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Well...alls well that ends well, I suppose! And we have SCIENCE to thank for salvaging what would have been a forgettable and almost pitiful finale into some kind of god-beating mass of true finale boss. On that note...does anyone know a good lawyer? Preferably one that's hot blooded and passionate about JUSTICE? And works for cheap?

2. Yuu's brooding in his room...his cries of anguish are anything but muted, anyone walking by can hear his hammy laments.

"This whole time, I've been such a fool...everything that EVIL did...no, my whole relationship with Oishi, too...it's all been because I've blindly followed the path of JUSTICE. Always playing hero and acting courageous...pushing my ideals on everyone without a second thought...have I chosen the wrong path?"

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Ever since the defeat of the Shadow Knights and Professor Tesla, Yuu's been oddly silent. Thinking. Musing. Replaying a certain event in his head, over and over.

------cut scene-----
An origin...a memory...a backstory episode. )
--------------cut scene--------------

"....Oishi...my beloved...why...?"

[Yuu'll be open to questions post mission, as he hops down from the X-Buster's cockpit. Now would be a good time to ask.]


[And once again, Yuu's managed to sneak into kitchen duty. He's fervently making bowl after bowl of ramen, tasting each mixture once, then tossing it. It looks as if he's gone through a number of bowls and utensils, his frantic pace overwhelming the stress limits of metal pots and stirring wisks, as well as chopping knives and serving bowls. He can be heard muttering to himself.]

No...no...no! This is nothing like hers...like ours....

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[A public message, posted over the comms.]

"Mechwarrriors of the White Chalice! Champions, Heroes! Those whose hearts yearn to defy all odds to enact Justice!

The Brotherhood of Manly Souls, the greatest of Clans known as the Gurren Brigade, is looking for new recruits! The only requirement for membership is that you strive to do the impossible and kick reason to the curb in the fight for a future you believe in!

To evaluate the qualities of your blazing souls in person, I shall be holding an event tomorrow in the main recreation deck of the Dai-Gurren; what the people of the Earth Sphere call 'Try Outs'.

There will be refreshments!"


There are indeed refreshments at the tryout. They are tasty.

There is also a large Gurren Brigade flag mounted on a flagpole, like the colors of a boy scout troop. There is a also a table and chair with a sign reading 'Try out here'. The chair is currently unused as Matthew stands on top of the table, gesticulating to a small group of onlookers, among which there seem to be a few Clanners.

"The chief ethos of the Gurren Brigade is to always fight on regardless of the odds against you, to cast aside the whispers of doubt that declare something to to be impossible, and drill through all obstacles in your path, piercing the heavens to create the future that you believe in! This is what the Demon Leader Kamina called 'being a man among men!' Those who–"

One of the Clanners coughs and raises her hand, a twinkle in her eye.

Matthew pauses. "Ah. Mechwarrior Eilena–"

"You keep referring to drills. Why drills? They seem inefficient weapons for a Mech, quiaff?"

Matthew stumbles. "Theoretically, aff. Yet in the hands of–"

"Does your 'Gurren Brigade' have any Getter Machines available for use? I swore an oath to Master Ryouma that I would master all his fighting techniques."

Matthew blinks. "Mechwarrior Chandra! When did you get back?"

"I am glad to see you are achieving your ambitions, Matthew. But why are you talking like someone from a freeborn children's show? And why do you keep referring to this brigade of yours as a 'brotherhood of manly souls'? You have not been contaminated with Spheroid prejudices, quineg?"

"I have not, Tynall! It is simply, well–"

Interject? Apply for a position? Talk to some of the people there?
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1) [ Post Mission post, locked to mission goers. ] At any rate, to all of you who assisted me! Thank you very much. I can tell by your burning spirits that all of you are righteous defenders of JUSTICE! Especially you. [Directed at Kouji] It would seem that your machine is based on my own, it has its own X-Breaker and Fist of Justice!

2) [Later on, when people are awake, you'll find yet another giant machine sitting in the hangar. Sitting cross-legged on the machine's shoulder is a scruffy-looking man, dressed in ragged ninja garb. He seems to be mumbling to himself about the wonders of this ship.]