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Resnick is in the library, poring over the footage from So Long, Buddy the battle with the Beastmen and Waco's Rangers. He's not paying attention to the Beastmen though. He knows what their deal is, or at least thinks he does. He's trying to puzzle out instead why Waco's Rangers were disguised as clanners. Although he has a deep feeling in his gut that the Rangers are up to something deeply dishonorable (to be fair, he has that feeling about a lot of people), he can't figure out what exactly it is. The holo-projection catches a 'Summoner' (clearly not actually a Clan mech, but a Spheroid one thinly disguised) taking a shot to the shoulder. The 'missile rack' (here revealed as a giant painted log) falls off and.

"Freeze frame."

Yes, it's an Orion after all.

"Those savashri mercenaries dare to use The Great Father's own mech! But for what..."

He is unaware that the Orion is actually pretty common in the service of the Free Worlds League, that nation not being in the path of the Clan juggernaut.


It's holo-news time in the common room and he's about to get the answer to his questions. The news jingle plays and the newscasters shuffle their papers and make frowny faces.

"In our top story today, several military bases and cities were attacked by mobile suits only seen in the Earth Sphere once before. These mobile suits claimed to be from 'Clan Wolf'. Popularly known as the 'Dog Tribe', these are the same mobile suits that fought the 'Jade Falcons' three months ago. They did not discriminate between combatants and noncombatants. The death toll, of both civilians and soldiers, is in the thousands. Here is live footage of one such attack. We warn you that this footage depicts graphic violence and is not suited for children or those sensitive."

The broadcast cuts to a home recording, showing a huge mech looming over a crumbling, slummy neighborhood. Painted prominently on its side is the snarling wolf's head symbol of that Clan. At first it appears to be a Timber Wolf, one of the top frontline Clan ominimechs. Yet careful inspection will show that the arms don't articulate. It's actually a disguised Catapult, not that the broadcasters seem able to tell. Nor the terrified civilians, for that matter, as they boil out of their houses just before flights of LRMs slam into them and they collapse as if they were made of no more than cards. The torso mounted lasers flash out, incinerating many of those who tried to flee. There are constant screams, people praying and wetting themselves. It's not a pretty picture.

The external speakers of the mech cut on with a squeal. The voice that comes out is a passable imitation of the haughty clanner accent, though if you're familiar with English dialects and very observant you might notice that its culturally Texan origins aren't entirely covered up.

"Such is the justice of Kerensky we have visited upon the barbarians of the Earth Sphere!"

The footage then cuts off, showing a world map with several flashing red dots. The newscaster continues in voice-over.

"These are the sites where the attacks took place. The numbers next to them indicate the estimated number of casualties, where they are known. Phelan Kell, who claims to be the 'Khan', or warrior-chief of Clan Wolf has denied that these mobile suits belong to him and released the following statement to the press..."

Resnick looks like he's about to blow a gasket.

[OOC: If you want your home nation's cities or bases to have been attacked, feel free. Kors, feel free to NPC Phelan's press statement as well.]