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[Well, time for another goodbye. Pit is there, grabbing everything they're going to be taking with them, trying very hard to keep a stuff upper lip and smile for everyone - and failing. His goddess floats around, noticeably more calm, with a pleasant smile. All's end that ends well, after all.]

It has been a pleasure. You all are the kind of humans you only find once every few millenia.
Well, guys... [Pit's voice fails for a moment] it-it's time for goodbye. Lady Palutena says she doesn't know how long it... it will be until she can open another portal. So it's goodbye for a long time. [Pit clearly has prepared this beforehand. That's not how he usually speaks] It's, it's been really fun, and... I'll miss you all. Please take care, okay?
Oh boo hoo. [And here's Viridi for the mood breaker] It's not like they're all going to die or anything. This is your stupid happy ending you fought so hard for, Pit! At least have the decency to look happy!
Shut up, Viridi! Don't you have any feelings?!
What, for leaving this pack of losers? No way.
Is that why you spent almost all your remaining power to help their planet before we went? It's going to take you centuries to be back in full shape after all those stunts, you know.

[Pit manages to laugh a bit through the tears. Still, he probably could do with a goodbye hug or twelve. Want to help?]
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[[Simon doesn't make a huge whoop out of the matter, but for certain something happens long before he and the rest of the Dai-Gurren Brigade take off for their home dimension; another wedding amongst the Chalice crew! While it's not a huge affair, it's certainly meaningful to those who attend. Simon and Nia are finally to be wed!

And what's better... the whole thing goes off without a hitch! Though their understanding, and time, for a wedding isn't as vast as most, Simon and Nia stick around for a good while, the reception more or less a gathering of friends afterward. There's no risk of little Nia disappearing either!]]

[[Days after their wedding, Simon and crew finally take their leave, so now is a time for goodbyes.

However, their departure is easily watched, as they take the Cathedral Terra along with them. And with a ship the size of the moon, the right places in the world can watch it move along and slowly vanish into it's home dimension where it belongs, where it will be used to advance their space travel technology and expand their civilization. ]]