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Beginning of an end

[1, possibly battle log]

Various places all around the world came under attack by Primeval Force clones. These units are copies of all kinds of machines used by humanity, all made from Primeval Force energy - they can be destroyed, but they take a lot of punishment and have more destructive power than the things they copied!

Once the initial attacks are over - some of them repelled, for others the units retreated on their own as if toying with humans, uneasy silence falls upon Earth Sphere. How much more time will pass until another such attack? How long can humanity survive such an ordeal?

How do you react to this? All the while, the titanic avatar of Primeval Force itself watches from space, surrounded by legions of lesser mooks that annihilate anyone that tries to come close.

[2, frontdated a day or two]
"It was a pleasure having you on board."

"Now git off! Off me ship, I tell you! I'm giving you 24 hours to get your stuff away from White Chalice!"

"Umm. What the captain is trying to say is that he and the XO came up with a plan. It's unlikely that Primeval Force can be defeated in conventional combat, but it can be contained."

"White Chalice itself will serve as containment. Ayame already left to retrieve the Primeval Force generator which we will use as a trap. In the meantime, we are removing non-essential parts of the ship such as the arboretum or living quarters, and reinforcing the rest."

"So... this is good-bye. But I hope we can count on your assistance one last time, to break through Primeval Force's copies and reach the main avatar. Then we will either contain it in White Chalice for good, or if that's not enough, destroy it while it's contained within."

"Hey! Who told you to get rid of the minigolf course? I'm the captain, I'm not moving from the bridge!"


You managed to pick up survivors from Kairos Aspida. There aren't many... but even a few is better than nothing. Surprisingly for absolutely no one, they are devastated and not really in a talkative mood. But if you insist you can have a short conversation with them.

"Why did it have to... Wate, Henrika? Fuck!"


Also look who is among the survivors - isn't it Shinra himself! Though it turns out Shinra is not his name, just a nick he insisted everyone used. Evan Cooper, his eyes no longer shining blue, for the first time in many years is no longer a puppet of Primeval Force. Now he is truly free. And he is fully aware of everything he has done while Primeval Force's slave.

So when you see him, he is like this.
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[Ichitaka's very first thought was to go back to Fuso...unfortunately that was easier said than done.]

You've got to be kidding...

[There's just a wall of Imperial Valleys in his way.]
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Hey Ichi!

[FWOOOM! An AMERICA-colored beam flies through the air and annihilates a Valley too slow to get out of the way. ReHome is coming to assist - with Red Frame standing combat-ready on its deck!]

We can't just give up like this, can we?

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[Meanwhile, still in Gucun...]

You aren't welcome here. PISS OFF!!!

[The Zeta is being pushed to its limits as Kamille Bidan does his utmost to defend the country alongside the army.]

Too much damage has already been done to this place, I'm not letting you cause any more suffering!

[Beam Arrows are fired, missiles are launched, and Beam Confuse is applied liberally, but Kamille's starting to tire.]

I won't die here! Until I find my promised land, my happiness, I REFUSE TO DIE TO YOU!

[That being said, he's running out of ammo, and options...]
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You are struggling.

[Suddenly, one of those Primeval Force copies is split apart, cleaved in two by a small humanoid figure wielding a huge Sophium sword.]

But you are not alone. You are never alone. We will struggle together, towards a better tomorrow.

All units, open fire!

[Suddenly, Gucun forces come out from underfoot! There's a lot of them, and they looked ready for a fight - which comes now! The sky is full of missiles, projectiles and explosions.]

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[It's a grave situation indeed. On the SS-size front, there are also copies to battle, and apparently this isn't just limited to machines.

But while the struggles ensue, a Neppu finds herself face to face with a copy of her transformed self...and well...]

Woah...! Who's this cool-and-stylish woman?

[She can't be serious...]
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[Suddenly a larger shape next to them is smashed as something drops down on it from above and pierces it with a lance!]

Don't tell me you don't know how your transformed form even looks like.

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[Laura's on the comm from her bed in the medbay, where she's been putting all her energy into healing up for the next round.]

How confident can you really be that containing Primeval Force won't just let it take over the ship? Or that trying to destroy it won't just set it free?

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[Crossbone Full Cloth faces against a lot of various MS copies! And by faces, I mean stands in their way towards a city.]

It's happening again...

I don't care what you are. Human, alien, monster, embodiment of the most powerful force in the world. Doesn't matter...

[Tobia draws the Hi Muramasa Blaster. Crossbone's tooth-filled mouth opens, exhaling particles in a soundless roar.]

I'm not going to let you kill anyone else!
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Shinr-, no. Evan.
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[He winces when he hears Werter start to say that damn name... though the fact he corrects himself is a small mercy.]

... Thanks. I've had to live with that... thing, that name for too long...

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I failed to save Wate. I'm sorry.

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"Captain Smith, sir!." Matthew declares, marching up to the commander-in-chief of the White Chalice and saluting.

"I wish you luck in trapping and defeating the enemy–"

He draws in a breath.

"And before I leave, could I ask you for a favor?"

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[And here's the pilot of the rampaging white iDol, the monster named Imber.]

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That's... all you can say after everything?

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[And somewhere in america...]

...When it rains, it fucking pours, huh.

[Yui stands in the street as Primeval force constructs race through the city, the avatar visible as a distant blue star of doom in the sky. She takes out her phone, and makes a call.]

Madeline? It's happening.
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What? Seriously? Again?

[Cue several vicious swears on Mad's end.]

God fucking damnit. You figure when we left everyone would've found a way to keep the the world saved.
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...I'm sorry, I'll give it ba-look, can you just-

[Somehow, a civilian has managed to steal herself an Enact from the french military.]

-Okay, you know what? Just watch.

[And that same Enact engages the enemy, flying circles around the evil blue generic MT's in the area. It switches effortlessly between its flight mode and MS mode, making those poor redshirt pilots look like amateurs.]

Gonna be hard to go back to hiding after this...

[She's doing just fine attacking, though the Primeval force units are far more resilient than hers. But one unit makes her stand still, watching it for just a second-]

...Long time no see, huh.

[With it being made of blue energy and all, it is hard to tell apart from its cousin. The hoses coming off of it give it away-it is N-WGIX, the Black White Glint.]
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...Assuming this plan works... Where are you going to keep it?

I mean, sad as it is, there's probably people out there who'd be dumb enough to think they could somehow control it if they set it free. Or some natural disaster happens and damages the ship. Just... where would be able to make sure the trap stays safe, you know?

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[Loran's not entirely sure what to say here to these people. He'd been pretty set in his way of how he thought about them, especially Shinra. And now-]
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What? What?! Come on! You have something to say! Come on! Say it! Goddamnit... SAY IT YOU DUMB-

ORBREY! Calm down!

[Frans gave the Bastion's former gunner a squeeze to the shoulder to calm him down.]

Calm down... c'mon... don't lose it now...

[He shakes his head as Orbrey just drops into a depressed slump, Maura moving over to hold him.]

Sorry about that... he... he really didn't take the Captain dying very well...

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