Feb. 11th, 2014

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"I am so surprised that I'm alive...what did I just see? All of it?"

It took a while; at first, Bernie looked like he's been through Hell, a journey. he looked so surprised or his mind was gone.

Then, he dropped onto his knees. His eyes and cheeks were soaked.

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[Alessandra wipes her eyes. She's crying, and not bothering to hide it. But those are the tears of joy.]

You were there.

At the very moment, when the enemy felt most overwhelming, we received incredible help in the form of everyone who has the power and determination to fight against wrongdoing. Our allies and friends... are infinite.

And you were there, among them. Sir Azrad, the Magician.

I have been so incredibly joyful to see you once again, one last time.

[She looks down, at a certain trophy left behind by the Demonbane Army. It's a genetic sample of pandas, now secured in a big glass tube. Just in case.]

Now then. I wonder what should we do with this.

[She shakes it a little. It sloshes.]
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[Not everybody came back from the confrontation with Master Therion, and then Nyarlahotep. As such West is venting his sadness-]




[By bawling like hell. Elsa's just backing off, looking for someone... ANYONE to HELP WITH THIS MAJOR SITUATION! SHE DOESN'T WANT TO HAVE TO COMFORT WEST!]

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[After opting to stay behind instead of going on the mission, Neptune is just as shocked and saddened to hear that Kurou didn't make it back. She got mad and refused to accept it, she bawwed. At first, there's no difference from how she reacted to the loss of others she knew...she just can't help it after all. On top of everything else, Kurou was the very first person she met here...

...But on the deck of the Chalice some hours later, she stands, transformed.]

...I did tell you that I am no good with goodbyes.

However, I believe the time has come for me to make up for that...

[And surprise, she actually starts to sing.]

((OOC: With the last canon other than KA over, consider this Neptune's IC tribute to Chalice people we won't get to see again for one reason or another. No replies are really required.

English translation for the song here in the info part.))
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 [Whatever happened on the other side of the gate, a few things are known. Roads was injured; he's got orders to take it easy for a while and quite a few stitches in his side, along with a truly impressive medication regime.  The Zweilicht was lost, replaced now with a massive blue Deus Machina. And...Kurou and Al did not return.]

I can't believe I'm seriously considering doing this...

[He's in front of that memorial wall, sitting down. He takes out a bottle of pills and downs one, rubbing his temples.]

Stupid headache...urgh, I should have brought a heavier suit...
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[The team's resident grandma can be found watching the sea drift by from the deck.]


...Once again, I am the one left behind.

[She takes a deep breath and closes her eyes, listening to the waves below in silence. Evil still threatens the world. Even now, someone, somewhere, is being tempted by the Other that lurks outside reality. Dictators still stand to wage their petty wars under the eyes of of an uncaring universe. The malevolent Primeval Force plots and lurks even as she stands here, listening to the ocean.


Mankind has friends in high places, too. And right here, right now, the world is at peace. So Eibon does something she does very rarely-she smiles.]