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[ Casshern can be found in the Arboretum the day after the mission. When he returned, he just went straight to his bedroom, and spent the rest of the night staring at the ceiling. By some measure, he should be happy... Luna is alive. Inexplicably, yes, but that was Luna. But according to Lyuze, and judging by Dune's reactions... that wasn't the Luna that they knew before. Somehow, she had changed. As if she had done a complete 180 in terms of personality.

"I... am Luna. The one who grants healing. But I hate things like that. That smell of death."

That sounded so unike what he had expected from the famed 'Sun named Moon.' The one humans and robots alike revered as a benevolent goddess in a land that, for the longest time, was devoid of anything even resembling life. Who brought life back to a dying world, and who, when she died, brought about the Ruin.

She had reacted with such cruelty towards someone who clearly loved her. Anyone she would want to heal would stink of death, especially in the Ruin. She was nothing like he imagined her to be, or how he remembered her to be in his nightmares. But... but she was still the last, best hope for finding a cure.

They had to save her. To get her back from Break Man.

He looked down at the small garden in the arboretum. A small patch of flowers. There was one in particular; blue petals with a white core. He knelt down to get a better look at it. ]

Luna... what have I done to you? [ He could still see her reaching her hand out towards his face, before being snatched away as quickly as she reappeared. It had been haunting him since he had gotten back onto the ship. ]
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[Lyuze didn't like to think, but boy did she do just that...All the time, too. It was just horrid. Her thoughts liked to run off without her and leave her. Today she didn't quite make it to her hiding spot before she found herself up against a wall and not completely there.

She held her right arm, contemplating. The Ruin would slowly eat her alive and she was starting to think that maybe she didn't want that.... For such a long time it didn't really matter. So long as she was about to find Casshern and kill him before it happened. But now....what would she do.

Being around these people was strange. It was all...strange. She hadn't felt like she wanted to actually live for a long time.

It was like she was betraying Liza. She frowned at that thought. She couldn't do that. It wasn't fair to her sister. She almost curled into herself at that.

If Liza was here, she'd know what to do.]

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Apr. 25th, 2013 10:39 am
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[ He's finally been cleared for release from the infirmary, and then from maintenance. Single-handedly slaughtering almost an entire crew's worth of people save for a lucky few who were able to make it to the escape pods had his usual handlers on edge, and had left Casshern even more upset with himself than usual.

Casshern had been shot several times during his rampage on the Nana Buluku, but obviously, it takes more than small-arms fire to even slow him down while he's berserk, let alone do any kind of permanent damage. Today, he's found in the observation deck near the arboretum. He missed watching the reentry process, but... he liked it here. It was peaceful, and helped him get his mind off of, well, being Casshern. ]

It happened again, didn't it?

[ He'd ask whoever approached him. ]
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[ 1 ] - Action (Locked, but open to observers/spectators)

[ Casshern is shaking, and silently crying. But suddenly, a voice calls out from a nearby corridor. ]

Are you crying? [ The voice is almost mocking. A familiar, if seldom seen face can be seen from above the door way, as she hops down, landing with the grace of a cat. ] Like a human?

... I could have protected her... [ Casshern responded, in reference to Lily Rain EVE. ]
I've seen humans cry when they are upset. What brings on your tears? What are you sad about?

Cut for TL;DR )

[ 2 ] - Action (Open)

[There's a slightly broken Lyuze just kind of sitting round. She's holding her arm defensively and the hood of her jacket has been pulled back up, hiding most of her face. Feel free to scold her.]
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[ 1 ] - Locked to Lyuze

[ Casshern is still in a shutdown state. His ankle was already almost fully healed, and the dent in his chest was long gone. The restraining bolt was already deactivated, but he was still rebooting. It would be another fifteen or so minutes before he was 'awake.'

The perfect opportunity for Lyuze to do whatever it is she thinks she's going to do. ]

[ 2 ] - Open

[ Casshern is awake. And he looks even more upset than usual. ]

Who were those two?

[ He demands. He isn't his typical, brooding self; actually, he looks anxious. Maybe a little panicked. ]

Why was Dio so obsessed with killing me? And... and what did he mean by me being 'Braiking Boss's servant?' Does that mean... does that mean I was ordered to...

[ That might even be worse than why he thought he might have killed Luna. That means that while he caused the Ruin, someone else was responsible for it, and might have even wanted it to happen. ]

Please, if you know anything... tell me about it.