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[[Unlike many who hang around to say goodbyes, to Hiiro, his 'hanging around was to let others come talk to him, rather than simply having taken off once things were settled. That, and he hadn't quite decided on where he would go.

But now that he has, having kept to himself anyway, Hiiro finally climbs into his Gundam and sets it walking off, leaving an open broadcast channel for people to contact the slowly departing colonial Gundam.]]
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Since the Sanc intervention, Bernie has been out of combat. Who remembered that Bernie was a new Zaku? Which made its debut when the Chalice "went berserk".

So far, his first couple trials has been a success. He's sitting in between the Zaku's shoulder and head, just contemplating]

"I'm actually pretty proud of myself," he said, patting the Zaku's head.
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[Action: the settlement down below]

A young man bowed lightly towards the cashier after he paid. "Thank you." He took the bottle of milk he purchased, and left as the woman manning the register scratched their head in confusion.

Meanwhile, Setsuna opened the bottle as he sat down on a nearby bench. He took a swig from his recent acquisition, watching the people in town mill about. Care to approach?

[OOC: I'm back, baby]
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[[Hiiro felt pretty good after yesterday. Things went smoothly, OZ lost plenty of forces, and some other faction's enemies were eliminated as well. It wasn't OZ so it wasn't wholly mentionable in his memory, but he'd brushed up on it afterward.

Meanwhile he'd managed to receive a message, one that interrupts him while he's walking the halls in full fencing regalia.]]

Hiiro... Thank you.

I'll say it again. I wasn't defending the Sanc Kingdom.

[[To which he promptly disconnects the girl on the other end. That's enough of that clingy little broad.

But who was he talking to!? And why the getup!]]


Oct. 30th, 2013 09:52 am
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[Following the fight with Anticross, a certain alien is not leaving her cockpit-equivalent.

But don't worry, not before long the crystal forehead opens and Texotic plops to the ground. A miserable-looking Texotic.]

I... never felt more powerless in my life. It's as if whatever I could do didn't matter.

How am I supposed to destroy threats to Earth, feeling like this? Hope in others to do it for me?

[And hope she did feel in the big finale, but still...]

Hope, despair, all human emotions are too strong. I didn't ask for this.
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[[Meanwhile, at the encampment of Hiiro and his Wing Zero, the experimental new Gundam is being tested. Particularly, the computer. For probably the first time, he's allowed other technicians to touch the Gundam, and get it rigged up for testing.

Inside, Hiiro is set up with vital and brainwave monitors as well. After a few hours of setup, the Gundam finally powers on. The Gundam that turned the soft little Quatre into a raging maniac.

And everything seems to be going smoothly until Wing Zero raises its gun-wielding arm. Technicians scramble to work on external commands, eventually making the Gundam drop the gun down onto the hangar floor.]]
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[[Freshly returned from sortie, Hiiro hasn't even gotten out of the OZ issue normal suit/space suit, before he's posted himself at a terminal and started dumping in information regarding OZ's brand of Mobile Dolls. However, being still in an enemy uniform, and not really being the best of friends with anyone in particular, he's likely to be easily mistaken as an infiltrator.]]

[[Now that the infodump is done, Hiiro is in his civvies, and already working on repairing the damaged Wing Zero, by cannibalizing the Mercerius! This is after its previous pilot seemed to go near insane from using it... But he did seem to know a thing or two about that as well.]]
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[[Much to nobody's surprise, or alarm, during the turbulence and trip up into SPAAAAAAAAACE (Uchu kita), Hiiro awoke.

Sore, of course, because one does not simply walk away from blowing oneself up. Also mostly he was carried away but, those are just reminder semantics.

So, after we're up IN space, safely, Hiiro totally ignores doctors orders and gets dressed to go check on the status of his "Gundam", which, currently doesn't exist, but it helps to confirm that oneself when you don't really have "friends" to tell him this.

Interlopers, sure, but not friends. More like minor annoyances that are often handy and up in his biznizz.

Upon discovering for himself that the Wing Gundam is no more, he looks through records of mecha and pilot aboard the Chalice, and finds himself standing before an un-utilized <a href="http://www.mahq.net/mecha/gundam/g-saviour-game/j-saviour-highmobility.htm>J-Saviour High Mobility type</a>.]] This will have to do for now...
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"In today's news, a shuttle carrying several colonist pacifists was shot down.

A peace talk taking place at New Edwards base was disrupted when a firefight broke up amongst the guards, resulting in dozens of casualties.

While it seemed officials were to safely depart, an unidentified mobile suit appeared and destroyed it without a word or warning.

The mobile suit quickly fled the scene after destroying several more of the guards, operating under a faction named OZ, hosting the talks.

In other news..."

[[This broadcast is on most major news networks and feeds... yanno, those that at least try to make international broadcasts. But even local bandwidths pick it up so, it'd take effort to not hear about it.

However, while this news is blowing up, a familiar Gundam returns to the hangar. The pilot descends from the cockpit and makes no effort to confront anyone or even explain himself.]]
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[[For the better part of the day, Hiiro has been going back and forth from his Gundam with a small box. It's not hard to see what's in the box: food supplies. But he's neither making no effort to hide what he's taking, or any effort to say goodbye to anyone.

He doesn't plan on being gone forever either, rather, he'll be back once orders his are complete.

At a later point, he's carrying a normal (space) suit.

But after one last trip with one more small box, he sits in his Gundam, cockpit open and eyes closed. If he's leaving, what's he waiting for? Seems like a chance to bother the 'sleeping' pilot.]]

[[Sometime during the mission, the Wing Gundam goes to sortie, but, heads in a completely different direction! But there are precious brief minutes to interject, should one

((Had I not overslept the mission, he'd have left afterward, despite damages))
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[Things have been quiet for Vlaska. He's spent a lot of time out of everyone's sight. And... interestingly enough the cat's been dragging what looks to be a digital map with him. He soon sets it down to glare at, looking around himself and letting out a rather annoyed noise.]


[He bats at the map, spinning it.... he soon loses interest in his surroundings in favor of spinning the map around...]

[Poor Vlaska, he was doing so well at first in working with directions.]



[And Vlaska seems to be working on.... a children's word puzzle. Interesting. Matching pictures to words... still.]


[He looks over at you and paws at the book... is he asking you to help him learn?]



[Vlaska's purring in his sleep, curled up on a chair. His tail is flicking lazily as he rests. Thankfully unlike earlier incidents, he hasn't been having any bad dreams... the cause of this?]

[There were feathers close to him. Some sticking out of his mouth.]

[Apparently someone got the idea to distract the cat any time before he sleeps with a giant bird costume - or with plenty of scritchings and food. Both strategies worked, one getting him excited enough to put any worries out of his mind, the latter making him feel comforted.]

[Of course for the person who dressed as a giant bird, they may have had to deal with scratches and bites...]

[How did you distract Vlaska?]

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Hey, look what I found in the colony when I went there to install explosives!

[Tobia stands next to the damaged Zeta.]

Now what should I do with it?
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[...Its strange, seeing another Zeta in the hangar. White and pink the predominant colours across its form, some battle damage - including large parts of the left arm - already, and... well, maybe you have or haven't heard.

But there he is, slowly descending on a cable from the cockpit. Eventually it reaches the floor, and the man hops off, removing the helmet of his Normal Suit...

Amuro Ray. Veteran of the One Year War. The White Devil himself. Arguably the man who turned the tide for the Federation long ago... Dare to say hi?]


[Amuro's stuff is being brought over from an AEUG ship, along with the parts needed to keep his Zeta in shape. Not a lot he seems to own, but then given his circumstances, its rather understandable. Nevertheless, he's carrying boxes into the hangar, so that he at least has somewhere to put it down.]

Wonder if my old room is still open... I may have to ask if anyone has a spare bed.
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[[Ladies and gentlemen of the Chalice...

There is a box.

What's special about this box? It's everywhere. The gym, the hangar, the mess hall, the hallways. Maybe you've only seen it once, maybe you've been seeing it ALL DAYUM DAY!? But it's there. Never moving, but, always moving.

How the hell does Hiiro tie into this? Find out!]]