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Phase Nineteen: Something To Come Back To

[Backdated to between the Demonbane mission and the KA broadcast]
[Locked to Lily]

[It's kind of an incongruous time for a picnic, but then, the whole Chalice has plenty to celebrate right now. Laura's joined in those celebrations, stealing a brief window from the frenzied work on anti-Primeval Force gear, but now she has something more reserved in mind - dinner with Lily, in the evening in the Arboretum by the tree where they first met, on a blanket with a bottle of wine and another of high-grade machine oil under the setting sun. The actual food even decent, since she's picked up both the knowledge and materials to make real Cosmic Ark snacks.

Laura holds up her glass for a toast.]

To us.
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It's been a while since we had a moment of calm just for the two of us like this, hasn't it...

[Lily toasts herself, with oil.]

Let there be more such moments.
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There's nothing wrong in being scared. If you don't let your fear conquer you, do what you want even though you're afraid - that's true courage.

We've been through a lot, together. But soon, the whole conflict on Earth will be over. Maybe even before my people arrive... It'd be nice if we could show a peaceful planet to them, wouldn't it?
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[Well, Lily wanted to comment on some other things, but that one last part is suddenly way more important! She looks around with wide eyes.]

A... Are you asking me about the thing I think you're asking me about? Just making sure...!
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Ahh... I, I guess I will have even more good news to tell my friends then, huh? Although Winberrl might be a little... Um, no, I don't think she'll mind. Nothing I did in the past stopped her from playing her pranks before...!
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[Lily grabs Laura's hands with her own.]

...Yes! Of course. I'm so happy this day finally came...
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Not waiting. More like... It was one of the dreams I had.

[Lily embraces Laura warmly.]

I guess it came true now.