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Birth of a Paladin

[...and while all this partying and such is going on, Viridi is nowhere to be seen nearby else. The reason is that she's a good distance away, in a quickly sprouting forest. All around, the plants looks like a video put in fast forward. She, however, is focused in a person nearby, even smaller than herself. She seems... unusually satisfied.]

Very good, Lucas. Very good! You're getting it pretty quickly. Now try helping that flower grow. She already wants to. You just have to give her a push.

[Indeed, there is a little kid there, with her, looking as focused as only a little kid can be he tries to do it, purple glow around his hands. He's clearly doing magic.]

[Want to happen around to comment, cheer... or if you're Cora, probably fume?]
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[Fuming was an understatement, Cora had an expression on her face that distinctly put off the impression that she was screaming internally at a truly tremendous volume. She was also letting out a few distinctly unhappy noises that sounded like choked back snarls of rage. The only reason she restrains any vocal affrontedness would be that she might cause her son to mess up.]

Okay.. I...think I can...

[A little push... Lucas' eyes were all but locked on the flower with the sense of wonder of a kid who just had it sink in he was doing magic. As Viridi said he was learning as quickly as an excited child is wont to do at such wonders... a little push with his magic... and he awaited with bright eyes to see it bloom.]
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Yeah, keep laughing it up...

[Lucas has a look of utter excitement. He did it... HE DID IT! He turns an awestruck expression from the violet to the Goddess of Nature.]

I... I didn't think I could do it... Thank you! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!

[He all but scampered over to her with the eagerness and the joy of an excitable puppy.]

Its the greatest thing ever! Thank you Miss Viridi!
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[A grunt of annoyance was the only sign she let herself give. Vocally at the very least. Her expression said it all. Either way though she'd follow the downright smug nature goddess, smoke downright puffing out of her ears while Lucas was all smiles and eager to hear what was to be said.]

Like I'd leave you alone with my kid... just what the heck are you up to half pint-


Tch!! Right.. sorry. What is this about Miss Viridi.

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Timesplitters Future Perfect Reference! GO!

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[Paladin... paladin... Lucas knew that word. He heard it somewhere in-. No... NooooOooo.. NO WAY. One could swear that the boy's green eyes just lit up with sheer absolute joy as his mind was making as many wild connections as it could and everything was awesome. However before he could say anything...]


... Mum? What's wrong? Mum?

[Yeah Lucas was looking worried now. Cora's face was turning a very unhealthy shade of red, and there were all sorts of veins twitching.]

... Mu-


[Needless to say this downright herculean roar of absolute maternal anger, rage and fury was so loud that one could SWEAR it would echo across the very portals that opened up to return the dimension travelers back home.]
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Mum! Please! You're making a scene! Calm down! Please?


But Miss Viridi's taught me so much... and she helped you too mum!

[Hug has been administered and Lucas is now looking up at his severely agitated mother right now with the saddest look he could muster up.]

Lucas... I just don't want you to end up doing something that you might regret for the rest of your life! Knighthood, Paladinhood... both of those things are the same - you'll be putting your life on the line for everything for the person you swear yourself to, and it'll be as long as you live or until they're done with you...

[Cora bites her lip and has to swallow her pride for this.]

I know that you really want to keep learning from Miss Viridi and I... I'll be alright with that as long as that's what you really want... but just think about what I said alright?

I know you don't like her mum... but Miss Viridi'd never hurt me... and she's been helping the world get better too. Mum... I can do something to help everyone... I can be like you, dad and Miss Viridi!

[Oh this boy, he really had his heart set on this didn't he? Cora just sighed vehemently and gave Viridi the flattest look she could muster.]

Well... I suppose that's it then.

[She shakes her head and ruffles Lucas' hair with a fond smile.]

Guess my son's going to be a Paladin...
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...You know, its not that bad, Cora.

[Oh, hey, the other variety of paladin from this crazy crew. Guess he was hiding behind a tree trunk or something?]

I've been looking into nature magic myself, from my master's tome, but it'll take a while before I can really master anything. Your son... evidently has a knack for it. Once Viridi's gone, I could look after him and make sure his gift develops further.

[The Frenchman does crack a small grin.]

Plus... I could really, really use my first student.
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[Lucas, looking as chipper as you would believe did part from Cora. A little anxiously at first but the more he thought about it the more spring was in his step. He paused though and looked confusedly at the newcomer.]


[Another person who knows magic?]

Hey, I'm not against him learning Magic, I just have a few issues where he's learning it from... though admittedly I'm having a tough time deciding now. Last thing I need is my son learning from someone who went a little crazy with his powers. Mr. Truth's Sight.
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Hey, hey, it was brief ego trip, and one I now know to make sure people avoid! At least I won't teach him that dropping giant plant bombs on cities is a viable strategy.

[...Wait, given present company...]

A-Anyway, he can't just be left to develop on his own once Viridi leaves! He's still young, and I know from experience that it was haphazard enough to learn solo. The boy needs a teacher, and unless you're willing to trust him to Roads, I'm the one best suited for it. I can help him expand his growth into other areas, light, fire, wind, the kind of elements that would help nature grow in a variety of conditions.
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This ougtha be good...

[Lucas looked back and forth before nodding.]

Okay Miss Viridi!

[Lucas really didn't get why they kept thinking Viridi would just leave him alone without some way to learn more. That'd be silly to him and His Mum said there was something weird about this person. Admittedly he was really curious as to what the Nature goddess meant by gifts.]

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[Promises, if anything this child most certainly knew the sheer weight of them with how his life was one that had all been dictated by them. He nods as he reaches out and rests his hand upon Viridi's. He heard stories about how knights were sworn, he even saw a few videos in the academy about some of the most famous knights in the Empire.]

[Something, everything about this. It was like the dream of every young britannian child come to life.]

I promise! I promise I'll protect the world and to uphold the balance of nature with all my heart Miss Viridi! I won't ever let you down!

[Elation. That was what he was feeling right now. It was like learning magic all over again... and seeing that look on Lucas' face was enough to have Cora put aside any misgivings she had about this and smile warmly.]
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...That's a point. Pit gets all sorts of weapons and abilities from Palutena, plus there was that robot that other god gave him.

...Not sure I like the idea of an actual kid in a robot though, and not just someone about as mature as one...
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[Lucas admittedly nearly jumped at the sudden change of tone... but of course the voice of mother nature herself would be powerful indeed when it needs to be. His eyes went wide at the sight of the mark that was now on his hand. All creatures of nature would respect him. There was an excitement in his eyes. It was so very clear that whatever future field trips the Academy was going to have... Lucas was going to have a looot of interesting times indeed. He bowed to Viridi, as one would expect a knight to their lord... then waved at Cora with the biggest smile.]

Mum look! I've got one like you now!

[Cora paused, then grinned as she lightly pat her hand on the insignia of the Dullahan team - once a tattoo on her missing arm, now an emblem on her replacement.]

You better be proud of it Lucas! These things are for life! Especially yours!

Mhmm... who's Palutena? Is she friends with Miss Viridi?

[That's right... Lucas never met Palutena did he?]

Miss Viridi? Why's he talking about putting me in a robot?
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[Cora couldn't help but roll her eyes and give Viridi a mild look.]

Yeah yeah. 'Course I will... Seriously though. Claws? Why not give him a bear to ride around on while you're at it?

[Needless to say at THAT suggestion Lucas just looked even more excited, turning a bright and expectant expression at Viridi.]

... Don't you dare.
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Ow! Ow!

[Young master of the mystic arts he may be, but Richard isn't fond of personally harming animals, so that bird is pretty free to peck.]

N-Not to mention, if -ow!- if the animals of our world obey him likr she saaaaaays, then he could use any creature as a mount. Even one of Ann's cassowaries!

[This time he manages to duck as he speaks.]
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[Cora holds her tongue about looking bad and was about to argue the point. Then she took a better look at the Grizzly Cub and- HNNGH!]

... I'm going to have to veto that. The Bear stays if that's the alternative.

[Yeah no. Cora remembered Scythe mentioning this one person that worked at the preserve who was mauled violently before he was all but hammered to death by a Cassowary's head.]

[Any more mulling on that was cut off by the cheery cry of Lucas rushing over to meet his new buddy, he didn't say anything - merely raising a hand to the Grizzly Cub - which was met by a small paw. Bear Five!]

.. Yeah he's definitely staying.
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Huh... Hadn't considered that. Never really had to raise a pet - or, really, had anything to raise.

So exactly how smart is this little guy gonna be? Like... talking animal? Tool user?
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How about Fozzie?

[This earned a negative and a headshake from the bear. He'd look terrible in a hat.]

What about Basil? Or maybe Jasper!

[The Grizzly Cub looked thoughtful... then shook his head again. Lucas dropped on his rear and pressed his hands against his head in an adorable look of childish frustration before suddenly looking absolutely inspired.]

I got it! How about Sir Bearington?

[Both the bear cub and boy stood, looking absolutely excited about the name before they both thought about it a while.]


Doesn't sound like he can talk... but Lucas understands him just fine.

... I think I got an idea. Does Walter sound good? Its the name of a writer who wrote a story about a bear so...

[There was a pause. Then the Cub voiced his approval, earning a cheerful whoop from Lucas.]