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[So after finally setting the Moonrace on the right track, and ending the war between them and the Militia, and sealing away the Turn X for hopefully several thousands years, Loran looks the most relaxed he ever has in a while. Which kind of takes Sochie and Kihel!Dianna by a bit of surprise.]

[Right now he's seeing the Earthrace off and saying farewells to his ladies.]

You're not coming home?

You're job is over now you know. You can finally live in peace.

I know, but I rather stick it out with the Chalice and Turn A.
Feel kind of obligated at this point to see it all the way through.

By example with the power I now have I'll show everyone, that Black History Gym was going on about, I'll use the Turn A to make sure it never happens.

Of course...I'll be waiting for you-

WE'LL be waiting for you. So don't die out there, got it "Laura"?

Haha, don't worry, I'm not going to die before I see you two again. I just wouldn't be able to live with that.

[Sochie punches him in the arm and they all hug before leaving back to NPC land until he can go back and help rebuild the Hiems business. Because fuck the ending, lets be polygamous.]

[Anyways with that done Loran stands and stares at the Turn A being all chipper and what not.]
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[Post mission-BLACK HISTORY]

[Loran is trying his hardest to not lose his ever loving shit. His Gundam is a Doomsday machine, more so than a normal Gundam. He was basically foretold this by a Cosmic Horror in a previous mission but he never got it. So he's sitting her, resting against the Core Lander, staring into space while Sochie just kind of has been shaking him for several seconds trying to get him to snap out of it. He's not had a fit this bad since the first time he killed someone.]


[Sooooo you know Kihel? Yeah she's decided to forego the whole facade and just reveal she was Queen Dianna so she can better coordinate and give a boost to morale of her loyal guard.

Of course if you want to approach her and go WTF you are free to.]

I'm sorry for not being upfront with all of you. It was a bit necessary at the time. A game that went to far...but as long as I breath, I'll be sure to help bring Gym Ghingham down. It's a shame I cannot save Kihel Hiem properly from the imprisonment they meant for me at this moment...
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[The day was saved and the Earth's been unsealed by the Ruina.  That was plenty of reason to celebrate.  But a good man had lost his life in all of that, and quite a few things had been spelled out for Josh that turned his perception of his dad full upside-down.]


[Yeah, he's putting Bian up on the Memorial Wall.  He spent a short while onboard the Chalice as a passenger once after the fight at Adventus's headquarters, that would shut up anyone complaining that he didn't qualify.]

You might've been the leader of the DC, but you never hesitated to take the plunge and lead the charge yourself.  We'll do you proud.


[A short while later though..]

Oh crap.  How're you going to get out of this one?  Use the-

Aaaaahahahahaha.  The flame thrower's not working properly!  Classic callback!

... Wait, callforward.  This is a prequel, after all.

[Josh is nomming on some popcorn and watching an old Hollywood film about some thing.  The prequel actually... which he seems to actually be enjoying for once.  What can I say?  He left Antarctica hating two things with a fiery passion that would rival MacReady's hatred of chess computers that cheated.  He's learned to make peace with one of them, and he didn't feel right without giving the other one another shot.]
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[So Loran and the Heims may or may not be trying to calm down the NPC Ameria militia that were on the Chalice at the time of the mission and are thus cut off from the Earth forces.]

[Which is pretty damn lucky considering some drunken jackass had almost found a barrel and a space suit, he very quickly got his face punched by a less drunk soldier]

[Currently there's maybe 20 of them here with their mobile suits, along with Lady Borjarno and Lord Guin]

J-just settle, we've been in space before it's no big deal! B-Besides, I mean, we needed to leave anyways right!? Ha-h-haha?

"Exactly, losing our heads isn't going to get us anywhere. I'm sure there's already plans in motion to try and solve it?"

"What are you! Men or mice, this kind of thing was possible from the beginning! You knew what kind of stuff happens when you join up with the White Chalice!"

[It seems Loran's group is nothing but rabble and noisy ever since he joined up.]
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[[After Freaky Sunday]]

[1][Sort of immediate]
[So after the battle is settled the Turn A settles back into the hangar, only instead of your usual looking pirate Loran is a bit more...lady-like. He's not wearing a dress only because that would be kind of stupid to do for an outer space mission, however his hair is done up like so and he's wearing makeup.]

I guess I'm back.
Barely seems like I was gone at all.

[If anyone wants to talk to him now's a good time.]

[2][LONG after mission]
[Loran is not the only one who has met up with the White Chalice, there's also a sort of disruptive gathering and a smaller ship that's come with him. What's in it? Just a bunch of Militia men and maybe a handful of Mobile suits (couple Zakus, couple of Kapools, trash units sort of)

And Loran has his hands full running back and forth trying to keep the ones that decided to come aboard to poke around the Chalice from...poking around]

H-hey come on guys, this isn't a field trip!

[Among the generics are some fat guy, a dude that looks like Ulysses S Grant, a dark skinned guy, three or four girls, and Guin Lineford is probably being a dick and asking about mobile suits capabilities as if he really needs to know.]
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[[After nearly a month of being "home", the Gurren Lagan lands in the hangar once more, having mysteriously returned from dimensions unknown. From the Lagan at the head, out steps not a boy, but a suave young man!

For a moment he just stands up there looking around at things being mostly the same!]]

After 5 years, its all the same...?
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[1] (Locked to everyone who tried to rescue Matthew during "Different Faces of Warfare". And Ryou.)

You get a video message from Matthew soon after returning to the White Chalice. He's still wearing his armored cooling vest, stained at the front with green fluid, the hilt of the knife he used to fake stab himself still poking out of it. He looks cross.

Read more... )


You see Matthew lounging in one of the White Chalice's portside lodges, gazing up at the sky. Very soon, the Jade Falcon invasion fleet will be braking into orbit, and the Chalice will go to war to protect the Earth against his former Clan.

He sighs. "Simon...where are you now? And what would you do in my shoes?"

He pauses. "Actually, I can guess exactly what you would do."


You stumble upon Matthew, in the simulator room, training his butt off! He's putting his modified Nova through a set of scenarios in space, inside a ship's hanger bay, and on land, fighting against a variety of Clanner Mechs. It looks like he's...trying to disable them? He's concentrating laser fire at their arms and legs, blowing them off at their joints.

Join in? Interject? Comment? Observe?

Level 15

Aug. 15th, 2013 05:16 am
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[After the last fight with Shadow Knights and a certain mad scientist, Raynor looks up at Paragon, currently stationed on the deck. The robot has new colors now (not to mention the dual blades it wields), showing its new form.]

Ranger and Shepherd... I did it. I mastered all the Virtues, and saved myself. And if I can do that, I should be able to save the Shadow Knights too.
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[So Loran's currently chilling out in his cockpit. And by chilling I mean having an existential crisis cause he just killed people directly and meaning to for the first time. Yes. Really.]

Damn it.
What am I doing anymore.

[I mean...he's glad Elena isn't dead, despite assuming such, but he's still pretty much a mental wreck over this.]

⌨ five

Jul. 10th, 2013 05:28 pm
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[ Something's obviously bothering Caulder. Open in his lap is, shockingly enough, an encyclopedia, and he's turned to a page about Shockers. ]

Didn't one of these things escape the IDS Research Facility where you guys saved me?

[ He asks to whoever approaches him. ]

I heard someone say he was really good, way better than any other Shocker we've encountered. I wonder why? Was he upgraded somehow? Is that possible?


[ It's passed midnight. And anyone who enters the main simulation room will find Caulder still awake, along with a large pile of empty energy drink cans. He's leaning forward, his face inches from the screen, his fingers moving a mile a minute. ]

Come on... come on... I've got you this time...

[ Aaanddd.... GAME OVER. Sudden Knightmare Frame from behind, sniping his Gelgoog High-Mobility Type in the back of the head. ]

Damn it! Ugh, I'm not never gonna beat Gainer's score!

Third Phase

May. 3rd, 2013 09:37 pm
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((ooc:takes place after "An End to Genesis"))

[Loran makes his way out of the White Doll and into the Hangar, another fight well won. Of course there's things that really do need to be addressed after some...exchanges earlier during the battle. He was totally expecting at least a one person to be on his case.]

So...I should probably tell you guys about the Moonrace now.
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After the White Doll awakens mission.

[Loran is on the ground and dealing with the news that Mr. Heim is dead, the casualties to the town he came to recognize as his home were severe. There was no way console the mistress and now he finds himself walking through Nocis city after the fires have been put out, quite depressed about the whole thing and muttering to himself.]

Why would they have opened fire like that? I don't understand.
Surely she wouldn't have approved this.

[He looks between the wreckage and the White Chalice. Something tells me his easy days were over.]

[The white haired volunteer that was scurrying around days before? Not so much this time. Now he stands in the White Chalice hanger, gripping a tablet manual and staring at the White Doll- the others said it was a Gundam. So that makes him a pilot now doesn't it?]

This isn't going to work.
Just shipping me off...but of course he's not gonna' listen to me.
...White Doll. I know it's not your fault.

[Guess who got traded for the sake of his town's safety.]
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[Loran has mostly just been hanging around White Chalice for a few days on his errand for the Heims, but nos he's pretty bored while waiting for his chance to get back to America. As such he's buried himself in volunteer mechanic work so that he doesn't completely lose his mind. Sure the robots and people here are interesting but he just likes keeping his hands busy more.

That said you'll probably see the white haired guy poking around fixing things or just moving about, since he's a wee bit restless.]