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18: One more time, the Messenger carries the news of Victory...


[Post "The Shield of Time's Last Stand". Locked to Jade Falcons]

Since the war between Clan Jade Falcon and Wolf has finally ended, and especially what with the blue robot simulacrums wrecking stuff all over the Earth, Matthew decides to call up his old sibko pal Lola with the long-distance comm.

"Star Captain Helmar? This is Matthew. Could I talk with you for a moment?"

Hopefully he hasn't interrupted something.


[Open to all.]

Those who find themselves in the hanger bay, whether helping with the evacuation or giving their mechs one last tune up, might overhear Matthew talking with a group of techs who are reattaching his Nova's arm with gantry cables, frantically trying to restore the squat, birdlike OmniMech to fighting condition.

"What?" Matthew says, eyes widening. "Are you sure?"

"We did an x-ray and everything." the lead tech says, holding up a datapad with false negative images. "The endo-skeletal frame's studded with hairline fractures. Battle scars from lots of fights and rush repair jobs. And from age too. Didn't you once say this mech was built 130 years ago, in your dimension?"

He shakes his head and clucks his tongue. "Tough old bird you've got. I'd say she'd last for a year more, if you stuck to patrols and recon missions. But another battle like the last one...we'll do what we can, Matt."

He pats Matthew on the shoulder, then returns to his work. Matthew stares into space at his customized Nova, looking stunned.

Talk to him?
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"Matthew? I am glad to see you are still alive."

The best way to describe conditions on Lola's side is - chaos. A lot of people and equipment moving everywhere, shouting orders, noise.

But she positively emanates relief.

"Even from here I could see the humongous figure. What the stravag was that?"
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Lola's response is deep silence. Then finally, she utters these words:


"Protection of Terra is a sacred task. I am certain Star Colonel Guili understands that fully. Our forces were decimated and we lost almost all dropships during the battle of Siberia, but Clan Jade Falcon will assist."

"And even if Star Colonel decides to hold back, and the rest of the Clan follows suit... I will not. I will be there."
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"It... it is alright, Matthew. Really." Despite her reassuring words, you can tell Lola's heart is aching.

"There was little time to reorganize, and we have more warriors remaining than 'mechs for them. For now, those who have no machines to call their own are staying put."

She does not sound happy, probably because that list includes her.
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"This is... I cannot believe it."

The Star Captain is shocked as she sees the blueprint arriving on her side.

"Aff, this is exactly what we are going to need! Matthew, how did you find the schematics?"
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"I ask you of only one thing."

"Return alive."
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What's the matter?
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I don't see the problem. You can always switch to another mech afterwards, no? Just make sure those battle scars don't kill you.
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That'd be nothing new. This is the fourth Gundam I'm piloting - I gave away G-Saviour to another pilot, left the X-2 behind as a distraction, sacrificed the X-3 to beat Dogatie. And that's not counting other Mobile Suits.

I like Gundams. But in the end, they're just tools. What matters with tools is what you do with them.
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You can't die now! We all worked so hard for world peace. You must enjoy it a little first!
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Eh, if you want to preserve it that bad, I'm sure there's a way.

What do you think compromises the core of your robot?
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When the rest is broken, just take that thing and build everything else anew around it. That way your old friend is still with you!
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Wow... that's kind of disappointing, but... if it's that old... Well, let it retire with a bagn ,right?
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[[He shakes his head.]]

Not at all. You never know, there's enough machines here with consciousness and soul, maybe yours has one as well. After all, you're a member of the Gurren Brigade. I'm sure she's seen enough battle around me to have a few spikes of Spiral energy.

[[And a good pat on the back as they look over the Nova.]]
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Speaking of one last battle... what do you intend to do afterward?
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Ranna is there in the hangars too, the Wolves present moving their stuff off the Chalice.

"Clan Wolf has some Novas, I can attempt to requisite some for you."
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"We could repair it for you after this. We have our Endo-Steel factories up and running."
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"Only if the factories produce Novas... that we do not. Much like my Warhawk," Ranna grimaces slightly at the thought of it under repairs back in Wolf City.