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Final Discovery

I wonder... If there is an over-encompassing, universal force from which every other force is born, then what would be its opposite? Wouldn't it be the personal force that's unique to you and you alone?

[Prometheus shrugs in response to Werter's musing.]

Or maybe I'm just waxing pseudo-philosophically. In the end, Primeval Force was no universal power; it was a parasite born from the paradox of a stable time loop. And it is no more.

Now then. I think I'm done being a hero for now. Time for something even more challenging; I still have that degree in biochemistry to get! I used my strength to protect the world in times of war; now it's time to make it a better place to live in times of peace.
With science.
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I don't know, Werter, it might be hard to find a job. Do you have any real-world experience you can ponit to?
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Yeah, I mean, who's going to write you a good recommendation? And is Prometheus accredited?

Maybe you'll have to be a kept man for a while.
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Oh, I know. You're in for an interesting time, though, juggling a more normal career with Prometheus.

Do you have any ideas about where you'll start? Organizations to approach, anything like that?
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It'll be so strange to work with - well, civilians. I've gotten used to everything being about making ends meet until the next disaster, with only as much structure as the inventory and work rotas in the hangar need...

We're going to have colleagues, and managers, and things like that. My god, I'll have to vote. I'll have to pay taxes.
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I've never done them before, though! I'll have to figure out how.

And I'm planning on a honeymoon. But I assume you mean after that... well, Lily's still an Angel Force agent, but I'm not planning to move to Cosmic Ark full time. I'll be studying myself, and helping out Lowe to pick up contacts. I want to put my mechanic experience towards something more constructive than patching up combat machines.
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I don't think I could just stand by and refuse to fight when people need help... if nothing else, I expect to lend Lily a hand when we're on Cosmic Ark. Still, though... I never wanted to spend my whole life fighting. I wanted the fighting to get us to a place where it isn't needed, somehow. I want to see what that's like.

What about yourself? Think you might take Prometheus out at full size again some time? Going to keep Herb's -

- well, I'm not sure how you'd stay in touch with Herb, really.
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I suppose we'll still have disasters to deal with, even if they won't be comparable to the last few years'...

It's strange to think of the world moving back to the way it was... before. Growing up in Britannia, things were so... normal, so sheltered. Traveling with the Chalice showed me how much hardship so much of the rest of the world has to face...

It'll be good to do something about that.
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Just be careful. You start out wanting to make the world a better place, then you start calling Alessandra and West when you can't figure some chemical thingumy out, and before you know it...
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...Just make sure there's a third party around, so that you keep her in check rather than getting drawn in.
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Still, I'll instruct Prometheus to keep an eye on you and make sure you behave.

Of course, I'll be keeping an eye on you myself. I may be traveling a lot, but that doesn't mean I won't keep in touch. We've got two goddaughters to watch over, after all.
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You take your duties seriously. I'm reassured I can leave them in your hands until I return.
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You too, Werter. Try not to go too crazy with your own honeymoon period while we're gone.
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Hey, Lily and I had our honeymoon period well before we got married. It's when the relationship is new and you can't get enough of each other. Well - ideally it stays like that, you just get better at fitting in other things...
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So, what do you think is going to happen about Prometheus and Epimetheus now?
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I guess they'll stay with us forever, eh? I wonder how good Prommy is with kids.
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He'll be good training for you though.
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You still owe me that museum visit, you know.