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Everyone united in common goal

[Frontdated to when the mission starts. This is an action post, directed at characters who are NOT in the final mission of the game.]

The White Chalice took off in its last voyage - it is escorted by your friends as you speak, to reach Primeval Force avatar's incredibly massive body and (hopefully) contain it. In the meantime, your mission is to create a distraction. Face off against the legion of Primeval Force copy units, make it easier for the rest to form a breach!

There is only one problem though. Your enemies number in thousands, tens of thousands even. But you are not alone.

All forces of Earth Sphere have united, and what little remains of their mecha and space fleets - they're all here to assist you. The Federation, Orb, Britannia, Clan Wolf, OZ's remains under Treize's command, Gucun's weirdly designed ships that look like several older vessels slapped together, they're all here. And the list doesn't end there - you see units of Neo Zeon, Clan Jade Wolf, even a rare remnant of the Titans' and A-Laws' force. All of them are ready to make a push, wager their lives in a nigh suicidal charge just to buy White Chalice a few seconds more.

Yet, all of these forces combined, even with anti-Primeval Force barriers... all of this is still not enough. The Primeval Force's titanic body stares in your direction expresionlessly as its hordes of minions fly forward, start to push back the humanity's final stand. Warships start to explode around you...

And that's when it comes.

"Neo Thunder CRASH!"

An electric attack rolls through the battlefield and hits the Primeval Force mooks. Its source - a familiar yet different looking unit.

"Did you miss me? I promised help and here we are! The Zuvorg Alliance is not Earth's enemy. The Inspectors acted on their own, you can call us... Guests."

Following Mekibos, a huge number of Zuvorg machines clashes with your enemies.

"La Garite fleet..."

"De Metrio fleet..."

"Show us all the Jersey Club spirit! All ships, fire!"

"Fire, fire! This is your king's orders - everyone return home alive, got it?"

Fleets of the Polyhedron dimensional jump in and immediately start providing cover fire. At the same time, at the other side of the space battlefield...

???1: "Everyone working together, what amazing teamwork!"
???2: "Hey Leo, don't get too drawn in! They will surround you, think tactically!"
???3: "Heh. Just like old times..."

Primeval Force clones start exploding en masse. Their enemy - but a trio of human-sized combatants. But it's not any trio. The Cosmic Arc's legendary warriors, the Guardians are here.

When the situation starts to change, a swarm of reinforcements arrives to topple the status quo. Suddenly arriving from Earth's direction, a swarm of familiar golden alien beings... the Festum.

???: "Please, if you can hear this, tell Kazuki..."

But this time they are on your side.

"Tell him I promised to return one day. This day is now - as the Festum understand humanity's plight."

The golden swarm starts cutting at Primeval Force grunts with their razor sharp limbs, and create black holes that suck them in and annihilate whole parts of their bodies. The Festum act without fear, suicide ramming and exploding in more black holes if damaged.

Speaking of black holes, a whole bunch of them appears to instantly obliterate a large enemy group.

"Black Hole Cluster."

The scientist whom Ayame entrusted with the Primeval Force generator decided to take matters into his own hands.


Shu Shirakawa and Granzon are here.

With the sudden reinforcement, you stand a chance. The enemies seem endless... but you have a chance!

Humanity does not stand alone!

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