Feb. 17th, 2014

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1. Medbay (shortly after The Shield of Time's Last Stand)


[Famous first words. Laura's waking up and, Shifter healing factor or no, feeling the effects of trying to go all Getter 1 on a battleship that still has its point defense intact.]

...What happened? Is everyone okay?

2. Hangar (after Dan's announcement)

[Laura's looking over the distressingly warped and dented shape of Penny, the custom Knightpolice having been recovered from the field after Primeval Force's departure. Hanging from the outside meant the Xihpos' destruction didn't harm it too badly, but the subsequent fall to Earth did it no favours.]

Sorry. With everything that's going on, I won't be able to repair you for a while. Most I can do is reserve a bay for you so you don't get parted out while the ship's being evacuated...

[Beside her, Goldie warks confidently. He'll watch over the KMF for her during the Chalice's last hurrah.]

3. Announcement to all [video]

Hello everyone. This is, um, compared to everything else that's going on, it's less urgent, but I wanted you to know...

Once Primeval Force is defeated [of course she says "once"], Lily and I are getting married. Well, not right away. Her family still have to RSVP. But.

You're all invited, of course. Even if we won't have the Chalice by then, we still have each other.


Feb. 17th, 2014 01:01 pm
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[Yusuke's not got much to pack up besides whatever mess remained of the G1 and the weapons it provided. Which he is sending back along with BeatChaser- it served him well but it's not going to be of much more use. Now it was just him and Gouram, although the beetle shaped ancient ally had flown off somewhere to stay out of the way of everyone moving about.]

You know at the end of this I hadn't really expected this.
Although if it's successful it'd be a way better than most alternatives.

[The Rider looked at the emptying vessel with a sunken heart. He'd seen...way too much death here. And he'd probably be seeing the death of the Chalice itself. Shame really.]


Feb. 17th, 2014 04:59 pm
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[Tobia doesn't have much stuff to pack, so he has a lot of time to give a hand with working on the Chalice, and help others. Maybe he's even helping you!

Either way, now his work brought him to the memorial wall.]

This thing...

We can't just leave it here, can we?
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It seemed very serious; Zaku Kai was wrecked badly and now Bernie had to leave. He had his bags.

"What should I take?" Bernie's body felt heavy. It felt like a permanent parting from a diverse group of companions who didn't mind that he was a Zeon, and he also felt that he couldn't have a chance like this again.

"Thank you, White Chalice. Hm?" In his room, Bernie noticed something from the drawer -- those two interesting things that he bought way back.

"Yep, can't leave that." Then there's also a photo. Looked like a collector's item or something from a magazine.

Bernie was hesitant to pick it up. He took a moment to think, and then he nodded his head.

"I'll make it right," Bernie said, taking the photo. "Oh yeah!" Also another picture of a reliable friend.
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Man, I'm so excited! We have almost beat all the bad guys already, Lady Palutena! Just a bit more, and then celebration party!

[Well, someone is in high spirits even though he's packing]

Indeed. Make sure you don't forget anything, though. Did you get your toothbrush? Spare crown? Feather polish?

Geez, Lady Palutena, I'm not a cherub anymore, you know. I can pack on my own.

[Pit and Palutena chat merrily while packing stuff. It should be noted that Pit seems to be "requisitioning" a bunch of the kitchen supplies, tossing all sorts of into a huge green bag bigger than himself]

Hmmmmm... think anyone would mind if we took the oven? It's so much handier than the cookery at Skyworld, I kinda wanna bring it when I leave.

They were just going to dump this module, so far a I'm concerned, knock yourself out.

Point. Alle-hop! [And he pulls the large overn out of its socket and tosses it into the bag as well. Angelic scrounging in progress, please mind your head]


[And while everyone is packing, what is Viridi doing? Well, she walks into the Arboretum with a grumpy face, smacking one of the automated systems taking care of preparing the Arboretum for offload into the wall while she's doing so.]

Scram, pests. You'd just ruin half of it. Good thing I'm here. Sending robots to do this. Pft.

[She then stands at the very center of the Arboretum, she slams her staff against the ground, which trembles in sympathy. The alarms go off on principle, but she doesn't seem to care. Instead, she breathes, and raises her hands, filling the entire area with amber-colored light]

Earth, RISE!

[And with a huge shake and a deafening CRACK sound, the entirety of the dirt and ground in the arboretum breaks loose and begins floating, a small flying island full of trees. It then begins to maneuver outward, with the chibi goddess at the helm.

Marvel, go WTF, point out that Viridi is kind of making off with our Arboretum, panic because you were caught on the Arboretum as this happened?]