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[The hubbub from the wedding's finally dying down, people going their separate ways... and even a particular pair is finally going to be going its separate ways.]

This is still a risk.

[So says the AI, bidding its copilot farewell.]

But, as Werter put it, I've made friends here at the very least.  You included.  And there's people who'll never know justice as long as I keep running and finding asylum.

[So says the Icarus Bomber, ready to board a Britannian military police transport back to London.]

Help the others out in the meantime, R.  You've done more than enough for me in the time we've been together.

[The machine just nods, and as Lynn turns to leave they both wave farewell.  Sciencey-people who Lynn trusts, you might find spare Fragarachs, Ascalons, or Durandals to study or make use of.]

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 Inside a small belgian cafe, a young woman waits.

She has some coffee, a newspaper, and a little electronic go board to keep her company while she waits. Her hands move quickly, placing a black piece here, a white one there, then clearing the board and starting over again. Even as she reads, she moves across the board with the speed of a skilled player.

People stare at her as they enter-something about her face seems wrong, as though she is afflicted with some strange illness. But they pass quickly enough, moving on to their business. It's rude to stare, and none have been who she's waiting for.

She's going to be late...No, that's rude of me. It's going to be late? They did leave for Mars, all of a sudden...I hope nothing bad happened.

...Something bad definitely happened, but still, should be alright.

Note to self: Invent better pronouns...
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[A certain someone's in the infirmary, weak but in a stable condition.  Her lungs, along with some of the more fragile muscles are pretty badly off but... to say nothing of the massive gash on the left side of her face that's taken her eye and forced me to flip the image because goddammit nothing can ever be easy in the world of using PBs and then finding out there's this awesome hospitalization pic of a character that goes great with what you had planned for them.

[It's not until hours after she's returned to the Chalice that her one good eye finally begins to open up.  Lights.  Ceiling.  The kind of pain that lets her know she's somehow survived the Izanami Virus...]

I'm... alive.

[No telling how long she'll be conscious.  But she's at least going to try to get something out before going under again...]

[Public video]

Everyone... thank you.

I don't know what happened out there after Typhon's attack but... we must've won, right?  Typhon and Takeda and everyone else've been stopped and it's just one less threat to worry about.

Neptune, Ichitaka, Richard... everyo-

[Aaaand coughing fit again.  Her lungs are still a mess, and her heartfelt video's going to have to be cut short.  Though you can still say something back to her, be it in person or by video!]


[Public video]

[And on top of that, a new face onboard the Chalice!  Well, new face, old friend, because...]

Everyone, this is R speaking.

[In human form!  With an actual voice!]

I never thought I'd have to adopt this form, the gynoid recreation of Greta Wagner, again.  I didn't even think it would be possible.  As it so happens though, it turned out that it had survived the incidents at the Tritech Labs.  A mixed blessing, I suppose.  As much as I hate this body and the identity it represents, it can at least let me keep a closer eye on Lynn while she recovers.  Afterwards I'm just going to throw it in a closet and never even think about using it again unless I need it, which I someday might.

As for what happened out there, what I did?

I don't have any regrets.  In the end, Alice was just a weapon.  One that could talk and had a twisted equivalent of human feelings... but something that needed to be stopped.  And so that's exactly what I did.

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[Lynn's making her way through the medical tents and whatnot that the Britannian military's set up after the operation.  She's mainly here to pay her respects to Dice... but along the way she's noticing more than a few strange gizmos that doctors and military officials are looking at.]

That freak said it could release the disease anywhere?

It's airborne, dammit... and we've seen what it can do to people!  And we're running out of convenient cures for the damn thing!
  At least with ventilators we can keep people from dying without making the disease stronger!

But it's just a stopgap measure.  If they lose power or -hell- some idiot flips the wrong switch they won't even be able to breath.  Either way they'll be casualties

[Iron lungs.  They're talking about those archaic things as a way to let people infected by the Izanami Virus continue to go on at least a little while longer.  Reducing people to live in big metal tubes as their bodies waste away...  Without even realizing it Lynn's balling her hands up into fists.]

Typhon... !


[And what's R doing?  Well, REVIVAL's pacing back and forth in the hangar, its body language reeking of frustration-]

This isn't doing enough for me.

[-Before sitting down in frustration.]

I don't know how to unwind from this.  There've been bad times before but...

Losing more of the Dullahans like that...!

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[It's almost Christmastime, and naturally holiday movies are par for the course.  Even Lynn's getting in on the tradition... just watching an old, rather dark film about how a guy who's lived a miserable life finds out just how much life would be worse for everyone around him if he wasn't around to help.]

All this time...

[Lynn's also been holding a gold engagement ring in her hand.  The memories of the Bombing were still fresh in her mind, but so was everything that'd happened afterwards.  The lives she'd helped protect while on the Chalice.  The friends she'd made.  The life she was putting back together.  One person can always make a difference.]

James.  I know it's seventeen years late but...

[She gave the ring a kiss.  A little cheesy, sure, but it's not like anything else would work better.]

Thank you for saving me.


[It's later that same day when Lynn opens up a wormhole in the Chalice's hangar, right on schedule.  And out comes one of the Dullahan Unit's armor suits lugging a few computer terminals with it.  It took a while, but R's back from its little intelligence-gathering trip, and already displaying text.]


[There's a pause as the AI looks around the hangar.]

It's good to see this place again.  People again, for that matter.

Then your trip-

Took me into space.

The armory's in space, Lynn.  It was stationed inside the asteroid belt.  I know humanity's spread as far as Jupiter, but with this kind of technology, and what we've seen Exvoratum Filios use...

Aliens.  It's looking more and more likely that aliens factor into this somewhere. 

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[And after coming back from the mission, at the first available opportunity R's going to make a public video... or well, textdump.  The skeletons in the AI's digital closer were dragged out into the open now... and, well...]

Some of you were out there in the city when you heard it being said.  For everyone else, I'll tell you now.

I was not merely made to prove the possibility of using Universal Alloy to create artificial intelligence on the same level as a human's.  No, for my creator, Hans Wagner, that was merely an afterthought.  All of the other applications of Universal Alloy were an afterthought.  He had intended it for just one purpose: to recover what he'd lost.

The name I chose for myself is R, the identity I live is one I made for myself.  But I was made for something else entirely: to be the recreation of his deceased wife Greta.  Hans couldn't let go; he refused to let death keep him separate from her.  And so he made me, my mind, my thoughts, my memories, my taste in music and art... everything that was Greta was put in me.  Universal Alloy served as the foundation for my mind, and also a body to house it.

The one thing Takeda couldn't change though... was the fact I was just an imitation.  And Greta -my former self- eventually put the pieces together.  It was then that I stopped being her, and rather my own person.  I rejected Wagner and everything about him, I didn't want to act in ways simply because I was programmed to, I wanted to become my own self.

That's why I blew up in Lynn's face before when she asked me about my original purpose... and also when I was called an 'old hag'.  Because I refuse to be Greta.  I reject that identity and all the baggage and characteristics it forces on me.

I am exclusively who I want to be: the AI named R.  And I'm here because of my own reasons, from helping friends to taking vengeance on those who took them from me.

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[Loss.  It's been something that's hit the Chalice quite a bit in recent battles, and losing Chips was a pretty hefty blow for R.  And what's more, there's the reports Cora got about the weapons of terror used and then everything that came after it.  And Typhon's words are still fresh on its mind.]

He was wrong.  The other Retroactive Existence, Typhon.  He (and it feels uncomfortable using gendered pronouns for another RE unit like myself) talked about how acts of cruelty were the measure of how close he could be to a human... but you find violence, even pointless violence, in countless animals.

I don't want him to be right, and if he is, I'll more than gladly be wrong.

[There's a brief pause.  Even AIs gotta think.]

No.  More than that, I'll be superior to his definition.  Chips, Dozer Felicita... and going back further there's countless more who were on this ship and died because they thought the world was worth it.  I can't help but feel sentimental and inspired in spite of the shock.

At least that's how I'm coping with it.

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[As the VeHA, now dubbed "REVIVAL" returns to the Chalice, its human pilot looking very shaken and its AI in a similar condition.  So many dead, from the Izanami Virus and then those monsters...]


[And then Satoru Takeda.  A former coworker at the Tritech Labs... taking part in doing such terrible things!]

This has to stop.  Him, and... and the "Izanami Plague" and Typhon and anyone else talking about needing to prove "worth" like that!  You can't just assign value to people!

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 [It's maintenance time for the VeHA, Lynn and R being as much a team with this as they are when actually piloting.  The AI moves and shifts the machine's frame to let Lynn better reach trouble spots, and all the while they've been holding a rather pleasant conversation.  Well... until-]

You know... I never realized it before now, but R... you're a Retroactive Existence, yes?

What of it?

Well, the point of the idea of those is to make them have an identity, personality, even memories all preset even before they're made!  But you've never said much about your own identity.  You got angry when that one goddess called you a "hag" though... were you meant to be a super-macho man then or-

[There's a very loud creaking as the VeHA turns to face Lynn... and even without facial features the woman's struck silent by the animosity radiating from it.]

I'm not going to talk about this.  Not with you or anyone else.

R-R... I-

[Yeah, Lynn's realizing she's struck a nerve here.]

Regardless of my intended being, that is not who I am now, so what does it matter?  I am what I choose to be, nothing more or less, and I have no lost love for Hans Wagner and his insane obsession with working to create me, ignoring the very work Britannia had hired him to do in the first place.

[The AI then realizes it's probably said too much.  And now it's going to say very little.]

I'm going.

[And at that, the VeHA's eye dims and the machine slumps down again, R going off into the ship's systems to have some solitude.  And as for Lynn, she's just left standing there, realizing just how little she really knows about R's identity...]

... I'm sorry...

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[In the wake of the attack and all the damage the Chalice has suffered, the mechanics are working overtime to try to get the ship patched up, along with all the machines that were wrecked but still salvageable.  And for this end, Lynn and R were making great use of the latter's excellent articulation while piloting the VeHA.]

A little higher, R!  Alright... now keep it steady!

[After all, why use cranes and the like to precariously position large pieces of metal plating when you could have a machine that was sorta meant for that kind of thing to help with it?  It was easy enough for the VeHA to help out in the repairs, and its small size helped even with patching up some of the damaged mechs too, and with R in control the machine's fingers moved fluidly enough to conduct repairs on a much larger scale than any human could hope to achieve on their own.  They're certainly proving to be a good team.]

Moe Tank

May. 27th, 2013 11:39 am
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 1-[Driver recruitment]

Good morning everyone! I need some help testing out Clementine, now that it's complete. I'll need sample human drivers to copy the movements of, and also take over if I make any mistakes.

2-[Later in the day, ALICE took the tank out for a spin on her own. And it's not too long before she sends out an emergency distress call...]

Um, please come quickly! I need help!

[And indeed she does need help. Clementine has landed in a city pool, the tank's back half under water in the shallow end, while the front half sticks out of the water, propped up by the edge of the pool.]

Aah! Don't climb on that!

[Alice's plaintive cries do nothing to stop the local children from climbing all over the bright orange tank.]

3-[Well, Caulder had to pay a fine for the damage to the pool. It was reduced a bit by agreeing to have Alice perform 50 hours of community service, which she is now carrying out. You can find her and the tank working in a quarry blasting rock, pulling loads of junk at the landfill, or working in town as part of the special transit service-that is to say, impromptu public transit for the elderly and disabled.]

I wasn't made for this at all...
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[Against the Festum, a massive horde of Festum no less, it's no surprise that machines were going to be taking some pretty nasty hits.  Black holes triggered on death were pretty dickish like that.  But fortunately, the Chalice had a crack team of mechanics to help with the repairs and one of the older ones was taking charge!]

Everyone, figure out which machines are the least damaged and prioritize repairing them over the others!  We need as many machines in fighting shape out there!

[Lynn was the role of mechanic again, and being a lot more vocal while helping organize things, to say nothing about helping patch up some of the more exotic machines that came in for emergency repairs.  And she wasn't the only one helping out.]


Lynn, more Ascalons, please!


[And damaged as it was, the VeHA could still lie prone, point a rifle and shoot out of the Chalice's hangar and snipe Festum to give cover to units that were falling back.  Next to it was a huge pile of spent Ascalon armor-piercing rifles as well, all of them spent.  And after a quick few commands with the Linker System, another pile of them were warped in on the VeHA's other side.  This was easier than bothering trying to reload the damn things anyways.]

Anyone trying to make their way back to the Chalice, please move now!

[Time for more shootan' as the VeHA guns down another few of the smaller Grendel-types!]

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[When the VeHA returns to the Chalice, needless to say it's looking a lot less dignified.  A lot of its joints are strained, one of its legs is hanging limply by a handful of cables, some of its fingers look like they're about ready to snap off from rapid overuse, and the entire front is scratched up pretty much everywhere and the paintjob's ruined.  R's interface might have been able to let it keep up with the Joneses for a short while, but the servos -now nearly twenty years old- just couldn't take the strain.  And soon enough Lynn's looking at the wreck, with R observing from a nearby computer terminal.]

I suppose when it's just a civilian-use suit there's only so much you can really expect it to do.

Indeed.  Leos may be about as old as VeHAs, but ultimately they're much more impressive and versatile machines, reputation aside.  And even with the armory we have access to, that only grants us a few more weapons.  Add on the fact that we'd need to completely replace the machine's servos with more modern and reliable ones, ones that could handle the strain my movements would put it through-

[Before R can continue though, Lynn cuts the AI off.]

I know what you're getting at.  Still... that machine... it was in the Tritech Labs.  Same as you.  It's... kind of hard to not feel at least a little sentimental... you know?

It's as good a reason as any to stick with a machine.

Exactly!  And besides, a tune-up can go a really long way, so let's not count it out just yet!

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[Well... she's back.  Though not really.  "Maya Landale", the pseudonym of the infamous Icarus Bomber, is now gone.  All that's left is Lynn Idris... fugitive scientist and now prisoner.   The jail cell's as much for protection as imprisonment though... at least until the Chalice's command staff can decide what to do with her.   And she's looking like her usual, glum self.]

... I wish I had known sooner.

[Indeed.  To realize how empty her death wish was, only a matter of a few hours or days before she'd surely be handed over to the Empire to be tried and killed? That's some rotten luck indeed.  Still... she can't help but smile a little bit.]

But the hostages are okay.  Knowing that... helps.


[Meanwhile, a particular computer AI's been brushing up on its history.  You might find an unoccupied computer terminal breezing through as much of the past 17 years as possible, though occasionally stopping.  And if you hang around long enough, it'll notice you as well.]

-Hello.  Something catch your attention?-

[There's text now, on the screen.  Addressed at you.  Creeeepy.]