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The Firm

1. *In the middle of the hustle-bustle of White Chalice's abrupt remodelling, suddenly a huge airship approaches and docks. But rather than a warship, it's a construction ship, bristling with cranes and mechanical arms.

As the ship closes in, Herb looks VERY panicked. He throws random things from his room to his bindle, before tying it up.*

Oh crap. The Firm. It finally caught on my location! If anyone's asking, I'm not here! I'm...  eaten by the primeval force!

2. From the ship, a swarm of grim-looking men in black suits and sunglasses descends.

The leader of the grim-looking gang is a young man in business suit and ponytail. He walks forward and opens his sunglasses and grins.*

"So this is White Chalice..." He politely greets you. "Excuse me sir/madam. Can you kindly direct me to Mr. Herbert Montgomery?"

3*. ...and the ship's cargo door opens. From it descends a horde of workers and construction robots bringing supplies, ammunitions, and whatnot. The ponytailed young man points with his hand and yell.*

"Spare nothing! Supply every mechs and ships you can see here. And after that, help with the reconstruction of White Chalice. Use every available workers and mechs we have! Show the pride of Montgomery Construction!"

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Herb. What the hell is going on.
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Nope. It's closed and shattered into a billion pieces.

Give me an explanation. You obviously know what's going on.
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If the two of us were enough to beat Primeval Force, I'd have done it already.

Do you own these people money or something? Spill the beans, rival.

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Herb has friends? From before?
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...I don't think there's anyone by that name here.
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Might I ask why you're looking for him?
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Really? I didn't know Herb had any family.

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Why, just follow this way!

[Alessandra points in a direction.]

Ah, what peerless manners. I wonder what business you might have with sir Herb the hobo, kind gentleman.
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Who might you be? Could he be perhaps a wanted fugitive? I had not a slightest idea - how dramatic!

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...There definitely isn't anyone aboard calling themselves Herbert.
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I'm sure if there were someone using the Montgomery name and calling himself something as refined as "Herbert" on board, everyone would know. Maybe your sources got mixed up? What does this person look like?

And, ah, why are you looking for him?

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