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How the hell do you fly this thing?!

[...Oh yeah, Richard had been left on the Bomber, hadn't he?

Well, someone his own fault, somewhat circumstances. He couldn't fly, so divebombing after the others was a risky idea at best. And, well, whilst they stopped the big boom going off, he could at least try to make sure this didn't land on anyone's house or something.

Easier said than done when the engines were failing, one had next to no experience with an aircraft like this, and the only thing protecting you was a Normal suit because haha, cockpits weren't big enough to support giant robots.

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[Something strange is in front of White Chalice. A large humanoid construct of metal and stone, it looks like a statue with a long cloak and a sword. It's floating... no - standing in the air above the Pacific Ocean waves, and its hand is stretched out in a "stop" sign.]

Please wait, White Chalice! There is something incredibly important I must tell you!

[This figure has a yellow gem on its forehead, and inside the gem there is... a human? He must be the pilot.]

[Some time later and after a long talk with Captain Smith the XO, the mysterious pilot and his unit are both on board. And he has something important to tell you all.]

My name is Coztic. I know it is hard to believe because I look just like you, but I am not a human. I am a member of a race called Over Being. There are others from my race on Earth, but they are hiding - and we must stop them before their plans come to fruition, because they are here to kill and enslave humanity. It is only a game for them.

... I am afraid that my race is what you would call "irredeemably evil". Me and one other are the only different ones. That other Over Being, Texotic - was captured by my evil brethren, stripped of memories and free will, and let loose to rampage on your planet. I beg you: we need to work together to save this planet from Over Being, but before that happens, we need to rescue Texotic! I know where to go, and how to do it. It won't be easy, but I know of your reputation. If there is anyone on this planet who can do it, it is you.

I have no resources or... money, to pay you with. I can only offer my services and loyalty.

[The alien - or so he calls himself, is now wandering around White Chalice, and observing with the curiosity of a child, but an unhurried patience of someone older.]

How interesting. To come up with something like this... Humanity really is something special.

[He comments while examining something, pretty much anything. It could be something strange and interesting, but on the other hand it could also be something ridiculously mundane.]