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A dreary day in the not very creatively named Wolf City. The bloodhouse chapel was still starkly unpainted, reflecting the neccessity for more pressing construction, though pyramidal and grandiose in structure. Sprinkling rain drummed against the metal of the walls outside.

In hundreds of cubbies, there were small pyramidal glass things, each containing the ashes of a Warrior. Their name (given and bloodname) were displayed, and if one pushed a button, a holoprojection would appear detailing a brief biography and their accomplishments. There were also small alcoves next to each one where mourners could leave flowers and things like that, a concession to Spheroid tradition.

Resnick's ashes were carried in by Loremaster Daphne Vickers, who had his strong jaw and choppy blond curls, followed by Khan Phelan Kell, a man who, though not of impressive build, clearly commanded the respect of all the Wolf clansmen in the room. Both wore ceremonial fur-trimmed leathers.

"Today we are gathered to honor a fallen comrade. The honor of the Warden way guided him here and he became the first of our Clan to set foot here since the Exodus. He fought hard for his new home and represented us well to the Earth Sphere. As Khan, I found his regular reports invaluable. He earned his bloodname and carried it proudly, earning him a place here. And now he has earned his rest as well.

It is good and natural to mourn when one has lost a good friend and trothkin. However, know that there are two ways we will honor his legacy so that he is not forgotten. First we will redouble our commitment to stop the Word of Blake from bringing the Terra he worked so hard to protect under their heel. Secondly, his genes will be used to make the next sibko of trueborn Warriors. He will live on in them, as he will in your memories and hearts. Seyla."

'Seyla.' echoed all the clanners there. Phelan looked over at Ranna and resisted the urge to wet his lips. Writing a speech to honor someone who was, by all reports, a fervent admirer of his most hated rival and until recently a Crusader was not the easiest public speaking he'd ever done, though it beat facing down a hostile Council chamber. '

"I invite anyone who wishes to speak of the dead to do so before I formally inter him here." Said Loremaster Vickers.
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It behooves me as his commanding officer to announce this to the White Chalice: Star Captain Resnick Vickers was killed by a Blakist assassin following the successful capture of a convoy. The coward surrendered, then used a poison gas capsule, disguised as a tooth, while being interrogated.

It is not a traditional Clan custom to hold funerals or wakes for members of the Warrior Caste. However the IlKhan directed us to blend the best of Clan and Spheroid traditions and I believe a ceremony that marks the end of a life to be one well worth adopting. As such, his ashes will be publicly interred at the bloodhouse chapel, in Wolf City on Sunday, at 5 PM. All who knew him in life are welcome to attend. If there is anything more I can do, please let me know.

-Khan Phelan Kell

PS: He left behind a will and last statement, which is appended to this message.

[Feel free to respond if you wanna say anything to Phelan]


[Resnick appears in his room, looking rather nonchalant. Composing a will doesn't seem to have him so shaken up.] If you are watching this, by now you know that I am dead. The Remembrance says to us: Let all warriors bear their mark proudly, taking what pride they can in their accomplishments. For our lives should be full of glory, but short. No doubt I will have died in support of the ideals of the Clan way and for that I will have died without regrets. Do not waste time mourning, though if I was killed dishonorably I would not mind if you sought revenge. [He grins a toothy grin a moment, the last time you'll ever see that.]

I understand that before a Spheroid dies, they direct where their earthly possessions will go. I have few. My collection of classical music and opera shall go to whoever desires them most. If noone does, they should go to the Chalice library. The toys I won at the carnival...perhaps some sibko brats will take them? Do as you wish with them. My copy of The Remembrance goes to Madeline Caine.

As for final messages I have the following:

First, tell Tynall Vickers that my surkairede is finally paid.

Second, convey my respect to Allesandra Langelier, Werter Wolf, Ranna, Laura Ericks, Matthew, Hayato Jin, Micheal Wilson, Lowe Gear, Herbert Montgomery, Sora Himoto, Mobius One and all the Warriors who served with me as part of the Bronze Keshik. It has been an honor.

Finally, convey that and my strong affec...neg, my love, to Madeline Caine and Adette Kistler.

This verse is ended. Seyla. [He switches the feed off.]

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