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The sword of Isaac Sinclair, a family blade that was carried into battle for many centuries, lies on a black sheet of cloth, shattered into several fragments.

Is there any who will attempt to reforge it?


The fortunes of the Sinclair family are secured, their future assured:

But who will seek to carry the one of them who made it possible home?
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[Its a while after the team returned from the disastrous mission to Mars and... it seems Cora is alone. In fact not hide nor hair can be seen of Scythe or a majority of the Dullahan equipment.]

Dishonorably Discharged. The team's been shuffled back into the military and most of the gear's been appropriated. Since I'm the only ranking officer left on Dullahan, the Military decided to hit me with the worst of it. Heh.. its pretty funny that Ulysses deals held though.

[She turns the hilt of the Sinclair family sword in her hand and regards the broken blade with exhaustion.]

So... what's up?
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[Cora remains in her armor - seated upon a pile of boxes with both fists pressed against the front of her helmet. Dice was still laid up in the infirmary and had lost a lot of blood but he'd recover. Dagger was making a report to Ulysses about the whole situation in Cora's stead and Scythe was holed up somewhere. Probably beating herself up about not being able to keep from being locked down by Isaac.]

...Just what the hell happened....Mongrel... Oxide... Appletree...

[The Sinclair family sword laid close by, still stained thoroughly from Last Stage's blood. Cora herself had more than a few injuries. Yet she still hadn't relinquished her armor for repairs nor attended to her own wounds.]

And now those bastards are on Mars.... goddamnit... what am I even doing...

[But at least the populace remained unharmed... god only knows what could have happened and-]



[She was startled, didn't they drop everyone off just before the mission once they were sure it was safe? She didn't really have much time to think as there was a light clunk against her armor as her son hugged her tightly.]

Mum, they just said you got back and I saw one of your friends get pulled away on one of those hospital cart things and I tried looking for you there but they didn't say you were there and I tried to find you all over the place and-

[Lucas was just belting out the words in a frantic manner, getting exceedingly more out of breath, Cora's helmet pulled open and she gave her son a comforting smile.]

Lucas... Lucas... calm down... breath... its okay. I'm alright... I just got scratched a few times... its not so bad.

But Mum, you're bleeding! You got holes in your fancy space suit thing... We need to find the ships nurse!

[Everyone will be treated to the sight of a young boy barely in his teens trying his damndest to tug a grown woman in power armor off her seat to find someone to help with her wounds. Cora doesn't even look embarrassed at all.]


[Cora's bandaged up after finally relenting to Lucas' frantic attempts to get her into the infirmary and downright exhausting himself with his futile tugs. Now out of her armor, she and her son were relaxing in front of a TV, watching some old television show from what you could tell and enjoying some sandwiches. Peanut butter and Jam from the looks of it, there was an entire plate full of them off to the side too. Despite the horrific stress and losses taken during the mission, Cora seemed surprisingly at peace - and Lucas just looked quite happy to be by his mother's side.]

Hey... do you want to join us? I think after the day we all had, you could use the rest too.

[She motions lightly with her mechanical arm to the empty space next to her.]

[3a] [Locked to Roads]

[After a while Cora  found someone to look after Lucas for a while. For her own reasons she was going to look for someone on the ship to talk to.]

Roads?... Could you spare a while for me?

[3b] [Babysitting] [Anyone who isn't Cynthia.]

[Whoever you are, you've been tasked by Cora to look after her son while she handles some private business. He's been pretty energetic and was asking you questions non-stop and often looking around wherever you're with him with much excitement. Hm... maybe he had too many of those sandwiches.]

[4] [The Squad]

[Dice, Dagger, Scythe. Along with Cora they're all that's left of the team. Dagger remained silent as he looked over the post battle report he was going to send to HQ, Scythe was cradling her gun... and Dice?]

Mongrel... that idiot... I can't believe it... he just... why did he.... god... what are we gonna tell his mother? I heard she was just starting to get lucid again!

[Dice was agonizing over the loss of his friend. He may have been an jerk, but Mongrel was their jerk.]

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Isaac Sinclair is up on the Chalice deck in the wee hours of the morning, performing sword drills as rosy fingers of dawn stretch out over the horizon.

His strokes are large, brutal and scything, meant to cleave enemies in half. And yet, as he performs this ruthless form of combat...he seems to be calm, collected and at peace.

"By heavenly Jove, Jehovah, and Andraste..." He says quietly, winding down and starring at the rising sun. "Let my blade strike true, and let her hold her living son in her arms again..."



Isaac is calling his mother in one of the Chalice's comm booths, hopping up and down on the balls of his beat as he listens to the dial tone. Finally, someone picks up on the other end.

"Mother Sinclair!" He calls out. "Oh, so many marvelous thing have happened last we talked! I know not where to start, but I think that at last, after so long, good fortune's c–!"

A sharp, muffled voice cuts him off. Isaac winces, then listens. And from the outside you can see his face turn pale.

"Oh Gods."



Isaac sends a general comm transmission to everyone aboard the White Chalice...with the exception of Cora.

He looks really wild-eyed...and a bit gaunt.

Read more... )


[Locked to all but one]

Read more... )
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[1] [Open To All]

A Mother's Cry )

[2] [Long after the above prompt.]

A desperate request )

[3] [The Craziest Plan - Preparations]


[4] [The Craziest Plan In Action]


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[Cora and what remained of her team were on the deck of the Chalice - it was to be noted that they put up caution signs everywhere.]

Alright boys! PULL!

[What was going on would you ask? Weapons testing. The how? Hurling things at Cora... to which.]


[The new equipment on one of the Dullahan's forearms would unfold a set of boosters, prepare what is more or less a piledriver and smash the object thrown at to a considerable distance. There was a sharp whistle from Dice as he watched a large chunk of more or less useless large chunk of scrap metal bounce a few times across the deck before Dagger moved over to where it stopped and marked it down.]

Heh... this ought to give those Exvoritam Filios bastards a nasty surprise.

[Along the way one could see: a double thick brick wall with sheet metal plating (or more appropriately a picture of one, and the actual remains after testing), The aforementioned scrap metal (Actually upon closer inspection and checking the hangar it was pulled off the Super West Type 28 Destroyer Robot. Despite not being used, West was crying about the fact some unknown fiend had violated it. As always he blames Kurou), What looked to be a car - it seemed to be a mostly extinguished fiery wreck (brought over in the same shipment as the weapon being tested, Ulysses said it was a donation and denies any involvement of Lord Athelstane's most favored automobile going missing and it was merely a coincidence that they look the same and have the same license plate) and lastly, a thoroughly devastated game console and all accessories (Closer observation reveals that it looks like something pierced through it before the massive impact sent it careening across the deck and into several pieces.)]

[Comment on this? Want to give it a try? Or for the more suicidal... try to spar against Cora as she has her new weapon?]

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[Cora and the others came back... but their return was not a happy one. A member of the team was going back to Britannia... and not in the way one would hope. The transport to take the remains of Joanne Royston - 'Sleuth' - the Dullahan Team's scout to be interred in Britannian soil - with her biological parents. Its funny... the Roystons' terrible parenting ended up pushing Joanne into a life like the one her real parents led... then...]

You really deserved better than this.

[Cora shook her head, her hand pressed to the top of the coffin that had the flag of the motherland draped over it as the machinery in her replacement whined as it formed a fist. She let out a held breath.]

Brett's taken it pretty hard believe it or not... guess you rated higher than Mal in his eyes. Lewis's being himself - tinkering with his bombs for the next run... he's probably going to get your name written on it somewhere - give you a chance to bring more of those Filios berks down.... Eliott is trying to play it off - He'd lose even more with the crap poker face he has now, George's filling in for me in getting the reports through... and Isaac's just moping. Annette doesn't know just yet... but... it probably won't be pretty...

[Codenames, it felt a little bad to wear those 'masks' in front of a dead person.]

Never figured it'd be you next... maybe you were a little quick to run ahead, but you always managed to luck out... I guess maybe... our luck's running dry then huh? I'm probably just talking out of my ass here... heh... just rest easy Jo... Mama Bear's going to take care of the rest. Keep a chair warm for me at the bar up there alright?

[Cora slowly turns to look at you.]


[2] [Arrival of the Britannian Transport]


[2a] [Some time during the meeting with Ulysses] [Keep it to a single set of tags.]

Why weren't warning signs left on them?! )

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[1] Locked to those from The Greatest Plague. Giant mingle post is preferable.

[Fast as the Flutter was to get itself down to the mountains where Ideigi fell, its been some time since Richard last made contact. He's made no seeming effort to call after the crash, which certainly does not bode well...

And neither does the sight of the broken woodland on the side of the mountain. Starting from the largest area of damage, one can see several smaller trails diverge into the woods...

The broken pieces of Ideigi being the apparent cause. It would appear the Paladin was shattered by the impact, with several fracture points being where a certain Great Old One had damaged it previously...]


[...So the victory is bittersweet, in the end. The Aurum were defeated, and the already terrible situation the Earth Sphere faces has been put on hold from getting any worse...

But as the wreckage of Ideigi are placed within the hangar, opposite the remains of its counterpart Kygunei, the cost victory came at is clear. Sitting upon stumps where legs once were, Ideigi's torso is shattered and shows clearly the cockpit where Richard had once sat...

And what do you think of this sight, as it now sits plain for all to see?]
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1) [Soon after "To the Wandering Blooming Flowers"]


[Cora was busy trying to get an explaination out of her uncaring teammate, there were wary looks all around as the part-Eleven's helmet pulled back revealing his signature look of constant annoyance.]

She wasn't human, she was pretty much rolling around in Ruin-dead robot and she landed a hit on me. You were pretty fired up on trying to take her down if I remember right.

[Cora twitched, hands tightening into fists.]

That was different... she wasn't even a threat at that point - human or not that was-! GET BACK HERE!!

[Nope. Mongrel's just going to leave.]

2) [Much Later after prompt 1]

[Seeing as they're probably going to have a while in Australia, Cora figured it'd be nice to spend some time at Scythe's place. Her brother was pretty surprised to see them for one, and the Sniper was pleased as punch to see her pet Bulldog as well as the pups.]

[The house is also close by an animal preserve - in which Members of Scythe's family when they either retire from military service or never opted to it take care of along with various friends.]

[Either spend time chillaxing at Scythe's family home or mingle/explore the preserve at your own peril and be exposed to Australian wildlife.]

[It should be noted that the Preserve has some pretty heavy fencing, and the entrance is laden with warning signs - and a dispenser for heavy duty riot shields and an emergency medical station...]

[Fun, fun FUN!]
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1) [Scythe & Cora] [Infirmary]

If you want funny conversations regarding Australians, Family and Puppies/Animals go here. )
2) [Dagger & Oxide]

For Couch Potato-ing and watching TV. Go here. )

3) [Mongrel & Dice]

For a friendly card game and making Dice lose more money. Go Here. )

(OoC: Note with the card game - feel free to state how far in you are if you wish. All that matters is that throughout, Dice loses horribly. Every. Single. Time.)

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Isaac suddenly pops up on the comms of all the members of the Dullahan squad...and a few others he clicks on by accident. He looks...extremely serious and concerned.

"All members of the Dullahan Squad! Report to the aft Hanger Bay immediately! A moment of vital crisis has come upon us!"


(Open to all)

Once you show up to the aft hanger bay, you discover...nothing but Isaac Sinclair, standing next to the ready Dullahan armor units...which have been decked out with hastily sown sashes of green-grey cloth.

This paragon of Brittanian peerage...rubs the back of his head sheepishly, a very nervous smile on his face.

"You may all be wondering why I summoned you all here under the pretense of an emergency...Ho, Ho!


(To be revealed after second prompt)
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[Cora just got some confirmation back from Britannian HQ and got things double confirmed with the doctors on board. The findings on the Tunnel Stalkers and the Ascended... were quite grim indeed. Cora's espression was strained as she looked over the papers before she just tossed them aside.]

Those...sick sons of...

[Her voice was labored - like she was struggling not to feel sick out of the utter disgust that was running through her. Photos, documentation, autopsies, DNA comparisons. The Monsters in the tunnels used to be humans. Some of them were members of Exvoritam Filios true... but a great majority were innocent civilians reported missing by family and friends. The youngest of them was barely midway through his teens.]


[The process that twisted them was irreversable, and even if it was, the trauma inflicted would have long lasting reprecussions. Cora leaned against a wall - her hand covering her face as she recalled the other bit ofinformation included.]

E-115... Just where did they get this stuff...

[The Codename slapped onto the energy producing mineral that was implanted into all of the Stalkers, as well as the Ascended. Presumably tied to their abilities. Most of the samples were in Britannia, but a few were left on the Chalice as well. Preliminary studies were still trying to place things about it - but what could be confirmed was that it is not of this Earth.]


[To say that getting everything set up for the arm hurt like hell was an understatement  - Losing it in the first place though hurt a lot more. In any case... Cora takes a deep breath with her eyes shut - carefully moving her new limb as she opened them again - reacthing it out towards a light and watching every motion she made.]

So... I guess I now know how Oxide feels by about a quarter... how does he put up with this...

[With that she's back on her feet, testing her balance before she rubs her neck with her meat arm.]

Right. Who's got the steadiest hands on the ship and is good with paint? I need that tattoo I lost with my old arm back a.s.a.p.

[She has a small grin on her face... it's been rough. But its time this mother bear got back on her feet to smash the crap out of things.]

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Isaac has been dressing in darker colors these past few days, in mourning for the deaths of his comrades, Dozer and Chips.

As you walk by the cafeteria, you notice him sitting at a table, writing something in elegant cursive on some sheets of paper with a fountain pen.

Take a closer look?


He's managed to get his sword back from Richard, and is in the garden area, practicing forms, over and over again. They're mainly brutal chops and log-splitting slashes, moves designed to win battles in the first few seconds. His body is quivering with exhaustion.


For some reason, he's dressed in brighter clothes this particular day, with only a black arm-band around his sleeve. You notice him heading to the computer room and reserving a comm booth for himself.

If you decide to get sneaky, you can peak in and see him talking to an old, matriarchal figure, dressed in a high-necked blouse. You hear scattered words from Isaac's conversation: "Betrothal", "land deeds", "finances", "Lord Althelstane", "court appeals", "hand in..." and other such things. You see Isaac's expression grow more and more brittle.


Isaac finally exits the booth. He trembles, and then lashes out with a cry of rage, shattering a nearby glass panel into tiny fragments with a clenched fist.

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[Cora's return to the Chalice was not a pleasant one. Not. At. All. Two KIA teammates, multiple civilian and allied casualties, a rampaging RE and a sociopathic scientist with advanced technology.... and to top it off...]

Heh... you should've seen the other guy.

[Cora gives you a wan smile. Between the injury her arm recieved and the additional stress she put on herself trying to chase after Typhon, there was really no saving it - and so Cora joins Raynor in the ranks of those that have one actual human arm.]

You know... I had a tattoo on that arm. The Dullahan Team's insignia. Was hell to get onto it with how complicated it was... - didn't help my arm had a few scars on it too. Back when I first enlisted... I never got the chance to get inked. When Ulysses formed Dullahan... I figured... hey, why not? And the entire team got them too... heh....

[She looked rather nostalgic now. Its clear that the hurt she's feeling is less her arm... more from the deaths of her teammates.]

2) [Locked to Isaac and Joanne]

Hey... I was wondering when you'd stop by.

[Cora tries to smile, but it fails within seconds as her fingers brush over her bandages. She winces as she leans back tiredly.]

... I haven't been doing my job good enough ever since that mission in the labs.

I've been tearing at everyone because I was so wound up about Idris - and it bit us hard today.


[Guilt washes over her face as she lowers her head. Everything went to hell in a handbag. Two of her teammates. Practically family. And the fact that Dozer was Jo's best friend on the team...]

I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

3) [Locked to Lynn]

[Lynn. You'll find that Cora has sent you a message to meet her at the bar on the Chalice. Cora only has one drink at hand. Only one glass. Nothing else - and she was swirling its glass with her good hand - the Major's hair shadowing her eyes.]

Idris... we need to talk.

[She motions to the chair next to her.]

Its... important... it really is.

[She looks supremely tired - but what's surprising is that she's not even attempting to be hostile.]


[Cora had already sent a debrief as well as ensured that samples of the cadavers from the Tunnel Stalkers and the Ascended would make their way to Britannian Command... Dozer and Chips... would be sent back home. They deserve that much at the very least. Their suits would go with them - though more for studies on the damage they recieved. Now comes the hard part...]

'To Miss Janice Young

I knew your brother Malcolm-'

[She picked the paper up and tore it apart - partly with her teeth and tossed it aside. Decorating the area around her gurney were several more shreds of paper.]

... Damnit....

[Commander Ulysses could handle this. But Cora wouldn't palm it off to him. No. She was personally responsible for Chips and Dozer. So this was her responsibility. She takes a deep breath and sighs - pressing the heel of her hand to her forehead... after so many missions together... she took it for granted she'd never have to do something like this... more fool her. She takes a sharp breath... then tries again, plowing through both letters and doing her best to remain as detatched as possible.]

5)[Other members of the team.]

So Dozer and Chips finally bought it huh... guess the Major isn't as good as we thought she was...

[This earned Mongrel some rather dark looks. Dice being the only one to speak up.]

Mongrel. Don't.

Then again, the meathead was as dumb as a post. Course being smart didn't help our 'Expert Hacker' much did it-

I said SHUT UP!

[Looks like an arguement was about to break out - one that may lead into a brawl - with Cora still in recovery - will you attempt to sort her team out?]
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[Its some time after the continuation of the festival, a long while after Cora and Richard continued their drinking spree - she's back on the Chalice and overseeing a few things...]

[1] [Cora Interaction]

[Cora's got a few bandages on her and looked a little red from the heat she had to deal with from almost getting set on fire. She's currently looking over the repairs to her armor with a most stern look. Its surprising how well she's keeping herself steady despite how much she drank.]


[She's rubbing the side of her head, brushing a piece of armor that was removed for replacement... it had warped a little from the heat - it wasn't severe, if it was she'd have been broiled inside her suit - but still...]

[2] [Oxide Interaction]

[The Cyborg member of the Dullahan unit was still getting patched up more or less after having to make several risky manuevers on the field - one mostly due to the berserking EVA 04. Still, he seems to take it in stride as he carefully tends to his now detatched left arm - meticulously replacing bits and pieces like a man reassembles firearm. What is interesting is that despite any interaction (or lack of thereof) he has had with you, he's requested your presence in the infirmary - not looking up from his limb tending as he speaks to you.]

I'll just get to the point, I need to ask this from someone out of the team. I need help getting Major Anderson's head straight.

[As he slides the final piece into place he reattaches his arm - notably wince crosses his face as a hydraulic hiss rings through the air and he carefully tests the movements of his recently maintained limb.]

She's got a rough job. Our team's not exactly the kind that'd keep a Commanding Officer stable, and she's got a lot of other things on her plate to deal with too. But between her drinking habit and a tendency to fly off the handle whenever Lynn Idris gets involved... she needs help. Think you can offer it?

[3] [Cora Intervention]

[Cora's just looking around at everyone, clearly unamused at the goings on before her.]


[It was a very flat what to say the least.]

[Begin her intervention?]
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[Backdated to Pre-Inspector Raid]


This morning, as people walk into the White Chalice Mess Hall for some grubs, they discover a strange sight.

Isaac Sinclair, the most aristocratic of the Dullahan commando team, with blood so blue you could paint a picture of the sky with in a chef's apron, squeezing out fresh oranges with a wooden press that looks centuries old, and filtering the juice into some pitchers.

"What ho!" He declares to you if you approach. "Does your heart crave nutrition this fine dawn?"


Later, he can be seen in the Gym, trying to wrestle with 'his fellow practitioners in the arts of Powered Armor'–i.e. the Elementals.