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[Feel free to write your own posts related to any of these prompts. No need to tag these if you don't want to.]
"We've won! Take that, ye oversized lobsterman! Now I'll show you how a captain parties!"

The Primeval Force has been defeated, and now is the time to celebrate. The White Chalice is gone except for a smoking wreck - remains of the bridge, but at least Captain Smith and Dan are alive! Enjoy yourselves, who knows what tomorrow will bring, but today you are champions of the whole Earth Sphere... no. The universe.

Also Dan is there, his holographic projection looking around in an equal mix of elation and wild confusion. Was he even programmed to experience such extreme emotions?


But not everyone likes lively revelry. For some, quiet contemplation is more appropriate. Especially since the victory was not without sacrifice - were it not for Bismuth paying the price of his life, Primeval Force would still be free to wreck havoc and destruction. And he's far from the only one who lost his life during the final battle.

One of those who prefer to be alone right now is Ayame... or Anna Alkaev, if you prefer.

"So it's finally over."

She looks at the wall of rememberance, saved from White Chalice.



One more thing to consider. After Primeval Force was destroyed, portals opened around Earth Sphere. Those portals lead to universes some of you came from - now you can come back. There is just one thing though... they are one-way only. Once you go, you cannot return to this version of the Earth Sphere. It is a bittersweet decision of returning home or staying with your allies whom you helped save the world.

You have at least a week or two before the portals close, and then they will stay closed - possibly forever. What kind of decision do you make?

Clan Jade Falcon is already making preparations to return for example.
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[And also standing there's someone who... well he's a big mixed bag of happy and sad right now.]

I... I was afraid...

But I still wanted to hope they could do it. And... they did.
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[Yeah, Evan knows just what you lost from all of this. It's a pain he knows all too well himself.]

After everything you've had to go through... I think it'd be okay for you to do anything and everything you'd want.
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[Well if it was a party, Ryou was going to live it up! So he brought out some of the most expensive booze he had all but wasted his money in what felt like a lifetime ago and was leaving it out for anyone to enjoy. He still felt massive pangs from his wallet but...]

Totally worth it.

[They averted the end of the world once more. So goddamnit they may as well live it up.]

If anyone is going to be drinking these I want you to take your damn time with them alright? This is something you gotta savor, just like our win today.
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Thanks, but I'm a minor!
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You know, I think we did this song and dance before...

[Ryou pauses and ponders on this.]


I also distinctly remember you having terrible taste.

[Then again, not everyone can appreciate vintage alcohol.]
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Terrible taste...?!
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As a warrior who has found himself emotionally connected to three, count that, three different realities, Matthew is hella torn.

But that does not stop him from catching up to Lola at one of the Jade Falcon staging grounds. No sneaking about this time: he drives in on a truck.

"Star Captain!" He calls out, waving. "As you can see, I kept my word!"
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Matthew struggles for words.

"I am not sure yet." He admits. "This Terra, though not ours, is one that I have put a lot of work into. But our home universe is, well, still our home, with all the responsibility that implies."

He weighs the two between his hands...and then clenches them into fists. "But whichever I decide...I will find a way to return to the others! In my travels, I have seen more gaps in the walls of reality then I can count on one hand! And even after these gaps close, I will find and navigate the others, even if it is near impossible!"

He thrusts a finger to the sky. "For that is the Dai-Gurren Brigade way!"
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He scratches his head sheepishly.

"But more immediately? I have heard that there are some Bloodname Trials being held here before the armada embarks."

He meets the Star Captain's eyes. "Including one for the Helmar name. Perhaps an outcast like me will not be sponsored by another Helmar, or even allowed into the General Melee, but I mean to try anyway!"
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"Whoever this Helmar is, my gratitude is immense"
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When I told you to boil those lobsters, Cap'n, I sure didn't mean by using the sun! That was a noble act, indeed...and something tells me that somewhere inside, you know exactly what you're doing at all times.

[The Ninja Professor salutes Smith, before turning to Dan.]

Where did you find this guy, anyway? I can tell he used to be a hell of a badass in his hayday...
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HALO...that mech that showed up during the final confrontation. It was fought before I joined you heroes...

[He looks over to Smith, smiling sadly.]

I wonder how much of reality he actually sees...