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Meijin Burgers: Live well (元気に暮らせよ!)

"We did it."

The Universe was saved; from wear, battle and heat damage, the Zaku 2000 Kai looked pretty beaten up. How was the pilot?

At this point, Bernard Wiseman wanted to do many things. He could not believe that he was alive, and felt like he just accomplished something no one else has. He was about to depart himself, asking his roommate about what the life of a mechanic and "junkers boy" was like. However, he still questioned a few things -- like the future of Zeon for example.

Also, there was this: Will he ever see the rest of his Chalice friends again?

Who wants to talk to Bernie before he leaves?

Who knows. With a little faith, he'll meet everyone again in the sky one day. (いつか空に届いて)
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Damn right we did it. That you did it.

[Josh is no fan of Zeon, but he'll make an exception for this guy.]

You're an amazing guy, you know that?
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After everything the ship's been through, what you've been through, and you're surprised when I say that?

Bernie, if anything out there, don't sell yourself short.
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(Before Bernie leaves...)

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Yo. [Kamille was able to make it for the big send off, it seems.] So this is it, huh, Bernie?
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Re: (Before Bernie leaves...)

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Green Noa, back in Side 7. [He smiles as he sifts through his pockets.] I've learned a lot in my time here, how to cook, how to love, how to live... ['I should probably find Oenone and tell her where I'll be going.'] I'm going to put those lessons to the test outside of a moving combat zone by opening a restaurant in my home colony.

Of course, that's only part of it. This world we live in has been through a lot, but there's always going to be someone in need of help. The restaurant will be a front for a... trouble-shooting center of sorts. Cynthia's already agreed to help me out.
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Re: 2/2

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[Kamille laughs a bit.] Of course there will, Wiseman! ['Ah, glad to know your priorities are straight.'] You're more than welcome to join us anytime, you know. In fact, [He hands over what he's been looking for in his pocket: A business card. It's got his future contact details on the front, with a stylized Z on the back.] I was hoping you might be interested in working with us in the future as a trouble-shooter.
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[You've got Kamille intrigued now.] Do tell, Wiseman.
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[nodnod] Well now, you'll have your work cut out for you, but you can always call on me and Cynthia for help if its necessary.

... You know, being in Side 7, it's unlikely I'll be heading to Side 3 anytime soon. I'll need someone to pass messages to Haman if the need arises. Can I count on you?
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let's say this is before Tobia left?

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Hey, Bernie! Now that it's all over, are you gonna see your girl?
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I'm sure she is! She even showed up in fights once or twice not so long ago. And if you need extra confirmation... Well, the Federation likes us now. You can ask some of our friends to pull strings and find out!
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Yeah. In Azadistan, for example.

She is somewhere in the Federation! Go find her!
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Ah, don't call me sir! I was always just Tobia.
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What do you think? Bernadette is waiting for me!
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[Laura salutes.]

It's been an honour.
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Well, you'll probably never have to pay for your own drinks again, at least not around anyone who's been on the Chalice.

Have you anything planned for your next move?
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I don't imagine it's pretty. After what happened, well...

Who knows. Maybe there's some good that can be done by a returning hero.
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After everything that's happened, the ideologies of the One Year War seem awfully petty. Maybe they're ready to see that, now.
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The hero of the universe...who would have thought it from a humble Zaku pilot, eh?
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I...I suppose so!

Even to the end of our travels, you continue to be a fountain of wisdom.
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It's finally over...this wild ride's done what it's needed to, and we're all off on our seperate ways...

What's your plan for the future, Galactic Ace?
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[Cynthia glances around.]

Zeon is, me, and Kamille are all that's left of it now...I was planning on going with him and his restaurant idea. I hope to serve you up some good hamburgers some day.

[She then smiles, lunging forward with a sudden hug.] Bernie've done us all proud, never faltering, always being a cool's people like you who show that not everyone's a stereotype. You'd better come visit us on Side 7!
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You realise, there is no one else who can really claim to be Zeon's Top Ace, right?

[Amuro feigns a salute, but he drops it soon enough.]