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This is it #2

I'm tagging along with Lowe and company. Just as long as they're getting close to Jupiter. Better to journey with other people than alone!

See ya later, folks. Remember, you'll always have friends in me and the rest of Crossbone Vanguard! So if you ever need help and happen to be around the colonies, you know who to call.
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Take care of yourself.
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No. Earth is my home now, when I moved here I was just to gather information, but I met people that matter to me. And the people I really love are here too.

I'm going home to Sochie and Dianna.
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Likewise, but we do need to get the Heim company up and running again.
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Construction, mining, and restoration of land.
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Yeah, I know. Whole reason the moon put me in that area I'm thinking.
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Yes. I'll be sure, see you Tobia.