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[Locked to Rock Volnutt and people who help him find the fourth key.]

After an (offscreen, but surprisingly complication-less for once!) adventure in Calinca City ruins, you finally have it - the fourth and final Key to the Motherlode! Now you can unlock its secrets, and an unlimited energy source is yours, hopefully to be used for the betterment of humanity.

There is however a slight complication. As you return, there are two individuals waiting for you. You remember the girl from a while ago on the Forbidden Island, but who is her bodyguard?

Dialogue )
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(I know, it's a long backdate, but what can I say?)

*Rock's crew can be seen hauling lots of junks and machineries into White Chalice. He looks a bit dirty.*

So... much... monkey... crap...

But we got this many loot, Rock! And we got the third key! And we managed to save the city's priceless statue! I say this is all in all a very successful dig.

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1. *Rock enters the living room with a stack of books, papers, and recordings*

Hey, look what I found when cleaning up Grandpa Barrel's old room at Nino Island! A lot of his unpublished logs and notes! He sure was a prolific digger in his youth. These are really invaluable for the field of archaeology! Not to mention worth a lot of cash!

Let's see... "Forbidden Island?" These must be the log of his first journey to the Forbidden Island. I wonder why he never published it.

And here... "Rock's Discovery?" Huh? Is this about my adoption? What a strange title. I think maybe Grandpa Barrel dug a little bit too much. Let's listen to it.

"Are you sure you don't want to listen to this in private or something, Rock?"

"Nah, what's the point. It's not like it's a dramatic secret or something."

*The recording starts to play*

"...Once, a long time ago, I went to the ruins on Nino Island to do some research on the civilization that preceded ours. The ruins there are very dangerous, and are normally sealed off. I snuck inside without the Guildmaster's permission. Just inside the entrance, I found a strange, diamond-shaped object. When I touched it, it fell apart--no, melted--and from inside there appeared a small child, a baby, and a monkey. Seeing as I had broken into the ruins without permission I couldn't reveal where I'd found them. So, I decided to raise the baby along with my granddaughter..."

*Rock turns off the recording.*

...what was that?


2. *Rock is on the deck, kicking some empty cans into a set-up trashcan nearby.*

I wonder if I really should be that surprised...
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(Previously on Megaman Legends: The crew found the location of the first key, they met Tron, somehow managed to explodified her, and now she's blasting awaaay!)
(Backdated to right after the first part.)

1. *Rock is watching Tron getting picked up by a Drache from her burning crab bot, and fluttering away from the site.*

Huh...  I feel sorry for her. I hope she's alright...

Where did everyone go? Guys? Hello?

2. (Ruin exploration time!  Please post in one thread)

In the edge of the village, stands a building  that looks completely unlike the rest of the village which are just simple huts. But to be honest... it's actually rather underwhelming. Is this really the place where the first key is held?

The village chief came to meet everyone. But unlike what you might thought from how the village looks like, the village chief is actually a hot woman in small black dress.

"Thank you for getting rid of that pirate for us. I heard you're looking for a way to enter our mysterious ruin? Actually, I have the key.  Please accept it as a token of our gratitude."

Thank you, ma'am! Alright, time to see what's the inside of this ruin looks like!
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(Frontdated after things calm down a bit and we're safely on earth)

1. We figured out where the first key resides! It apparently resides in an ancient ruin in Pokte Island, a small tropical island in the equator. I'm going there now! Anyone want to join me? But uh... I don't think you could bring your giant mechs inside, though...

2. After trudging through the jungle for what seems like hours, you see what seems to be a small village surrounded by wooden palisade. And on the outskirt? You see two familiar yellow robots.

Servbot 1: What do you think is that? Do you think it's some kind of ruins or something?

Servbot 2:  Hmm... should we go in and explore or not? Do you think it might be dangerous?

(Aah, really sorry! I forgot to say that I meant for this prompt to be in one thread)

3. (to be continued)

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[Post-dated to 'Teopan' mission.]


On the general comm channel, Matthew suddenly pops up on live video, standing in front of a bulkhead, hands clasped behind his back like some kind of statesmen.

"My fellow comrades of the White Chalice! We have persevered through toil, loss, and danger, fighting bitter, powerful foes to both life and the earth itself. And we have triumphed over them!"

He fixes the hypothetical viewer with a Serious Glance!™

"However! All the evidence we have–including a few prophetic visions–hints at far greater battles to come, struggles that shall test the limits of our minds, bodies, and spirits! Therefore, to strengthen ourselves for the future, I propose we gather together in the spirit of camaraderie–"

He swivels the camera about to reveal the gym he's standing in: weights, practice weapons, and a table with snacks and water bottles are arranged around each other. A simple red banner with no adornments (or inspirational platitudes) hangs from the ceiling.

"–for a Group Training Festival!" He declares, clenching a fist.

[2] (Open to Everything)

Matthew stands by to greet all attendees to his half-baked 'Training Festival', hands resting on a bokken cane-style, grinning eerily.

"Welcome comrades, to this gathering of training! Do you wish to hone your body, your mind, or your aptitude at teamwork?"


[Do you have a nice montage scene in your head? Then put it here, along with any snazzy music you like!]
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You see some commotion from the Flutter, Rock's ship and house. The engine compartment is open, and someone is loudly tinkering inside. Outside it, Rock is hauling pile of junks from the ship's storage into a pile nearby.

"Hey Roll! Would this old industrial vacuum cleaner work?"

"Sure Rock! Canibalize it a little bit and it'd be perfect for our refractor fin cooler. Now can you find some size 2 gears from somewhere?" Roll's voice replies from the engine compartment.

"Uuh, size 2 gears... size 2 gears... what thing would have it..."


Lately, you often see this monkey everywhere. In the kitchen. In the hallways. In the cafetaria. Everywhere. It's not doing anything. It just stands there and watches. Staring. Confront its owner or the monkey itself?

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A shuddering and rather smoking ship in a style which might be somehow rather familiar docks in White Chalice's Hangar. From it, exits two teenagers and a small monkey looking creature.

One of the teenagers is a boy in a rustic-yet-sophisticated styled armor, and the other is a girl in red cap, jackets, and shorts, who's wielding a wrench.

"Sorry, Rock. I don't think we could fly much longer without proper repair. Could you at least ask this ships' owner for their permission to dock here at least until we're not in the middle of nowhere?"

"No problem, Roll. I should also say my gratitude to them too, for saving us back then."

"Maybe you could find some junk that we can use to fix our ship here! Wait, hmm... why did I feel deja vu..."

"Shut up, Data."

1. Rock is introducing himself through the video/in person.

"Hello, nice to meet you. Um, thank you for saving our ship back then, we were really in a spot back then. Um, and forgive me for asking, can we spend some time here until at least we pass a city or something?"

2. Rock is watching some Servbots working/making a mess.

"Huh... are those? Um, are you guys familiar with the Bonne Family?"

3. A small robot monkey is silently watching the workers in the hangar while doing this non stop.