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Bernard Wiseman ([personal profile] zaku_for_xmas) wrote in [community profile] srwug_alpha_rp2014-02-11 01:00 am
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Mix of ridiculous and sad

"I am so surprised that I'm alive...what did I just see? All of it?"

It took a while; at first, Bernie looked like he's been through Hell, a journey. he looked so surprised or his mind was gone.

Then, he dropped onto his knees. His eyes and cheeks were soaked.

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What happened?
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Well, that's a reason to be happy then, not sad. Isn't it?
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If you weren't brave, would you even enter that gate? You knew there's a huge chance you won't return!
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Well, you could always refuse. But you didn't. That's something.

I wonder what Kurou is doing now...
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So you got dragged into something over your head and used that opportunity to become a hero?

Sounds familiar!