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[If anything, Nia has had a wild last few days! There was the whole thing with suddenly discovering there were more people who looked like her, the Generals whom she once respected turning on her and holding her hostage and last (but not at all least) finding herself amongst the others at the White Chalice.

...Which she'd marvel at just a little more if it wasn't for the holes in the White Chalice itself.

This just wouldn't do at all!

If you're looking for a certain pink, cloud haired ray of sunshine she's most likely trying to snoop around (just a little) to try and assess the damage whilst seeking information; who would do this to their fellow humans? Were they even human? This is all so terrible!]

[ 2 | Network Video ]

[If one thing is clear, Nia has found someone to help her with the recording of the video. Whilst her eyes jump from the camera to behind it, her voice is soft as it queries.] Is it on?

[...Yes, it is.]

Hail fellows, well met! I am the first princess, daughter of the Spiral King Lordgenome, Nia Teppelin. It is a pleasure to speak to you all.

I was talking to the others when we heard of your plight and insisted that it is our duty as fellow humans to aid you all. It is our duty to overcome the struggles the bad guys place in front of us by... ah... what was it that Mr. Kittan said? Ah! By 'beating the crap out of them'! And because it is our duty we made our way here as swiftly as we could.

Let's all do our very best to 'beat the crap out of the bad guys'!