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1. (video)
[Laura's cleared space in the hangar, gym, and on the deck, and set up tables in the mess hall before posting the announcements around the ship and on the comm network. It took a lot of behind the scenes work to get everything in place, but she's ready to tackle the concerns Matthew raised in her.]

Hello everyone! I know we have a lot of new people aboard lately, from a lot of different backgrounds all over Earth and elsewhere. And I know a lot of us have reasons to be wary of one another... but while we're aboard, it's important that we be able to work together effectively. So a lot of people have helped set up some activities to help us all get to know and trust one another better! There are games, and sports, and combat drills, and simulator challenges... the important thing is that they're all team activities, and teams have to be made up of people who don't normally work together! Let's mix it up a little, and have some fun!

Maid for no reason
2. (action/mingle)
[Anyone who actually decides to participate... go nuts! This is a mingle post. Be the one organizing some ill-advised activity, or be the poor sap(s) sheepishly trudging through it. I've put up a planning post to help people coordinate.]

Laura blushing
3. (locked to Lilly, easily interrupted)
Okay, I'm ready! Just... promise not to laugh, okay?

[Laura's taking Lilly up on her offer of cheerleading lessons! Not that you could necessarily tell that was the plan, if you happened to stumble upon the two in the out-of-the-way training room Laura found for them to use. Instead of anything suggesting a cheerleading uniform she's wearing her ordinary tracksuit, looking not far different to when she started training with the 501st, in fact - which, given that Lilly presumably will not be introducing either simulated or live fire in to the exercise, probably says something about how comfortable she is with the whole idea...]

[[Backdated to before Clan Wolf's festivities and that whole impending doom thing.

Feel free to have participated in the planning or setup, or to be running one of the events! Enthusiasm counted for more than qualifications in the selection process, so some ideas may well be a little... half baked.]]
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1 [Video]

I was thinking that it might be a good idea for everyone to get some hands on training. So, I will be teaching a weapons class for anyone who is interested. This is primarily meant for the Desus but don't let that stop you from stopping by if you want to learn how to wield any kind of weapon. I will be teaching in the hangar so feel free to stop by.


(Momo is waiting in the hangar for students. Behind her is a rack of weapons of all kinds. Swords, polearms, axes, tonfas, whips, chakrams, etc. She sees you and smiles.)

Just pick any weapon that seems to call out to you. I will teach you how to use it to the best of my abilities.
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1. (the Arboretum)

[Laura's on bad form. It turns out Shifter powers can keep a giant electrified mecha shield from killing you if you get too close, but not from doing a fair bit of damage. So, while those powers are in turn helping her recover quickly, for a while she's stuck taking it easy - and avoiding contact with anything mechanical, because she's still getting zapped by door handles.

And anyone mechanical, which is just unfair.

And her hair looks stupid.

So she's sitting under a tree, trying to read an (ordinary, paper) book, and failing as she keeps dozing off. Actual human (or non-) contact would probably be viewed as a life-saver...]


Nuan Chun? Xue Yi? You're not hiding anywhere you shouldn't be, are you?

[Being under doctors' orders to take a few days off from her hangar and kitchen duties, Laura thought spending time with her goddaughters would be a way to turn the setback around. It turns out seven- and four-year-old girls are not in fact undemanding people to spend time with. And now that they've talked her in to playing hide and seek, she's starting to get a little frantic searching for them.]
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(You are walking through the halls when you come upon Momo. She is finally out of the infirmary and is shakily walking. She has to sometimes stop and lean against the wall to right herself. This said, she is looking much better than she was when she first got her body back. She sees you and smiles at you.)

Oh, hey. I didn't see you there. Is there something I can help you with?


(Momo is laying underneath her tree in the Arboretum. Her eyes are closed and for a second it looks like she is asleep but the truth of the matter is that she is meditating. She is taking deep and calming breaths. She doesn't seem to notice you at all. Bother?)
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(As soon as Momo is brought on board, she is immediately rushed to the ER. It seems this whole ordeal more than just messed her up. A few hours later, the doctors open her to visitors, however there will be guards just in case some of Seiren was still in her. When you go to see her, she no longer looks the same. She now has blue hair, a different build, and blue eyes. She looks at you with her right eye closed shut in shame. She looks away and bites her lips. The words she speaks are small and full of sadness.)

I-I'm sorry.