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Kei Kuruma ([personal profile] not_genki_desu) wrote in [community profile] srwug_alpha_rp2014-02-19 10:35 am
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Thirteenth Get

[It's not just the Chalice that is moving stuff over to Gucun.  In particular, a certain shuttle had to make a cross-ocean trip here after that whole Primeval Force assault thing.  But once it's docked and cleared and everything... a familiar face makes her return.]

The White Chalice... everyone... Been almost a year, hasn't it?

Hope you guys didn't forget about me or my-


[Yeah, she's spotted the Montgomery Construction vehicles and stuff.]


[And off, inside of the shuttle, you can also see... it.  The successor of Shin Getter and Shin Dragon... Getter Robo Hien.]

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