It is based on my personality and I gave it knowledge of all facts you will need.
White Chalice, I know you had questions. Questions regarding my daughter and the Deva project. Questions Orsini Industries considered classified.

They are classified no longer. Ask.

[Strange may be the AI's way of talking, but it definitely sounds like Felicita's mother - for those of you who heard her talk, at least. Now is the time to get answers some of you really hoped for!]


Apr. 4th, 2013 06:16 am
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[After the battle at Orsini Industries, a medical team quickly extracts Deva's pilot from her cockpit - a sickly-looking young girl, currently unconscious after pushing herself way too hard.]

"It's a myocardial infarction! Nitroglycerin, stat!"

[Even though her body is covered by a hospital gown, you can still notice some sort of Ghost in the Shell/Matrix style entry ports located on her limbs and other strategic locations. The medics are busy giving an injection straight into one of these ports as the whole team moves past and towards the Orsini Industries facilities.]

Cut for tl;dr )

[The above are general reaction/mingle posts. I'll assume tags are responding to #3 unless stated otherwise.]

[Later - Deva's pilot is finally conscious, and transferred to White Chalice, accompanied by her heavily damaged unit and a lot of paperwork that describes specific instructions for maintaining both the machine and its pilot.
Felicita Arlotti - some of you probably have questions for the bed-bound girl. For now she is sitting in an unfamiliar bed in the medical ward, looking uneasy and disoriented.]