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[After opting to stay behind instead of going on the mission, Neptune is just as shocked and saddened to hear that Kurou didn't make it back. She got mad and refused to accept it, she bawwed. At first, there's no difference from how she reacted to the loss of others she knew...she just can't help it after all. On top of everything else, Kurou was the very first person she met here...

...But on the deck of the Chalice some hours later, she stands, transformed.]

...I did tell you that I am no good with goodbyes.

However, I believe the time has come for me to make up for that...

[And surprise, she actually starts to sing.]

((OOC: With the last canon other than KA over, consider this Neptune's IC tribute to Chalice people we won't get to see again for one reason or another. No replies are really required.

English translation for the song here in the info part.))
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1. (Open)
[While she was carried back to the Chalice in an unconscious state, Neptune's transformation had completely deactivated as well. She's been looked at in the infirmary though, and yes: she is awake now, albeit with most of her body covered in bandages. This includes one side of her face for some reason.]

...In case you guys were wondering about it - getting hit by one of those beams HURTS.

[Something is off, however. The bits and pieces of armor that were blasted apart by Ali's attack are next to her, on the floor. These pieces didn't get dismissed along with her transformation this time...why could that be?]


2. (Locked to Kurou for tradition's sake)
[You may be anywhere in the ship. The Arboretum, a random hallway, perhaps. But there is a feeling you're getting now; something like Deja Vu...]


3. (Open - takes place a day or so after 2)
Cut for frontdating )
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[One very dissatisfied goddess is taking out her frustrations on the stomping it repeatedly. She has very good reason to, though, especially after just recovering from the incident with Tixy...and now...]

You've gotta be -kidding- me! Again?!

My name isn't just a placeholder for a surprise character appearance - that's not fair!

Worst. Running. Gag. Ever!

((OOC: This is more of a reaction post, so replies are not necessary. But feel free to anyway.))
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1. [The next time anyone encounters this particular goddess, she's in the pantry thinking hard about something. There's also a particularly good example of solanum melongena here, resting atop a counter about 10 meters away from her.]

Okay, so I didn't think it'd be that bad when there were just a few of 'em around...and it's not like I haven't fought an army of 'em before, but...

...I need help to find a better way to deal with eggplants!


2. [Some time after 1, you'll find a transformed Neptune in the same space, only curled up in a corner instead.]

Even in this form, it's useless...

[The other Gamindustri goddesses are just watching with expressions ranging from amused to downright disappointed.

That eggplant on the counter? Still there. You can almost make out a smile on its face if it actually had one.]
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[As the title says. You now have one purple-haired goddess standing in the hangar, not at all looking glum after the uphill battle that just ended.]

Howdy guys! I did say I'd be back, and here I am! Your purple pudding pal has returned!

[But she isn't alone. Standing quietly right next to her is that tiny Super Robot she summoned during the fight - its arms crossed like a bodyguard. All it needs are a pair of shades.

And that's not all...]

Oh, I brought some backup with me too. C'mon over here and say hi, guys!

The rest behind the cut )

((Note: This takes place after the mission: Unyielding Hammer of Earth.))
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[In the wake of the shocking events of the recent mission, a rather happy-looking Neptune is now occupying one of the fancy holo-screens in the hallway, with the resident mysterious witch doctor Maxene nearby. For the purple haired goddess, there is a good reason to cheer up again!]

Wall o' text )


[A while after the call, Neptune is in the Arboretum, where it looks like a small space has been reserved for a human-sized dimensional gate. By now, she's explained everything that happened...]

So yeah, that's how it is, guys...

Bailing on y'all after these new badguys showed up feels like a badly written script, but trust me...

[Fist pump.]

Even if it's unlikely or whatever, I'll do my best to get back here after I'm done! You can count on it!

Just don't do anything too silly while I'm gone, okay?
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1. [As per the Rules of Neptune (™): once you're done crying (and stuffing your face with food, like pudding) it's time to get back up and try again!]

...Hah! Seei! Haa-!

[The goddess-slash-CPU is in the makeshift dojo set up by Sam, having her own sword training session against several dummy targets set up there. However, instead of the usual skin-tight suit and armor post-transformation, Purple Heart is wearing a white and violet kendo robe that perfectly fits her slender frame. It's only proper, really.

But in spite of her enthusiasm, she seems a bit bothered.]

...Hn...not having a simulated environment is something I've yet to adjust to, although, I suppose it feels more authentic this way.

[Bug her? Try to get some training of your own done?]


2. [When she's not in the dojo, she's sometimes over at the shooting range, where you may find her handling some pistols...surprisingly, untransformed, and with just one hand. Surely it isn't dangerous having a little girl using firearms with that kind of silly shooting technique, right? C'mon, even the Witches did it properly...kinda.]

So lessee do I use that exploding shot again?

-Oh, oh! Maybe I should go for the Particle Shot first?

[Oh dear.]


3. [And later, -more- stuffing one's face with food. Only this time, she's humming some kind of tune too.

What's more, there's a piece of paper there with scribbles all over it. Those look like...lyrics? Ask her what's up with that?]

((OOC: Apologies; this was supposed to be up much earlier too, but I've been kinda busy.))
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[Maybe it was because you were passing by the infirmary and noticed he wasn't there. Maybe you had hoped to check in on him, and found he wasn't there. Or maybe you just really want your sword back, and he wasn't there.

But Richard Chevalier should have his ass lying down in a bed recovering, and he's not there.

Instead, when you do find him, the weary Frenchman is hacking away at a large sheet of metal, propped against the wall near his workbench. With Isaac's blade in hand, he just tries and tries, with no real result, to carve into the metal...]
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[Locked to Felicita.]

White Chalice is close to the Orsini Industries lab. There's a call just for you, on the live video feed - and guess what, it's your mother!


White Chalice received a huge data packet, sent over a secure line.

Contents )

Moments later, all communication with the Orsini Industries science facility is lost. It turns out there has been an explosion. Its causes - unknown, since the facility was not supposed to be operative at that moment.

There are few confirmed casualties. Colomba Arlotti, Felicita Arlotti's mother, is among them.


Confront Felicita about this? Needless to say, the girl is very distressed at the moment. Crying her heart out... the pretense of staying strong in the face of all hardships she had to endure, all gone.
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[Having figured that Vlaska and the remnants of the Bronya Team could use some alone time after the tragic events of the mission, Neptune is over in the arboretum, taking a well-deserved break and looking out into space. Since the end of the battle, she hasn't changed back to her genki, loli-tastic form.

There's a good reason for this: upon transforming, and for the briefest of moments, she felt an obvious distortion in space, accompanied by visions that even her fourth-wall breaking self couldn't -quite- comprehend.

It looks like all the pressure from the past few days is gone though, and as Purple Heart, she's much calmer, which in turn made it easier for her to think...]

...A dimensional disturbance, is it? I've been told of the existence of other worlds and other Neptunes. Perhaps that had something to do with what I felt.

...More importantly, we have the deceased members of the Bronya Team to thank for that successful mission. At least they seemed to have left without any regrets...
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Hey, hey...what's with this enormous pressure I'm feeling? I didn't turn into one of those Newtypes, did I?

[Wherever and whenever you find the purple-haired goddess today, she seems kinda out-of-it. In addition, she's also actively trying to figure this out herself...]

Lessee...I know it's been there for a while, but it totally got worse since I got up this morning and put my cute shoes on. Not cool. Maybe there was something in the pudding I ate yesterday...


...Naaaw, who am I kidding? Pudding's -always- great! In fact, I could do with some right now.

[Aaaand...she'll get nowhere at this rate. Help out?]

((OOC: This was originally supposed to be up on the 12th of July, but seeing as I might be busy then, I'll be splitting it into two posts - one now, and later, one on the specified date. As the title suggests - massive fourth wall breaking inbound.))
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(OOC: Feel free to tag both)


I finally did it!

[Richard is grinning his ass off, happy and truly amazed with himself for once.]

I can actually use magic!

[And in celebration, he's invited whoever's available from the Chalice crew to come along and join him at a bar in the town they just saved. Things started with a small eulogy for those potentially lost in the attack, but soon after Richard tried to get smiles going again.

His own is actually rather fuelled by the... oh, two or three pints of beer he's had so far? Barely a sip before he was giggling his ass off anyway. How about you? Are you handling your drink any better? Or just watching a drunken fool?]


[Some time after the party is done and dusted... Richard is out cold on the floor in front of his workbench in the hangar. It seems he just dropped in the midst of reaching for screwdriver or something, as his arm rests on the scattered contents of his toolbox, and his chair is a few feet away having slipped out from under him when he fell. On the workbench itself is some kind of frame, clearly a work in progress and with loose wiring everywhere... but to those who know it, it looks vaguely like what you'd see on a Knightmare Frame, and the nearby blueprints certainly suggest such.

So... what do about the unconscious guy?]
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[Post-mission - it was a partial success. But partial is good enough for Felicita, especially since the Leviathan can be handled later, seperately. For now she patiently waits inside Deva for the Putri System to cool down and its effects to kick in. It's unpleasant, but bearable knowing she did a good job.]

Thank you, everyo... huh?

[She lifts a hand to her face and then looks at it. Blood. This is not supposed to happen.]

N... no. This is wrong. Something is really, really...

[Suddenly, interrupted by a terrible pain that clenches her insides.]

[It seems entering Overdrive Mode with the mobile suit being damaged was a bad idea, as the Putri System did not work as intended. Or maybe it did, and the side effects are just really severe this time.

Anyway, Felicita needed immediate medical attention and even some surgery. Internal bleeding, the cardiovascular system being all messed up in general... it looked bad. Possibly the worst part, though? Felicita remained fully conscious during the operation. Even now, several hours later, she is conscious and responsive while in the ward bed.]

... Mother...

[Message from the drone's AI.]
With Felicita Arlotti's last sortie, the Deva Project gathered enough combat data to satisfy Orsini Industries' requirements. Combat data will be sent at the first opportune moment.

Of course, you are welcome and encouraged to continue sending Felicita Arlotti into combat, to gather more data. The contract is still in effect as long as she remains with White Chalice.
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[Lately, Pit's been even more active than usual. Wherever something needed doing, Pit was there, lifting, mending, cooking, and generally being his happy little self, only even more so.

So if you're needing help with anything, be it fixing stuff after the latest battles, or simply needing a partner to spar with? There's a pretty good chance that this guy is about to stride over and try and give you a hand somehow (results not guaranteed). Are you?]


[Later, though, you might run into him in the kitchen while he hasn't seen you. And you might notice he seems a bit more out of it.

The sigh would be a hint. The absent stirring of the pot also would be a pretty good clue. But it's the fact that he doesn't seem to be noticing his toga touched the kitchen five seconds ago and has caught fire that is definitely a dead giveaway.

Warn him?]
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1. (Mainly for CR)
[Mission over! But a new purple-haired lady returns with the group that departed for the operation earlier, while Neptune is nowhere in sight...what.

She's now standing on the deck of the damaged Chalice, looking thoughtful.]

...So, that's what I'd forgotten. A type of faith stronger than what followers can place in a goddess - faith born from companionship. I only wish I realized it sooner.

Regardless, I owe you my thanks.


2. (Open)
[The same person is now walking (and occasionally floating) through the halls of the ship, generally inspecting the same spots Neptune did, like the Clubroom, but keeping herself moving as much as she can.]

It's been a while since I've taken this form. Even with the damage done here, seeing all this from a different perspective is strangely refreshing...

Patching Up

Jun. 6th, 2013 09:20 pm
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1. [It's not easy dealing with loss, even if it's someone you just met. Right now, Neptune's got that training Device she had when she encountered Coztic the first time, and is just swinging at the air.]

We could've left him some flowers at least...but I guess that was impossible with that time limit to escape...


2. [Anyone wandering into the lounge area will find the purple-haired CPU sitting there. Her arms are bandaged, and her tiny white jacket is off now, so for once she's only wearing that deep purple one-piece dress. The jacket is on the table in front of her though, and she seems to be checking it.]

Not cool! This is way worse than I thought it'd be, and Plutie isn't around when I need her!

[She holds it up. All those burns are pretty obvious, not including the ones on her skirt.]

Well, there's gotta be someone here who can fix this up...right?

((OOC: Prompt 1 is mostly directed at people who were on the mission.))


Jun. 6th, 2013 03:50 am
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[Coztic is no longer with us, but his mission was in the end successful. The love of his life and the one who eventually took that life away from him, Texotic, is on board. Currently she's in a holding cell, just to make sure she's by her senses and no longer a raging beast when she wakes up.

And she just woke up.]

Wh... who? Coztic? Who is Coztic? Where is he?

[The rather... lightly clad young woman raises a hand to her eyes. And finds it wet with tears that just flow out all on their own.]

What is going on?

Let me out!
[Some time later, she is not happy about still being in the holding cell, to say the least.]

I must get out of this... place! Get out and enter Texotic Pilhua!
[She tries to bend the bars open, which obviously fails because well - normal human body.]
Do you want me to die?

[Okay, she eventually did get out. Or was let out, to be precise. Texotic is now walking around White Chalice aimlessly, like a drunk in a haze. She doesn't seem to be quite there, but at least she's not aggressive. Approach if you dare.]
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[Something strange is in front of White Chalice. A large humanoid construct of metal and stone, it looks like a statue with a long cloak and a sword. It's floating... no - standing in the air above the Pacific Ocean waves, and its hand is stretched out in a "stop" sign.]

Please wait, White Chalice! There is something incredibly important I must tell you!

[This figure has a yellow gem on its forehead, and inside the gem there is... a human? He must be the pilot.]

[Some time later and after a long talk with Captain Smith the XO, the mysterious pilot and his unit are both on board. And he has something important to tell you all.]

My name is Coztic. I know it is hard to believe because I look just like you, but I am not a human. I am a member of a race called Over Being. There are others from my race on Earth, but they are hiding - and we must stop them before their plans come to fruition, because they are here to kill and enslave humanity. It is only a game for them.

... I am afraid that my race is what you would call "irredeemably evil". Me and one other are the only different ones. That other Over Being, Texotic - was captured by my evil brethren, stripped of memories and free will, and let loose to rampage on your planet. I beg you: we need to work together to save this planet from Over Being, but before that happens, we need to rescue Texotic! I know where to go, and how to do it. It won't be easy, but I know of your reputation. If there is anyone on this planet who can do it, it is you.

I have no resources or... money, to pay you with. I can only offer my services and loyalty.

[The alien - or so he calls himself, is now wandering around White Chalice, and observing with the curiosity of a child, but an unhurried patience of someone older.]

How interesting. To come up with something like this... Humanity really is something special.

[He comments while examining something, pretty much anything. It could be something strange and interesting, but on the other hand it could also be something ridiculously mundane.]

Lost Boys

May. 30th, 2013 04:02 pm
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[A combat(?)/shanenigans prompt]
At night, White Chalice is invaded by strange intruders. Small submarines with arms and legs have climbed up the floating ship's sides and are now all over the place, stealing mechanical parts and supplies in particular - but everything they can get their hands on in general! They are very stealthy and sneaky-like, but as soon as detected they flee in fear rather than fighting.

Capture them to retrieve your things! But beware - as soon as they make it under the waves they are suddenly much faster and harder to chase.
[For the sake of plot and see below, don't use lethal violence.]

After the raid it turns out some of your stuff is missing - including doctor Oenone Zero! Time to interrogate the captured pilots to learn about their base's location.

But how will you do that when the pilots turn out to be but mere children? Because that's what they are. Little boys - dirty, hungry, scared out of their minds. Lost boys.

Is harshness really the way to go with here? It looks like life was harsh enough on them already.

[2a - locked to Oenone]
Figure this out - during the night, a band of children have abducted you in their tiny submarines, and brought you to their underwater base. They also took your tools of the trade as a surgeon and Stalker mechanic. What could they want from you? Only one way to find out, as you have an audience with their leader...

Eventually, one way or another you've figured out where the Lost Boys' base of operations is. It's on the ocean floor - hard to access on one side, but on the other, you meet no resistance once you actually get there. No surprise, the Lost Boy subs are unmanned and at foot they have knives and slings at best. A poor match for armed combatants.

The place seems to be falling apart, with rusted pipes and dangerously unstable boilers everywhere, especially on lower levels where Lost Boys live in crowded hovels. Is this really a place where anyone can survive for a long time? But don't forget your mission, to find dr Zero.

Moe Tank

May. 27th, 2013 11:39 am
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 1-[Driver recruitment]

Good morning everyone! I need some help testing out Clementine, now that it's complete. I'll need sample human drivers to copy the movements of, and also take over if I make any mistakes.

2-[Later in the day, ALICE took the tank out for a spin on her own. And it's not too long before she sends out an emergency distress call...]

Um, please come quickly! I need help!

[And indeed she does need help. Clementine has landed in a city pool, the tank's back half under water in the shallow end, while the front half sticks out of the water, propped up by the edge of the pool.]

Aah! Don't climb on that!

[Alice's plaintive cries do nothing to stop the local children from climbing all over the bright orange tank.]

3-[Well, Caulder had to pay a fine for the damage to the pool. It was reduced a bit by agreeing to have Alice perform 50 hours of community service, which she is now carrying out. You can find her and the tank working in a quarry blasting rock, pulling loads of junk at the landfill, or working in town as part of the special transit service-that is to say, impromptu public transit for the elderly and disabled.]

I wasn't made for this at all...
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[Vlaska is now undertaking another exercise. What is it you ask? Something that would help him remember names and faces. In other words. He's pulling Mail duty across the ship. Ferrying messages - no matter how trivial they are across the ship to other people. Interestingly this also helps him with his navigation skills.]


[He's looking up at you curiously. Do you have a letter you want for him to send to someone? Are you getting a letter? Do you just want to scratch him behind the ear because of that adorable postman's hat somebody decided to make for him just for this occassion?]

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[Its bleeding early in the morning - the sun is but  short while away from rising. And where is Sam at this time? Training intensely! But not with his sword surprisingly - though it lies close by. Sam's on the deck of the ship - letting loose with a series of punches and kicks. What kind of style is he using? Its difficult to place - there's plenty of capoeira and judo peppered in - especially with how he's tossing around the dummies he's set up pretty darned hard. As in more than one. It seems he likes to practice on multiple targets at once.]

Mmmh... nothing like a good morning warm up...

[He rolls his neck in a relaxed manner as he flicks his sheathed sword up from the ground with his foot and snatches it out of the air as it dropped - resting it along his shoulders as he watched the sun rise. He pauses to look over at you with a raised eyebrow.]

I didn't think anyone else would bother waking up this early.

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[A blackboard appeared on a wall in the hangar! What's written on it?]

This! )
[Tobia is staring at the letters.]

Hmm... Anything I'm missing?

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Recently, Roads mentioned the idea of an anti-evil god club. It was likely a joke, but White Chalice has an established tradition of taking jokes seriously.

Herb also has set up a gentleman adventurer's club, with the word "gentleman" being used in a gender-neutral way. But with no clear focus, there are few members.

Let us combine these two! A club for adventurous ladies and gentlemen, who focus on protecting humanity from evil gods and other supernatural forces, both by finding out more about them and battling them directly. We already have a club room, even - pretty well-furnished, if you don't mind cobwebs. And we could call it the League of... Hmm... I'm not very good with names, I'm afraid.

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Solar... Punch!

[For those wandering through the hangar, you might pick out a familiar cry. One that should normally bring with it power and a great big glow... but doesn't this time. Hell, if you follow it to the source, all you'll see is Richard, throwing his fist in the direction of a painted target, over and over, achieving... nothing. Yep.]


[By now he's moved to another part of the ship, and he's... reading a book? Yep, he's hanging out in the Arboretum, amongst the alien plants, reading a book. Dare to ask what he might be reading?]
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[For those who were on the mission, you might've noticed that not!Dagon who was summoned is now aboard the ship; specifically in the hangar.]

Phew, I've never been so spent in my life! Luckily those pilot dudes were out there since I couldn't transform and all.

[Why yes, she has a habit of talking to herself too. Stay away if you're the type that's annoyed by this.]

But mannn, with these robots around, it's like I died and went to Nepgear's heaven! This is really cool... There's no way I'm really dead though...right...?

Actually... where the heck am I?

[Interrogate? Explain the situation? Etc.]
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[There's a new arrival on the Chalice, anyone who was at the beach and had a hankering for Watermelon would have met this man. What's odd about him this time though is that he's wearing what looks to be an armored exoskeleton, with a rather abnormal looking sheath at his side, complete with sword.]

[Oh, and he's also parking a Motorbike at a free spot in the hangar as well. Because fuck you. His bike. Said bike being a 1970s Harley Model - with what looked to be massive amounts of loving attention paid to it.]

(Reference to the bike: Here)

[When he sees you though he offers an amused grin and nod.]


[The next you see of the new arrival is him relaxing in the lounge in plainclothes, sword across his lap and his leg bandaged up. He took a hit in the fight after all. Some of you may have seen him fight with that sword of his. That and unleash that crazy whirlwind at the tidal wave.]

An interesting day eh? I just wish some parts of it could have gone on longer.

[Interestingly the TV is on and he's watching some news about the upcoming Neo-American elections. There were a few things scattered about him... including a scrap of... something with a logo on it. ]