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Anthropic principle

[Alessandra wipes her eyes. She's crying, and not bothering to hide it. But those are the tears of joy.]

You were there.

At the very moment, when the enemy felt most overwhelming, we received incredible help in the form of everyone who has the power and determination to fight against wrongdoing. Our allies and friends... are infinite.

And you were there, among them. Sir Azrad, the Magician.

I have been so incredibly joyful to see you once again, one last time.

[She looks down, at a certain trophy left behind by the Demonbane Army. It's a genetic sample of pandas, now secured in a big glass tube. Just in case.]

Now then. I wonder what should we do with this.

[She shakes it a little. It sloshes.]
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Do I have to remind you that one of your friends happens to be a biochemist?
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I should be able to analyze that genetic sample. Make sure it's viable and undamaged.

And then we can hand it over to someone who's an actual biologist. Someone trusted, with resources on their hands. Soon, pandas will return to Earth again!
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We've been both there. We've both met Azrad again, fought against a universe of evil, and said goodbye to Kurou and Al. Words won't express the emotions we felt as well as our shared memories do.

[Werter coughs into his fist to stop a tear from forming.]

Pardon me, I got poetic for a moment. Yes, this is the key to bringing at least one of the many extinct species on Earth back into the world. The pandas Conor killed won't return, but the species will.

...I wonder who was the creature that gave this to us.