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[[A time-delayed video recording plays itself some time after events have transpired.]]

Post-mortum: a video will )
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[ After "Different Faces of Warfare" ]

The Geara Doga was mostly in one piece except for its shield containing its missiles and E-wire. Bernie looks up at it with his arms folded. He looks very thoughtful.

"I guess it worked out alright. That's two ideas." He nodded, smiling.

A video message:
"I'm...I'm sorry everyone. I really lost my head out there."
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[Backdated to before Raynor's mission.]

[Lan sets up a chair somewhere in the common area - she has a desk prepared as well. What is going on?]

Umm. I have an announcement to make.

[She opens a folded piece of paper.]

The only official White Chalice Bar (owner: Herb Montgomery) is announcing a scary story contest. The one to come up with a most terrifying story will receive a prize. The main judge was decided to be Fin E Ld Si Laffinty, that is myself. Though others are welcome to join and participate in the judging process as well.

So, umm. If you have a scary story to tell, I need to listen to it.
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[Jeremy honestly hadn't been intending to pay a visit to Australia for another stretch of time.  But, well... he had a favor he had to uphold to a good friend of his.  So for a few days he'll be a total no-show.  And when he comes back...]

Any and all who are willing, there's a favor I have need of you!

[In his arms is a large, dirty stone vase, one which he'll put on the first available table he can find.]

During a previous renovation project in Australia, I befriended a number of the natives there who were appreciative of my efforts.  They also had one special request of their own that was normally outside my domain but one I am always eager to assist in: instead of preserving or restoring history and cultures... taking part in one!

Anyone willing to take part, please, write down some goal.  Some desire you want to work towards, it doesn't matter if it's a great or small one.  We are nearing a sacred date for the descendants of the vase's creators, and it's my duty to fill the vase with as many hopes and dreams as I can.  There may be no magic at hand with this... but symbolic acts can carry a weight of their own, and the magic may be what we make of it.
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1) [Soon after "To the Wandering Blooming Flowers"]


[Cora was busy trying to get an explaination out of her uncaring teammate, there were wary looks all around as the part-Eleven's helmet pulled back revealing his signature look of constant annoyance.]

She wasn't human, she was pretty much rolling around in Ruin-dead robot and she landed a hit on me. You were pretty fired up on trying to take her down if I remember right.

[Cora twitched, hands tightening into fists.]

That was different... she wasn't even a threat at that point - human or not that was-! GET BACK HERE!!

[Nope. Mongrel's just going to leave.]

2) [Much Later after prompt 1]

[Seeing as they're probably going to have a while in Australia, Cora figured it'd be nice to spend some time at Scythe's place. Her brother was pretty surprised to see them for one, and the Sniper was pleased as punch to see her pet Bulldog as well as the pups.]

[The house is also close by an animal preserve - in which Members of Scythe's family when they either retire from military service or never opted to it take care of along with various friends.]

[Either spend time chillaxing at Scythe's family home or mingle/explore the preserve at your own peril and be exposed to Australian wildlife.]

[It should be noted that the Preserve has some pretty heavy fencing, and the entrance is laden with warning signs - and a dispenser for heavy duty riot shields and an emergency medical station...]

[Fun, fun FUN!]
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[And after coming back from the mission, at the first available opportunity R's going to make a public video... or well, textdump.  The skeletons in the AI's digital closer were dragged out into the open now... and, well...]

Some of you were out there in the city when you heard it being said.  For everyone else, I'll tell you now.

I was not merely made to prove the possibility of using Universal Alloy to create artificial intelligence on the same level as a human's.  No, for my creator, Hans Wagner, that was merely an afterthought.  All of the other applications of Universal Alloy were an afterthought.  He had intended it for just one purpose: to recover what he'd lost.

The name I chose for myself is R, the identity I live is one I made for myself.  But I was made for something else entirely: to be the recreation of his deceased wife Greta.  Hans couldn't let go; he refused to let death keep him separate from her.  And so he made me, my mind, my thoughts, my memories, my taste in music and art... everything that was Greta was put in me.  Universal Alloy served as the foundation for my mind, and also a body to house it.

The one thing Takeda couldn't change though... was the fact I was just an imitation.  And Greta -my former self- eventually put the pieces together.  It was then that I stopped being her, and rather my own person.  I rejected Wagner and everything about him, I didn't want to act in ways simply because I was programmed to, I wanted to become my own self.

That's why I blew up in Lynn's face before when she asked me about my original purpose... and also when I was called an 'old hag'.  Because I refuse to be Greta.  I reject that identity and all the baggage and characteristics it forces on me.

I am exclusively who I want to be: the AI named R.  And I'm here because of my own reasons, from helping friends to taking vengeance on those who took them from me.

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[[Whilst the other members of the Dullahan unit are up to their own devices, and being generally in a good mood, this one's been frustrated for days.

At the moment, she's busy slugging it out with a punching bag. However this one is special, as it has a picture of Issac's face taped onto it.]]

Stapid damn Apple... talkin crap about family 'roun me. Jerk oughtta know better! Fam'ly b'fore tha en of tha world... Oughtta be punchin his face...

[[And she sinks another punch in that rips the picture off the bag.]]
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Isaac suddenly pops up on the comms of all the members of the Dullahan squad...and a few others he clicks on by accident. He looks...extremely serious and concerned.

"All members of the Dullahan Squad! Report to the aft Hanger Bay immediately! A moment of vital crisis has come upon us!"


(Open to all)

Once you show up to the aft hanger bay, you discover...nothing but Isaac Sinclair, standing next to the ready Dullahan armor units...which have been decked out with hastily sown sashes of green-grey cloth.

This paragon of Brittanian peerage...rubs the back of his head sheepishly, a very nervous smile on his face.

"You may all be wondering why I summoned you all here under the pretense of an emergency...Ho, Ho!


(To be revealed after second prompt)
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[There's some sort of bubbling sound coming from Lynn's room... and the door just so happens to be unlocked, letting anyone who takes a peek to see entire white-boards filled with equations and technobabble acronyms and terms.  Not to mention that smell... a smell that was almost like-]

It worked!  This is great... I was afraid I'd forgotten the process!

[-And the bathroom door opens, with Lynn standing there with a mug of something alcoholic in hand and a water cooler jug filled with what was most likely more of the stuff.  And when she's spotted she just freezes for a moment before letting out a sigh.]

... I left the door open, didn't I?

[Well, no matter.  Not like it was illegal to make your own beer or anything.]

Could you move though?  I whipped this up because I wanted to unwind... it's just now there isn't a decent place to sit in here.

[Uh... Lynn... you feeling alright?]

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I'm back at White Chalice... I didn't expect to be here again, not so soon.

Everyone - thank you for having me again, if only for a short while. I need to reach Madoka - I mean, Kamogawa, at the earliest opportunity. It is something really important.

Muginami... why did you have to support for De Metrio and become our enemy once more?

[Following the re-introduction, Lan will explore and look at familiar places around White Chalice.]
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[[This is quite the unusual face for the usually colorful and perky Dullahan squaddie. Face clear of piercings, no makeup, her hair neat for once...

Its days after the loss of two members of the Unit and she's still unable to get past the loss. She was the youngest of them and death had never hit as clost to hike as this one did. The family she knew, not the one she lost that saved lives.

She's done her best to usually cheer on others, so who's willing to return the investment?]]
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After the mission to intercept the A-LAWS, Bernie headed for the lunchroom; he didn't look too happy after leaving from the Gaza D's cockpit.

"Well, I should've saw this coming." He said after sitting down at a table. Captain Aznable, Lady Haman... Bernie rubbed his fingers through his hair.

"That guy named 'Cello'. What did he remind of? A puppet?"


Bernie is in the hangar, observing the salvaged equipment. from the A-LAWS and Neo Zeon. Zeon soldier folded his arms.

"Definitely an arms race. If they had their gotten their hands on the Celestial Being equipment...who knows what would've happened."

Bernie cupped his chin.
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[So Loran's currently chilling out in his cockpit. And by chilling I mean having an existential crisis cause he just killed people directly and meaning to for the first time. Yes. Really.]

Damn it.
What am I doing anymore.

[I mean...he's glad Elena isn't dead, despite assuming such, but he's still pretty much a mental wreck over this.]
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 [It's maintenance time for the VeHA, Lynn and R being as much a team with this as they are when actually piloting.  The AI moves and shifts the machine's frame to let Lynn better reach trouble spots, and all the while they've been holding a rather pleasant conversation.  Well... until-]

You know... I never realized it before now, but R... you're a Retroactive Existence, yes?

What of it?

Well, the point of the idea of those is to make them have an identity, personality, even memories all preset even before they're made!  But you've never said much about your own identity.  You got angry when that one goddess called you a "hag" though... were you meant to be a super-macho man then or-

[There's a very loud creaking as the VeHA turns to face Lynn... and even without facial features the woman's struck silent by the animosity radiating from it.]

I'm not going to talk about this.  Not with you or anyone else.

R-R... I-

[Yeah, Lynn's realizing she's struck a nerve here.]

Regardless of my intended being, that is not who I am now, so what does it matter?  I am what I choose to be, nothing more or less, and I have no lost love for Hans Wagner and his insane obsession with working to create me, ignoring the very work Britannia had hired him to do in the first place.

[The AI then realizes it's probably said too much.  And now it's going to say very little.]

I'm going.

[And at that, the VeHA's eye dims and the machine slumps down again, R going off into the ship's systems to have some solitude.  And as for Lynn, she's just left standing there, realizing just how little she really knows about R's identity...]

... I'm sorry...

(You can tag either Lynn or R in the aftermath of this conversation, just specify which when you post)

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[Its some time after the continuation of the festival, a long while after Cora and Richard continued their drinking spree - she's back on the Chalice and overseeing a few things...]

[1] [Cora Interaction]

[Cora's got a few bandages on her and looked a little red from the heat she had to deal with from almost getting set on fire. She's currently looking over the repairs to her armor with a most stern look. Its surprising how well she's keeping herself steady despite how much she drank.]


[She's rubbing the side of her head, brushing a piece of armor that was removed for replacement... it had warped a little from the heat - it wasn't severe, if it was she'd have been broiled inside her suit - but still...]

[2] [Oxide Interaction]

[The Cyborg member of the Dullahan unit was still getting patched up more or less after having to make several risky manuevers on the field - one mostly due to the berserking EVA 04. Still, he seems to take it in stride as he carefully tends to his now detatched left arm - meticulously replacing bits and pieces like a man reassembles firearm. What is interesting is that despite any interaction (or lack of thereof) he has had with you, he's requested your presence in the infirmary - not looking up from his limb tending as he speaks to you.]

I'll just get to the point, I need to ask this from someone out of the team. I need help getting Major Anderson's head straight.

[As he slides the final piece into place he reattaches his arm - notably wince crosses his face as a hydraulic hiss rings through the air and he carefully tests the movements of his recently maintained limb.]

She's got a rough job. Our team's not exactly the kind that'd keep a Commanding Officer stable, and she's got a lot of other things on her plate to deal with too. But between her drinking habit and a tendency to fly off the handle whenever Lynn Idris gets involved... she needs help. Think you can offer it?

[3] [Cora Intervention]

[Cora's just looking around at everyone, clearly unamused at the goings on before her.]


[It was a very flat what to say the least.]

[Begin her intervention?]
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Didja see all that!? Firs' that lil brain rowbit merged with the big face and they made a bigger one, then...

Then they made tha huge unbrel'a! Then they got erry one to jump into this huge drilly thing!?

How long has that badass been on 'ere!? I wanna meet that pilot!

[[Behold, Joanne's first time witnessing the logic-breaking actions of the Gurren Lagan... And she's fully unfamiliar with it's pilot ((A pilot she cannot meet on screen!))]]

Oh man...

Jun. 22nd, 2013 10:05 pm
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Bernie, in his green Zeon flight suit, was pacing up and down the corridors of the Chalice. If there was one thing he was good at, it was not looking like he was in high spirits. His head hung long, his arms behind his back. Maybe he was in a lot of thought.

"Tch, I can't believe it. What would they think of this?" Then he thought, why do they have to leave?

[2] - Post-inspector attack -

Bernie is in the hangar, cleaning his Gaza D. He was alive; however, he looked a little thoughtful. Second thought, while he was doing work, Bernie didn't seem to be earnest about it. In fact, he was sitting inside the lift, cross-legged and reaching out to scrub the mobile armor in circles.

"Small fry?!" He muttered, biting his lip.
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[1] [Cora & Dice (red)]
Cut for reminescing and Duct tape )

[2] [Mongrel (Khaki), Dozer (green) & Scythe (violet)]

Cut for Structural Damage and Comedy )

[3] [Chips (orange), Oxide (gold) & Dagger (Gray)]

Cut for Carrying things around )
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[Backdated to Pre-Inspector Raid]


This morning, as people walk into the White Chalice Mess Hall for some grubs, they discover a strange sight.

Isaac Sinclair, the most aristocratic of the Dullahan commando team, with blood so blue you could paint a picture of the sky with in a chef's apron, squeezing out fresh oranges with a wooden press that looks centuries old, and filtering the juice into some pitchers.

"What ho!" He declares to you if you approach. "Does your heart crave nutrition this fine dawn?"


Later, he can be seen in the Gym, trying to wrestle with 'his fellow practitioners in the arts of Powered Armor'–i.e. the Elementals.

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[After that little hostage situation, Jeremy can be seen walking around and wearing slightly more than he usually does.  Along with his pants, he's also wearing... bandages.  A lot of medical bandages wrapped around his midsection.  Turns out that quite a few ribs had been cracked when he'd been squeezed roughly, with nothing but the power of HAM keeping him going.  He's not looking too happy though.]

Wearing all this excess material... it's almost as if I'm being smothered!

[So says the man who can count the number of times he's worn a shirt in the past year on one hand.  But there's more on Jeremy's mind though, and when he returns to one of his preferred reading spots, he's cracking open two books.  One: The Art of War.  Two: one volume in a multipart series covering the actual events during the conflict popularized in Romance of the Three Kingdoms.  The stuff with Gucun's making him want to start from the ground up, and hopefully find a way to help Cheng by turning to one of the past's biggest accounts on chronic backstabbing.]

Han Zhi is nothing more than a usurper and a despot, his public support be damned!  He is not the first man in history to stage an uprising such as this, and many that came before him have failed in time.

I will not give up.  I will not see the troubled tale of Gucun end in such a way as this!
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Oi, Oi, OI! That's not how my Borot is meant to look!

[For those who haven't already met him - of which should be quite the vast majority - there's a strange guy standing in the hangar right now. He seems dressed like some of high school student, but has a hard hat on and is yelling at engineers as... a pink dome is lowered onto a portly robot's body? Doesn't look too great either...]

You've got the head facing backwards! And don't tell me you can't tell, it has thumbs!

[He's also being rather loud. Dare to approach?]
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[Vlaska is now undertaking another exercise. What is it you ask? Something that would help him remember names and faces. In other words. He's pulling Mail duty across the ship. Ferrying messages - no matter how trivial they are across the ship to other people. Interestingly this also helps him with his navigation skills.]


[He's looking up at you curiously. Do you have a letter you want for him to send to someone? Are you getting a letter? Do you just want to scratch him behind the ear because of that adorable postman's hat somebody decided to make for him just for this occassion?]

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[Guess who's back aboard the Chalice you guys. Looks like after the disaster of the last mission Dr. Light decided to take this opportunity to move back onto the Chalice and that mean's Rock's back.

He's currently out of armor, looking around the hangar.]

Wow, it sure has been a while since we were here. Kinda weird to be back here after being gone for so long.

[He's kind of wondering how much things have changed. He can see that some mecha that were around last time he was here are gone, but there's quite a few more that've taken their place. He's heard plenty of stuff on the news, but it's not the same as actually being on the Chalice. He'll just have to see.]

((I am so late with this post. XD;))
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[Cora's catching some downtime at the lounge. Apparently she got some return mail from her son, interestingly enough the envelope it came in looked pretty ritzy. She was gently brushing the side of the letter over and over again as she read it. She snaps out of it pretty quickly when she realizes you're there.]

Huh? Oh.. hey. You wanted to talk?

[She's carefully folding the letter back up and slipping it back into the envelope - something slips past her fingers though...]


[Cora quickly snatches it before it hits the ground... she winces and tries to smooth it out...]

[Its a photo of a kid. One that bears a resemblance to Cora, especially if the cheerful smile is anything to go by]. And interestingly he's: 1) On a field trip to a museum in London, 2) Decked out like a noble-born student.]

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[When the VeHA returns to the Chalice, needless to say it's looking a lot less dignified.  A lot of its joints are strained, one of its legs is hanging limply by a handful of cables, some of its fingers look like they're about ready to snap off from rapid overuse, and the entire front is scratched up pretty much everywhere and the paintjob's ruined.  R's interface might have been able to let it keep up with the Joneses for a short while, but the servos -now nearly twenty years old- just couldn't take the strain.  And soon enough Lynn's looking at the wreck, with R observing from a nearby computer terminal.]

I suppose when it's just a civilian-use suit there's only so much you can really expect it to do.

Indeed.  Leos may be about as old as VeHAs, but ultimately they're much more impressive and versatile machines, reputation aside.  And even with the armory we have access to, that only grants us a few more weapons.  Add on the fact that we'd need to completely replace the machine's servos with more modern and reliable ones, ones that could handle the strain my movements would put it through-

[Before R can continue though, Lynn cuts the AI off.]

I know what you're getting at.  Still... that machine... it was in the Tritech Labs.  Same as you.  It's... kind of hard to not feel at least a little sentimental... you know?

It's as good a reason as any to stick with a machine.

Exactly!  And besides, a tune-up can go a really long way, so let's not count it out just yet!

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1) Words with HQ
Read more... )

2)[Gym] A good old fashioned Spar
Read more... )

3) [Hangar] Playing with fire (SHENANIGANS)
Read more... )

4) [Bar] Because sometimes there's something comrades CAN'T do.
Read more... )
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[Under the fleet of alien (but friendly, surprisingly enough) ships floating in the sky, two girls reunite on the beach for one last time. Soon enough, one of them would depart this planet forever - but before that happens, the two had a shared confession to make.]

"The truth is... I love you."

"And I... always, loved you too..."

[The two hold hands and kiss gently. And then!]

"Cut! That take was perfect! This finishes the filming - our newest student movie, Lily and the Spaceship, should be a great success!"

[Yup, Madoka's school is shooting a movie, and the Jersey Club is helping. That's all that happened here. Trololo.]


[For real this time. The La Garite fleet departs in a few days after their appearance - and they're taking Lan with them.]

Everyone. I suppose this is the time to say good-bye.

It has been a pleasure to meet you all.
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[[Chaos has broken out in the hangar, and said chaos might've had an accomplice too!

With the proximity of holidays, someone's gone and painted pink and white eggs on most all of the machines in the hangar. Then again, the ones that were avoided were obvious, as those could've been a death sentence having been touched. (Zeon officers, Wing Gundam, many of the CB units, EVAs, and anything else that might've been under personal guard so she can't get close to paint them up.

But that's the thing... she surely would've been caught or... Maybe you've deduced that someone new on board, that obviously looks to have some sort of unrefined background, would've done something.

Cuz this kid already learned to knock that off years ago. ]]
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1) [Hangar]

[Hey, remember that Britannian Special Ops team that you worked with during the hostage situation? They're coming aboard now. From the looks of things they might be here to stay awhile given the amount of gear they're bringing along.]

Hey, any room we can put this stuff? Last thing we need to do is put our gear in someone's parking spot and get it all run over.

2) [Mess Hall] (Introductions)
Read more... )

3) [Gym]
Read more... )
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[Well... she's back.  Though not really.  "Maya Landale", the pseudonym of the infamous Icarus Bomber, is now gone.  All that's left is Lynn Idris... fugitive scientist and now prisoner.   The jail cell's as much for protection as imprisonment though... at least until the Chalice's command staff can decide what to do with her.   And she's looking like her usual, glum self.]

... I wish I had known sooner.

[Indeed.  To realize how empty her death wish was, only a matter of a few hours or days before she'd surely be handed over to the Empire to be tried and killed? That's some rotten luck indeed.  Still... she can't help but smile a little bit.]

But the hostages are okay.  Knowing that... helps.


[Meanwhile, a particular computer AI's been brushing up on its history.  You might find an unoccupied computer terminal breezing through as much of the past 17 years as possible, though occasionally stopping.  And if you hang around long enough, it'll notice you as well.]

-Hello.  Something catch your attention?-

[There's text now, on the screen.  Addressed at you.  Creeeepy.]