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Ace in the sleeve

"So it's come to this. Pushed to the brink, Kairos Aspida reveals its true colors and resorts to taking hostages. If it's really as they say, that this is supposed to be the last battle - then you can expect every single combatant to be present at the arranged point. Don't be surprised if there's an ambush."

"But we won't go there empty handed. Look at this."

Ayame's broadcast changes to show the inside of the hangar - where one of the Zakus now sports a weird bulky backpack, with long rods that can extend and retract.

"Using my Primeval Force knowledge and the plans Hixar Fermi acquired, we managed to reverse-engineer the Primeval Force generator containment system into an anti-Primeval Force barrier. It cannot be maintained for long, but it should be able to deflect beams and even energy melee weapons, while not using Primeval Force itself."

"The theory behind the barrier's operation is not wrong, but of course there is no way to test this until we're already in battle. Mass production is already underway."

"And if this doesn't give us an upper hand... God help us."
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Matthew folds his arms and gawks a little at the Zaku Anti-Kai.

"So it has been completed...was the design process difficult?"
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"Then you, Lynn, Lowe, and the rest are truly geniuses." Matthew says.

He eyes the generator on the Zaku Anti-Kai, noting the antenna like rods on it.

"How long does the system take to spool up in combat, if I may ask? Depending on it's power requirements, it may be better to activate it during quick intervals of combat, then shut it down when out of the line of fire..."
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Matthew nods gravely. "So it will be a matter of reflexes and tactics."

He frowns in thought. "If two barriers are activate in close proximity to each other, will they suffer interference?"
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Matthew's eyebrows raise. "Is that so? That'll be good to remember, quiaff?"

He chuckles to himself for a moment. His face shifts to a solemn expression.

"If we do manage to gain the advantage in this upcoming battle, and see the opportunity to capture you believe they will surrender willingly?"

He frowns as another nasty thought occurs to him. "For that matter, how would we accept the surrender of Kairos Aspida units when the Primeval Force could assume direct control of them at any time?"
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Matthew nods.

"And what of those aboard the Bastion of Insolence, and the Xiphos?"

Where your sister Inessa is serving on, he doesn't say aloud.
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"Do you think we should not make preparations for the possibility?" Matthew replies.
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24 hours of work a day with no breaks... never more...

[The Junker engineering team (read: Lowe and friends) all lie in a semi-conscious heap not too far away from the first generator-Zaku. No strength to move further.]
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You did good.

[Laura's brought them food and drink - something more wholesome than the coffee and junk food they've been sustaining themselves with, the kind of sustenance you take while resting rather than to keep yourself going.

There's some for herself, too. She hasn't been working as flat out as them, but she's still feeling the effects - and now she's going to need her strength.]
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Of course I did good!

[Instant recovery?! Lowe grabs for food greedily.]

This felt like the final challenge for a Junker to overcome. The big boss at the end of it all!
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Oh? What about the repairs after all of this is over? I'm betting there will be plenty.

But with any luck, they won't need to be finished in a hurry.
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Haha, don't act like you've never done it before man. Just, maybe it'll be the last time...
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This is our chance against them huh...
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Are we going to have enough power to take them on with this?
I's not like we exactly amount to "an army". And they've thrashed us pretty well before.
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We'll just have to do the best we can.
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If Primeval Force is hostile to all of humanity... [He pauses as he thinks over what he wants to say.] If we're not careful, this could end up as worse than Warsaw. I want to coordinate with rescue efforts to try and minimize casualties to prevent that. Will that be a problem?
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[Kamille lets out a sigh of relief.] Thank you, I appreciate it.