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[[Using her powers of 'I can easily get boys to do what I want', one by one her things are being loaded up on a transport. But before she gets on it, she has several things to do.]]

(1) [[Intended for Setsuna and Laura, but others with CR are highly welcome and recommended.]]
[[What she's doing is looking for these people that she's gotten along with, and totally avoiding Clanners like the plague. Then again, that doesn't guarantee they'll be coming for her when they put 2 and 2 together. If they can even do MATH!]]

(2) [[Entirely exclusive to VowelsTieria]]
[[She's finding him last, after everything said and done. By force and against his will, she takes his hand and starts dragging.]]

Get yourself dolled up. We're finally going out.
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1. Laura's room

[Visitors or passers by the day after Lily's departure will find her engaged in a strange-looking mix of tidying the place up and packing for a trip. It shouldn't be all that time-consuming a task, but it seems to be taking her a while - unsurprisingly, if you witness one of the times she stops on finding one or another item to put away or add to the packing pile, having to sit and turn it over in her hands, looking a million miles away.]

2. Network (filtered)

[Doctors, spacers, aliens - a number of people aboard find Laura getting in touch over the next few days. She doesn't waste much time on pleasantries.]

What do we have aboard for long-distance, long-term travel? What would you need?

3. Hangar

[The rest of the time, she's in the hangar.

A lot. Working in and around Lily's ship, she's there so much it's not unlikely she's sleeping there, too. The ship itself doesn't show much sign of change, but its surroundings do - computer workstations multiplying around it, cables snaking out and to and between them. The captive Pepen's cage, too, soon moves to beside the ship, its own set of cables wiring the angry golden creature in to the whole shebang. Having called amnesty on her hangar duties for a while, Laura's returning the favour by staying out from under the feet of the other techs, but that doesn't mean the buzz of activity, or the occasional stream of profanity that erupts from the ship, or the obvious frustration in her body language when she taps away at the workstation the Pepen's wired in to, don't draw attention.

Sessions with the Pepen seem to be the most frequent. Other times, she's working at the ship's controls, or waist-deep in a maintenance duct somewhere. At least one evening, she can be found dozing in the pilot's seat with a blanket wrapped around her, lit by the glow of the screens.]
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[Setsuna has found himself in a number of different places today.]

[You can catch him in the arboretum, looking at the flowers.]

[You could find him in the mess hall, having lunch with the others, although seated by himself.]

[Perhaps you found him in the Hangar, looking at the 00 Gundam Seven Swords type with a sort of longing.]

[Private to Celestial Being: Or maybe he's approaching one of his fellow meisters, with a single question in mind.]

How does one deal with women? [Poor Setsuna was shaken up by Lilly Platinum something fierce.]


Feb. 13th, 2013 11:36 am
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[Tieria could be found that day in the Arboretum that day, idly examining some of the stranger looking plants as if out of curiosity. It was clear that something else was on his mind.

Feel free to poke at him and bother him, people. Though, be prepared for wild snarks.]

[Locked to Gundam Meisters of Celestial Being]

I need a second opinion on a problem.
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The events of the past few days– the battle against the final onslaught of the Invaders, the climactic struggle of the Getter Team at Saturn, and the place they departed to– have frankly been epic.

They have also made quite the impression on a certain ex-Jade Falcon, who had not dared to think that such heroism could be possible.

As the White Chalice journeys back to Earth, he can be seen at various places–in his (Tin-foiled) Nova's cockpit on the outer hull, in a vacuum suit by one of the large airlocks, at the observation deck– just staring up at the endless sea of stars as a child would.

Talk to him? Snap him out of it? Play a prank on him?


Matthew is wandering about the Chalice, looking for the pilots who fought at Saturn, tablet and light pen in hand.

And the most determined of expressions on his face.


Matthew is sitting by a table in one of the portside lounges, ignoring the cold lunch next to him, and doing something unusual for a frugal warrior from an ascetic caste society.

He is writing on paper. Copious amounts of paper. Some sheets are discarded at his feet, some are set to the side, and all are covered with splotches of ink.

A close examination will reveal them to be...verse poetry?


Matthew has posted a request on the Chalice Net for all Clan warriors onboard to assemble in Hanger 3 to "Fulfill the debt of honor we owe to the memory of great warriors."

For those of you who show up, Clan or otherwise, there is a gaggle of Clan Wolf/Ex-Jade Falcon warriors and tech caste members about, wondering why the heck they were gathered here. There is no sign of Matthew about.
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[[LIKE HELL her fight with Kei was going to keep her down! Screw that! She was going to be all the giggles and fun times she wanted to be!

It wasn't her fault the ship was full of stuck-ups and people won't don't know how to just have fun and live life!

So, you know what she's going to do to cheer herself up, in addition to proving that she's not a total bimbo. She has PHYSICAL skills too...

I said physical, not sexual, pervs...

So, in the aubretum, Lilly is doing her thing to a little diddy like this

19 year old cheerleader, big chest, tons of blonde hair flipping about, skimpy little cheerleading uniform, and sparkly pom poms... what's NOT to stop and stare at?]]
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1] Holy cow! I bet you thought he was dead? Nope.
The tall, handsome Meister makes an appearance for the first time in nearly a month, and you might notice beyond that smug smirk on his lips, he has two beautiful eyes again. No more eye patch! He seemed to be pretty happy about it too, all but waving and smiling at every person he passed in the halls. All the time in a medical pod had left him hungry!
So if you care to look, you might find Lockon in the Mess hall, putting away food like it was going out of style, his orange Haro rolling back and forth across the long table chipping and singing. Haro too seemed pleased that it's master was back among the living again.

2] [Locked to his fellow Meisters]

"So guys, what did I miss? Can I get a head count or something?"


Jan. 9th, 2013 07:17 pm
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"So this is it."

[It was a statement, not a question, that was muttered in a low tone solely for his own benefit. Tieria Erde forayed onboard the Chalice with only a single intent in mind: assess the situation and take stock of the available resources. The fact that he was simply curious about everything that he had heard about the ship was hidden underneath this goal, not that he would openly admit it. He kept his distance for the moment, staying along the edges while he analyzed everything. His opinions would be kept quiet. For now.

There's a lurker who is intent on lurking, though he is quite noticeable. Don't mind him-- his tolerance for being 'social' has its limits.]