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[Post mission post]

Yuu looks out to the stars, to the many dimensional portals that have formed in the wake of the cosmic superbeing's defeat.  He turns back to Earth, a calm, serene planet, now peaceful with its threats dealt with.

He thinks of all he's been through...of all he's seen and heard of the worlds of visitors.

He realizes that his producer has called, telling him that the show is over, there's no more threats and the re-runs won't be airing.  That the woman he loves is locked up in jail, madly in love with his unknown rival. That his dad in in hiding from the law.

"I think my work is done here. Beyond those portals lie other worlds in need of a guardian, a Hero of Justice. Perhaps I should try my luck in a random portal...unless anyone would rather I go with them?"
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Make sure it's one where you can actually survive, first.
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Then don't touch him. Who knows what might happen?
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Yes. Be a responsible scientist, man.
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This world still needs plenty of heroes. Evil never goes away, and neither do the forces of good that fight them. I was thinking of checking out this town called "Zawame City", you wanna come with?
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I could probably get you one.
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"There are many worlds that could use a Hero of Justice like you..." Matthew muses. "But this world is still recovering from many a cataclysm, quiaff? Perhaps what it needs now is not a Hero...but a Scientist of Justice, to help it heal and recover!"
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"Aff, that is true." Matthew muses, thinking of Dr. West and Alessandra was well.

He snaps his fingers. "But what if you turned that passion for science away from the gigantic machinery and mutant monstrosities of their kind of science...and towards the smaller things in life? Creating compact water-filtration machines, or engineering plants that can put down roots in deserts, or designing underwater habitats to relieve problems of urban crowding? Undramatic science can, in the end, do more for the human race, and with less risk of insanity, quiaff?"