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20: 鹘 拳 鸦 拳 ! (Sub: Eagle Claw, Raven Fist)

[Dated to several months after the closings of the portals.]


*Donk* *Donk* *Donk* *Donk*.

That's the first thing you hear as you walk up the pebble-bed pathway of the Twin Birds Dojo, passing by two thin streams of water that run downhill and drive the see-saw motion of several dozen deer-scarers.

Past a wooden gateway–

(With the Mandarin characters "鹘 拳 鸦 拳", and the english title "Dojo of the Twin Birds Styles" below it)

–there lies a strange set of landmarks. A small courtyard temple next to the the totem of a Raven to the left. A small courtyard temple with the hanging banner of a Falcon to the right...

...and a large, tarnished hanger bay and airfield smack-dab in-between them. On which a group of dented Zakus, GMs, and Knightmare frames are doing push-ups. And parrying exercises. All while two familiar mech pilots are urging them on from a watchtower gantry:

"Redouble your efforts, you indolent pupils! Only when your mechs become extensions of your very bodies will you begin to attain true mastery!"

Ryou: "If you're going to learn, you need to know how far you can reach. Your limits and those of your machines. You keep going until one or the other fails or until I say otherwise."

"Yes, Sensei Kimura! Yes, Master Helmar!" The indolent pupils reply from their mech intercoms.

Just...they...what the heck?


Later on in the day, both secluded in their own temples, the two mecha-martial artists instruct their disciples, who've come far and wide from mercenary groups, Federation armies, and Britannian battalions to learn the ways of fist and robot.

"Be like the Falcon! It's keen eyes can survey everything below from it's domain…the foe's strength, it's weaknesses, it's motivations! In a single glance, the Falcon can see the paths of battle that leads to victory…and then it swoops down those paths with peerless tenacity!"

Matthew points at one of the students going through the forms. "You there, eyas! Do not slouch! Keep your back straight, and tighten up your footwork!"

"Be like the Raven. Clever and quick. Those idiots in the Falcon school are all about brute force. But what you need to remember is there will always be someone who is stronger than you, faster as well. Someone who has limits beyond yours. Meeting them head on is the fastest way to defeat... The Raven School is all about making the most of what you have, however little it may be - then bringing down your foe as hard as possible. You use your mind and your instincts..."

Ryou stops, and chucks something at a student who was driiifting off. "Otherwise you'll end up like him. Carrying the pebble with the word 'idiot' carved into it."

Do you seek to learn from these two masters?


A special occasion has arisen!

The two masters are going to pits their styles against each other for the benefit of their the ring of battle! Quick as lightning, their two training mechs zoom out of the hanger bay and into the sky on pillars of flame!

"At last!" Matthew exults. "Today is the day I shall prove the Falcon Claw style's superiority...with your total defeat, Ryou!"

Intervene? Throw down a challenge of your own? Or take bets?

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My total defeat? I think you happen to be forgetting who you're up against.

[And with that the fight is on! Ryou begins by launching several sensor baffling decoys and moving to flank Matthew and deliver a vicious axe kick from the side at the Flamberge!]
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[Which was surprisingly alright to Ryou. It was all fine and dandy because it let him get within distance to deliver an open handed blow to the arm joint of the grasping arm - mutually assured damage in any case!]


[Made even more serious by a sudden flare of energy from the laser blade as it flashed to life for a moment in order to cut into the arm.]
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Heh... and no triggerhappy gunner to ruin things this time!

[Ryou too makes a landing - despite the horrifically unsteady footing he now has from the damage Matthew landed. The AC leans heavily on its good leg, but the pilot has a grin on his face.]

So lets settle this!