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The Sign of Zeta


It's been a hell of a ride. [Kamille's sitting in the Striker Zeta's cockpit, somewhat disheartened that the adventure is over.] I've been through a lot these years with you all, and I feel like I've come out of it a better man. [He sighs lightly as he finally gets his point across.] Thank you. All of you. For everything you've done. I wouldn't be who I am now if it wasn't for the Chalice and the people who lived on it. For that, I thank you. ['Actually... there's still one person to thank.' Kamille smiles.] If you're ever in trouble and need some help, or you just happen to be in the area, look me up at Side 7, in Green Noa. I'll be more than willing to show you around. Hell, if you need a job, I'm going to be setting up a restaurant in the colony. I'm not going to let me kitchen skills go to waste!

[Action, Months Later, locked to ???]

[Kamille's nursing a drink in a bar in Granada. Everything that's happened to him, from joining the Chalice to taking on the mantle of Zeon, then subsequently casting it off to stop Char, none of it would have been possible if it weren't for an encounter at Rauha with a certain pilot.]

I'm surprised you actually decided to show.
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I'm fairly certain you're still too young for that.

[And look who it is: just the best mobile suit pilot passing by.]

And I only came because there was a betting pool going on about whether or not I'd come here. Thought I'd get in on it and get a cut of the "he'll go" crowd.
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Haven't been keeping track of the time myself... but I still remember.

Considering everything though, I hope you didn't invite me here in the hopes we could was nostalgic about those times though.
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[Cynthia snickers.]

After all of this, it comes down to the two of us. Much has been lost, but time goes on, and we still have lives to live, eh?