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(1) [[Immediately returning from battle.]]

Damn... I wish we had more time to refine that fucking thing! [[But MarKus ditches the Technica in the hangar and makes his way to the nearest thing he can watch the battle from, a monitor, a window, WHATev! It's a few minutes after he remembers to take off his old helmet.

(2) [[After sheet goes down!]]

Wait wait... we just have to leave... Like that? You know... I kind of felt like... there's be a more, you know... sentimental end to it. Just get off the fucking ship?

[[MarKus doesn't seem pissed, just... oddly disappointed.]]

Well fuck... Let's get packed, then... back to one last shift of fixing everyone's shit.

(3) [[During the final move-out/preparation.]]

[[MarKus is ready to go but, he's using the rest of his time to fix up everything he can and help sure up the ship.]] You know... what the hell am I doing to do after this?

[[He just hasn't consulted anyone about any post-battle careers or residency.]]
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Smith and Ayame aren't very sentimental people, are they now? But somehow, I don't think it's a decision they made lightly. To use White Chalice like that.

Want to hang out on ReHome for a bit? If you have nowhere else to put your stuff.
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Life doesn't work like TV. Everything's gotta end one day, really suddenly sometimes.

Still... we can throw this party once we all return, right? Return after defeating Primeval Force, for real this time.

[They will defeat it, right?]
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You're not letting go of the TV thing, are you?
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Ha ha ha!

Yeah. We're totally going to win this one. I can feel it.

[Have a fellow engineer pat your back with full force, MarKus.]
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There's always the option to travel the world.
Works out alright for me and Eiji-san.
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That would be a pretty good idea.
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Re: 3

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Don't see why not. It's what I've always done.
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Re: 3

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Soon as I killed N Deguva I just went walking across the world.
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Re: 3

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TV is pretty mediocre when you climb a mountain once a year.