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6- World

[Yusuke's long since been ready to pack it up and go, so with Gouram flying off into the distance of who knows where he turns to everyone]

It's been fun.
I'm glad I got to see your journey to the end.

There's some unfinished business I need to take care of but then I'm off back to travelling the world as I usually do.
Probably going to stop by this cool place I heard about being built up before I joined: Zawame City.

If anyone feels like it, you're free to come along.
And if I don't see you all again, remember to take care of yourselves.

[Yusuke gives a thumbs up.]
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[personal profile] armored_mother 2014-02-24 03:34 pm (UTC)(link)
[Cora gave Yusuke a small smile and a thumbs up as well.]

Yeah... we've all got a bit of unfinished business. It's been good having you around.

I've got a few things to settle myself... gotta return a sword... pay a visit to Lucas...

After that I guess I'll try to figure out what to do.
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...Yeah. They would wouldn't they.

[Cora couldn't help but chuckle a little.]

Maybe a fishing trip could do me some good.