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(1) [[Immediately returning from battle.]]

Damn... I wish we had more time to refine that fucking thing! [[But MarKus ditches the Technica in the hangar and makes his way to the nearest thing he can watch the battle from, a monitor, a window, WHATev! It's a few minutes after he remembers to take off his old helmet.

(2) [[After sheet goes down!]]

Wait wait... we just have to leave... Like that? You know... I kind of felt like... there's be a more, you know... sentimental end to it. Just get off the fucking ship?

[[MarKus doesn't seem pissed, just... oddly disappointed.]]

Well fuck... Let's get packed, then... back to one last shift of fixing everyone's shit.

(3) [[During the final move-out/preparation.]]

[[MarKus is ready to go but, he's using the rest of his time to fix up everything he can and help sure up the ship.]] You know... what the hell am I doing to do after this?

[[He just hasn't consulted anyone about any post-battle careers or residency.]]
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Well...alls well that ends well, I suppose! And we have SCIENCE to thank for salvaging what would have been a forgettable and almost pitiful finale into some kind of god-beating mass of true finale boss. On that note...does anyone know a good lawyer? Preferably one that's hot blooded and passionate about JUSTICE? And works for cheap?

2. Yuu's brooding in his room...his cries of anguish are anything but muted, anyone walking by can hear his hammy laments.

"This whole time, I've been such a fool...everything that EVIL did...no, my whole relationship with Oishi, too...it's all been because I've blindly followed the path of JUSTICE. Always playing hero and acting courageous...pushing my ideals on everyone without a second thought...have I chosen the wrong path?"

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[Finally, White Chalice arrived in Orb. We will be here for a while, so make yourselves comfortable! Fortunately the oceanic country is a peaceful and prosperous one, so you can spend this time in comfort. Not to mention the high class hotel that was booked specifically for us to reside in - covering a lot of ground, with many facilities and easy access to nearby malls, what luxury! There's a giant Christmas tree in the lobby to put everyone in festive mood, and even though the climate is not exactly what you'd call winter-like, Orb mobile suits are flying around the place and showering it with snow a few times every day. Talk about dedication. Or wastefulness.]

[1 - general Christmas thread, mingling encouraged]

[The Christmas party will be a large and opulent one, with delicious food and plenty of important-looking people in fine clothing. Feel free to join in - or experience the holiday on your own pace, especially since there is so many things to do! The whole shebang will last for more than just the Christmas days, so feel free to spread responses around time-wise rather than making everything happen at once.

Enjoy the festivities! Also Kairos Aspida is there, so if you want to talk to particular people, see below.]

[2 - talk to the Leader?]
Read more... )

[3 - talk to the Second in Command?]
Read more... )

[4 - talk to the Jerk?]
Read more... )

[5 - talk to the Troll Information Gathering Specialist?]
Read more... )

[6 - talk to the Grizzled Captain?]
Read more... )

[7 - talk to the Crew?]

[Scattered through the very same mall were the Crew - both pilots and members of the ship itself - of the Bastion of Insolence (Plus one - the Captain of the Brachos Class Cruiser which had been present on the ambush). Whether you encounter them eating, shopping or just otherwise messing around at an arcade or skating rink or something. You'll bump into them. Despite being clad in full uniform they're acting like ordinary people rather being ruthless or cold or cruel or vicious. They interacted with each other with the warmth and ease of camaraderie and friendship - light shoves, noogies, jokes and boasts with grins all around - or in one case just looking grumpily out of place as everyone's all cheery around them.]

[Sub-prompt 7a: Indra Constatious, Wate Nimec, Henrika Abrahamsson]
Read more... )

[Sub-prompt 7b: Ernest Zapatero, Aglaea Glockner]
Read more... )

[Sub-prompt 7c: Rando Tujip, Farron Halsey]
Read more... )

[Sub-prompt 7d: Orbrey Keller, Maura Dyson, Frans Cremona]
Read more... )

[8 - talk to the Wife?]
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[The day was saved and the Earth's been unsealed by the Ruina.  That was plenty of reason to celebrate.  But a good man had lost his life in all of that, and quite a few things had been spelled out for Josh that turned his perception of his dad full upside-down.]


[Yeah, he's putting Bian up on the Memorial Wall.  He spent a short while onboard the Chalice as a passenger once after the fight at Adventus's headquarters, that would shut up anyone complaining that he didn't qualify.]

You might've been the leader of the DC, but you never hesitated to take the plunge and lead the charge yourself.  We'll do you proud.


[A short while later though..]

Oh crap.  How're you going to get out of this one?  Use the-

Aaaaahahahahaha.  The flame thrower's not working properly!  Classic callback!

... Wait, callforward.  This is a prequel, after all.

[Josh is nomming on some popcorn and watching an old Hollywood film about some thing.  The prequel actually... which he seems to actually be enjoying for once.  What can I say?  He left Antarctica hating two things with a fiery passion that would rival MacReady's hatred of chess computers that cheated.  He's learned to make peace with one of them, and he didn't feel right without giving the other one another shot.]
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November 7th, 17AI
[[MarKus isn't making a big deal about things today. He and his girl had a date, some cake, and now he's back to work. But here's the curious thing about work...

Anyone who's ever smoked a cigarette might notice that not only is MarKus holding one, but he's holding it wrong. And lighting it wrong.

And then he smokes it wrong, hacks, coughs, and throws it... not putting it out either!]]

Jesus christ super *cough* fuck what is the *hack* big fucking deal about smoking? *cough again*

Why make it matter that you're old *cough* enough to do something when it sucks ass? I'd rather fix Bozz Borot!
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[MarKus did NOT watch the news recently! Rather, he went ahead and finished up his project. That THING he went to get a scrap mobile suit for.

In the hangar is still a roped-off area, but now filled with lots of metal walls, and a few other cloth odds and ends. Standing at the entrance is MarKus in an old, OLLLLLLDDD outfit; his Kamen Rider Technica getup.]]

FIIIINALLY! Within these walls are a maze of horrors! Can you escape the most feared, frightening sights you've ever seen in your lives! Only open for today! The White Chalice Hall of Cosmic Horrors! (no association with any Lovecraftian mythos) [[And yes he sure did say that last bit too!]]
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[[MarKus chirps in on all non-emergency channels to interrupt your training, chilling, procrastination, mastication, whatev.]]

Attention all pilots, this is your Ace Mechanic, MarKus, speaking. I'm in need of two pilots and your machines for some manual labor off the ship. I have only two requirements; ONE, your machine has manipulator hands of some manner, and TWO, it's large enough that it can at least carry half of a mobile suit.

Come hollah at the hangar, I'm not hard to find.

[[And of course he'd be the noisy one blasting heavy metal hanging around a very distinctly roped-off part of the hangar. Said area has some scrap metal and no rowbits in it.]]
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[Yusuke gripped his hands, still walking around in his newly reborn Kuuga powers.
Or he had been walking, right now he's decided to stop off in the gym and WRECK the ever loving hell out of sandbags.
He wasn't a man that got frustrated often, it was almost a side noone would ever see, but that was definitely how he felt now.
But he couldn't take it out on others.
His empathy for Dio and Leda, even if he had only known them for that battle and even then barely took in the scene as a viewer, busy with his own issues.
That frustrated him, that earned one Sandbag it's downfall.
The fact Shocker was still kicking and planning to manipulate people like tools, and he could not have been powerful enough to do much until now.
That frustrated him, that was another Sandbag down.
His previous failures looking back as G1. He grinned and bared it. He did his best to help and fight. He was a hero of justice. A protector of all good people. And yet-
The third hits the opposite wall as it looses from the chain this time.]

...Whew. That's better.

[The Rider breathes out, calming himself, and politely starts to gather and clean up the mess he made. This would be the perfect chance to be confused at some bug eyed guy just...being weird in the gym.]
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Once again, Gucun's future has been saved... this time though...

[It hit closer to home... after all... it was a close friend that had betrayed him.]

Wang Ding Bang. There were few who could have matched your dedication to Gucun. You will be remembered. I promise this.

[Of Han Zhi he says nothing... whatever thoughts he has of the man who betrayed him remain his own.]


With the insurgency taken care of and the information of Han Zhi's actions spreading across Gucun, Devon and I will be leaving the Chalice... though I do not doubt she has already said that much already.

We have a difficult road ahead of us. But we will not forget our friends. Even if the rest of the world turns against you, the Chalice will always find a safe haven in Gucun.

[There was a wry smile on his face.]

You had granted my family the same after all...

My friends...

[He salutes. He didn't have to... but he wanted to. Those who remember Frank would know why.]

I wish you the best of luck.


Sep. 5th, 2013 04:58 pm
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Look! Look at this!

[Whatever you were doing, Texotic suddenly bursts into the room and turns a screen on. It seems she learnt to do this, at least.

The monitor shows a commercial broadcast sent over a publically available line - something usually reserved for advertisements and similar foolishness.]

"Apocalypse is upon us! The end of world is nigh! Every day brings portents of humanity's doom."

"Only the chosen few will be saved. Those chosen by the Friend, whose messengers spread love and kindness to everyone! What does it take to be chosen by the Friend? You only have to accept him - be a friend of the Friend, and the Friend will be your friend!"

[The message is full of obvious cultist drivel that only desperate people could fall for. But then it shows the face of the cult's leader, the so called Friend - a young boy with bright eyes and a friendly smile.]

This is Camopaltic, one of the Over Being! I am sure of it!

[Locked to NPCs.]

I'm sorry. It's something I have to do all by myself.

[Texotic left White Chalice without letting anyone know. She knew where to go - the shuttle takes her straight to the cultists' compound. Now she stands in front of the gates, her perfect disguise (hat and dress from before, as well as sunglasses) assembled. What could go wrong?]
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[[See MarKus working on a rowbit.

See MarKus working on a robot quietly. See how he's very quiet other than the sounds of the pneumatic drill he's using.

Now see how he's got a lot of dried paintballs on his back. He's... Been very very quiet, just working, and not even rocking out either!

Now what in the hell's led up to this situation. MarKus, quiet? That's a bizarre occurrence. Perhaps someone would care to investigate?]]
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[Cheng was looking up at the machine that was replacing the Fu Xi. It was... nothing special at all really.]


[The Chairman General was looking over the message he recieved with it. Apparently it was one of the few machines his loyalists managed to procure - and given what happened to the Fu Xi, did their best to get it to him right away.]

And now it comes full circle....

[The Zilong Combat Frame now taking up residence in the hangar was nothing more than a mass produced machine with a SpecPack meant for field commanders. No modifications, no improvements in the design... Cheng was apparently back to basics.]

[Do you have anything to say to him?]


Jul. 7th, 2013 09:25 pm
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[[After End of the Swarm.]]

[So if anyone is in the hangar proper after killing the hell out of a spider robot, a Rider sort of similar to G3 is walking in the BeatChaser, thanking that guy what gave him the left.]

Now who do I talk to around here about that mess...

[Feel free to run into him. I'm sure some of the Rider fanboys would like to flail and ask for autographs.]

[Alternatively after getting the higher ups the low down and seeing what info they got on SHOCKER, also offering his help, etc etc etc. Yusuke is going to be just touring the White Chalice.]

Wow, I knew this place was pretty big but this is something...

[And finally over the network you get this video of Yusuke grinning.]

Hello, my name is Yusuke Godai. But you might know me better as Kamen Rider Kuuga, though now I'm G1...confusing with all the names really.
Thanks for letting me come aboard, please take good care of me. Heh.

[AND ALSO THUMBS UP- fuck secret identities]
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[Post-mission - it was a partial success. But partial is good enough for Felicita, especially since the Leviathan can be handled later, seperately. For now she patiently waits inside Deva for the Putri System to cool down and its effects to kick in. It's unpleasant, but bearable knowing she did a good job.]

Thank you, everyo... huh?

[She lifts a hand to her face and then looks at it. Blood. This is not supposed to happen.]

N... no. This is wrong. Something is really, really...

[Suddenly, interrupted by a terrible pain that clenches her insides.]

[It seems entering Overdrive Mode with the mobile suit being damaged was a bad idea, as the Putri System did not work as intended. Or maybe it did, and the side effects are just really severe this time.

Anyway, Felicita needed immediate medical attention and even some surgery. Internal bleeding, the cardiovascular system being all messed up in general... it looked bad. Possibly the worst part, though? Felicita remained fully conscious during the operation. Even now, several hours later, she is conscious and responsive while in the ward bed.]

... Mother...

[Message from the drone's AI.]
With Felicita Arlotti's last sortie, the Deva Project gathered enough combat data to satisfy Orsini Industries' requirements. Combat data will be sent at the first opportune moment.

Of course, you are welcome and encouraged to continue sending Felicita Arlotti into combat, to gather more data. The contract is still in effect as long as she remains with White Chalice.
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[Post-Inspectors battle, the Power Loader is nothing but a pile of scrap now. But does Lowe look like he's sad about his ride's loss? No!]

Oh man. OH MAN. This is going to be so awesome!

[His Red Frame is dragging the remains piece by piece into one place, taking only some in and discarding others. All the while, 8 sits down on the floor and performs sophisticated analysis. His screen blinks with blueprints and calculations so fast, a normal human being can barely catch anything.]

You gave up your life saving Cheng, Power Loader. But your spirit lives on. Just you wait Inspector jerks, this Junker's got another ace up his sleeve!

[Lowe pauses to look at the many, many units in the hangar, still damaged and requiring repairs. Not to mention, White Chalice itself.]

Okay, I meant this junker will have an ace up his sleeve eventually. I better get Liam here. And Richard.
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[Unlike Devon's own initial reaction... Cheng is more subdued and solemn. What had happened today had proven that he really was no leader at all. No words of rage. No denials. No excuses.]

So... this was the final result in the end.

[He's merely seated somewhere in the Hangar, close by to the Fu Xi as he regards his helmet with a downright tired expression.]

[2] [Locked to CR only.]

I'm sorry...

"But.... why? Why can't we go home?! And why can't we stay with you and mom?!"


[Cheng's children did not take what little news that could be given to them that well. After all... finding out that you couldn't go back home... any child would be unhappy.]

Its so you can be safe... do-

[Nuan Chun rushes at Cheng's leg, pummelling it with her fists, sobbing all the while.]

"NO!  I don't want to travel the world anymore! I don't want to stay on a ship all the time! I want to go home!!... I... I HATE YOU!"

"Mei mei!"

[Xue Yi's quickly pulling her little sister into a hug, giving her father a worried look.]

"She.. .she doesn't mean it father....  she... she just..."

Its alright... I know... Look after your sister. The people here will keep you safe.

"Yes father..."

[Cheng turns around and leaves the room. Never once did he say anything to his eldest Daughter - who was crying as well... the moment the door closes... he slams his fist into the wall facing the door.]

Damn it...

[To be forced away from their home like this... he never wanted his children to feel what he did.]


[Cheng regards a camera with a stern face. He honestly doesn't know if this would make anything better... but it has to be done. Something NEEDS to be done.]

Loyal Soldiers of Gucun. Friends. Everyone.

Despite the blow that has been dealt, Han Zhi's command over Gucun will be short lived. While he has the loyalty of the people for now, they will slowly begin to realize that his rule will be no better than that of Jun Wei's.

I ask that you remain strong and prepare. To the brave men and women still in Gucun who have not abandoned me, thank you... I ask that you maintain vigil over the state, to protect it from itself as best as you can and ferret out Han Zhi's secrets.

To those who have been forced from the homeland, and to those who have joined us... I ask that you fight alongside the members of Bian Zoldark's alliance. To hone your skills and prepare of the day we can return to Gucun with pride - as liberators from a despot's rule - to prevent another civil war that would tear our homeland apart.

To my allies. I thank you greatly for all that you have done, and humbly ask once more for your assistance. When the time is right. Please help me save my home once more.

Thank you... all of you.

[Cheng bows his head as the camera clicks off.]

[Speak to him of his words?]

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Damn it all.

[Despite the choice of icon, Devon is not in her Sophium armor. And that's the only reason the corridor wall she keeps punching is not dented yet - or worse. Instead, her fists look badly battered and at this rate she's going to break something.]

The worst scenario turned out to be true. In the end Han Zhi played everyone like fools... everyone. I had no business running a country! I am a warrior. That was a huge mistake.


[Devon is composed, but she looks tired and depressed as shit when she gives this announcement.]

Han Zhi's rise to power was not legitimate - he usurped it through force. The official State of Gucun government does not recognize him as a leader and will continue to operate from aboard the White Chalice.

[She sighs and adds something privately. The following is locked only to close friends.]

Also, my daughters have been moved to ReHome. This is for safety, in case White Chalice - or my family, becomes the target of an attack. Lowe Gear's crew made sure they are treated well so if you want to visit them, you know where to go.
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Same as the other post: MarKus side )

Is he serious? Just read the blueprints. I'd have done that if he knew how. And he wasn't even busy anyway! I don't understand why anyone like that gets to stay around with that kind of attitude. Stupid Rider fanboy...
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Same as the other post: MarKus side )

The fuck was that shit all about? Just gonna up and ask me about Mobile Suits and just expect me to answer after all that whining and crap he's pulled...
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[Its bleeding early in the morning - the sun is but  short while away from rising. And where is Sam at this time? Training intensely! But not with his sword surprisingly - though it lies close by. Sam's on the deck of the ship - letting loose with a series of punches and kicks. What kind of style is he using? Its difficult to place - there's plenty of capoeira and judo peppered in - especially with how he's tossing around the dummies he's set up pretty darned hard. As in more than one. It seems he likes to practice on multiple targets at once.]

Mmmh... nothing like a good morning warm up...

[He rolls his neck in a relaxed manner as he flicks his sheathed sword up from the ground with his foot and snatches it out of the air as it dropped - resting it along his shoulders as he watched the sun rise. He pauses to look over at you with a raised eyebrow.]

I didn't think anyone else would bother waking up this early.

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[A blackboard appeared on a wall in the hangar! What's written on it?]

This! )
[Tobia is staring at the letters.]

Hmm... Anything I'm missing?

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[[MarKus was having a pretty good week of slacking off. And being a Rider. Who's going to complain about that, right? NOT HIM!

But while he really shoudln't, he's going to complain about having to get back to regular work. And not everyone is the most gentle with their machines. Some are a wreck, and some just need touch ups.

MarKus is the one who assigned himself the hard work, and he's the one bitching up a storm about doing it. Idiot.]]

Once again, nobody can really take care of their own machines. Christ, lean to dodge or... something. All this scrap metal, so, why don't we just make a whole bunch of fucking shields for everyone.

Fuck it, that's what I'm doing. I'm making shields mandatory. [[No MarKus, you're not.

And he really doesn't as he heads for the wrecked Zeta, only to spy a little red ball rolling about on it. Fed up with it's antics before it's even really done anything wrong, MarKus goes to retrieve a power drill, and climbs up on the Zeta's leg.]]

Get the fuck out of here, you little ball! [[And he starts chasing it with the drill. Not wanting holes in it, Hayana bails out, with MarKus chasing it around. And he could leave it at that, but instead, he's going to 'drill' something into it's memory; quit playing around in the hangar. Revving the drill near-constantly (because fuck battery power), he chases it between various machines, even circling around the legs of King Gainer a few times before chasing it elsewhere.

HOPEFULLY he doesn't run into anyone with that drill... Running and power tools... Apparently Percolatis don't have a rule about not doing this.]]
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A ha ha ha! It works! What's over there? I want to see!

[A Kamen Rider is walking around the White Chalice, looking around every corner with excitement and curiosity. But something is unusual about that Rider... the armored figure is much shorter than usual, and the high-pitched voice betrays the user as Felicita - who somehow got her hands on MarKus's Leangle Belt.]

[But, even as a Rider she eventually gets tired. Less than an hour later, Felicita is already de-henshined and resting on a wheelchair. She looks exhausted, but very happy.]

That was great. Thank you... it's almost as great as piloting Deva itself.
I don't know how to pay back for this...

[Speaking of Deva, it's time for the weekly training. Felicita got into her mobile suit's cockpit - with help, probably yours. The cockpit is tiny, cramped and dark. There are no monitor screens or standard controls, just a chair in the middle and a visor hanging from the low ceiling. And cables. Lots and lots of cables.]

Thanks. I'll be fine from now on.

[Felicita picks up the hanging cables one by one and starts inserting them into access ports on her body - arms and legs mostly, but there are also some on her back. Good thing her hospital gown comes with convenient holes, or else she'd be naked.]

I did this dozens of times before.
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 photo 2063-Haman_Karngundam.jpg

Haman stirred slowly, she couldn't remember what had happened. The trip back to Axis, and the return journey to the Chalice had all happened while she was slept, her body desperately healing the damage battle had caused. She had no idea how long she had been here, and what dastardly political moves had been made during her down time.
Her hands gripped the starched sheets, confused. Her first thought was only This is not my bed. quickly followed by. Where is Mineva? She sat up quickly, cried out and fell back down into her pillow, biting her bottom lip to stifle. Looking up at the ceiling, she found she did not recognize it, but the smell and sounds the Chalice's Medical section where known enough to her from her many trips visiting Char, and that alone was the only thing that settled the sick fear in her stomach. Closing her eyes tightly, straining to remember, but finding little to answer her questions.
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[Things have been quiet for Vlaska. He's spent a lot of time out of everyone's sight. And... interestingly enough the cat's been dragging what looks to be a digital map with him. He soon sets it down to glare at, looking around himself and letting out a rather annoyed noise.]


[He bats at the map, spinning it.... he soon loses interest in his surroundings in favor of spinning the map around...]

[Poor Vlaska, he was doing so well at first in working with directions.]



[And Vlaska seems to be working on.... a children's word puzzle. Interesting. Matching pictures to words... still.]


[He looks over at you and paws at the book... is he asking you to help him learn?]



[Vlaska's purring in his sleep, curled up on a chair. His tail is flicking lazily as he rests. Thankfully unlike earlier incidents, he hasn't been having any bad dreams... the cause of this?]

[There were feathers close to him. Some sticking out of his mouth.]

[Apparently someone got the idea to distract the cat any time before he sleeps with a giant bird costume - or with plenty of scritchings and food. Both strategies worked, one getting him excited enough to put any worries out of his mind, the latter making him feel comforted.]

[Of course for the person who dressed as a giant bird, they may have had to deal with scratches and bites...]

[How did you distract Vlaska?]

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Considering how far along in his journey Wendell is, it's no surprise to some that it takes him a bit longer to recover this time. Finally, in the infirmary, he stirs awake. His movements are slow and jerky, as if he is having difficulty controlling his limbs. However, at least this time he isn't coughing up anything vital or slimy.

Wendell brings a hand up to rub his eyes, sliding it back over his now black hair. Anyone who had known him for a little while would notice the difference from the reddish brown it had been. Even if someone was a new arrival, the pale tone of his skin combined with the dark, sickly looking marks all over his face and arms.

Another, less visual problem was more perceptible and worrying to Wendell. There was no mistaking that echoing, dual-voice.

Well done, boy.

The concerning part wasn't who it was, but that Somnian had never been able to contact Wendell outside of Sigil before.

Concern? Thy journey is near its death. Thou must not stop now.

The voice quieted, but the presence was still there.

Unless someone happened by the infirmary to stop him, Wendell is going to run off to find somewhere quiet to hide. Though, there aren't that many places to hide on the White Chalice. Someone determined enough could find him sure enough.
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[It's a quiet night, and Roads is in the hangar, working alongside some kind of giant, robot-scale sword. There are tons of computers lying around, and everyone's favorite mad scientist is dashing back and forth between them, muttering to himself. ]

Yes...yes, just a little bit more...

Red to red, blue to blue, yellow to yellow...

[Finally, he takes a deep breath, and walks over to where two extension cords are lying on the ground.]


[He slams the two cords together! Sparks ignite, and the sword gains a new, golden edge around its normal form. Somewhere in the distance, there's a flash of lightning.]

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[[His work load having lightened recently, MarKus finally has "me" time to sit down and draw. Not that drawing was ever really one of his hobbies... But let's peek in...]]

Maybe I can use the LeaBuckle in the cockpit... [[And he starts sketching only to quickly abandon it.]] No, that's stupid... [[And the crumpled paper is thrown.]]

Mmmm, maybe a guitar like Todoroki? [[And he starts doing that but... that is soon, too, thrown aside in frustration.]] No, how's that going to work besides a huge club...

FUUUUUUUUUUUCK! Who knew designing a machine was this hard! [[RAWR! He tears his bandanna off and throws it on the table.]] How about...

[[And he's sketching again. Come find out what he's doing, or, perhaps he hit you with a stray, shitty, lineart of his old machine with unnecessary Rider attachments and themes.]]
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[[Last night, MarKus went all gung-ho into what should've been a sweep of heroism. Go in, save the day, roll out.

Except MarKus had never seen a butchering like that before so, it did kill his morale, but, he's been through worse. Loss of parents and going toe-to-toe with Festum is apparently less traumatic than a dozen or so people shot up.

But, that's not why we're here. NO, MarKus isn't anywhere matter of fact! MarKus is locked down in the infirmary being poked and prodded to figure out what kind of sickness he's contracted thanks to being gut-checked by an infectious Dopant.

Fortunately we have people like Luger on board so there's at least treatment for MarKus who's significantly better off.

On the down side, it's like the worst combination of fever, flu, and dizziness one can get. On the up; it's not contagious!

Visit him, gentlemen, and women.]]
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Eiji was unconscious when they brought him back, completely exhausted from the power of the PuToTyra combo. Oddly enough, that seemed to be his only physical problem...well, that and the fact that he had five Core Medals in his body right now.

But finally, he begins to stir, and suddenly, he sits up in bed, shouting, "ANKH!"

He might need a little explanation of what just happened.
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[For a while things seemed to be going for the the bird. He patched up all of his problems and got a spiffy new upgrade.

Unfortunately for Ichitaka he soon learned that if he were to continue to use (the mostly improvised) Mode Archeonis it could potentially blow up the Dimension Converter. Not only that but both his brother and Grandpa had left to one of his labs in Fuso to try to fix that problem...taking the wings with them. The only thing they left him was a note informing him about all of this.]

Why do they always ditch me!?


[A bit later Ichitaka is inspecting the Rushbird. He's finally taking the time to properly repair the engine of the machine. To the shock of absolutely no one the energy circuits had quite a bit of wear and tear.]

I wonder if I'm a bit too reckless when I pilot.


[To try to cheer himself up Ichitaka decided to make a quick supply run into a nearby city. Somehow you've been dragged along. In the middle of the trip he stops in front of a gift shop and pauses for a moment.]

Hmmm I still need to get her a gift...

Shine 20

Jan. 12th, 2013 05:58 am
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[A team was working through the night to fish Sora out of the remains of Desu Itsuki. She'd good and melted quite a bit of it, not to mention fused her cockpit shut, so it was a long and touchy process. After some time, they were rewarded with... a wave of heat, and a still-unconscious redhead in casual garb, her uniform having dispelled itself at point of impact. Anyone pulling Sora out of the wreck will note that she's quite warm, and a little pale. Of chief concern is the fact that she charged right into a localized burst of radiation... hopefully she's okay. In any event, she's not going anywhere under her own power, so ideally she ends up in the infirmary.]


[It's a day or three before Sora regains consciousness; even then, she's still in and out. Whatever happened to her, it messed her right up, and her medical chart nearby confirms it: internal bleeding, nerve damage, bruising everywhere, first- and second-degree burns... it's a laundry list that, taken together, suggests strongly that Sora is lucky to be alive. At least Kojima poisoning doesn't seem to be a factor, though there's a bottle of anti-radiation meds along with everything else. Should you be present while she's awake and whoever's tending her at the moment is either feeling generous or isn't around, she's got a bright smile, even if she's a little loopy from everything she's on to keep her functional.]

Hi! Welcome to my little corner of Hell.


[One might wonder where POTPOURRI is right now. One would be concerned, then, to note that Sora's Soul Perfume was damaged somewhat during all the commotion; along with that, the AI happens to serve as a black box, so there's significant analysis being done to figure out what exactly happened to her. So far, all anyone can figure out is that the damage reflection limiters kicked in just after the nick of time, saving her from some of the mental shock, but not nearly enough, resulting in the nervous system damage on her big board of pain.

In an effort to keep Sora from trying to do something stupid but otherwise totally in character for her, POTPOURRI is living in Sora's room while she is in the infirmary. This, of course, means he's panicking and doing about as much sulking as an AI is capable of, worried he'd severely injured his mistress in some irreparable fashion. Dissuade?]

((Note across the board: Sora's injuries are fairly grave, so she'll be stable but critical for some time yet. Also note that she hasn't seen or heard about Desu Itsuki being a molten pile of parts.))
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[1. What I got! ]

Wiseman went missing momentarily.

Bernie hasn't seen battle in a while. He kept up wuth his Gaza's maintenance, and made sure no know treated the Zaku units like mannequins or the like. This time, when he was off duty, he left the ship and came back with a couple of interesting things. He wandered towards the deck, his favorite spot.

Looks like Bernie was on board with the comics and the gaming.

[2. Around the halls... ]

If anyone was walking through the Chalice halls, and turned a corner, they would meet up with this.

"BOOOO!" Then, there was a laugh, and Bernie pulled off the mask. What in the cosmos did he buy?
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[[MarKus noticed something strange one morning going to look for his favorite toy and hope to call up some extra hands for work today.]]

Well shit on a shingle... I guess Tsukasa really is gone...

[[That sucks balls, but, well, no sense in being a baby about things. It does take away from his extra curricular heroism though.

So for the first time in a while, MarKus ignores work and runs some checks on his own machine. Sadly, the red-scarved mech has been collecting dust... Well, as far as MarKus cares.]]

You know, I'm supposed to be glad that I'm not using this thing, but... there's obviously still fighting... I wanna play my part to.

[[Yes, come bug him, please. Even if he's blasting all kinds of noise, and you probably didn't hear a word he said from afar.]]
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[The large Christmas tree that has been set in the Chalice is looking wonderful. Tinsel and lights and motes of what looks like snow (yes, inside a closed room) dancing around. It shines brightly with lights and cheer...

...and there's a voice coming from the top of the tree]

This is SO boring.
Now, Pit, no complaining! [Palutena answers happily. She's at the bottom of the tree, putting some finishing touches on some glowing balls of light]
Yes, Lady Palutena...

[And looking up, on the top of the tree, there's, as is traditional, an angel. The thing is that this angel is not the usual glitter figure, but a real angel tied to the tree and making a T_T face]

How long do I have to stay here, again?
A couple days should do, I think.
O ye of little faith. Do you think I'm doing this without a good reason?
N-no! I just...!
Good, then! [Palutena's voice is cheerful, but leaves no room for argument] Try to be cheery and festive while you're up there, will you? Come on, you've stood guard for longer than that! Flutter your wings a bit, ring your bell!
Yes, Lady Palutena...[And cue half-hearted fluttering. All the T_T]

[Are you going to comment on the... peculiar decoration? You can come during the conversation, or just see Pit alone up there later. He's going to be there until around New Year's Eve, the poor thing.]
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And I hope you die
I hope we both die

[Post Mission]


1] It's been twenty minute since the Eva was drug back to the Chalice, Kensuke refused to come out. The plug was closed up tightly, but with no power running to the machine there was little reason for NERV to force him out before he was ready. Kensuke knew the scolding he would face, but more so, he was scared of the faces of the people who had been on the battlefield with him. He cried into the LCL with his chin pulled to his chest, his glasses floating in the LCL before him.
A blonde woman is standing in front of the Eva in the hanger, with a comm device in her hand.
"Here, maybe you can get through to him. If he won't get out on his own soon we'll have to force him out. I'd hate to do that after a fight like today." She holds the comm out to you. "You can talk to him directly here, go ahead."

2]Somehow he's keeping it together now, and though he looks exhausted, physically everything seems to be Ok. He hadn't even changed out of his plugsuit before he went down to the mess hall. He looked far away and empty as he sat down and started to eat, regarding the sandwich in his hands with a forlorn look.
He thought back on a hundred lunch periods he and Toji had shared together. For such a very long time toji had been his only friend, that was... until the Eva. And now... they had been so close to being reunited, to being brothers in arms, his one true friend had been so close to joining them, only to be swallowed by the angel.
Kensuke bit his lip as his eyes watered up again.
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1] Desdemona is on the prowl. This shit had gone on long enough, and she wasn't going to stand for one more minute of it!
Are you an attractive man that appears between then ages of of 18-30?
You may find a raven haired harlot sliding up next to you, running her smooth hands, uninvited, up your arm.
"Well aren't you a tasty hunk of man?"

2]Later you might fine Desdemona in the lounge painting her nails black and red, smoking fragrant buds from her long pipe. Her phone sits on the table next to her, blasting out music that you may or may not find offensive. She gives zero fucks if the smell of polish or smoke bothers anyone around her, and it's clear in the way she sitting with her boots propped up on the chair next to her. Now and again she bobs her head violently, tossing short hair about to the beat of the music, and singing softly.

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[[Everything was actually pretty cool for a while. Things were pretty chill, though, the stress of piling up work was building to a peak. Every day, there were at least 2 new machines that were thrown on his workload. When was the last time he got to go play her?

Fuck, months ago, when they reunited with Cheng and family; that's when.

But he was squashing all that down, munching on a sammich, reading over some scrawny-ass new mobile suit that the AEUG had shipped over. Tiny little as thing... it was like a toothpick, so no WONDER it was trashed 3 ways from last Saturday.

But he was squashing all that. Everything was cool as he went to set his sandwich down and take a drink...

Except in his blueprint reading in the mess hall, moving the blueprint moved the tray, so when he went to set the sammich down, he knocked over his drink, splashing it on the blueprints.]]


[[With that, MarKus flips the tray everything was on and throws the blueprints aside]]
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[Despite the mood around the Chalice concerning the recent mission, there's someone here in the mood of the season going on right now!]


[And, no matter where you are right now, there's Gentarou, suited up as Kamen Rider Fourze... and he painted the suit red and green! He's certainly no Gokai Christmas, but it's the thought that counts, right? Kengo's gonna kill him once he finds out. IF he finds out.]

Hey, c'mon! It's December and that means Christmas time! And I'm going to be helping with spreading the cheer around here!

[Doesn't matter where you are - the hangar, the infirmary, wherever - he's going to show up and deliver a lot of joy. Like it or not.]
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For several weeks, after the Chalice's latest battle with Jade Falcon, the presence of gusto-filled Clan Wolf warriors have been supplemented by gusto-filled Jade Falcon Bondsman, walking around and performing various odd jobs and services with an intensity that's strangely impressive. You can mark them out by their old green uniforms and the bondcords worn on their wrists, marked out with Clan Wolf in Exile Colors.

One of these bondsmen, whom you've noticed in the background from time to time, instead of the standard woven cord, has a ragged strip of red cloth tied tightly around his wrist. When spoken to, he's been....Curt. Yes, Curt is the way to describe it.

That one particular aforementioned Bondsmen has just made an appearance on the comms, clearly fiddling with the setting as he does so.

"This...this is the ship's communication system, Aff?"


The Doom of All Fate! Ceiling Breaking Warlord, Formidable Demon Leader Kamina!

That one bondsman dude of yours is stalking you again. Wait...there! There he is now behind you, leaning against a wall, glaring at you with a grumpy-face! Didn't you already straighten him out?


The bondsman with the bright red wristband is squatting on a crate in his downtime, staring at Clan's Wolf 'Isorla' pile. Specifically, he's staring at this little beauty:


It's a bit beaten up, but intact.

Shall someone poke him?
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[An open communication channel has contacted the Chalice! The video, while slightly grainy, shows an older man looking through the screen. When he speaks, his voice low and calming, somewhat like what you might expect an ideal politician to sound like.]

Greetings. I am Lord Ayman. I have contacted you this day as it has come to my knowledge that your operation is harboring a particular individual of interest to me and my people. I would like to propose a peaceful resolution to our conflict.

[The video changes to a still-image that looks like it was taken from a security feed. It shows Wendell, looking over his shoulder, heading into a warehouse. Ayman's voice continues over this image for a minute before switching back to a live feed.]

This man, whom you know by the name Wendell, has stolen vital equipment from me. The machine he has been rampaging about is stolen property, and I need it back promptly. This individual is also a wanted person for a multitude of other severe crimes. I understand that you will be reluctant to hand over someone so seemingly harmless, but I warn you that Wendell is a devious liar and notorious thief.

To further entice you, there is a reward offered for his return. I look forward to doing business with you.
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[[Sometime approaching Midnight-Thirty on November 7th, MarKus starts marching his way through the ship. Somehow he'd convinced the resident DJ to loan him an amp, which he lugs, along with Johnny's old guitar around the ship, until he can get himself on an open deck.

From there, he plugs in, turns it up to 11, and starts jamming out

Does he care if he's making noise for sleeping people? NOP! He's 18 now, and he gives NO FUCKS about you and your opinion of the noise-making matter!]]


Oct. 20th, 2012 06:23 pm
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[After that mission, Gurren is a freaking WRECK, with blast marks, a half-melted shoulder, and a huge slash right down the front. Kamina is unhurt, at least, beyond the normal bruises from getting bounced around the cockpit in a fight, and what kind of professional manly man would let those slow him down. He is curious about something though.]

Hey guys, there's some kinda warning light flashing here, it says...

[He peers closely at it, like a man who is barely literate and that only a recent development.]

Uh... d...damagee, damage! Damage levels....critical. Retoooorn...Return, Return to...re...

"Damage Levels Critical, Return to Recall Point!"

Then there's a bunch of numbers. What d'you think that means?
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[Gregory is over his angsting phase.  Or more precisely, he's found something to do which takes precedence over any kind of identity crisis.  And currently you can find him looking over the autopsy reports from TECZ soldiers they've fought, salvage reports for materials found in the TECZ AP Frames, and also looking over the other notes of his last sortie.]

... This is...

[He feels something clench inside of him.  Yeah, if things are working like this... then it means nothing good is going to come from this.]

[And one marathoning of the Kabuto documentaries later.]


I know what TECZ's plans are.  They're going to try to turn everyone on Earth into Percolatii.
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[1.] And so, our battle ended. With the way secured, we forced Nukus back into the comic book and sealed it away. But to do that, we had to give up our powers to do so. But if someone's redrawn Shadowborg and somehow managed to take him out of his redesign notes, then we're in serious trouble.

[Jo took a long swig of water as she smacked her lips.] Any questions from the audience?

[2] [ Looking at the door which had the words "Keep Out Monsters" on a sign plaque hung over it, she opened it up as she was greeted by the smell of Hillhurst. Flabber had done a good job, connecting Hillhurst with the rest of the Chalice, and even at this hour there was the House Monsters doing what they did: engaged in a cutthroat game of checkers. Mums was winning, Frankenbeans was snoozing, Wolfgang was peering over Fangula's shoulders and Lil' Ghoul was nowhere to be seen.

Flabber was also reading, a rare thing but he seemed tired, from all the magic he did.

Taking a seat in the environs of Hillhurst, she picked up a book and started to read. Anyone who wanted to see her could do so here. ]
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1] Directly after the mission, the Dynames is dragged into the Hanger, a smoldering wreck really, dragging a huge gun. He crawls out of the cockpit and sort of just... sits on the ground beside his Gundam, his Haro rolling out beside him.
For a long time he just sits there, breathing and looking from his own wreck to that of the GN-driveless Kyrios and back again, bewildered, and stunned with disbelief.
"How... how did we survive this?"

2] (Locked to Allelujah)
All at once he got up and ran over to Allelujah, just as he got out of his own mech, nearly toppling his fellow Meister over as he laughed out loud in disbelief and wrapped his arms around his shoulders, squeezing him tightly and lifting him off the ground.
"I though I was going to loose you!!"

3]Later that night...
Despite the victory Lockon couldn't sleep. Nightmares tore at the edge of his dreams, and stole away the needed rest. Instead he had taken to pacing again, sans Haro for once, but the pacing was to much work, and instead Lockon had taken do a dim place in the arboretum, as far away from it's few 'inhabitants' as he could. He sat laxly on a bench, his head tipped back on his shoulder as he looked out to the stars in the sky and sighed deeply. He closed his eyes and relives those few minutes of fear again and again. He hadn't expected this part... this feeling of dread at the idea of loosing Allelujah. Setsuna had saved him with a clever turn of the tide, but still... How could he face battle now, when such fear only grew greater as his love for the raven haired Meister also grew. How would he cope with this?
"I need a drink..."
[identity profile] haro-and-firing.livejournal.com
1] Directly after the mission, the Dynames is dragged into the Hanger, a smoldering wreck really, dragging a huge gun. He crawls out of the cockpit and sort of just... sits on the ground beside his Gundam, his Haro rolling out beside him.
For a long time he just sits there, breathing and looking from his own wreck to that of the GN-driveless Kyrios and back again, bewildered, and stunned with disbelief.
"How... how did we survive this?"

2] (Locked to Allelujah)
All at once he got up and ran over to Allelujah, just as he got out of his own mech, nearly toppling his fellow Meister over as he laughed out loud in disbelief and wrapped his arms around his shoulders, squeezing him tightly and lifting him off the ground.
"I though I was going to loose you!!"

3]Later that night...
Despite the victory Lockon couldn't sleep. Nightmares tore at the edge of his dreams, and stole away the needed rest. Instead he had taken to pacing again, sans Haro for once, but the pacing was to much work, and instead Lockon had taken do a dim place in the arboretum, as far away from it's few 'inhabitants' as he could. He sat laxly on a bench, his head tipped back on his shoulder as he looked out to the stars in the sky and sighed deeply. He closed his eyes and relives those few minutes of fear again and again. He hadn't expected this part... this feeling of dread at the idea of loosing Allelujah. Setsuna had saved him with a clever turn of the tide, but still... How could he face battle now, when such fear only grew greater as his love for the raven haired Meister also grew. How would he cope with this?
"I need a drink..."

Pet project

Oct. 3rd, 2012 09:12 pm
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[Unceremoniously dropped in the middle of the hangar lies a broken, half-rusted piece of machinery. It looks like a lifter robot from a certain movie about aliens and space marines... only this one is bigger. Much bigger - a mobile suit could probably pilot it if its pilot was crazy enough to try to. Who is responsible for this piece of junk?

Do you really have to ask?]

ReHome's bay was getting crowded, so you guys won't mind if I keep my treasure here just for a bit, right?

[Lowe sure does look proud for a space garbageman.]

Pet project

Oct. 3rd, 2012 09:12 pm
[identity profile] space-mcgyver.livejournal.com
[Unceremoniously dropped in the middle of the hangar lies a broken, half-rusted piece of machinery. It looks like a lifter robot from a certain movie about aliens and space marines... only this one is bigger. Much bigger - a mobile suit could probably pilot it if its pilot was crazy enough to try to. Who is responsible for this piece of junk?

Do you really have to ask?]

ReHome's bay was getting crowded, so you guys won't mind if I keep my treasure here just for a bit, right?

[Lowe sure does look proud for a space garbageman.]
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It's late night and one little witch has the munchies, which is why she's currently sneaking around.  The last of the cookies she had squirreled away were gone and really cookies without milk's nasty!  So Lucchini's in the Chalice's kitchen stealin' your cookies and milk.

Maybe if you ask politely she'll remember to clean up the mess.

((Feel free to join the raid, or snap at her XD))

Raid over, she's sneaking back to bed yawning.  Hm... Lucchini dear, that might not be your bed...