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Roads Blackwell Case File #1-Another Blood Moon Rising

So...what's everyone going to be up from here on out?

I ask, because Eibon and I have a bit of work lined up for the Hadou Princess-Demonbane's gone, but since Innsmouth and Arkham are still here, evil gods and mad sorcerers are going to be a problem going forward. It's not going to be easy work, and there's going to be some horrible, insane stuff, but...I think it's safe to that after fighting Therion and Primeval Force and the Anticross, you're all more than capable of doing it. That, and It'd be nice to have some old friends along. Gonna see if I can't get the TSAB to help out some too, they could use Miskatonic's expertise and Miskatonic could use their resources...

[He smiles.]

But hey, that's just the boring stuff. We did good today.

Indeed. I am pleased to have been acquainted with the crew of the White Chalice. And...should you wish to tell me the story of your life, that it may be recorded forever in my memory, I shall be glad to listen. You are noteworthy people. [It's said with her usual deadpan, but yes, she did just compliment everyone-without qualifiers, even!]

2. [Locked to ???]
Later on, Roads is at a bar-the white chalice's is gone now-celebrating with a drink.
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[Later on in the night someone takes a seat next to you Roads.]

Yo barkeep another round here!
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From my perspective that was eons ago. So you should cut me some slack.
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Between Al and the Court of Azathoth I had a lot to deal with.

She would have visited also but she's not in any position to move around right now.

Thankfully I'm able to, I even found some time to help you guys in-between other things.
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I think that Al technically counts as the older sister now. I'm not sure if I'll be able to visit like this again though.

[Thank you time loop shenanigans. Kurou downs his drink and has another shot poured.]

Besides, unlike me you probably don't have that many withstanding debts to pay off. The Princess should pay you more than enough.
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So, you're going to be a supernatural detective now? An otherworldly-problem solver? A sleuth of the occult?
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I have a gift for you. Ta-dah!

*It's a trenchcoat and a fedora.*
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Re: Stubble, Check. Coat, Check. Now he just needs to start smoking.

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I actually... made three pairs.

*She shows a smaller pair. And a smaller one.*

Mr Roads... may I ask you something. I realize I know nothing about magic. I can't replace that book.

But may I work in your office? I can do other things. I can clean up. I can cook. I can dress up wounds well. I easily memorize street layouts. I'm really good at following people. And I know where to stab people for various effects.
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As long as it's with you...

We'll be the greatest detective office ever! Ooh... I can't wait to be a supernatural detective. Do you think we'll be tasked to take incriminating pictures... of ghosts?
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Honestly? I think you got down some of the more important parts of my life already.

Everything before...

[Ryou took a light breath and sighed.]

Well its something I'm glad I'm leaving behind now.
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Good luck on your journeys, then.

And do not be too surprised when I show up on your doorstep.
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Well, time to return to the colonies. I have a few people there waiting for me!

Thanks for the offer Eibon, but I don't think I'll take it. It'd take too long! You've probably heard of most of the important stuff anyway.
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Indeed...perhaps you could tell me of the dead, then. I arrived after their passing.
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The one I knew best was Zabine. He was a bit like a second mentor for me... and a friend.

But then it turned out his dedication to the ideals of aristocracy was too strong. He switched sides. And later the Jovians did something to him, and he went crazy. And died.
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I guess that's the end of the Defensive Theology Club, huh.
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Well, between the few battles we fought recently, I doubt anything we'll do will beat that anyway. Might as well end the club on a high note.

You know who to call if something you find turns out to be too powerful just for you.
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Matthew walks up in front of the Anthropomorphic Grimoire, stops with a click of his heels, and bows slightly with a hand clasped to his chest.

"I wish to have my tale, and the tales of those who cannot tell them now, inscribed in your pages, Oh Hyperborean One!" He declares loudly.
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Ah, it is unusual to see that level of respect from you folk.

Go on, and I will listen for however long it takes.
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Matthew pulls out a thick sheaf of pages, inscribes with inky lines of poetry, and places it on the table.

He takes the first sheet out. "This was the latest one I wrote..."

"Beyond known space / a seeker of challenge
stronger than all alloys / brawl-seeking Bismuth.
Like the warriors of old / striving greatly in all deeds
'Tween robots and royalty / he forged great bonds.
Learn well from his life / warriors of the world!
for his way of war / was to wage peace...

He continues reading, the caesura filled poetry hearkening back to the sceops of the far north...
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You have to be dead for like, 100 years before your poetry can be good

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...Perhaps there is some other way you could tell me? A more narrative form would work well. I need not hear your lyrical musings.

[She's in a good mood, and telling Matthew 'your poetry is terrible' would be rude.]
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Re: You have to be dead for like, 100 years before your poetry can be good

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"Ah." Matthew said, looking slightly perturbed. "Aff, I suppose I could do that."

[And so he tells the stories of Kamina, Felicita, Raynor Joz, Texotic, Bismuth, and his own in good old fashion prose!

Here, at least, he seems to be more in his natural element, punctuating his stories with broad hand gestures and exaggerated expressions.]

"...and the Magical Girl of E.V.I.L., in that moment of distraction, slipped out of the vice grip of my Nova's crushing foot, and joined hands with her comrade! Quickly I moved to bombard them with laser fire, but even quicker, my Nova was struck face-first by the overwhelming power of their fearsome Friendship Beam-u!"

Matthew pauses. "Actually, could we excise this part from your records?"
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I think I might take you up on that offer.

My dad... was not exactly the best person, but he did have good intentions and for a long time I was harder on him than he deserved. And Perfectio might very well come back one of these days too.

Especially since... I might start fiddling with the Crossgate myself.
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That seems unwise.

Do go on.
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... It's Glacies.

She's still by all rights a melioresse... and not meant to be an autonomous "do whatever you want" kind. She needs a connection to the kinds of energy the Ruina came from.

Believe me, I know this is playing with nitroglycerin. But if I can find a way to safely help her, I'm going to.
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Do not inflate her ego with such terms; Ruina Commander is fine enough a moniker. And if you really must attempt such a foolish thing, please give Roads and I a day's warning before we must wipe your facility off the face of the earth.
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You do know that the Crossgate's capable of opening pathways to perfectly normal worlds without monsters like Perfectio, yes?
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All the better then; you may land on one whose atmosphere is mustard gas, and the rest of the world can be spared your folly.
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I'll take that as you trust me not to screw up too royally.

Take care of Roads in the meantime then. The rabbit hole just keeps getting bigger for the guy, considering he used to just be a merc before all the Id Beast stuff started happening.